Massage of the soles of the feet helps tonic

Massage of the soles of the feet helps tonic

Massaging the feet helps kidney and impotence. Kidney impotence is one of the men’s health care methods. However, there are many ways to invigorate the kidney and impotence on the market. Some of them will inevitably be filled up.

Traditional Chinese medicine experts point out that massaging the feet helps men to nourish the kidneys and impotence, and that five kinds of foods that men eat can help impotence.

  Chinese medicine: massaging the feet is a recipe for men tonify the kidneys and impotence.

  Experts point out that the human body needs to have sufficient energy and dose to defend itself in winter. If it is weak, it will cause dizziness, palpitation, shortness of breath, weakness in waist and knees, fatigue, urinary incontinence, or urinary congestion.This is kidney yang deficiency.

And Chinese medicine believes that the Yongquan point is directly connected to the kidney meridian, and the foot spring point method of the foot center is the place where the turbid gas decreases.

Frequent massage of Yongquan can benefit kidney and kidney, strengthen your body and prevent premature aging.

  There are many ways to nourish the kidney and correct deficiency.

Such as sun exposure, eat more trace high and warm kidney yang food, choose to take kidney medicine, and so on.

However, starting from the basic theory of health, that is, “life lies in exercise”, it is a positive measure worth promoting to nourish the kidneys through exercise.

  Chinese medicine believes that the Yongquan point is directly connected to the kidney meridian, and the foot-quan point method of the foot center is the place where the turbid gas decreases.
Frequent massage of Yongquan can improve kidney and kidney, strengthen health, prevent premature aging, and relieve liver and eyesight, promote sleep, and have certain effects on dizziness caused by kidney deficiency, insomnia, tinnitus, hemoptysis, nasal congestion, and headache.

The method of massaging the feet is to soak your feet with warm water every day before going to bed, and then rub each other’s hands with your hands, then massage your right foot with your left palm, and massage your left foot with your right palm, more than 100 times each time. It is advisable to rub your feet.
This method has the effect of strengthening kidneys, nourishing yin and lowering fire, and has a very good effect on the common deficient fever in middle-aged and elderly people.

  There are two methods of waist massage. One palm is rubbed until the heart is hot, then placed on the waist, palms to the skin, massage the waist up and down until there is a feeling of heat.

But once in the morning and evening, about 200 times each.

This exercise can nourish kidney energy.

  2. Fists in both hands, with the palms of the two thumbs protruding from the back of the arm, massage the waist and eyes naturally, and do a circular rotary massage inward, gradually exerting force until the soreness is better. Continue to massage for about 10 minutes, morning, middle and eveningonce.

Sanda Fitness

Sanda Fitness

I used to listen to people ‘s practice of “thirty-nine in winter and three in summer”, so I always thought it was very difficult to practice kung fu, but since our school’s Sanda Association, Wushu Association, Taekwondo Association, etc. have all been established, listen to classmatesWarm introduction, watching my friends sweating in the practice room, I am determined to join them.

  I chose Sanda, because Sanda is the most flexible and practical combat.

Practise Sanda for three or five months to defend yourself from fractures.

When I went online, I specifically checked some of the information of Sanda and found that Sanda has been well-known in recent years. I remember that I once played with American boxing and won. Then I played with Muay Thai three times, won twice, and broke Muay Thai 500 years unbeaten.Myth.

Last year, I played with Japan’s extreme vacuum karate again, and it was a 5-0 victory.

Recently, I also knew that Chinese Sanda is going to compete with Russia’s karate, and the other party is Putin’s bodyguard.

  On the first day of joining the Sanda Association, the coach said that the practice should pay attention to martial arts, and at the same time taught us to pay attention to those areas that can not be hit, such as the back of the brain, heart, mouth, lower abdomen, etc. These places are likely to cause a lot of injuries, and even cause danger.
After all, we learn Sanda, bodybuilding and self-defense, and safety first.
The coach especially emphasizes starting with basic skills.
The basic skills include strength training, flexibility training, and elasticity training. These basic skills training is a means to ensure the continuous improvement of physical fitness and skills of martial arts. It is also an effective measure to prevent injuries and prolong life.Can also promote the overall development of physical fitness.

  There are many basic skills training methods, remember that there is a method called “thousand-layer paper” to exercise palm strength, which is to stack 1,000 sheets of paper and place them on a platform, and gently pat each day until the 1,000 sheets are allSmashing is considered successful.

There is also a way to step on the bottom of the bowl, which is to exercise the body.
Place 7-8 large bowls on the ground, then walk barefoot over the bottom of these bowls, the sooner the better.
Unfortunately, I haven’t tried this action.

  There are also sandbags, which is a way to train your hands and improve the lethality in actual combat. In fact, sandbags are not all made of sand. Some are shavings, sawdust, and sand.There are also sandbags made with mung beans and soy beans, which can also be exercised and beat for a long time. Pour out the soybeans and mung beans to see how many are broken. You can also use them to cook mung bean thinner.

  In fact, these methods are similar to their practice of Taekwondo. Taekwondo pays attention to hitting people with legs. In fact, Sanda also targets the training of legs. The strength of the legs is large and the attack distance is long. Usually the coach let us split and kick the sandbags to improve the blow of the legs.ability.

  Practice kicking, especially paying attention to the balance of the body. If someone else clings to his leg in a fight, you will lose out.

Once, the coach suspended a 1-meter-long soft cloth strap in the usual place for sandbags. Let’s kick this soft cloth strap. Many students went to kick it, and kicked it very hard, but the lower end of the cloth strap rolled up.Suddenly, he licked his feet, and the classmates lost their balance and fell to the ground.

The coach only said a word. If you were held in the foot by actual combat, you would be beaten passively.

The coach gave us a demonstration. I saw him swiftly kick, the belt kicked off, and quickly retracted his feet, so that he would not give the opponent a chance.

  Martial arts requires waist training. There is also a special waist training in basic skills, similar to boating.

We hold the barbell flat with both hands, and then swing the barbell to the left and right like a rowing boat. This exercise has the best effect on the muscle strength of the waist.

You can also practice using the fitness ring.

Because the technical action of Sanda requires a lot of back strength to complete.

  After one month of studying Sanda, one day the coach took out some wooden boards, performed empty-hand chopping of wooden boards, and kicked the wooden boards barefoot. At that time, the classmates applauded. Then the coach held us up and asked us to split and kick.

A classmate summoned his courage, yelled, and saw his fist come over, the wooden board clicked, and it was broken into two.
Because we are a little timid in our novices, the coach deliberately put us on gloves to prevent bruising.

Later, the two planks were stacked, and the guy actually interrupted the two planks with one fist. At this time, we found that the progress was so great in a month, and my heart was very happy.

Narcissism and narcissism disorder

Narcissism and narcissism disorder

Article Abstract: From the perspective of the history of psychoanalysis, the research of psychoanalysis on the important phenomenon of human mental structure is included here.

After more than 100 years of experience in psychoanalysis, the study of narcissism has formed a complete set of phenomenology, genesis, pathology and therapy.

This article highlights the context of the development of narcissism research, and Xi Yi can be of benefit to studying our cultural personality.

  First, the question is raised and the Freudian understanding: the word narcissism (narcissism) is commonly used in literary works, which is literally translated into Chinese as narcissus. This comes from a beautiful ancient Silas myth: the beautiful young man NasisWhen I saw my reflection in the water, I fell in love with myself. Every day, I did n’t think about it, and I died. It turned into a flower. Later generations called it daffodil.

Psychiatrists and clinical psychologists borrow the term to replace the phenomenon of a person falling in love with themselves.

  Narcissism was first introduced into the clinical description from literary concepts. The credit was attributed to psychiatrists, sexologists, Richards and Nack, respectively, who described the pathological phenomena of narcissism in their respective papers in 1898 and 1899, respectively.It shows an attitude that an individual treats himself like a sexual object.

Narcissists appreciate, touch, and play with themselves until they are completely satisfied.

  Then, in 1914, Freud, the master of psychiatry and the ancestor of psychoanalysis, first systematically implanted narcissism.

In his famous dissertation “On Narcissism”, the origin, nature, expression and role of narcissism in human development were explained respectively, and constituted an important part of the theory of sexuality.

