At this moment, Ming Cheng frowned suddenly and said lightly,There is still no expression on his face。

First0390Zhang embarrassed
“Little things?”
Li Qianhui frowned,Turned around and glanced at Ming Cheng,See him tight,I couldn’t help but wonder,When did Mr. Ming come out with such a bragging person??
“Niche,This brother is?”Li Qianhui turned around and asked Chongmo Xiaosheng who was puzzled。
“Oh,Brother Li,This is a good brother I accidentally met!”Mo Xiaosheng said with a hurried smile,“Ming Cheng,Brother Ming!Learning martial arts since childhood,Kung fu!”
Li Qianhui frowned,Took a look at Mingcheng,It turned out to be a martial artist,No wonder,Courageous!
“Ming brothers,You just said this is a trivial matter?Say so,You have a way to settle this young Master Sun?”Li Qianhui frowned and said。
“Didn’t you just say that he is in charge of the land??”Mingcheng asked。
“Not bad,Offend him,Don’t say we can’t grant the land in the capital,Land across the country,I am afraid it will be difficult to approve,Company development must be limited……”
Li Qianhui couldn’t help shaking his head and smiling,Any company,If there is no construction land to expand the scale and project,Then I’ll be imprisoned to death。
“Then easy,I make a call,So that he can honestly approve the land!”Ming Cheng has a little thought,Shen Sheng。
“Make a call?”Li Qianhui looked him up and down,Puzzled:“Who can you call?Did you know that Sun Dong is the number one in the land??”