Jiang Yiyun looked at Fang Yu,Probably guessed something。

Fang Yu called Jiang Wan’er quickly,No one answered!
That means。
That’s too late!
This time,Jiang Wan’er is dying Huangquan!
“but it does not matter……Because of the last time,I put a tracker on Wan’er’s clothes!You can see where Wan’er is going!”
Jiang Yiyun took out his phone,Look at the location。
I found that I was walking straight out of the suburbs。
“Phone me,I’ll chase!”
Fang Yu won the phone,Drove straight after。
Waner,Don’t worry!
otherwise,Fang Yu feels uneasy!
First261chapter I stand in front of you!
Fang Yu drove to the stop position。
Get off quickly,Rushed over!
Fang Yu walked over and took a look,The tracker is down!
That means,Wan’er’s clue,Completely broken!
Fang Yu is depressed!

“It’s like a dying fish……”

There was a huge roar of laughter in the carriage。
Chen Xingyi looked at the phone screen in his hand,Shen Yulin, who was scoring at the beginning, ran to the court and stood,And then made an arm swing,He really doesn’t understand what the other party is going to do,Confused。
Until the scene suddenly appeared in the picture when Hu Lai was rolling and fluttering on the ground,He laughed suddenly。
Although I still don’t understand what this celebration means,But Hu Lai really amused him like this。
At that time his attention was all on Shen Yulin,As a result, Hu Lai suddenly rolled in from the right side of the screen……
Later he could see clearly,It turned out to be as the barrage said,Is fishing。
Shen Yulin’s first move was to cast a pole,And Hu Lai is the fish he caught……
The last group of people holding this“Big fish”,Group photo。
This is the meaning of the whole celebration。
After understanding,Chen Xingyi was a little bit dumbfounded——The video highlights of my own hat trick and the game highlights of Dawn High School were squeezed to the top of the list by such a thing.……
Yes,If there is no such celebration video of Dongchuan Middle School,So now the number one in the popularity list should be the video collection of his hat trick,And the second place is Shuguang High School4:1Beat the Haihe No. 3 Middle School。
As for Dongchuan Middle School3:0Winning the competition highlights of Renmin Middle School……Currently ranked eighth on this list,Just squeezed out of the first screen。
Although it is a collective celebration of Dongchuan Middle School,But Chen Xingyi can think of it with his knees,This set of celebration must be made by Hu Lai——He has no evidence,But he thinks so,And very sure。
Except for Hu Lai Na boy,Who can think of such a funny celebration?

For the heroine Qiao Xing,With Pei Huan,The relationship between these two,Bao Bao Ou is more inclined to be Qiao Xing sincerely treating Pei Huan as a friend。

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Chapter Two Hundred and Fortieth Collapsed
Just like the one in many scripts,Qiao Xing has pity for his life experience,Gave him a lot of warmth,That’s why Pei Huan has a deep love for her。
True heart for true heart。Lie。
Baby Ou doesn’t quite believe it,One can use false feelings to deceive others’ feelings。Unless you deceive yourself,otherwise,Is it true,It must be very easy to distinguish。
otherwise,If Qiao Xing really likes Pei Huan,Later when I had Yang Xiaomu,Let Pei Huan, an admirer, stay with her,Be a loyal dog,This kind of,Always feel,Not quite right.
And if Qiao Xing’s purpose is not pure,,Pretending to really like Pei Huan,Then how could Pei Huan become an infatuated and paranoid male partner??He loves Qiao Xing inexplicably to the point of deceiving himself?
The former matches the plot,But even more weird,The plot logic is wrong。The latter character logic seems to make sense,But the plot is not right,Because there must be a person who is not。
Baby Ou now feels more and more,character,Plot,Seems to have collapsed.
You don’t need Qiao Yue,Pei Huan, come to collapse the set to ruin the plot
Dressed as a security guard in Yang Xiaomu and came to her,After Qiao Xing became malicious towards her,Their personal settings,This plot,It’s crooked and twisted.
the last point,“Qiao Xing is malicious to me,If it’s because I’ve found Pei Huan,Then i,Can I infer,Pei Huan to me,Kind of interesting?”
This is Ou Baobao for sure,This is the main reason for the complete collapse。
As the heroine, Qiao Xing is unexpectedly surprised by the plot,She is the passerby,Jealous。Shengsheng took her from an unknown person, no surname or even non-existent,Became an important role as a female partner。
Does the plot god want her to blend into the plot?
I do not want。

“child,What i told you today,I just want you to understand him more,Understand his work,What’s the matter for mutual understanding,I know you are a good and reasonable boy,No matter what he did,What did you say,Don’t be arrogant,You are a couple who truly love each other,No doubt about this,Such a big difficulty didn’t separate your hearts,Description,You are connected by blood a long time ago,If he bullies you,You tell mom,I teach him!In short,Do not expose the conflict between you to outsiders,Especially those who are afraid that the world will not be chaotic。I believe you will use each other’s love,Each other’s mind to tolerate each other,What i said,Can you understand mom?”