  In this paper, Freud believes that narcissism is an undifferentiated spiritual energy that transforms Libido, originally for the self and the woman who nurtured himself, which he called primitive narcissism.

Freud also believes that this first love is a kind of self-sexual sexual satisfaction, which is experienced as a living function. Its purpose is to protect itself. Primitive narcissism is regarded by him as seen in every individual.
In the original narcissism, the child loves and raises the woman who loves and cares for her as one. He does not have the ability to separate the woman who raises himself, but also for the future, to love an independent oneIndividuals laid the foundation.

  According to Freud, people first put the power of love on themselves, then developed healthily, and invested it on the object. The mother, as the first caregiver of the child, was always regarded as the first assaulter.

The mother or mother’s substitute, therefore the object of initial love, but here the mother is loved as an object different from herself.

If the love to the object is frustrated, this outward-facing love will return to itself. This phenomenon is called secondary narcissism, which is clinical pathological narcissism.

In the choice of love in the future, these people are not modeled on mothers-that is, they are not modeled on the other, but on themselves. They obviously use self or ideal as the object of love. The extreme example isgay.

  Narcissistic love manifests itself in loving one’s past, present, and future.

Love others because they are part of themselves and subordinate to themselves.

The love that narcissists demand is selfless giving, support, and unconditional praise to prove their omnipotence and speciality.

  Freud believes that a mature person will not maintain this childhood, perfect, narcissistic illusion. He will replace narcissistic love with an idealized self.

For a narcissist, he needs a deep attachment to others as well as a healthy person, but at the same time, attachment to an object of love leads to low self-esteem, so he or she often flees from such attachment.

  Narcissism is always related to self-esteem. Morbid self-esteem is the infinite expansion of narcissism.

Healthy self-esteem shrinks into three parts. One is the remnant of narcissism in infants, the other comes from the gradual realization of the ideal self, and the third comes from the satisfaction of object love.

  ”On Narcissism” is an epoch-making essay, which has been included in the annals of psychoanalysis in advance, but the problem is also obvious.

It can be roughly summarized as follows: 1. The concept is confusing: the structure and the drive are indistinguishable, and the reference to the term narcissism is ambiguous.

  2. Sexual instinct is supreme: The strongest resistance to Freud in later generations lies in that his narcissism theory is part of the theory of internal drive. The self has many complex sources and many defenses and adaptive abilities. These cannot be driven by internal drive alone.Theoretical explanation.

  3. Incomplete explanation of psychotic disorders: I believe that narcissism is the basis of psychotic disorders. Later generations believe that the etiology of psychotic disorders is a complex mixture. It involves genetics, social and cultural environment, self-function and other factors.Explain with narcissism.

  4. Limitations on empathy: Because narcissists are oriented towards themselves, they cannot establish relationships with others, and they cannot produce empathy in analysis situations, so they cannot be analyzed.

The development of later generations comprehensively described the special empathy of persons with narcissistic personality disorder, and at the same time the in-depth study of narcissism, an independent psychology of psychoanalysis.

  It must be mentioned that AlfredAdler, another master of the same age as Freud, highlighted the influence of sociocultural factors on the formation of narcissism in his “male protest” theory.

He believes that “the purpose of neurosis is to increase self-esteem.”

And self-esteem is inseparable from superiority, safety, perfection, and success.

So narcissism is the loss of narcissism’s interest in society. It is always the patient’s drive to himself, and all the patient’s relationships are towards themselves.

This voice was hit hard at the time-Freud was severely hit, but later facts proved that Adler was right.

  In summary, it is precisely because of Freud’s contribution and regret that psychoanalysis has developed vigorously more than 100 years after its birth. Narcissism, as part of its theoretical framework, can also continue to be full and full.Along this growing vein, try to draw a rough outline of it.

  Second, the development of modernity from Freud to the 1960s?
In the 1970s, the field of narcissism was almost dominated by Freud. Among them, although many analysts mentioned it, no one could match him.

The gradual activity in this field has been happening for nearly three decades.
  In 1967, Joffe and Sandler took the lead in clearly stating the research direction of narcissism and narcissism disorder. They believed that “the clinical understanding of narcissism and narcissism disorder must take into account the impact of social culture, emotions, attitudes, values and ideals.Postmodern psychology is an important part, so research on narcissism must take into account the above factors, not just the issue of internal drive or hypothesis.
Pulve (1968) considers narcissism as “a broad, non-special concept that describes many phenomena, all of which are attributed to the evaluation of the self.

In 1968, the American Association for Psychoanalysis defined narcissism as “a psychological interest focused on one’s own attention.”

  In the past three decades, articles about narcissism and narcissism have been used, among which the potential influence is Melanie, the representative of the object relationship theory.

Klein’s follower Herbert.

Rosenfeld, Heinz of Psychology.

The relationship between kohut and self-psychological object Otto.

kenberg, and especially Heinz.

kohut has contributed most.

  (1) Kleinist perspective: Kleinists convert Freud’s narcissism is the difference between narcissism or object power into the difference between internal or external object relations.

 Herbert, a faithful follower of Klein’s theory.

Rosenfeld’s description of narcissistic sexuality in empathy in Abraham (1919), Joan.

A description of the negative treatment response by Riviere (1936) and Melanie.

Based on Klein’s (1957) research full of jealousy and satisfaction, a paper published between 1964 and 1978 detailed the structural characteristics of narcissistic personality and the development of empathy during the analysis.

He developed the first modern theory of pathological narcissism.

  The core of the theory can be summarized as follows: (1) The narcissist completely projects himself to the object he is concerned about, denies that he is any different from the object, or does not separate himself from the object at all, as a person.
Such indistinguishment between self and object causes the patient to deny that he has any need for external object dependence, because relying on the other person also depends on himself. For them, it means love, but he who has hurt himself is very “The need of the “hateful” object.

  (2) The narcissist has a very high idealized self-image and completely denies any person or thing that hinders this perfect self-image.

Such a personality structure comes from the patient’s subconscious idealization of the part of his or her uncertain identity. In these next steps, the patient subconsciously hates everything that is good. It can be entirely an external object, but also includes the inner normal part.The need for self-dependence on objects.

  (3) Such a distinction between themselves and the object may indicate that the patients subconsciously merge the male and femininity of their internal and external objects, so that they can become immune to dependence.

In fact, in the treatment, when these explained explanations are overcome, the patient can show a deep, true dependence, enter a state of depression and experience the Russian-low conflict.

  (4) Narcissism is the expression of the original inner spirit of death instinct.

This formulation is based on Freud’s original argument about the relationship between narcissism and offensiveness.

Narcissistic object relationships can evade frustrating offensive emotions and any jealous awakening.

Can assimilate the value of others very quickly, assertive, and turn these into what they see as their own, or may subconsciously reduce the value of others and devalue what they get from others.

  Followers of Klein’s theory have described the structural characteristics of narcissistic personality for the first time since Freud, and first proposed that narcissism is related to aggressiveness, but the most obvious mistake is: denial of narcissistic personality and objectseparate.

Subsequent development holds that narcissistic personality does not deny that they are separated from the object, but denies that they are different from the object. This is obviously different from the schizophrenia that cannot distinguish between them and the body.

  (2) The viewpoint of Kohut and his psychology: At that time, the needle moved to the 1970s?
In the 1980s, the development of psychoanalysis will be another great figure, American psychiatrist Heinz.

kohut pushed to the front desk.

In a series of dissertations and two major books-“Self-analysis” and “Self-repair”, he designed a completely different clinical postmodern psychology for narcissistic personality disorder based on his clinical findings.Explanations, and treatment models.

He considers himself a concept relative to the object.

He found such a group of patients; they had, their psychopathology was between neurosis and marginal state, and on the other hand, their psychopathology was between mild personality disorder and neurosis.

In kohut’s conception, whether or not this type of personality disorder can be analyzed depends on their empathy rather than other clinical descriptions.

  (1) Special empathy presentation: He finds that a certain patient and object show a special interpersonal relationship.

Called its own object relationship.

Self object is a special type of object that cannot be separated from itself. The most important thing is that self object is used to serve the function of narcissism in order to maintain contraction, damage or invasion.Unbalance of love.

In such patients, they treat others subconsciously as a self-object to maintain the purpose of narcissism. There is no separate reality, motivation or boundary for their own object.

The self-object is experienced as controlling itself, just as it is controlling its own body or part of the body.

