At this moment, Ming Cheng frowned suddenly and said lightly,There is still no expression on his face。

First0390Zhang embarrassed
“Little things?”
Li Qianhui frowned,Turned around and glanced at Ming Cheng,See him tight,I couldn’t help but wonder,When did Mr. Ming come out with such a bragging person??
“Niche,This brother is?”Li Qianhui turned around and asked Chongmo Xiaosheng who was puzzled。
“Oh,Brother Li,This is a good brother I accidentally met!”Mo Xiaosheng said with a hurried smile,“Ming Cheng,Brother Ming!Learning martial arts since childhood,Kung fu!”
Li Qianhui frowned,Took a look at Mingcheng,It turned out to be a martial artist,No wonder,Courageous!
“Ming brothers,You just said this is a trivial matter?Say so,You have a way to settle this young Master Sun?”Li Qianhui frowned and said。
“Didn’t you just say that he is in charge of the land??”Mingcheng asked。
“Not bad,Offend him,Don’t say we can’t grant the land in the capital,Land across the country,I am afraid it will be difficult to approve,Company development must be limited……”
Li Qianhui couldn’t help shaking his head and smiling,Any company,If there is no construction land to expand the scale and project,Then I’ll be imprisoned to death。
“Then easy,I make a call,So that he can honestly approve the land!”Ming Cheng has a little thought,Shen Sheng。
“Make a call?”Li Qianhui looked him up and down,Puzzled:“Who can you call?Did you know that Sun Dong is the number one in the land??”

“Everybody,How is my villa?”

Humph!Used to show off the house your son bought,It’s too big,It takes several hours to clean every day。
Why not in front of me now,Talk about your children’s house?
Chapter 102 Du Yu Treats
in fact,It’s not that these people don’t want to talk。
But my son’s house,Although big。
But how big is this,Not as big as Lin Yu’s villa。
and,The house still only paid the down payment,The rest is loan,Repay the bank principal and interest every month。
“Ok!Not bad,Especially in terms of decoration,It is the exquisiteness in the exquisiteness。”
Although I don’t want to talk anymore,Afraid of shame。
but,Everyone has never played in a villa。
This time is a good opportunity,Everyone will not miss it。
Nothing else,Just say that when chatting with others in the future,Talk to the villa,Can I tell the style of this villa?,It’s a face-saving thing。
“Yes!I also think this decoration,Is exquisite in exquisiteness。”
Hey!It’s good to have a son-in-law who owns a villa。

Mo Xiaosheng smiled and nodded,Then turned and walked down,I met Ye Bing’s eyes,Walk out quickly。

But what they don’t know is,After the two of them just walked out the door of the living room,Zhang Yousi on the stairs suddenly staggered,The right half of the body jerked against the wall on the side,Only then barely supported,A painful grin on his face,Sweat on the forehead。
“dad,Are you OK?”
Zhang Yiting’s expression suddenly changed,Hurriedly supported his father。
“Nothing……fast,Help me upstairs……”Zhang Yousi said in pain,Weak voice,The left half of the body is trembling slightly。
Zhang Yiting quickly helped him go upstairs。
After Mo Xiaosheng and Ye Bing walked out of Zhang Yihong’s house,And walked in the direction of parking,All the way to the car,Ye Bingcai asked in a low voice:“how about it,Did you find any clues??Is it him?”
Mo Xiaosheng shook his head,I remembered the scene where I was shooting Zhang Yousi,I can’t help but feel suspicious,I guessed it wrong,Although his shot is not strong,But if Zhang Yousi’s arm is really broken,It will definitely be painful。
“uncertain,What do you mean?”Ye Bing doubted,“Didn’t you say you interrupted his left arm,Stabbed his left leg??I don’t think his legs and arms are unusual!”
“The wound on the leg is easy to say,As Zhang You,It’s easy to get the hemostatic and muscle-promoting ointment from our pharmaceutical factory,So the stab wound on Zhang Yousi’s leg may have been cured,But the injury of his left arm is definitely not healed!”Mo Xiaosheng frowned and said。
To know,On that day, he smashed the left arm of the man with the mask,An absolute comminuted fracture,This is only a few days away,Even the best bone strengthening medicine,It won’t heal where,So this mask man,It may not be Zhang Yousi。

