Chapter Sixty Three:Li Xuan(Starting point collection1000Dora,Brothers are awesome)
Back Mountain of the Academy,The popularity continues to increase with the increase of disciples。
Although Li Xuan is an auditor,,But when the master taught the disciples,And will not deliberately avoid Li Xuan,After all, being able to enter the back mountain is also a kind of fate。
It is estimated that the old emperor will live well in a few years,Wuming moved his mind,Want to bring Li Xuan under。
Accept Li Xuan,It’s not a whim。Although not officially implemented,But it is still very necessary in Wuming’s eyes。
“I want to accept Li Xuan as a disciple”Wuming said to the master。
“Accept it”The master said indifferently。
“Don’t you want to take it?”Wuming said。
“I don’t want to accept,So i won’t accept,But you can accept it if you want,There is just one more person left and right,Not much”The master said nothing。
“Not afraid of backlash in the future?”Wuming asked。
“I have killed more than one Tang king,I don’t think you care if you kill another one”Said the master。
The nameless collection of Li Xuan is naturally for the position of King Tang,Not coveting the rights of King Tang,I just want Datang to unify the world,If Haotian’s power comes from faith,If Datang unifies the world,Can we better control the world’s beliefs。
At this time, Li Xuan was following Jun Mo to chop wood in the back mountain,To say that cutting wood means practicing sword。
no way,He can’t understand other people’s cultivation at all。
Big Brother Li Slowly,Holding a book all day,Keep reading。Did it make a hey laugh,I don’t know if there is really something funny in the book。Except reading,The rest of the big brother is like a retired old man,Follow the master,fishing、Drink tea,Look at the realm of cultivation, just not confused。Li Xuan said that he is already Dong Xuan,This big brother has such a good master for nothing,Don’t know to seize the opportunity,Wasting great time。
Third Sister Yu Lian,Copy books all day,Copy a copy every day,The copy is still in small letters,I don’t know if I have a preference for this delicate font。Except copy books,I just squatted and watched Li read slowly every day,Or fuqin、Paint,It’s not like practicing,This should belong to everyone。
Only the second brother can barely be regarded as a normal practice routine,Practice sword。
Holding a sword every day,Chopping bamboo in the bamboo forest in Houshan,Not only cutting bamboo,Sometimes thorn bamboo。The sword hole is pierced by a thick bamboo bowl,Another one,Prick again。A sting is a whole day,Then in a strange posture,Keep writhing,That posture is extremely difficult,Barely tried a few times,Li Xuan’s desperate discovery,Concubine can’t do it。