In fact, such a group of people enters the treatment, and also brings such object relationship into the treatment place.
That is, idealized empathy and mirror-image empathy.

Idealized empathy is the idealization of the therapist, reflecting the activation of the idealized parental image.
Kohut first had two separate development lines in the early stages of mental development: the line of narcissism and the line of object relations.

The development of the narcissistic thread-dependent early adopter’s response to the two basic needs of the child-can be used as a mirror to show omnipotent self and allow idealization.

Normal self-esteem, ambition and ego ideals are the products of this stage of development.

If the traumatic damage fostered at this stage would lead to retardation of development.

The lack of omnipotence itself and idealized parental impressions necessary for normal development.

  Kohut, unlike traditional analysts, views empathy as a transformation. He sees idealization or mirror-image empathy as a manifestation of the pathological self-object relationship established earlier.

  This relationship is activated in the context of analysis.

Activated a period of development retardation, a primitive omnipotent self.

This fragile primitive itself needs empathy and the normal mirror function of the mother as an “self-object”. The mother’s love and care first allow omnipotence to strengthen herself.

Later, as the self-esteem and self-confidence gradually developed, the original mirror image became less and less.

  According to Kohut, this strong reliance on idealized objects is due to the patient’s desire to replace the missing part of his mental structure.

The patient defends the balance of narcissism with interest and praise for the current replica of the traumatic loss of his own object in the past.

The ideal relationship with the mirror-like object also helps the normal idealization of its own object.

This self-object comes from the original omnipotent self.

At this moment, it appears in the relationship with an idealized self object. The apex of this relationship is the “deformation and internalization” of the idealized object into the inner spiritual structure. These will be the source of the ideal self and provide the superego.Ideal content.

All of this will be preserved in the new internalized self-esteem rules.

  (2) Pathology of narcissism: Morbid narcissism comes from the traumatic failure of empathic mother function and the failure of normal idealization process development.

The developmental hindrance brought by these traumatic failures is anchored in the omnipotence of the primitive infants themselves.

  Then, as an unmet original need, it remains in the adult’s true self, consuming the energy of the self, as a kind of compensation, to prove his omnipotence by the infinite need to praise.

The clinical manifestations are patient dissatisfaction, low self-esteem, loss of face, seriousness of praise addiction and depression, or more obvious aggression.

Aggressiveness is predicted to be a weakened self response to various injuries.

  If the caregiver stumbles the child into his morbid narcissistic world, that is, the caregiver is a narcissistic personality, and uses the child to satisfy his narcissism, this will cause the child and the caregiver to be omnipotent, and correspondingClinical manifestations of narcissism.

  The pathology of narcissism begins with the original omnipotent self, and ends with the internalization of the ego’s ideal change.

This self-ideal needs to be tested in the ups and downs of the two-way inherent (omnipotence and self-ideal).

[15]These two contradictory self can be presented in the mother’s mirror-like acceptance, which confirms the core omnipotence and the accommodation and care from the mother. This kind of love allows the experience of merging with the idealized all-around self-objectAnd is internalized in this experience to replace pathological omnipotence.

  (3) Normal narcissism and pathological narcissism: An objective fact is that in all normal love relationships, there is a factor of narcissism.

How to distinguish between normal and abnormal is unlikely to have a quantitative scale.

In these normal relationships of love, especially the love of young people, always contains an over-evaluation of the object of love, and even includes the projection of the old self-impression on the object of love, but this love relationship is differentThe pathological narcissism lies in the fact that in the relationship of normal love, although the ideal of the self is also projected on the other party, it can correspond to the other party as an independent individual and has a desire and need to change himself.

For example: If you give a gift to the other person, the original purpose is to make the other person happy as a person who changes you, and get good reviews many times.

Another example: If a person in a normal object love relationship is connected to a new environment, he or she will experience a period of loneliness for the loss of the person he or she loves and everything he or she can.
He or she cannot quickly establish an intimate relationship with the new object that completely transforms the old object while maintaining the old object.

  But pathological narcissism is different. In the new environment, he or she can ignore the new changes.

He or she quickly replaced the impression of the old object with the new object. In his or her eyes, the new and old objects are no different.

Ask it all according to his or her own desires.

Extremely little by little, the sick narcissist regards the people around him as unbearable.

He or she sees only himself, and the surrounding objects are only used as a tool to relieve loneliness, or only as a mirror, which can prove the omnipotent self.

  Another important difference is that from a clinical perspective, in normal object love, both sides have extremely difficult personalities to understand, and they have the ability to empathize.

This ability manifests itself in an interest in the needs of the object of love to help the other person maintain self-esteem.
For example, when the other party needs to listen, he has the ability to listen, and when he needs it, the other party can respond accordingly.

  Pathological narcissism is the opposite, they have no ability to empathize.
Empathy comes from the original narcissistic relationship, like the relationship between mother and baby, and they are aware of the same thing at the same time.

Then developed to feel the feelings of others, allowing the other party to be different from himself, allowing the other party to have his own desires and interests.

Morbid narcissism has no subsequent period of development.

  (4) A special term in self-psychology: idealized empathy: the idealization of the healer in the treatment, which reflects the activation of the idealized parental image.

  Mirror reflection empathy: Immediately treat the healer as a mirror, and be equal to himself with the therapist’s ring.

Mirror reflection empathy has three different levels of performance, and reflects three different levels of regression, sorted from the most primitive: a.

Merger: Imagine the therapist and himself as one person.


Alter ego or twinship: Conclusion The analyst may like himself or be similar to him, just like twins.


Mirror: The patient experiences that the analyst is separated from himself, but as an omnipotent self that satisfies his own activation, he is a spiritual one.

  Selfobject: An individual subconsciously uses the natural power of another individual to maintain his own psychological balance.

From the beginning of life, infants and young children subconsciously use the caregiver to comfort themselves instead of the integrated and divided emotions and guide behavior.

  Empathy: An introspection that can experience the suffering and joy of others.

We observe ourselves and discover a state of experience and emotion that allows us to appreciate the experience of our patients and the individual meaning of this experience.

The center of this ability is to understand the complex behaviors of our patients, and most importantly, to understand the meaning of their behaviors, which is considered the starting point for engaging in psychotherapy.

This healing art is a gesture to communicate the ability to understand the patient, which leads to the rehabilitation of the injured mental state.

  Omnipotent self (grandiose self): the original defensive organization, usually defensively used to compensate for weak self, is a common feature of narcissistic personality.

Transmuting internalization: At the beginning of life, individuals need a sympathetic mother to survive better.

Psychotherapy requires a special therapeutic situation — presenting an object that can sympathize with the person seeking treatment, and thus, in the interaction between the person treating the treatment and the therapist (self object), the damage or lack of structure can be repairedThe process of establishment and formation is called deformation internalization.

  Kohut is one of the greatest contributions to the research of narcissistic pathology in modern times.

It is because of his contribution that the scope of psychoanalysis has been expanded, and a large group of patients outside the door of psychoanalysis have been treated. Moreover, due to the deepening of his treatment and research, he has proposed the importance of environment and culture to human growthSex.
He believes that “the environment must provide the necessary experience for a child to grow up not only as a person, but also to feel personal” and put forward a number of challenging points that the study of empathic neurosis is “guiltful””Guilt man”, narcissistic personality disorder studies “tragic man.”

The emergence of this idea pushed the perspective of narcissism research to a broader social and cultural background.

The author believes that this is the extremely rich spiritual heritage left by Kohut to mankind and an important weapon for our study of Chinese culture.

Among the innumerable terms of psychoanalysis, only his “empathy”, “self-object” and Freud’s immortal terms should coexist with subconscious, empathy, depression and so on.

In his later period, he betrayed the theory of internal drive and moved closer to the object relationship. His biggest attack was that he accepted this empathy, surpassed this empathy, and was considered too radical.

  (3) Viewpoint of self-psychological object relationship (self-psychological object relationship) This school is based on Otto.

Kernberg is the representative.

He believes that the driving force for narcissism is still more powerful.

He inherited Freud’s theory of narcissistic libido and objective libido, and Kohut narcissistic libido and objective libido began to be together, separated in subsequent development, and narcissistic personalityAggressiveness is secondary to their view of damage from narcissism.