About Lin Yu,Lu Wei don’t know。

Lu Wei Company!Lu Wei back to the company,I saw that the company’s employees are gone。
But own company,Still at the moment。
Relieved,Look at my wife,Tao:“Wife,Call the company executives,Said that the company had dinner at the largest hotel in Jianghu City at night,Let everyone come,Celebrate that the company is okay。”
“Husband,Got it。”
Lu Wei’s wife finished,So he took out his mobile phone to make a call。
Seeing my wife called,Lu Wei thinks of Lin Yu。
Although this time,He caused it。
But this time the Jiang family was removed,He’s probably fine。
Think of this one,Take out the phone,So I called Lin Yu。
Wife just now,I dare not fight。
After all, if it weren’t for Lin Yu,There won’t be such a thing。
Wife,I must have a great resentment towards Lin Yu。
Holding ice lotus,Lin Yu returning to Zhuo’s house,See my phone ring,It was from Lu Wei,Answer key pressed。
“Lin Yu,Are you alright?”
“never mind,where are you now?”
“In the company,Jiang family is removed,So i’m fine。”
“free tonight?”
I remembered that I had caused Lu Wei,Lin Yu feels a little sad。

Li Chen stretched out his hand and waved:“baby,sit down,do not get excited,Don’t get too excited,You see super put me in the last position,What’s wrong with me?”</p>

babyReluctantly sit back to his place,Looking at the big screen,Quiet again in the room,Everyone is looking forward to the next move of Brother Chao。</p>
Chen Hedao:“Zheng Kai,You’re next。”</p>
“is it?”Zheng Kaizhu,Sit down,Staring at the big screen。</p>
Brother Chao holding Zheng Kai’s headshot,Tao:“Dear audience friends,I have to complain to you,Kai Kai,This person is extremely narcissistic,He always thought he was a talent,Think he is handsome。”</p>
Next room,Zheng Kai looked stunned,Paralyzed his hands:“Isn’t i very handsome?Am I not a talent??”</p>
Li Chendao:“Chen He,He snatched your name。”</p>
Chen Chichi stand up,Dragged Zheng Kai back,Tao:“Sorry,I didn’t take him seriously,Bother everyone。”</p>
Group Lan laughed aside,Then Chao Ge took the portrait of Kaikai,Put andbabyJuxtaposed position,Belongs to third gear。</p>
Zheng Kai collapsed suddenly,Sliding off the sofa and half kneeling on the ground,Hold your head in both hands and shout:“what,Why is that?”</p>
Su Luo smiled:“Kaige,Brother Chao thinks you are not threatening,Your fluctuating speed is exchanged for your IQ。”</p>
Zheng Kai was speechless,This sentence sounds familiar,It seems that he was taunting others last second,correct,Yesbaby。</p>
Unexpectedly so fast,Fell on myself,Really causal cycle,Retribution。</p>

do you know,Mr. Lu Xiaofeng’s current reputation,It’s absolutely perfect!

Not to mention the great achievements and prestige of Lu Xiaofeng in music,Just talk about him and Teacher Chu Liuxiang who broke out recently,Put almost all the money together in obscurity,All donated to education in the mountainous area,Donated to children,He is already invincible!
No one dares to accuse him,To discredit him,To mock him!
You are so bold,Is this going against the sky??
Or maybe your Phoenix Records has expanded so much that you feel that you are invincible,Have you been lonely for too long!?
Wait there will be^_^
First471chapter Boiling!(Four shifts)
When almost everyone thinks like this,The agent Lin Zhicheng who brought Li Bi to the awards ceremony was almost scared.。
If it’s not really weak,,No strength,He will be desperate,Drag Li Bi directly,Scolded her。

