Their method is only this one,And there will never be any changes!

“Caught up!”
“The Pacers’ score is starting to catch up!”
“4th quarter left8minute,Points left5Minute!”
Looking at the scoreboard on the sidelines。
Kenny in the commentary·Smith looked shocked。
8minute,5Point difference.
The Cavaliers are in danger in this game?
But my god,He really doesn’t know where the danger comes from?
Where did it come from?
Where else can you come from?
It must be Xu Xuan!
Barkley is so excited!
This is the data Xu Xuan has submitted so far!
Barkley is excited,Really excited!

Same year,O’Neill got it too248Million votes。

It is worth mentioning that,All-Stars,Dayao once again234Wanpiao re-elected the All-Star vote king。
Dayao、Kobe、James、Joe old gang leader.These people have won the All-Star vote,But only Spark has won more than 3 million votes alone,And now,Xu Xuan became the second person,and,Surpassed him,Be the first in history!
“Maggie,I want to report Xu Xuan,Report alliance。”
Smart, who was just defeated by Xu Xuan and the Pacers, was dissatisfied with this vote.:“The league definitely cheated!I don’t believe that so many people will vote for Xu Xuan every day.Why are they idle all day long??
I think it must be the league cheating,One vote for Xu Xuan becomes two votes or even three votes.Otherwise, such a situation is absolutely impossible!”
As soon as this remark comes out,Not to mention those fans,Adam·Rubbish·Xiao Hua is a little speechless。
Are you Sabi?!
You really think Xu Xuan’s votes are like I cheated?!
I got my brain out to cheat a foreigner?I have the time and energy to get a ticket king for me?
Seems to be cheating.
It’s just that his cheating is just the opposite of what Smart thought.
Where is one vote counts two votes,Or one vote counts three votes,This is obviously two votes, one vote,Three votes count as two votes.
But Smart is an iron baby,Still not believing in evil。
He left a message under his Twitter:“It’s a man or a ghost who wants to spray me,Xu Xuan’s fans,Are all here to gather,I don’t believe it,There are three million people coming to spray me.
Come come,I fought with you today,three million?Ah!I don’t even think 300,000!”

“What do you think about it?”

“Met me,Their winning streak is about to end!”
“But you were defeated by him before.”
Defeat Nima!
The one who beat me before was melon,It’s not Xu Xuan!
Jennings is not willing to admit that he was defeated by Xu Xuan.!
That’s the lore of melon,It has nothing to do with Xu Xuan!
“Brandon,For what Xu Xuan got before61Historical record,what do you want to say?”
What about Nima!
61There is a hanging!
“I want to tell him,inNBAScore is not everything!A person who can only score cannot be a great weapon!”
“Brandon,Are you jealous?”
Are you jealous of Nima?!
Lao Tzu is telling you the truth!
Make sense,Jennings is still jealous。
Or it’s not just jealous anymore,He is a little angry!

Too critical!Block this time!

Without James this time,Xu Xuan must score this goal!
“so close,Just a little bit!LeBron is too strong!Oh, God,LeBron is too strong!”
“It’s a pity Xu Xuan,A steady ball,Hey,What a pity!”Barkley is heartbroken。Love Book House
He just called out the ball。
Because Xu Xuan used his back to punch in。
That posture is like his heroic posture,I feel even more emotional in my heart。
“Hit James on the back,Although it is capped,But it basically got in,This kind of ball,Maybe James won’t be able to prevent it next time.。”
Kenny·Smith shook his head。
They are all knowledgeable。
This ball actually fell indefinitely at the beginning.,Just don’t know what,In the end, I changed my fate against the sky.。
“It’s LeBron,This ball is replaced by Tony·Alan may not be able to prevent it。”
Tony·Allen’s defense is strong,But he can never do James。
“This game is really desperate。”
On the field。
Xu Xuan silently retreated。
He didn’t expect the ball to be capped,But I hate it,it’s not a big deal。