  He believes that the development of normal and pathological narcissism is always involved in the relationship between self-impression and object-impression, and that external objects are regarded as an offensive instinct conflict.

Therefore, the study of narcissism cannot be separated from the study of the internalized object relations of Lipituo and aggressiveness.

  The essence of self is the fully integrated expansion of self-impression in all development periods, as a purely psychological essence.

The normal self integrates good and bad self-images into a true self-concept.

  The pathology of narcissistic personality is related to the pathological self. The omnipotent self of pathology includes: true self, ideal self, and ideal object impression.

Depreciated or offensive self and object impressions are separated or separated, suppressed or projected.

 He believes that the pathological narcissistic personality cannot be regarded as the fixation of normal development or some kind of internal spiritual failure. It is the result of pathological self and superego development. It comes from the pathological development of itself.
The central issue of narcissistic personality is related to vague identification and loss of deep empathy for others, closing the door to understanding others.

They don’t seem to love anyone except themselves, but in fact they love themselves as incompetent as they love others.
They also lack the ability to integrate love and hate.

  Third, about narcissistic personality and its obstacles In DSM-IV, the diagnosis of personality disorders is mainly based on psychoanalysis.

But personality is a fairly broad concept.

It includes multiple scales and is predicted to be a pattern formed in early life experiences and continued over time.

In DSM-III-R, many symptoms are described as personality replacement or morbid personality. These become habitual patterns and become a trait memory. They are repeatedly started and ended when encountering a certain situation (such as the onset of depression).).
Personality includes personality and habitual behavior. It is the result of the interaction between genes and the environment. It includes both emotional and cognitive components.

The same is true for the diagnosis of narcissistic personality and its disorders. A brief introduction to several related issues is as follows: 1. Narcissistic disorders can be found in some personality disorders: narcissism is a fairly broad basic pathology, narcissistic, marginalNarcotic disorders can be found in personality disorders and diseases such as schizophrenia, hysteria, obsessive-compulsive, bidirectional, depression, mental illness and other personality disorders and diseases.

  2. Pseudo-narcissism (neurophilic narcissism): Obvious narcissistic disorders are also seen in some neurotic people, which is called pseudo-narcissism.

Akhtar (1989) believes that pseudonarcissists have no severe traumatic experiences in childhood, leading to narcissistic personality. They show a successful process of individual separation, heavier internalized conflicts, and betterSuperego integration, a unified sense of identity, depression as the main defense, has the ability to deep object relations.

  3. Characteristics of narcissistic personality: a.

Omnipotent b.

Addiction to praise c.

Better work abilities and social adaptation, even better personality evaluations in public places.

Difficulties of intimacy e.

Highly intelligent or beautiful appearance4, DSM-IV diagnostic criteria for narcissistic personality disorder: an omnipotent pattern that requires praise, including the spread of fantasy and behavior.

Lack of empathy.

It started in early adulthood and continues to the present.

And meet the following five or more criteria: ① have a sense of omnipotence.

For example: exaggerating achievements and talents, expecting to be considered the best without corresponding achievements.

  ② Bewildered by the illusion of unlimited success, power, talent, beauty or ideal love.

  ③ Believe that you are special and unique, and believe that you can only be understood by other equally special or high-level people, or should be associated with the above-mentioned people.

  ④ Ask for excessive praise.

  ⑤ There is a feeling of privileged person, some kind of unreasonable expectation of special good treatment or others’ obedience to his or her expectation automatically.

  ⑥ is an interpersonal adventurer, some kind, to capture the interests of others in order to achieve their own goals.

  Lack of empathy, no desire to recognize or agree with the emotions and needs of others.

  I often slander others or believe that others are jealous.

  ⑨ Express a arrogant behavior or attitude.

 4. Therapeutics of narcissistic personality disorder (psychodynamic psychotherapy): (1) Systematic analysis of pathological omnipotence: Analytical psychotherapy for narcissistic personality is most importantly a systematic analysis of the patient’s morbidityomnipotent.
It is diffused in the empathy of the analysis process.

Analysts should cope with this diffuse omnipotence combined with therapeutic use.

The emergent condition of dissociated, repressed, or projected emerges in the initial treatment occasion. This condition will be detrimental to the manifestation of morbid omnipotence and the most primitive object relationship.

The morbid state being activated at the analysis site gives a sense of distance and emotional blankness.

In this difficult to capture but as a “normal” malignant presentation, or in “real” interpersonal relationships between patients and analysts.

On the patient’s side, the activated pathological idealized self is projected on the analyst.

Convey is an impression that in this room there is only one ideal omnipotent person and a shadowy, complimentary supplement.

The often reversed role between patient and analyst is the basic mode of expression of this narcissistic empathy.

It is worth mentioning that the analyst must be clear that the omnipotent mechanism of the patient is that the patient tries to redesign the analyst to suit his needs. At this time, the analyst must give the patient a smart and knowledgeable impression, so thatFeeling like you are with the best therapist.
In the subsequent treatment, the analyst must not be too clever, so as not to cause the patient’s terrible jealousy and resentment, must behave as smart as the patient, that is, not better than you, avoid causing jealousy, and not worse than the patient.

Avoid situations in which patients feel devalued, leading to complete collapse.
An analyst’s systematic analysis of the nature of this empathy must also satisfy the needs of some patients for compliments and once again confirm their omnipotence.

This omnipotent characteristic causes anger, anger, or a sudden devaluation of the analyst and the analyst’s evaluation.

But the analysis of empathy attributes is more important than the shell.

When patient awareness comes from the true understanding and help of the analyst, an important feature emerges in the analysis arena.

This understanding and help from the analyst painfully shifts the patient’s awakening to the analyst’s autonomy and independence.

The analyst must endure and tolerate the anger and depreciation that occurred during this period. The analyst’s explanation of this reason should be carried out gradually. The patient should be allowed to integrate positive and negative empathy, integrate ideals, trust and anger, and despiseParanoid mistrust.

  (B) Secondary characteristic defense a.

Such as.

If the feature alignment here does not mean personality, but some narcissistic personality patients sometimes act like acting, sometimes they may imitate the “perfect analyst” and carry some appreciated thoughts and dramatic discoveries from the past.

They learn to “perfectly associate”, including appreciation from emotion to thought, from now to the past, and from fantasy to reality.

But in the treatment, there is the fact that their emotional relationship with the analyst has failed.

This is a typical “as if” characteristic.

  This paranoid fear is that when not acting, there will be a critical conflict that must be faced by the analyst’s explanations, and activation worries and pain may lead to the beginning of this behavioral functional expedition.


Paranoid micropsychiatric serials: This situation is seen when narcissistic is called mastery, but also in other types of psychopathology.

When the projection mechanism used was analyzed, the patient tried to defend against the intolerable feelings of guilt he experienced.

The patient showed a sense of respect for the analyst’s attack.

It has been repeatedly stated that analysts are lying to him, cheating him, betraying him, and wanting them to suffer painfully from him or her.

Problems like this may be solved by a guarantee, and even this guarantee is more important than true repair.

The patient’s deep conclusions of uselessness to the analyst are suppressed or separated from other empathic developments. Eclectic methods can temporarily support the patient’s safety and self-esteem, but it basically leads to the resurgence of this paranoid drama.It’s bad reviews one by one that gradually accumulate.

It usually results in a huge “acting out”, sudden breakdown of treatment, or artificial termination of treatment.

The patient insisted that he never believed in the analyst and that termination of treatment was an escape from a dangerous enemy.

This is a painful scene of treatment failure.

Because analysis seems to be on the way to curing this serious personality disorder.

This characteristic interaction caused disruption and stalemate in the analysis process, and Kernberg believes that such patients may not be analyzed.


Secondary is sufficient This is difficult to distinguish from the symptomatic secondary of neurosis.

If the patient is in a narcissistic environment, the adaptation of many severe personality disorders improves the patient’s function and thus reduces his motivation for change.

The classic example is when the patient is in adolescence or early adulthood, and certain narcissistic habits can cause them to fall in, which will make the prognosis of treatment in this period poor.

However, the prognosis is better for patients like these in middle age, or when narcissistic admiration declines.


Characteristic Narcissism The morbid omnipotence of some narcissistic patients cannot be infiltrated by primitive aggression, and their sadism is a kind of self-coordination.

