One is sitting curled up on the sofa and reading the news.Nine year old blonde chick,A piece of news happened at this time。

“Los Angeles Lakers return with a full load,Waiting for the Rockets to challenge。”
Look at the picture of the plane taking off on the news,The blonde chick’s eyes suddenly lit up。
Yes indeed!
Why didn’t i think of it?
This stinky guy is definitely not a native of Houston,Not even a Texan!
He is going to another place by plane or ship,That’s why I had to leave the things to me for safekeeping。
And it’s still very urgent,Need to leave immediately。
Otherwise, he can wait a week or two,Leave slowly。
If I look up the various flights in and out of Houston in the last few days、Steamship,There must be a record of this person。
Why not talk about cars?
Car as a means of transportation,Generally speaking500Activity radius of about kilometers。
If this guy can’t drive the car home,It proves that he must be far away。
Plus this filter condition,The scope will shrink again。
But the hateful thing is,I don’t even know what he looks like,From which country,Except for his belly and approximate height,There is no more news。
Use these conditions to search,It’s really too difficult。