Ding Yi held her mother’s hand,Except for the two words called mother,There seems to be many things that cannot be said to her old man。After her foot injury,After the old man knew,I called myself several times to ask about the injury,Even though they don’t know about her and Jiang Fan,But presumably Min Rui’s old man had guessed something from her move to go home to live with her foot injury,And her wrist、Jiang Fan’s arm injury,And the fight with Jiang Fan in the study just now,May have been observed by my mother。Otherwise, mother won’t say these things。
Mother saw her not talking,Just said again:“child,If you think what mom said makes sense,You just listen,If you think what mom said is not right to your heart,Or mother doesn’t understand the situation,What he said is biased,You treat it differently,Again,Taking advantage of your age,Have a baby this morning,Once you have a child,Some small conflicts between husband and wife are not a problem,A lot of things will naturally be let go,because,Nothing is more important than children,Child is heaven,Is all。”
Ding Yi hugged his mother’s arm and said:“mom,I don’t want,I want,Also worked hard……”
Mama Jiang heard Ding Yi say so,And quickly comforted her:“Don’t worry,The more anxious,Maybe the more difficult it is,Actively strive for,Treat calmly,You still have time,Blame me for being confused。”
Ding Yi felt,Mother must be from the recent signs that Jiang Fan came back alone,Or what he felt in his words,Otherwise, if you just persuade yourself to have children,,She wouldn’t say that,Facts proved,Did Ding Yi haven’t worked hard,These Jiang Yan knows,Jiang Yan also knows,Jiang Yan knows her mother must know,She just borrowed the topic of children,Persuading her not to argue with Jiang Fan,Take care of the overall situation。
Mom is right,But the problem is not so simple,It’s not that she understands or understands something as simple as him,But there are some things she can’t tell her mother,Can’t even admit the current contradiction with Jiang Fan,To worry about the elderly like that,This is what she doesn’t want to see。Even if one day she and Jiang Fan really come to an end,She also hopes that the elderly will be affected as little as possible。
Mother Jiang breathed a sigh of relief,She picked up another piece of watermelon,Hand it to her。
Ding Yi took it,Ate the watermelon,I tied a small piece with a toothpick,Hand it to mother Jiang’s mouth,Mother Jiang happily ate it in one bite。
“Is Xiaofan still awake??”
“Yes。He drank a lot of wine with my brother last night,Maybe I didn’t sleep last night.。”
“Did he sleep well last night? You don’t know?”
“This one……”Ding Yi was suddenly asked,She thought about it:“If he works late,Just slept in the study,He can’t bear to wake me up。”

Wang Lianzhi is going crazy for a moment,Everyone knows that Qianqian is her lifeblood,For Qianqian, she can not even kill。

Someone took Qianqian away,And he’s a guy who knows disguise,According to the current situation,There will be no one but Shao。
“Missy,Someone outside wants to see you。”
Everyone took a look,You don’t need to guess who it is。
Zhang Hai walked in from outside,Hands in pockets,Wearing a suit,I don’t see any panic or proud,The whole person is like the real sea,Can’t see emotions。
Men come in,First bow slightly to everyone,Then put the prepared gifts aside,If you don’t know who the other party is at first,I would definitely think he is a young man。
“Good sister,Shao Jiu Hao,My name is Zhang Hai。”
Wang Lianzhi is not interested in men’s greetings,Just staring,Seems to be eating alive。
“Speak directly,Where did you take Qianqian?”Zhao Shaojiu doesn’t want to talk nonsense,Ask the most important questions straightforwardly。
Zhang Hai is not in a hurry,Seems to know that women will ask:“Qianqian is very good,I really like that quirky little girl。”
Taking out the phone from his pocket,put it on the table。
The picture displayed on the screen is exactly what Qianqian looks like sitting on the big bed crying,Even outsiders will be infected by the cry of the little girl,Not to mention Wang Lianzhi as a mother。
“You beasts,Something rushing to me,What kind of ability to kidnap children。”
“Big sister,You think wrong,We did not kidnap Qianqian,Just invited the little princess to play。”Zhang Hai finished,Glanced at everyone,“Say again,As long as Shaojiu promised me a few things,I will definitely send it here, the little princess。”
The man’s words are not finished yet,Mo Qilin and Heihu shot at the same time。
A warrior whose body has been beaten by countless battles,An inheritor of the unicorn arm who stepped into the holy realm,I didn’t get any benefits in the other party’s hands。
Double-sided attack,It is fatal for most people,But Zhang Hai avoided。
Chapter Seventy Five Betting