For these patients, the occasion for analysis is very satisfactory, it can eliminate the need for change, and it can lead to stagnation of treatment.

Analysts who have empathy for patients without ill-treatment and realize that there are severe restrictions on reality. Such restrictions do not carry a counter-transference attitude to action, which may have a decisive effect on the characteristics of these alternative treatments.Impact.

Characteristic defense (severe suppression: dull personality) Some narcissistic patients, after repeated analysis, give a feeling that they understand everything.

But contact with these patients always makes people feel lack of emotion.

There is no emotional communication with their communication.
Gives a dull, wooden feeling.

In the clinic, they did not even show obvious narcissistic characteristics.
Although carrying a pseudo-adaptation attitude towards treatment, these correspond to their external “stiff” lives.

Their experience analysis is only an opportunity to be educated once, but there is no deep motivational subconscious experience.

The best treatment is to expose these patients further. Such patients are often misdiagnosed.

  (C) Further treatment: a.

Let the patient internalize and change the object relationship in the relationship with the analyst; b.

Rebuilding dependencies; c.

Allow the patient to reproduce their own (self) empathy, tolerance of attack, and guilt after the attack;

Analysis of positive and negative empathy, the integration of partial and complete object relations simultaneously leads to the integration of their own good and bad objects.

  (D) Supportive Psychotherapy Supportive Psychotherapy is necessary throughout the treatment.

When patients experience traumatic experiences, or primitive aggression, guilt, and defense are analyzed, support is needed.

  (5) General treatment attitude: empathy (empathy) a.

Personality near the patient; b.

Humble attitude; c.

Experience with the patient; d.

Psychologically sensitive to the patient’s emotions and clinically alert to the patient’s behavior; e.

Be keenly aware of your countertransference.

Dad, please say sorry to the child

Dad, please say “sorry” to the child

Watching the TV series “Soldier Assault”, the first few episodes are about how Xu Sanduo’s father “squeezed” his three sons.
Regardless of Xu Sanduo’s willingness to be a soldier, as soon as he reached his age, his father forced him to go for a medical examination, apply for a job, and run long distances in front of the squad leader . and Xu Sanduo always seemed to have an “adversity” expression, even if he did not agree with his father’s decision.Courage to express his thoughts directly to his father, always endured silently in his heart, and even after staying in the army for a long time, Xu Sanduo still can not change this self-denial mental state.
Although this is only the beginning of a TV series, it describes a typical Chinese father-son relationship, in which fathers are used to making decisions for their children. Whether the decision is right or wrong, the father will never apologize to the child for his decision.
In fact, it is not so difficult to say “sorry” to your child. As long as you find your own psychological reason, the problem may be solved.
  老爸不道歉的五大因素  一、怕丢面子  与母亲和孩子之间的爱不同,父子之间的爱从一开始就带着深深的社会烙印:从心理层面来说,母亲和孩子的关系,Beginning in an exclusive one-to-one state during pregnancy, the father-son relationship has been established from the beginning in a group background of at least three people.
With the “group”, there is the “personality mask”-a psychological prop used to adapt to relationships and gain recognition.
In the father-son relationship, the most common prop is called “correct face”, because “correct” means not to be denied and rejected, meaning that even with the mother’s milk, the child still needs the father’s guidance.
Asking a father to apologize for his mistake is tantamount to having a samurai unload his armor. Unless he is strong enough, inexplicable anxiety in the relationship will deeply disturb his heart.
  Second, fear of threatening his authority in the family. Father’s authority in the family is not his father’s need.
In fact, human beings have always had unfair expectations for fatherly love and motherly love. As long as motherly love is caring and warm, children will be satisfied; while fatherly love, in addition to caring and warming, is also expected to give children “powerful” and “”Power” comfort, because in the family, the mother bears the “emotional function”, and the father bears the “social function” to help the child gain a sense of security in social interaction, and social interaction is often related to “power.”
Children want their father to be strong and triumphant. Therefore, the fathers do their best to maintain their “authority” to meet the needs of children, wives and themselves, after all, to meet the needs of “social role expectations”.
  Third, think that making decisions for children is the performance of loving children. Psychologists have performed an experiment: two babies and their mother were separated by a glass curtain wall, and then observed the baby’s response.
As a result, one of the babies cried while watching the mother behind the curtain wall, and the other started to crawl towards the mother behind the curtain wall.
Guess, which baby is male?
  That’s right, it’s the latter.
Although he is just a baby, he is already telling you with actions: I am a man and I am good at solving problems, so I use actions to express love!
The baby boy’s “crawling” will continue into the role of “father”.
Therefore, it is not easy for him to say love, and it is even harder for him to apologize, because what he is good at is not to say, but to do.
He would rather “walk a thousand miles alone,” rather than say something earlier: child, forgive dad.
He may not regret it until he has no chance to say it: It turns out that in relationships, speaking and doing are just as important.
  4. Dad’s father does not apologize. Family relationships also have “genetic characteristics.” If the father’s father refuses to admit his mistake, then the father will have a prototype of “do not confess.”
Chinese fathers are not used to expressing love directly, but also have a long history of inward culture and pragmatic philosophy.
Jia Baoyu was brutally beaten by his father, and the college entrance examination candidates were forced to revise their wishes by the father only because the father’s love for his son was introverted and practical. Since it is practical, of course, it is most straightforward to make decisions for him.
In addition, the teaching of the relationship between father and son has made many fathers firmly believe that my child belongs to me, and I have the right to be his master!
But the truth is: the child does not belong to anyone except himself.
  5. Masks in husband and wife relationship: The disagreement between husband and wife often affects the establishment of father-child relationship.
Therefore, sometimes it is not “father” but the role of “husband” that refuses to admit it. The toughness of the child is only shown to the wife.
  It ‘s not hard to apologize for the apology. Dads who are afraid of losing face: Fathers who are accustomed to face and armor may try to develop their ability to “apology” step by step.
An apologetic smile at the corner of the mouth, an apology symbol on the paper, an apologetic self-mockery at dinner . will make the child feel that you are respecting his feelings.
Respecting your child’s feelings is far more “correct” than sacrificing his feelings to protect your face.
  Dads who are afraid of losing family authority: Establishing the authority between father and son relationship sometimes requires “speaking eastward and striking west” and “Tai Chi strategy”.
Cultivate one’s flexibility and elasticity in the relationship, and cultivate an easy-to-use interactive space, which can be started by pulling up the child’s small hand.
Give it a try and let your eyes convey the affection and firmness, not the “fierce light” of false authority.
  Dads who think that making decisions is to love children: happiness is not between right and wrong, not authority and possession, but when you have the opportunity to embrace the child, use your solid arms to give him the warmest embrace;It’s about giving him the same trust and respect when you long for respect; it’s about opening up your heart and letting the love between you and your children flow, and you will find that the establishment of a father-son relationship is not difficult, and you are like thisIn a happy relationship, you will gradually learn to let go of your armor and body, become your child’s best friend, become a true and brave father in the eyes of your child, and become a truly perfect man.
  Dads affected by their own dads: Reorganize the relationship of the original family, understand that what the “father’s father” does is not the truth, and learn a new relationship model.
  Dads affected by husband and wife relationship: First resolve the conflict between husband and wife, separate roles, and do not use children as weapons.
  In addition to the above-mentioned “medical remedy” method, if you want to improve the relationship with your children, you may try “father-son relationship three one”: 1, a common hobby; develop at least one common hobby with your child, you will find: gamesThere is infinite creativity in love; 2, a drop of real tears; release your true emotions in front of the child, don’t be afraid to let him see your tears, whether this tear comes from guilt or happiness.
Because there are 10,000 expressions of “I love you”, which is not as good as a tear of my father; 一个 3. A spiritual space: Give your child a free and free spiritual space and let him fly and fly happily in your heart.

The misunderstanding of using eye cream

The misunderstanding of using eye cream

When it comes to eye cream, do you think it is a skincare product that is only used at an old age?

Then take a mirror first, do you have dark circles?

Do you have bags under your eyes?

Do you have crow’s feet?

That’s right, eye cream has moisturizing effect, can reduce the dark circles, the formation of eye bags, and also has the effect of improving wrinkles and fine lines.

When do you think you should start using eye cream?

How to use eye cream properly?

  One: When is the best time for girls to start using eye cream?

