Let the other person remember you the first time

Let the other person remember you the first time

First, we should keep in mind the seven principles of achieving a valid handshake.

  1Respect the space and distance the other person likes.

  2 Shake hands without shaking fingers.

  3 Talk to each other.

  4 The handshake takes a little longer than required.

  5 Grip is correct and stable, but don’t use too much force to make the other party feel inappropriate.


  6 If you need to express extra enthusiasm, you can use your hands to clasp your hands.

  7 When retracting, be concise, clear, and pause again.

  It is uncomfortable to have a face-to-face personality with the people you meet.

Because the sight between the two is easily met, the tension between the two is increased.

  Sitting in a side position when talking to someone is easy because it does n’t have to be with the other person ‘s line of sight all the time.

  Therefore, if you want to increase the intimacy with the person you met for the first time, it is best to avoid the face-to-face conversation with him and try to be beside him.

  In addition, it is better to put a pot of flowers indoors so that the other party has an object that shifts the line of sight.

Next we need to remember the following 12 notes.

  1 You will be late once you meet. It is best not to rush to explain your reasons for being late. You should first apologize with sincerity, and then stand on the other side’s position how to allocate the remaining time.

  2 Before meeting, it is best to develop a plan to promote yourself and implement it step by step.

  3 If you want to hear the other person bragging about themselves, be sure to praise his merits first, and let him enter your plan when he is proud.

  4 Making a good impression on the recipient is tantamount to making a good impression on the recipient.

  5 In the personality, you can remember each other ‘s name, and thank you for your name.

  6 When meeting with people, the easiest way to make the other person remember themselves is to let the other person remember their name.

  7 If you are visiting a family, bring a little gift. Yes, since you want to buy a gift, you might as well buy some unique or really useful things.

  8 On the occasion of the first meeting, if the other party’s statement is wrong, an amendment is proposed, which can explain: “Some people think.

“Then asked back.

  9 Understand the evaluations the other person desires, and give them appropriate compliments.

  10 When your hobbies are consistent with each other, don’t rush to say that you should be a good listener.

  11 If the other party is looking at the watch, they should be ready to end their personality.

  12 Farewell does not prevent you from saying the feelings of the day, and good performance can restore the original bad impression.

  The most effective alternative to remembering you is that you must remember the names of others. To remember the names of others, you should remember the following points.

  1 Relax.

When you relax, your memory improves.

  2 Repeat the name of the other person aloud immediately, and call them by name in the next conversation.

  3Reuse the name in a few minutes if possible and appropriate.

  4 Whenever possible, write down this name.