Jiang Fan stretched out his arm,Hold her by my side,Said:“I know……”

Ding Yi’s eyes are a little uncomfortable,Said:“you,are you angry?”
Jiang Fan took his hand back,Holding the steering wheel,Said:“I’m not angry,If you have to say angry,That’s mad at me,Because from beginning to end,I didn’t give you a sense of security,That’s why you feel that you have no roots。I did not do well。Let me work hard,Let us work together。”
Ding Yi patted his hand,Said:“sorry。”
“do not talk like that,Saying that makes me feel ashamed。But there is one thing you must think clearly now,And be determined,That is i have to be with you,You must be with me,This is not discussed。It’s better if your father comes back,If I don’t come back, I’ll find him,So please be prepared,I don’t care about your feelings,Do what i do,I’ll do whatever I want。and so,You must be mentally prepared,I don’t have much patience waiting for you。”
in the dark,Ding Yi stopped talking。
They came to the provincial capital,Jiang Fan drove the car directly to a business hotel not too far from the provincial party committee,He took out his travel bag from the trunk,And Ding Yi came to the front desk,Asked for one16Floor room,After they are optimistic about the house,Drop luggage,Go downstairs to dinner。Jiang Fan asked her what she wanted to eat,Ding Yi said,Eat whatever you like,tired。
then,Jiang Fan led Ding Yi to the hotel restaurant,The restaurant is closed,They came to a restaurant on the street,After a simple meal for the two,Walked out。
Jiang Fan is holding her,Said:“I think of Shenzhen,I’ll take you to the wedding banquet of Mr. Lei’s daughter。”
“Yes,I am also thinking,I didn’t eat enough that day,We went again for a snack。”
“The suit you wore that day was so beautiful,Dare i say,Shocked everyone,Just like driving down the sky。”
“Ha ha,Your performance is not bad。Steady and elegant,Unrestrained。”
Jiang Fan stopped,Put your hands on her shoulders,Said:“But i am getting old right now?”
Ding Yi looked at his dark eyes and said:“You in my mind,Always be the prince charming in Yushu。”

This is since she grew up,It’s the first time to act like a baby to the first man other than his father。

“Why am i broken?”
Qin Liang asked,One side put his mouth closer to Liu Rushi’s little face,Look into her eyes seriously。
“What do you wanna do?”
Liu Rushi immediately knew Qin Liang was going to kiss herself again,She asked alertly,But I have no chance to avoid it anymore,Qin Liang hugged her body tightly again……
“Why not??I just want to ask how I broke?”
Qin Liang looked innocent。
Liu Rushi dare not speak anymore,She knew that she only had to speak,I had to be kissed by Qin Liang again immediately,Two people just like this you look at me,I look at you,No one speaks anymore。
But at such a close distance, the consequences of the affectionate gaze of two people who love each other are conceivable.……
After a while,Qin Liang gently kissed Liu Rushi again,Liu Rushi didn’t want to escape this time,But accepted Qin Liang’s kiss obediently,Two beautiful big eyes,Closed slowly……
A long time passed,Qin Liang let go of his mouth after kissing,The two started chatting in a low voice and some others.,Qin Liang said a few words,Just kiss Liu Rushi gently,I really enjoy the beauty of the world。
“I want to go out to see the night sky on the grassland……”
Liu Rushi’s whispered request。
“it is good,We go,But you have to promise me one condition。”

“Because Xiaoxue won’t let me hit her。”

Qin said with a smile。
“This is fine?She won’t let you hit her,Just hit us?”
Li Qiao’er is so troubled,This is too eccentric!Li Yaxin rarely speaks,So she didn’t speak at this time,Just pursing her lips and hiding behind Shen Ruoxue……
“Yes!Otherwise, no one will hit me!”
Qin Liang also pretended to be helpless and said。
“Hit me if no one hits?”
Li Qiao’er can’t argue,So I’m talking about these two sentences,This is because she is the apprentice brought out by Qin Liang himself,otherwise,She can’t even say these words。
For this kind of naturally introverted girl,Bravery on the battlefield,It is completely different from the real interpersonal communication。
“I didn’t just hit you,Didn’t I say,You and Xiner,Plus Xiaoyun,Three fight together。”
Qin Liang felt that it was fun to argue with this innocent girl,So he teased Li Qiao’er sentence by sentence with interest。
Shen Ruoxue looked at Liu Xiaoyun curiously……Liu Xiaoyun, who always fights against injustices,This time I didn’t even help my sisters to worship!It seems that she was really hurt,I don’t even bother to speak。
“OK then……Since you are going to beat Sister Xiaoyun,Then we can fight together,I’m fine。”
Li Qiaoer surrendered directly!

