“You see,There is an exit。”

“go,Look over。”
A younger brother,See an exit in the distance,Yelling。
then,The fastest。
The disciples behind,See this guy is the fastest,Also catch up quickly。
I just discovered the best sword,This is the fastest junior。
And appeared in a cave。
The Fourth Junior Brother who keeps walking,Seeing that I have been away for so long,Not end yet。
Start to doubt,Are you walking the maze?。
“not,This is not the place to be passed down at all?”
Brother Si,Frowned,Muttered。
“Whether or not,Let me attack first。”
Brother Si finished,Attack hard at the stone beside me。
Cave stone,Cracked。
“bad,The cave is about to collapse。”
See where I was attacked,A few stones fell,I was very excited at first。
Can be followed,So dumbfounded。
Because after the stone fell,The cave lost its support,One stone after another cracked,Subsequently,The cave has no support from the stone,There was a booming collapse。