Against the Cavaliers,There is no doubt that Xu Xuan is hereNBAThe most tiring game ever played。

Not only the intensity of the game but also his role in the game。
Keep shooting under the double teams of two or even three people、Pass、Running.
This is a bad experience!
This is an experience Xu Xuan does not want to copy!
“of course,This is also a completely unrepeatable victory, isn’t it?”
Barkley blinked hard,Try not to let the tears fall。
A new message came from the background just now,Xu Xuan fainted the moment he walked into the locker room。
The whole person is lying on the ground,Frank·Vogel was terrified,Fortunately, the team doctor came to ask about the time of physical therapy,Just saw this scene.After a lot of confusion,The final result surprised everyone.
Xu Xuan actually fell asleep.
Fell asleep?
Tired to fall asleep in the locker room?
Oh, God,This kid,What did you go through??
Barkley forced himself not to cry,But when he announced the news to the fans on the court who were reluctant to leave the arena and watch the live broadcast in front of the TV,The whole arena was instantly quiet!
Even those female fans who are feeling involuntarily shed tears。
Xu Xuan is so hard!
What kind of level does it have to be so tired that I fall asleep in the locker room before I go home?
“Hey,Kenny,How do you think Xu Xuan’s performance in this game is most appropriate??”


The joy brought by the four-game winning streak doesn’t seem to last long,1month17,The Pacers who challenged the Hornets in an away game lost a bachelor.
It is worth mentioning that,New to this game“Queen bee”Kemba·Walker did not play due to injury,But the team won easily.
no way,Hornets broke out in role players today!
Five people score in double figures,Gerard·Henderson slashed20+4+4。
It’s normal to lose.,The strength of the Pacers is not as strong as expected。
On the contrary, after the Pacers fell behind by a big score,Xu Xuan threw the ultra-long three-pointer in the conversion attack in the garbage time。
Xu Xuan did not expect,His wavecāo)After the game, the work became a talk of the fans。
Look,Even if Xu Xuan is behind by a big score, he didn’t give up,Look,He hit another super long three-pointer,Greatly boosted the morale of the team!
Even if you lose,The Pacers did not lose their momentum!
To know,Even the media praised Xu Xuan’s never-giving up sportsmanship……
Xu Xuan blushed with praise.
The Pacers came out this time for Wulianke。

Jiang Yuan couldn’t help coughing。

——It’s so undecent。
Fang Hao and Luo Xiaohu should have looked at them like this,Instead of reverse input。
For a star,It’s really shameful。
Chi Jiao and Qu Wan’er wake up from their nympho state,His face is all red。
That’s really undecent。
——But this little brother is really handsome!
Twisted,Qu Waner speaks first:“Are you the first guest??”
This one“you”Of course it refers to Fang Hao。
Luo Xiaohu?
Who is he?Is there this person?
“Yes Yes Yes,Xiaohu and I came first,We just went fishing for fish and shrimp。”
Fang Hao said,Reached out to them:

It was still sunny just now,Now it’s sunset,Yang Di walked out of the pavilion,Tao:“How about let’s play a game?”</p>

Yandi wants to be active,Save the face I lost in the morning,Su Luorao looked at him with interest,Tao:“what game?”</p>
Jan Didao:“truth or Dare,One person asks one question,The person asking the question can choose the person to be asked at will,If you don’t want to answer,There will be cruel punishment。”</p>
Yangdi turned and looked at everyone,But I saw all the guests in the pavilion looked sad,Doesn’t seem to be very interested in his game。</p>
Jan Didao:“Come,Let’s play,It’s boring to sit here anyway。”</p>
He Jiao sits up straight and says:“Wait,Let me ask,What is this cruel punishment?Need to be clear in advance。”</p>
Yandi pondered for a while,Tao:“Who would not answer,Just drink a glass of lemon juice。”</p>
He Jia Yi startled,Tao:“Mushroom house has no lemon juice。”</p>
Yangdi said proudly:“You don’t have,I have got,I brought it from home specially,Freshly squeezed lemon juice,Especially sour,You wait,I’ll take it。”</p>
With,Others have left,Few minutes,Yangdi folded back again,Holding a big bottle of lemon juice in his arms,Look at the color, I feel the teeth are pantothenic。</p>
Reba deserves to be a foodie,Seeing lemon juice makes your eyes bright,Joy Road:“Can i try it first?”</p>
Yandi nodded:“of course can。”With,He unscrew the cap,Pour some into the cup in front of Reba。</p>
Open road:“You taste,I promise it’s absolutely sour,The kind of sour teeth。”</p>
Listen to him so well,Have a hot taste,Feel nothing,Finally raised his head,Drink dry。</p>
Yandi asked nervously:“how about it?”</p>