I walked over and hugged her in three steps and two steps,Sighed:“You are so beautiful,I want to know how to draw,Must paint you beautifully。”

Li Xiaohong teased beside him:“Rely on you to draw,How about relying on Xiaoxia!We are hungry,Hurry up and invite us to eat something delicious!”
I’m so funny with big bags and small bags hanging on me,Bring them to the last time I invited Xiang Tingting and Song Qi to dinner,And what they think is expensive。
When sitting down to order,Zhong Manxia put two exquisite packaging bags in front of me,I smiled:“Yeah,And my gift!”
Open it,A wallet,A belt,As an old wet machine, I know what it means at a glance,But pretending to be puzzled:“I like both of these gifts,But is there any meaning for giving this??”
Zhong Manxia picked up the belt with joy,I said:“You won’t buy it to beat me?”
She gave a cross-eyed look:“Correct,I’m going to smoke you hard,Until you dare not leave me。”
I have a face that suddenly realized:“You are afraid of me leaving you,Gonna hold me,right?”
“Count you smart!”
Then she stuffed the wallet into my hand,Motion me to open it。
I opened my wallet and took a look,Stuffed inside2Bucks,Very simple means love,This pretty girl is really affectionate。
I pretend to be puzzled:“2represents what,I wouldn’t say it’s a second product?”
Zhong Manxia has been in contact with me for a long time,I don’t know how smart I am,But usually there is no form,I like to make fun of everything,
Pretending to be angry:“Correct,Means you are stupid,Why did I find you a fool,So angry that i don’t want to talk to you anymore。”
I didn’t expect to be pecked by geese all day long,Apologize:“Sorry,my fault,This means my love for you will last forever。”

It’s like doing it every time,hate。I always let her,She never tells me anything,I don’t like it anyway,hate。

Maybe it’s the reason why I’m not slick enough,May I be able to live for others,Can be more sleek
Life continues day by day,But how should I live every day,This is a very deep question。
Every time I read Mr. Keigo Higashino’s book,I will be surprised,How could my husband write such an incredible story,The story turns are very strange,I really adore Mr. Keigo Higashino.。
I really feel bored,Is something uncomfortable,Speak out,Feel hurt again,But don’t tell me,Hurt myself,Hey really unhappy。
I’m really afraid of something sick one day,It’s really sad that no one talks。
Watching Mr. Keigo’s clone in the past two days,I don’t know how to express after reading。Can’t help it??
Should this be the case??I don’t know how to elaborate。I only know,After watching the ending on the subway, I kept thinking on the way home,Don’t know what’s in my mind,Put down the phone after going home and don’t know what to do,It took a long time to react,Oh,I have read the book,Thinking where to look next,Has reached this point,But I don’t know what’s in my mind,Am I also transplanted??
just kidding,Life is always good,The days are always better,Warned not to think too much。
Very busy yesterday,Go get the goods,Inventory or something,Today our brand event day,I thought I couldn’t open the order today,Who knew that a customer just came over and bought it,Bought a box in the morning,Bought a box in the afternoon,Buying two boxes will give you a large toy,Then I learned later,This customer is from another store,I really didn’t know,Knowing that I wrote the customer’s name on the receipt when I posted the receipt,Then I found out I was really stupid,Why write the customer’s information on the receipt,Even if it’s a photo that has nothing written on it before the photo is taken.,There won’t be so many things behind,I really felt stupid,Be careful in the future,Even if it’s a small ticket,Do not disclose customer information,Isn’t it the same to write after you’re done,All said that wealth is not exposed,I’m so stupid,But this time this is also a warning,learn from mistakes,Be careful next time you do something,Don’t be so sloppy anymore,I guess that sister is going to talk to another sister in another store,Hey,But I really didn’t mean it,Is it possible that the customer enters the store and I don’t sell the goods and let her out?,I’m not stupid,The customer came over and bought it himself,Can you blame me。
Don’t care about her,Anyway, I just do my own thing。This month’s assessment task and the new mother exclusive gift package have not been completed yet,Really going crazy,In the end how to do,this is a problem。
Hey,Tired。Feel like doing activities every day,There is no rest,Those who are busy at work are almost turning into tops,I only had lunch at two o’clock this afternoon,I don’t know what I’m doing,But it was that late to eat,So I really feel like going crazy every day at work,Daily indicators,task,But this is also good,Have something to do every day,It’s not bad to be full every day and not idle。