  It is better for girls to start using eye cream from the age of 25, otherwise it is easy to take a little grain early. If there are small fine lines around the 20-year-old eye, it is best to use an eye cream.

  Second, the misunderstanding of using eye cream: 1. Applying eye cream with ring finger is very fragile skin around the eye. You need to pay attention when applying eye cream, and ring finger is the lightest of all fingers. Therefore, we must use ring finger when applying eye cream.Many people are accustomed to wiping eye cream with their index and middle fingers, which is more likely to cause wrinkles.

  2, face cream and eye cream to distinguish between many people when applying eye cream, they will apply the cream around the eye, and then apply eye cream, this method is wrong, this will cause the culprit of trace particles, the correct method of use is inWhen applying the cream, the orbital bone should be used as a dividing line, and the cream should not be applied around the eyes.

  3. Excessive use of eye cream Many people think that the more eye cream is applied, the better. In fact, this is a wrong idea. The skin around the eyes is very thin. If you absorb too much, it will not be absorbed by the skin. This will cause a burden and accelerate the eye muscles.For aging, in general, the amount of eye cream is only the amount of rice grains.

  4. The massage method has different effects on the eye cream, and the massage method is different. The wrong massage method not only can not make the eye cream work, but also makes the eyelids appear wrinkles. Some of them are wrinkle-free eye creams, which must be smooth during massage.As the skin’s growth texture heals, those who remove dark circles have to massage from the head to the end of the eye.

  Third, the correct use of eye cream 1, in the morning and evening after cleansing and cleansing, take out the eye cream the size of mung bean, use two ring fingers to rub each other, so that the eye cream will be warming effect, and more easily absorbed.

  2. Then apply the eye cream with your hands evenly and gently pat on the skin of the eyes, and apply more on the lower eye socket and the extension of the eye end to the temple, so the effect is better!

  3. As for the detailed steps of the eye cream, first start from the lower part of the eye, and gently tilt it from the eye point to the end of the eye, and then slowly insert it from the upper part of the eye from the inside.

  4, followed by the middle finger with the abdomen from the eyebrows down, and then along the eye sockets, can be gently extended from the inside.

  5. Finally, use the middle fingertips to block the Yingxiang points on both sides of the nose, so that the eye skin promotes blood circulation, and it is more convenient to use eye cream.

  6. In the subsequent weekly special care, the use of eye mask can also be added in the final step, which can help reduce the eye pressure more effectively.

  7, precautions are the second biggest killer behind eye expressions, causing eye wrinkles, especially when using heavy eye cream, be sure to use a quick opening method, rather than rubbing horizontally.

If you use an eye cream that removes dark circles, it will work better after hot compress.

  Below the corner of our inner eye is the most fragile part of the eye skin. There are many glands there, and it is easy to grow seedlings and wrinkles. While focusing on care, we must adhere to gentle massage techniques.

Remuneration and benefits should be good for investment staff

Remuneration and benefits should be “good for investment staff”

Numerous examples of compensation research have shown that the key to compensation and benefits in the implementation process is to do what they want, that is, to give employees what they want.
  When formulating a salary plan, the “chips” that HR managers can choose to use, in addition to currency, the most valuable tool, are also economic benefits (extra income, overtime pay, housing allowances, transportation subsidies, food subsidies,Education and training subsidies, health care, paid leave, cultural benefits, financial benefits, other living benefits) and non-economic benefits (consulting services, protective services, environmental protection, participation management, etc.).
According to different targets, the above benefits can be divided into full employee benefits, special benefits, and special hardship subsidies.
  Frankly speaking, all benefits for employees are generally not regarded as incentives by employees, and sometimes they are even regarded as a kind of “right”.
  In order to spend money on the blade, the author advises many corporate HR departments: First of all, in addition to the various benefits stipulated by the government, absolutely do not engage in full benefits.
An HR person who had been keen to engage in “Pu Gangan Lin” type welfare for all employees said that “everyone has” is equal to “everyone does not”.
Because in this case, the employees did not feel the special care from the company, but regarded it as a “right of course” and accepted it.
The company paid a lot of money, but the employees did not appreciate it at all, and the boss became the “big head”.
  Second, design and implement benefits that excite employees.
The benefits that many companies now engage in are not what employees want.
For example, a low-interest home purchase loan may not be of much interest to a large number of elderly workers, because they no longer have the ability to repay long-term. Similarly, for most young people who have just settled into work, medical insurance is also not relevant.Great benefits.
Therefore, HR workers must think twice about which welfare program to choose.
  Third, welfare must be flexible.
Should I choose the high salary + high welfare model or the higher salary + high welfare model, and choose the low salary + high welfare or high salary + low welfare?
The key is to consider the company’s ability to pay.
Compared to salary, the “flexibility” of benefits is greater.
As a result, the “tension” of welfare can be raised, where appropriate, to cross the benchmark.
  Fourth, abandon option stocks.
Among the more than 60 companies that the author has served as consultants, most of them who adopted the option stock model have failed.
The reason is that there is a lot of uncertainty about the remuneration to be paid in the long term, and it is natural to have a “delusional” taste to bundle employees as a benefit.
  Fifth, improve the welfare review system.
Reviewing, reviewing, and revising the welfare system in a timely manner is a thing that HR departments often do.

Men’s health when eating ginger tonic

Men’s health when eating ginger tonic

Since ancient times, there has been a statement that “men can’t be without ginger for 100 days, and women can’t be without sugar for 100 days.”

Generally speaking, ginger is “qualitative” as a product of helping the sun, which can delay men’s aging and enhance prostate function; while women may have to fight against problems such as lack of blood gas in the body for most of their lives, but also in combination with physical science, age, time and other scientific eatingGinger and sugar can make food fully effective.

  Ginger supplements yang-but those with yin deficiency and fire are not suitable for traditional Chinese medicine theory. Ginger is considered as a product of helping the yang, so it is favored by many men.

Taking fresh ginger as an example, it can increase appetite and delay the aging of the male body.

Some investigations have found that many men who enter the middle-aged and elderly stages often suffer from coldness of the gastrointestinal tract, lack of appetite, and other factors, leading to weakness. Traditional Chinese medicine experts recommend that patients often take fresh ginger tablets to stimulate gastric secretion and promote digestion.

Freshly marketed ginger does not have “old ginger” spicy, so the taste is easier to accept, and it is more moisturizing after entering the inflow tract, and does not hurt the yin. Therefore, if men of this age group encounter symptoms such as poor appetite, consider daily appropriateOral ginger.

  In addition, ginger not only has fast human metabolism, anti-inflammatory and analgesic, but also excites the functions of multiple systems of the human body, it can also regulate the function of male prostate and treat male prostate diseases and sexual dysfunction.

If it is said that eating ginger is mainly good for men, it is actually a very narrow understanding of its multiple effects. Ginger is widely used in folks because it contains zingerone and zingerol which can dissolve blood, remove colds, and dehumidify., Sweating and other functions, and overall there are stomach and vomiting, deodorization, edema effect.

Therefore, there is a saying saying, “We have a little ginger at home, don’t panic if you are sick.”

  Sore throat and dry stool-ginger should not be used. For people with a hot and humid body, ginger is warm and can only be used in cold conditions, and the amount of it is likely to break the blood and hurt the yin.

Especially if you are accompanied by sore throat, dry throat, dry stool and other symptoms of yin deficiency and fire, you should suspend ginger at this time.

In addition, some of them are that rotten ginger contains safrole, which is toxic to the liver, so it must not be eaten.

  Ginger is used in daily life. Ginger, dried ginger and artichoke are used in medicine.

Compared with dried ginger, ginger has a strong sexual cross-talk, strong gas, dampness, and sweating. It focuses on gas and stomach, dampness and vomiting, deodorization, and edema. It is generally used in spring and summer as a drug.To adapt to the vitality of spring and summer.

Dried ginger is calm, warm in the sun, and has a strong ability to dispel cold. It focuses on warming the stomach and invigorating the kidneys, warming the kidneys and aphrodisiac, dispersing the cold and relieving pain. It is generally used as a medicine in autumn and winter to adapt to the convergence of autumn harvest and winter hiding.

Top 10 sunscreens that block UV rays_1

Top 10 sunscreens to block UV rays

Global warming, ultraviolet rays are stronger year by year, and for the skin, sun protection must also be greatly enhanced.

