[Nutrition value of leaf lettuce]_ leaf lettuce _ action _ benefits

[Nutrition value of leaf lettuce]_ leaf lettuce _ action _ benefits

Leaf lettuce is a very common herb vegetable, which can be eaten directly, can also be used as a salad, etc. It has a cooler taste and a crisp and sweet taste.

00 kcal is about instantaneous, so the transition is very low.

The main effect is to improve sleep quality, and at the same time diuretic swelling, which is very helpful for weight loss.

[Nature]cool[five flavors]sweet[transformation]16.

00 kcal (66 kJ) / 100 grams[effect]improve sleep quality, diuretic swelling, weight loss[what is the leaf lettuce]The leaf lettuce is the leaf lettuce, which is named for raw food.Fresh and delicate fragrance.

Among modern people with significantly increased meat consumption, lettuce brings a refreshing and delicious feeling, which is quite popular.

There are currently two types on the market: spherical lettuce and creamy lettuce with wrinkled leaves.

[Suitable disease]familial hypercholesterolemia neurasthenia and insomnia[suitable symptom]neurasthenia syndrome plasma plasma level high insomnia group leaf lettuce therapeutic value

The dietary lettuce contains more fiber and vitamin C than cabbage, which has the effect of eliminating excess, so it is also called weight loss lettuce; 2.

2. Because its stems and leaves contain lettuce, it has a slightly bitter taste, has analgesic and hypnotic effects, lowers cholesterol, and helps treat neurasthenia; 3.

Lettuce contains active ingredients such as mannitol, which has a diuretic and blood circulation promotion effect; 4.

Lettuce contains an “interferon inducer”, which can stimulate normal human cells to produce interferon, thereby producing an “antiviral protein” to inhibit the virus.