When we rest next week,Thinking about going home,It’s been a long time since I saw my parents,Miss them a bit。

Have time to go home next week。
I woke up at 6 o’clock this morning,Then just thinking,The sun is already high outside,Why haven’t you thought about the alarm clock?。
Afraid of missing time,Because I walked back with my sister last night a bit late,So I didn’t get it,Thinking about getting up this morning。
And then waited for the alarm to ring,Never sounded,Can’t hold back,Ran out of bed and went to the table to have a look,Ok,It’s not seven。
Then I continued to sleep peacefully for a while,When the alarm clock wakes up,I feel like I slept again。
Want to sleep in bed,Waited for the alarm clock to ring several times and finally made up my mind to get up。Boil water,Wash,turn on computer。
I kept making the forms in the morning until after nine o’clock,Send it to the boss after finishing,Then drink water and eat。Then I found a problem I haven’t found,That is,There are so many things you can do well when you wake up early。
And wake up in the morning with a clear consciousness,It should be the reason why。I really never sleep in the early morning or after early morning recently,I only sleep at one or two at night at home,Now I’m back to righteousness,Always go to bed early。
Because I’m afraid that I will be bald the night I go to bed。My hair is falling badly,Already saw the scalp。
I miss the thick black hair before high school。recent,Eat well,Sleep well。Occasionally troubles at work,But things will be solved slowly。
From last night to today all day,Are all worried。The reason is that I posted a circle of friends last night,Then the boss of the whole shop,My boss was blown up。
phone,WeChat video round turn。I posted it and copied it,Did not notice,I thought about anything and sent it out,After sending it out, I took a bath。
Then I was grinding in the bathroom for a while,I got a call from my boss when I got back to the room,Then I read WeChat,Just know what。