There is no express delivery in the village,I can only ask in town。

During the Chinese New Year, no one will pick up such business,How can it be a few days after the end of the year?。
Ye Wenwen has no objection,Just frowned,Said:“I’m going to work on the eighth day,Will it delay your business??”
“Let’s first ask if there is any profit,If there is a profit,Your job is gone,I don’t have much money anyway。”Fang Hao said indifferently。
If there is something to do,Able to sell a lot of fruit,The money made by this business may not be earned by Ye Wenwen after several years of class,Then there is no need to miss this opportunity for that job。
As long as this path works,In the autumn and winter season,You can sell for another。
He now has traffic,This business cannot be taken away in the village。
Ye Wenwen nodded:“That works,We can try。”
She is ready to resign,As long as Fang Hao’s career can stabilize,Her job is gone。
Even if I don’t resign now,Wait until Fang Hao’s next book goes on sale,She needs to resign too。
Fang’s mother can’t speak Mandarin,But understand Mandarin。
Although some aspects are not very clear,But I can also understand in a trance,Fang Hao seems to have some abilities,The girl Fang Hao brought here is based on him,It doesn’t even matter if you quit your job。
Feel more settled。
Thinking of the things Fang Hao brought back,I think my son is probably not bragging,Really had a good time。
No wonder you can find such a beautiful girl。
But hesitated:“Isn’t it good to quit your job for this?Or try to take a few more days off。”
“She only works more than 3,000 a month,It doesn’t matter if there is,I wanted her to quit。”Fang Hao said。
“More than three thousand,That’s a lot……”
Mother whispered。