[Can lactating women eat peach gum?

]_ Postpartum woman _ can you eat

[Can lactating women eat peach gum?
]_ Postpartum woman _ can you eat

For women, peach gum is a very good tonic, which has the effect of beauty and beauty.

Peach gum is rich in vitamins, proteins and collagen, and promotes human bone movement and digestion. It can also make the skin firm, smooth, and breast-enriched.

Although there are many benefits of peach gum, women in special periods have taboos. Can women who are breastfeeding eat peach gum?

1. Can you eat peach gum during breastfeeding? In addition, drink more soups to ensure the normal supply of baby’s breast milk.

Match the diet reasonably and balanced nutrition so that the quality of the milk will be good and the baby will develop normally and healthily.

2, can eat some fruits during lactation. Bananas contain a lot of cellulose and iron, which have a laxative effect.

Eating more bananas can prevent postpartum constipation and postpartum anemia.

The mother inhales more iron and has more iron in milk sweat, which will also help prevent anaemia in the baby.

Tangerines Tangerines contain vitamin C and calcium concentrations. Moms eat oranges appropriately and can provide calcium to their babies through breast milk. This can promote the growth of babies’ teeth and bones and prevent rickets.

Apples Apples are the most common. They are available all year round and should be the safest fruit for lactating mothers.

Apples contain polysaccharides, potassium ions, pectin, tartaric acid and other substances. After breastfeeding mothers have just given birth, coupled with the burden of caring for the baby, you can eat more apples to help drive away fatigue.

3, what milk to eat during lactation?

1. Tofu Tofu is not one of the most common foods on the table of ordinary people. It is also a kind of food that promotes the secretion of milk, moisturizes, nourishes, neutralizes, clears heat, and detoxifies.

Recommended dietary recipe: Tofu brown sugar brewing material: tofu cubes, brown sugar amount, 50ml brewed wine.

Method: first cut tofu and cut into pieces, then cook with wine and brown sugar.


2. Lettuce Lettuce, commonly known as “lettuce”, is a food supplemented with various nutrients. Folks often use lettuce with other foods as a prolactin diet.