Even now Yang Feng has Abao Entertainment,People are choosing between Shen Huan and him,I will definitely choose Shen Huan。

Because Shen Huan’s film and television resources are very strong。
Behind him is Chu Liuxiang, a mysterious super famous writer,Every book written should be turned into a movie,There is also a TV drama script written specifically,It’s even more popular。
Shen Huan himself is the same,Every song he writes is a classic,Every variety show plan you do can bring huge benefits。
You say such a person,Stars and actors don’t lick their feet,What are they waiting for?
Including has not officially entered the entertainment circle,Students who just went to school and played guest roles,I hope to meet Shen Huan,In the future, there will be opportunities for Shen Huan to remember herself when choosing a role。
But their courage,But it was inadvertently blocked by Yang Kaixin and Yang Feng。
A group of people are so anxious。
If I missed this opportunity,God knows when there will be a suitable opportunity to talk to Shen Huan。
Yang Feng didn’t know,I became a villain who blocked stars and students。
He chatted with Shen Huan very happily。
“Zhang Huawei told me,Let me prepare funds and various equipment for him as soon as possible。”Yang Fengdao,“As soon as you get your script,He will form a team soon,While studying the script,While choosing actors,Strive to get in early,Start early。”