To resist UV rays, using sunscreen is the best choice, but which sunscreen really can make you and me assured?

According to the comprehensive consideration of the popularity and sales of sunscreens in the forum, and actual effects, an institution has caused the following list of the top ten sunscreens.

  The culprit of fine lines: UV rays Many people mistakenly think that dry and dehydrated skin will cause fine lines and some good products can prevent the appearance of fine lines.

But in fact, it’s not.

Studies show that 90% of fine lines are caused by the sun’s ultraviolet rays, and sunburn is the first factor that causes premature aging in men and women.

With 14 years of experience as a writer and editor, Julyne, a well-known overseas beauty website writer in New York, has researched various sunscreen products and selected 10 top sunscreen products.

  Why are UV rays so bad?

Even if only a small part of the skin is exposed, UVA can be absorbed by it, which breaks down collagen in the body and triggers fine lines.

What’s more, scientists have found that UVA is also the culprit for many melanomas because it penetrates the superficial layer of the skin’s dermis and changes its basic structure.

  Before you know the sunscreen list, let ‘s take a look at the precautions for sunscreen, “sunscreen precautions”, so as not to step into the misunderstanding: 1. Remember to apply sunscreen 30 minutes before contacting the sun, and apply sunscreen every 90 minutes.
Even waterproof sunscreen will be wiped off by your towel while swimming.

So, remember to apply sunscreen repeatedly!

—- How to restore clean skin for three thousand years after sun exposure?

  2. Wipe the skin with more vitamin C and effective agents.

It protects the skin against the polluting ingredients in the air and repairs sunburn from the sun.

  3. If you have been exposed to the sun for a long time, remember to use a loofah brush every week, or brush to remove the horny body.

  4, eat more foods containing antioxidants, such as: green food, blue plum, cantaloupe and various melon.

These foods can increase the collagen in your skin.

In addition, both salmon and protein moisturize the skin and repair skin damage.

  5. If you are taking medicine, remember to check the medicine label.

See if taking this medicine will affect your body’s response to solar radiation and temperature.

Improper medication can lead to chronic and severe consequences of sunburn.

By the same token, if you are pregnant, or have other chronic diseases, then you should consult your doctor to see what heat damage can be caused by high temperatures, solar radiation, and fatigue.

  First place: MENTHOLATUM new clear water thin sunscreen lotion, refreshing sunscreen lotion, cool and refreshing, giving the skin a soft and smooth daily sunscreen; contains MPC high-efficiency water retention factor, helps to replenish and lock skin moisture, keep skin moisturizingContains carrot essence, vitamins B1, B2, and C, which help increase skin elasticity and repair damaged skin after sun exposure; UV UVA and UVB sun protection; low irritation, suitable for daily use.

  Reason for the award: Low price, outstanding effect, high cost performance, can such sunscreen not be moved?

  Second place: FANCL Sunscreen No. 30 SPF30 PA +++ The new formula of FANCL “Sunscreen No. 30” is a UV reflector with extremely fine particles, which can be evenly and tightly distributed on the skin, forming a high-density, highly breathable sunscreenAfter coating, it can reflect ultraviolet rays more fully, which can effectively avoid the embarrassing situation of uneven skin tone or two amputations after coating.

In contrast, the sunscreen products in the market penetrate through the powder particles, the density of the sunscreen is reduced, and it is difficult to completely cover the skin. This not only effectively prevents ultraviolet light damage, but also easily blocks the pores, making the skin darker.

Only the new formula FANCL “Sunscreen 30” can truly achieve comprehensive sun protection and a refreshing invisible protective net.

  Reasons for the award: Many years of popular sunscreen, effectively blocking the damage of ultraviolet rays.

But the price is too expensive compared to the previous first place, so for some people, it is not so easy to buy impulsively.

  Third place: Ji Rui ZA whitening sunscreen SPF30 + PA +++ physical + chemical sunscreen.

Titanium dioxide, a physical sunscreen component, the protective area is 250-340; cinnamate, a chemical sunscreen component, the protective area is 290-315.

It can be seen that this sunscreen does not achieve full dual protection in terms of UVA.

VC derivative and VE acetate, which contain two anti-oxidant ingredients, can inhibit the generation of free radicals and reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays to the skin.

Sunscreen products preferably contain certain antioxidants.

Contains silicin and a film-forming agent to prevent chemical sunscreen from being absorbed by the skin.

The addition of a film-forming agent also makes this product waterproof.  Fourth place: La Roche-Posay SPF30 + PPD28 SPF30 + PPD28 is another technological breakthrough, winning 7 international awards including the 2005 MarieClaire Beauty Award, ultra-high UVA protection index, ultra-thin thickness.

Note: According to the regulations of the Chinese inspection and quarantine department, all imported cosmetics and sunscreen products with an SPF index exceeding 30, and the Chinese label not exceeding SPF30 can be stated with SPF30 +; and if the SPF Index exceeds 50, the outer packaging is indicatedMust not exceed spf50, which can be explained with spf50 +.

Suitable for skin type: Any skin type.

Brand introduction: French LAROCHE-POASY La Roche-Posay Pharmacy Research Laboratory, using the characteristics of LAROCHE-POASY hot spring water for skin medical treatment, and according to the needs of dermatologists, research and develop professional dermatological medical auxiliary treatment care products that can effectively help solve skin problems.
From the perspective of hydrogeology, LAROCHE-POSAY hot spring water is derived from limestone of the Toulon stage. These waters are classified here as springs containing bicarbonate.

Alkaline hot spring water has a trace amount of trace metal elements, low temperature (that is, the temperature does not exceed 13 ° C), and low mineral content. The most mineral element is calcium hydrocarbonate.

The chemical composition of LaRoche-Posay hot spring water is most special because it is rich in selenium (53 micrograms per liter) and silicon dioxide.

The hot spring water is clear and pure, and the pH value is close to neutral. The balance of trace elements is the efficacy and unique main reason of LaRoche-Posay hot spring water.

  Fifth place: Neutrogena water-based protective sunscreen lotion SPF15 can be maintained inside and outside to promote skin health.

Daily use of healing skin naturally reveals a healthy and moisturizing glow.

Especially suitable for computer MM, UVA / UVB radiation protection, very good moisturizing function, to achieve 24-hour moisturizing function.

Hydrating glycerin hydrolysin can deeply nourish cells, improve skin’s water retention ability, and provide skin with moisture for 24 hours.

Isolation and protection contain antioxidant green tea ingredients, vitamins A, B5, C and E, effectively protect against UVA / UVB as well as the environment on the skin.

  Sixth place: Avene AVENE Natural Sunscreen SPF30 + Pure Physical Sunscreen.

Effective sunscreen ingredients are titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.

Not all blacks.

The protective length of titanium dioxide is 250-340nm, and the protective width of zinc oxide is 290-380nm, so it does not cover the UVA section of 380-400nm.

This is the so-called UVA protection dead end of pure physical sun protection.

This is the flaw of pure physical sun protection, which cannot be compensated.

The physical sunscreen ingredients are mineral powders, which determines that they must be combined with synthetic esters, mineral oils and oily ingredients. They exist in the form of creams. Therefore, physical sunscreens are thick and greasy, which is not as refreshing as chemical sunscreens.

Titanium dioxide is a commonly used white inorganic pigment, so physical sunscreen also has a common problem of whitening.

This sunscreen has a high level of titanium dioxide, and the whitening will be more obvious.

Although physical sunscreen has so many hard wounds that are difficult to change, there are still many JM (including myself) who choose physical sunscreen products for one reason-safety.

Physical sunscreens are mainly based on reflection, shielding UV rays to achieve sun protection, and will not be absorbed by the skin.

Due to its inertness and stability, it does not undergo photodegradation like chemical sun protection.

This sunscreen adds astringent and calming Avene spring water.

Even sensitive skin can be safely used.

  Seventh place: Clinique Urban Isolation The fastest-selling barrier cream in the world, an oil-free formula that gives you fresh, pink skin.

It belongs to skin care type isolation. This product has a good reputation, strong protection, does not contain chemical ingredients, and is especially suitable for sensitive skin. There are many different sun protection index alternatives. SPF 15, SPF 20, SPF 25, most of themThe products that everyone likes are transparent, refreshing, and easy to push away, but it is not a makeup-type isolation, and basically has no touch-up effect. It is more suitable for skin with acne.