Yang Shiyun endured the pain,Quickly took out the gun,Then she saw the man sitting in the front driving position,Turned around and held a gun at me。

“do not move,Little girl,Kill you!”
The man threatened viciously。
This is the only chance!Even if you die, it’s better than falling into their hands!
This is a thought that flashed in Yang Shiyun’s mind,So she raised her gun without hesitation,While trying to avoid to the side of the seat,Pulled the trigger!
Two people’s guns rang at the same time,Yang Shiyun was shot again in the chest near the shoulder,And the man was hit by her in the heart,Died immediately!
Across the car window,Yang Shiyun saw two cars not far away got down seven,Eight men,Leaping towards his car!She raised the gun,Shot outside,Then gritted his teeth and opened the door on the other side,Grab the gun that fell under her feet by the man he killed,I got out of the car。
I was probably scared by the terrible scene and gunfire in front of me,There were no more people on the street just now!Yang Shiyun cat waist,Pounced into an alley。
Just when her figure disappeared in the alley,Two bullets hit the wall at the entrance of the alley,Splashed a large piece of rubble。
Leaning on the wall,Yang Shiyun quickly made a judgment:The other party must be in the same group as the few people arrested by the gangster yesterday,They are here specifically to deal with themselves!If you can’t catch yourself,They will kill themselves!
A man’s command came from outside the alley。
Yang Shiyun waited a moment,Suddenly leaned out again,Two shots in a row,Knock down the two men who chased to the alley,Then he turned and ran into the alley……
“Oh shit,Kill this woman for me!”
The man who gave the order just now scolded angrily,He and his men thought that Yang Shiyun must have fled immediately after getting into the alley.,Unexpectedly, not only did she not run,Instead, he knocked down two of his men by surprise。
Yang Shiyun thought that there were only seven to deal with her today,Eight people,She was wrong,There are more than 20 people on the other side,And just as she judged,They didn’t plan to let her go,If she falls into their hands,Before he died, he would be subjected to all kinds of terrible abuse!
Ran along the alley for a while,Yang Shiyun can’t hold on anymore,The injury on the shoulder is okay,But the injury on my chest is getting more and more painful,And the blood is flowing more and more!
“That does not work,Then I will fall into their hands!”

Liu Yong also deliberately sullen his face and joked with Qin Liang。

“My beautiful little daughter-in-law……Ha ha,Hehe。”
Chapter two thousand eight hundred and forty two How do you plan to let us cooperate with you?
Chapter two thousand eight hundred and forty two How do you plan to let us cooperate with you?
Qin Liang feels embarrassed,He continued to deal with Liu Yong with a hippy smile on his face,But he dare not talk nonsense on this topic,Otherwise, it will be happy now,I can’t eat it when I look back,So he can only make a foolish answer with an unknown word。
“how?I’ve learned how to hide the beauty?That’s from our city bureau,Also my baby apprentice,You kid don’t allow her to occupy her alone。”
Liu Yong deliberately ridiculed Qin Liang again。
“How dare,How dare。”
Qin Liang answered with a wry smile,Then I stretched my hand over a chair,I sat down opposite Liu Yong unceremoniously。
“Speak,What is your kid looking for?”
Liu Yong continued to pretend to ask a serious question。

“Then let’s talk about Chapter 3:Since we are together,Then we must treat each other wholeheartedly,Half-hearted,Don’t empathize!”

Mandarin Duck brings up chapter three again。
“This one is even simpler,No need to consider,I can agree immediately。”
Zhao Tuo laughed,He thought how harsh the mandarin duck agreement would be,Unexpectedly, it’s all things you can do easily,It seems that I have complicated things。
“These three chapters are simple to say,In fact, it’s difficult to do it all the time。”
The mandarin duck said with an experienced look,Actually she just watched too many movies and TV shows……
“Then you just wait and see,See if I can do it all the time。”
Zhao Tuo answered rather disapprovingly,He is very confident of himself,He believes he can take the mandarin duck’s“Three chapters”well-done。
“Ok,Don’t let me down。”
Yuan Duck looked at Zhao Tuo with a look of expectation and said。
“You won’t be disappointed,I can only do better than you hope。”
Zhao Tuo answered with a smile。
“Yep,That’s best。”
The mandarin duck nodded and agreed,This so-called“Three chapters”,But she thought about it for a long time.,She thinks it is already very difficult,So if you have not been in a relationship, you have no experience,What she thought were actually the simplest rules of love,It hasn’t risen to the point where there are three chapters。