Cross-step Grant Hill,Slightly receded mid-range jumper shot!

A beautiful arc,Like a rainbow across the clouds。
Grant Hill looked back,The scene I saw made him desperate。
victory!40+!I want it all!
Chapter One Hundred and Eighty After the game
“Ok,I lost,This is a wonderful game。”Grant Hill frustrated,Blocked by a media reporter at the entrance of the locker room。
“last moment,I thought Kobe was thrown away,So low layup。If i choose to dunk,Maybe the result will be different。”
“Kobe’s offense and defense are great,His teammates are also great,Let him have enough physical fitness to stand up at the critical moment。”
“Wulian40+Up???I did not pay attention to this,if it is ture,Then I witnessed the history。”Grant Hill finished sourly,Left immediately。
His back is a bit bleak,A reporter captured this picture。
And the door of the Lakers locker room,More reporters blocked outside。
“Step aside,Step aside!Stay away!”They didn’t wait for Kobe,But a burly,Fiercely exploded and opened the door。
Ben Wallace!
After Kobe’s last interview,Just talk to Daben,Go together later。
He is tired of these little media that do nothing wrong,Kobe asked Da to help him attract firepower!

Looking at each other,Made him very happy。

Isn’t it normal to laugh?
“Don’t understand what you are so proud of,A bunch of high school students,There is not even a junior high school girl with good math grades!”Zhao Yuming gave Xiaopang a cold look,Said coolly。
Don’t worry too much,Just smiling smugly。
Anyway, he has accepted the reality that he is not as good as Zhao Yuming,But obviously the other party hasn’t accepted this,Who feels worse?Besides, isn’t this just a hit point??
“Yes,Yes,I don’t have a junior high school girl with good math grades,But at least I didn’t pretend to be so bullish that I have no friends!Some people look at the sky every day,It’s not as good as her grades?”Chubby’s taunting skills are fully activated instantly,A dead pig is not afraid of boiling water,Enter crazy output mode。
“Cough,Chubby,How do you talk?Are still classmates,Let him know that the sky is high and the earth is thick。Have you forgotten the school motto of Xiangnan Provincial City No. 1 Middle School??Inspirational,Do not ask。Nothing to compare with others?What’s the comparison?Just learn from your own?”Li Zesheng spoke slowly,It’s as if it wasn’t him who complained before Wang Yufei。
In short,A group of children in the Provincial No. 1 Middle School。
However, Zhao Yuming does not seem to be too angry,I didn’t even care about the cynicism of these guys.,It’s just that Guo Xiaoyi’s eyes are obviously a little hot。
“I admit i lost,Can i add you to wechat?”
Guo Xiaoyi looked warily at the handsome boy opposite,Muffled:“Add WeChat?What do you want?”
“Everyone is a classmate of winter training camp,Can communicate with each other later。correct,I formally introduce myself,My name is Zhao Yuming,He is a member of the study committee of the second and third class of the High School Affiliated to the National University of China,How about you?”
All half-year-old children,Even if I was angry just now,But seeing the place looks frank,Guo Xiaoyi decided to forgive this reckless guy,The high probability is still because of the appearance,After all, this cool little brother,Still very attractive,So he opened his mouth cheerfully:“My name is Guo Xiaoyi,The English class representative of the third grade of junior high school in Xiangnan Province!”
“English class representative?”Zhao Yuming is a little confused。