Basketball actually doesn’t need a resilient floor,Street basketball in the United States is a good example,Those kids are all playing on the concrete floor。

So in the village school donated by Shen Huan,In addition to the necessary playground,Shen Huan also specifically requested to build a basketball court for the children,So that they can exercise better。
Speaking of,It is precisely because Shen Huan has become an internationally famous basketball superstar,Inside the school donated by Lu Xiaofeng and Chu Liuxiang,The proportion of primary and middle school students playing basketball has obviously increased。
Turn the topic back。
Many people like football,Players who can’t stand football are rotten。
Basketball is different,Since the birth of Dayao,inNBAHave made the reputation of Nuo Da,Become a superstar。
This is equivalent to a Chinese player going to Spain,Even if it’s not the level of Figo,At least it’s the same level as Gu Yasu。
With a superstar in charge,Naturally, countless fans will follow。
Because their hearts have sustenance。
Dayao isNBAAll these years,Basketball fans nurtured,Surpassed football fans in one fell swoop,It’s really my own power。
But Dayao is not hereNBAAfter,Gradually, the cohesion of basketball has diminished。
In addition to football, so many international stars have gone through various packaging promotion,Became a household name,So football overtook basketball a few years ago,Became the No. 1 sport for Chinese fans。
But everything was different last summer。
Shen Huan played the first gameNBAPlayoffs,Basketball fans have a skyrocket。
Wait until the Portland Trail Blazers finish in the first round,Basketball fans in China announced that there are more than football fans。
Even temporarily,Or a passerby fan。
Wait till Shen HuanNBAFinished the finals,Took it all in one goFMVPAnd after the championship ring,The number of basketball fans in China has almost skyrocketed2Over 100 million people!

“But very strange,Naruto。”Sasuke looked at the scene where the five Naruto shadow clones turned into white mist and disappeared.,“Obviously as the leader of the shell organization,But the opponent doesn’t seem to have any combat experience.”

“Ok。”Naruto also nodded and said。
Actually,Naruto’s idea of using a shadow clone to obtain information about Cixian’s battle is quite obvious,But even so,Ci Xian still has nothing to hide。
Really has no combat experience,Or,Ci Xian’s strength is so strong that he doesn’t care about the leakage of his battle information.。
“.It’s really amazing,Sasuke。”Cixian, who fell to the ground from mid-air, looked at Sasuke with appreciative eyes,“Needless to say about the dynamic vision of the wheel eye,More importantly, you have a cool head,Plus the reincarnation eye.Sasuke,There is no need for you to play home games with the idiot Hokage next to you,Do you want to join me。”
“Hey!You guy,Who is an idiot?!”Naruto clenched his fist and retorted at Cixian。
“Humph,forget it,Cixian,Because Naruto is an idiot,That’s why he needs me more。”
“what the hell,Sasuke,You actually think of me that way!”
“.Forget it,In that case,Sasuke Uchiha,It seems I can only kill you here!”When the voice fell, Cixian stretched out his right hand to Sasuke and Naruto standing together。
“Naruto!Flash away!”Sasuke reminded,Two people jump into the air at the same time to dodge。
In the original position where two people were standing,A few black rods are inserted there quietly。
“Thank you,Sasuke。”Naruto said with some lingering fears。