  Eighth place: Shiseido SHISEIDO new sun-sun summer mild sunscreen SPF30 / PA +++ pure physical sunscreen.

Use zinc oxide and titanium dioxide as physical sunscreen powder.

The high content of volatile silicin can increase the smoothness of the product.

Silicone volatilizes after use, helping the product to dry quickly and stably adhere to the stratum corneum.

  Butyl formaldehyde, glycerol, xylitol, ectoine use of these small molecule moisturizing ingredients can promote keratin hydration and relatively reduce skin dryness after using the product.

Potassium glycyrrhizinate has a soothing and soothing effect.

There is no added flavor and flavor, and a preservative is a food-grade mild preservative, and no other irritating ingredients are added.

This product uses a polymer powder: PMMA, which has an oil control effect, has a good oil absorption capacity, and can alleviate the condition of oily surface.

Water-resistant silicone is used, so this product is waterproof.

Can effectively reduce the phenomenon of summer product loss due to sweating.No modified powder is used and the product has no polish effect.

  Ninth place: Sofina Sofina Toning Balance Day Protective Milk SPF24 / PA +++ Physical + Chemical Sunscreen.

The main sunscreen ingredients are UVB absorber OMC, UVB, and UVA shielding agent ZNO.

Shielding UVA with zinc oxide alone has a little protection against dead ends.

The titanium dioxide content that can shield all UVB and some UVA is not high, so the whitening of this sunscreen will not be obvious.

Use a large amount of silicon spirit as the substrate.

Siloxane is safer and less acne-prone. It can form a thin film on the skin and create a good touch.

Sunscreen products are the most suitable place to go to Silicone, because Silicone will prevent absorption, prevent chemical sunscreen OMC from being absorbed by the skin, and reduce safety concerns.

This sunscreen also contains talcum powder, one of the products commonly found in foundation products, together with silicium, which improves the effect of concealer and makeup.

Oil control: Very good.

There are several plant-derived ingredients, mainly bactericidal, regulating the secretion of oil.

These sunglasses are very refreshing, contain a large amount of alcohol, have anti-inflammatory and astringent properties, and are suitable for oily skin.

Moisturizing is mainly based on glycerin and butanediol and silicic acid to lock water, and dry skin will feel insufficiently moisturizing.

  Tenth place: Lancome Softening Soothing Isolating Milk SPF30 / PA ++ has no gravity and lightness, welcoming translucent new light.

“Light and thin” all-round isolation star isolation UV pollution correction multiple multiple isolation protection: the new soothing formula integrates multiple isolation effects, effectively isolates ultraviolet rays, environmental pollution and other external aggressions, while gently reducing the skin’s discomfort caused by environmental changes, and effectively corrects dullnessdark.

Lightweight, not sticky, allowing skin to breathe freely.

Makes skin resistant to UV pollution for a long time.

Lancome’s anti-ultraviolet and anti-pollution technology softens and soothes sunscreen, achieving ideal daily protection. The gentle and light size fits closely to the skin to form a protective layer to prevent dark spots and light aging caused by light.

Test yourself as an internet addict


Test yourself as an internet addict

Although formal diagnostic criteria for Internet addiction (IAD) have not yet been published, researchers generally believe that this is a broad concept that involves a range of different behavioral and impulsive control issues.

To diagnose a patient with IAD, the patient must show more than three of the following seven symptoms within the past 12 months: 1. Enhanced tolerance: Patients must spend more time online to achieve the same level of satisfaction.

That is, Internet addiction is getting bigger and bigger; 2. Withdrawal symptoms: If there is a seizure (ranging from hours to days) without going online, the patient will become obviously anxious, irresistibly want to go online, and always worry about himselfWhat I missed, even dreaming about the Internet; 3, Internet frequency is always higher than planned, and Internet time is always longer than planned; 4, Efforts to change the Internet time are always based on failureEnding again; 5. Spending a lot of time on Internet-related activities, such as installing new software, organizing and encoding a large number of downloaded files, etc .; 6. The Internet has severely affected patients’ social, professional and family life; 7, AlthoughCan cause serious problems brought by the Internet, patients still continue to spend a lot of time online.

From the clinical manifestations, IAD includes at least the following five types: 1. Internet addiction to pornography (including online porn music, pictures and videos, etc.); 2. Internet addiction to addiction (including using MUD, chat rooms, etc. on the Internet)Interpersonal communication); 3. Internet forced behavior (including compulsory participation in online auctions, online auctions or online transactions); 4, forced information collection (including compulsory collection of useless, irrelevant or urgently needed information from the Internet); 5. Computer addiction (including continuous and unstoppable computer games).

Of course, some people still have objections to IAD. For example, Nixon, general manager of Microsoft Canada Network Center, believes that saying that a person is addicted to the Internet is like calling someone who likes reading to reading addiction and people who like to listen to musicFor music addiction, the real addiction is pornography and competition itself.

For example, everyone acknowledges that it is the Internet that makes this information so convenient and cheap.

Autumn skin care and beauty theme _1

Fall skincare takes control of the beauty theme

The autumn wind is rising again.

With the advent of autumn, the weather dries up day by day, and human skin is also tense and dry day by day.

The complexities of skin care first start with skin care. In the summer, more or less damaged skin urgently needs repair.

It is understood that the main theme of autumn skin care is still whitening and moisturizing.

  A beautician told reporters that for oily skin, although the face is shiny all summer, but in the fall, the skin will also be dry and peeling, and then the thing to do is to add enough moisture to the skin.Experts suggest that people with oily skin may wish to use oil-removing firming lotion, which can shrink pores and replenish moisture to the skin. At the same time, for oily skin with excess oil secretion and pores that are large and easy to block, it can inhibit oil secretion and reduce inflammation.

  The proper method of autumn care for normal skin is also necessary. After cleansing, first use an oil-free moisturizing liquid toning, and then add oyster-containing nourishing firming milk to form an oxygen-permeable protective film on the skin.Allows water to evaporate, soothing and anti-pollution.

  Dry skin and oily skin, normal skin are listed, more care should be taken.

Moisturizing liquid should be used to replenish moisture for autumn dry skin, because the pH of dry skin is easily destroyed, and the moisturizing liquid can play a role in repairing the skin’s PH value.

At the same time, it is supplemented with a water-in-oil firming cream to supplement the skin and make it moisturized and not dry.

  In addition, skin care experts also pay special attention to people with dry skin. Due to frowning, talking and other head muscle movements, people with dry skin are prone to false wrinkles when the skin is dry in autumn, so be sure to drink plenty of water and eat more.Vegetables and fruits, eat less spicy food.

Never skin, it is very important to clean the skin in the autumn, and to remove dead skin on a regular basis for a month.

  To have fair skin, of course, it is best to use skincare products containing whitening essence, and it is best to use natural raw materials, because it can help inhibit the formation of melanin, promote skin metabolism, and lighten the melanin that has formed, thereby reducing pigmentation., Make the skin fairer and healthier, and the pure raw materials make you whiter, whiter, and whiter.

  In addition to going to the beauty salon for weekly care, daily cosmetics also need to be carefully selected.

It is understood that in the autumn, the skin is locally dry. When using cosmetics, it is necessary to use dispersed and surfactant-containing moisturizing creams and moisturizers. Applying them to the skin is very good for activating damaged skin cells.

For foundation creams, lipsticks, skin creams, eyeshadows, rouges, etc., try moisturizing creams.

In the replacement of lotion, people with oily skin can choose toner, neutral and dry skin is better to replace moisturizing water.

In this season, it is best not to use dry powder for makeup, as it will make the skin more dry.

The first step is to choose the right skin care product.

The principles for choosing skin care products: one is based on skin properties, and the other is based on time and climate.

In autumn, you should add lotion without alcohol, moisturizing and non-greasy day cream and night cream, and soft mask with bleaching effect.

First of all, pay attention to daily skin care.

  Although the ultraviolet rays in autumn are not as violent as in summer, they will increase the skin melanin, deepen the skin tone, penetrate deeper into the skin, damage the supporting structure of the skin, and cause skin aging.For nutritional functions, such as Revitalizing Freckle Freckle Cream Series, A Flower Freckle Freckle Cream, etc., only in this way can it meet the skin’s various needs in autumn.