Thought of here,She added:

“do not worry,The salary will never be lower than your current salary,I can give you six thousand a month。”
Seeing Fang Hao frowned deeply,Thought he was not satisfied,So again:
“Eight thousand is fine,Board and lodging,Well behaved,There will be a year-end bonus。”
“Stop talking,”Fang Hao said with a bitter smile,“I can’t drive,No way to do this job。”
“Can’t drive,You can learn。”Guo Miaomiao said,“I can pay the tuition for you,When learning to drive,You can live with me,I have covered board and lodging。”
Fang Hao has some excitement,But after thinking,Still shaking his head:
“Forget it,Sister Miao Miao,I won’t learn to drive in my life。Now when I think of myself going to drive,Just think of that car accident,Left me too deep a psychological shadow,I don’t think I can get through that hurdle in my life。”
This is the truth。
Although it seems that this car accident made him a blessing in disguise,From ugly to handsome,But the scene where I was hit by a car,Keep showing in his mind,Appeared in his dreams many times。
The psychological shadow is too big。
If not for this reason,He will definitely agree to Guo Miaomiao’s arrangement。
To be a driver,Eat by hand,Not for selling,Nothing shameful。
It’s just that he mentioned the car accident,The driver Guo Miaomiao was ashamed,Lower your head and say:“Sorry,Xiaohao,I really didn’t mean it。”
Fang Hao quickly said:“You don’t have to say that,I’m not accusing you,I just explain to you,Why am I afraid to learn to drive。You have done well,Sister Miao Miao。”
“Xiaohao, don’t worry,I will find you a good job。”Guo Miaomiao clenched his fists,Seriously。
Paused,Said again:
“If you don’t find a good job in a day,I’ll support you for one day!”