Dark skin easily lacks vitamin D

Dark skin easily lacks vitamin D

According to the Science and Technology Daily, a study by Brazilian nutritionists found that people with darker vitamins were more likely to lack vitamin D than people with lighter skin under the same diet and sunlight.

Especially in summer, the amount of vitamin d synthesized by white-skinned people rises rapidly, while those with dark-skinned people synthesize more.

  There is a substance called dehydrogen free radicals in human skin, which will synthesize vitamin d under the irradiation of ultraviolet rays.

However, studies have shown that in pigmented skin cells, the ability to synthesize vitamin d is poor.

Due to pigmentation in the skin of the yellow race and black race, the synthesis capacity of vitamin d is relatively low. Therefore, people with insufficient sunlight are prone to vitamin d deficiency.

  Brazilian experts believe that this may be a result of ecological adaptation.

Because most of them live in cold areas and are exposed to ultraviolet radiation from sunlight, their skin cells have a strong ability to synthesize vitamin d. Conversely, people of color generally live in areas with sufficient sunlight, and will not reduce the synthesis of vitamin d due to lack of sunlightTherefore, the synthetic capacity of vitamin d is worth.

  In modern life, both black-skinned and white-skinned people are predominantly indoors and receive very little sunlight.

In this case, people with deeper vitamins may become more deficient in vitamin D. Care should be taken to supplement vitamin D-containing milk, animal offal, and fortified foods.