So although Li Bi thought about it before,But didn’t take it to heart。

But now Shen Huan said it’s different,Shen Huan said useful,She feels trustworthy。
“This year,If there is no inventory,How to survive in the arena?”Shen Huan laughed,“I still have a few bottles in my hand,Just to spare,Didn’t you just use it now??”
Li Bi sees what he is talking about,Feel more at ease,“but……Have you used?Confirmed valid?”
Talking,She exposed her whole head。
Then Li Bi carefully untied a smaller piece of gauze,Reveals a cut about5Mm semicircular blood red scar,“See,This directly destroys the skin and the muscle tissue inside,The doctor said unless it is re-grafting and microdermabrasion,But even so,Can’t be exactly the same as before。”
Speaking of here,Li Bi suddenly became depressed,“This is the smallest scar on the face,The biggest is3Cm long!I won’t talk about it……I’m furious!”
Shen Huan didn’t let her cover up the wound,But gently pulled the gauze away for her,The way of harmony:“This is an upgraded version of my latest configuration,The effect is ten times better than before。Can you let me try,Otherwise, this face will go directly to Tai Chi Country for surgery,After coming back, fans call you artificial beauty.What do women do?”
“Just call。”Li Bi muttered,Didn’t stop Shen Huan’s actions,“Anyway, I don’t rely on appearance to eat。”
“That’s right,Can post your family,And your kids saw it,A bit awkward?”Shen Huan smiled。
Li Bibai gave him a look,But suddenly his face flushed。
Shen Huan didn’t notice her performance,But took out a round small bottle from the bag。
Open it,Li Bi’s nose took two deep breaths,Smile on his face:“Good smell~~”
When the bottle is opened,A pure fragrance that reveals the breath of nature hits the face,It makes people feel as if they are in a time of communication in spring and summer,It feels the same in a sea of forest flowers。
“This ointment,Even the top cosmetics I use can’t match。”Li Bi’s eyes are full of stars,“Shen Huan,I kind of believe you。”
The teenager smiled,I took out another bag of cotton swabs and opened it,Take out one and wipe a little,Wiped it on Li Bi’s face wound。
Although this wound is a new wound made yesterday,But because the explosive force is not big,So the wound is not deep,The bleeding has already stopped and coagulated。
When Shen Huan applied it on,Used a little bit of strength,Li Bi feels a little pain,But she still bravely held back。