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Little Flower Fairy
And Shen Ruoxue is his sister-in-law,He can only appreciate but not possess,That’s why he feels shocked by Shen Ruoxue。
Shen Ruoxue has enough water,The pool water on my body was also dried by the sun,She stood up,Started walking barefoot among the flowers and trees,Still humming softly in my mouth。
Qin Liang’s eyes always follow Shen Ruoxue’s figure,At this moment,He can’t see anything,Only Shen Ruoxue can be seen。
Can make a field survival training so poetic,Maybe there is only Shen Ruoxue in this world.。
Time passes slowly,The sky started to darken slowly,Night is coming。
Shen Ruoxue collected a lot of branches,Then sort out a small area under the flower tree,Started to light up。
Seeing Shen Ruoxue doing what she is doing in a hurry,Qin Liang is pleasing to the eye,Looks good no matter what,He almost went out to help Shen Ruoxue make a fire……
When Shen Ruoxue raises a small fire,The sky is completely dark,I saw her in the light of the fire,I found some small rocks from the ground,I started to entertain myself“Throw abduction”game。
Qin Liang can’t laugh or cry,Where is a special soldier??Isn’t this still a little girl movie?……But looking at Shen Ruoxue by the fire,He couldn’t help but remembered eating barbecue with her on the grassland before,Drinking horse milk wine。
And when he recalled that he peeked at the scenery on Shen Ruoxue’s chest,Can’t help but laugh again,Just now, even Shen Ruoxue’s whole body was clearly seen,Memories later……
Shen Ruoxue played with herself for a while,Start to feel sleepy,After all, there are too many roads to walk this day,This girl is also casual,Didn’t even extinguish the fire,Hold the gun directly in your arms,Leaning on the biggest flowering tree, I closed my eyes and fell asleep。

Fluttershy’s kind advice to Qin Liang。

“Yes!I got it,Thank you for this little Russian beauty,Ha ha,be good,go to bed now,I’m going to spank you!”
Qin Liang’s conditioned reflex……He is used to talking to the girls next to him,So subconsciously a mouth,All this set!
It’s not half a day to get to know each other,He’s going to spank Xiaodie!And what about Fluttershy,I also knew Qin Liang in less than half a day,Already let him stay in his wedding room……
The relationship between the two has progressed so fast,But Xiaodie is definitely a good girl with good character,Qin Liang has no doubt about this,Because from talking to her,Can clearly feel this。
“I’m really going to bed now……good night。”
Fluttershy bit her lip and said。
“good night,Dear。”
Qin Liang blurted out without going through his brain!
Fluttershy blushed instantly again,She took a deep look at Qin Liang,Turned around and ran away like a bunny……
Qin Liang originally wanted to explain,After all, it’s called Xiaodie dear,So rash,Too rude……But when he opens his mouth to speak,Xiaodie is gone!
“I have a hasty!What kind of luck is this for me?!I can also meet beautiful girls like this……And she’s a foreign girl of Russian descent,I’m fucking no one!The peach blossoms are transported to the rhythm that can’t be blocked. This is!”
Take a shower,Qin Liang thought secretly in his heart……
“But if I really live here,Can hide yourself to the utmost extent,And if Fluttershy is by my side,People will think we are a couple,Where can’t you bother?,Will never be noticeable……”

Yang Shiyun said disdainfully。

“It’s okay,For fifty million,Don’t say it’s hot,It doesn’t matter if your feet are hot together。”
Qin Liang said nonchalantly。
“Don’t interrupt,Listen to the end wind continue。”
Yang Shiyun decisively prevented Qin Liang from continuing。
“Ok……Master Ling, please continue。”
Qin Liang is honest,Now Yang Shiyun has taken care of him regularly,Maybe it’s because the relationship between two people has made substantial progress.。
“This passbook was brought by the two people who came just now,They said this was left to me by my father。”
Ling Mofeng said seriously。
“Oh,No wonder……It seems that I expected it,I knew your father would arrange your future in advance。how about it?I said let you wait patiently,Now it’s really waiting。”
Speaking of Ling Xiaoyun,Qin Liang immediately stopped smiling……
“I won’t have any problems with this money, right??Two lawyers sent this passbook,It is said that my father arranged it before his death。”
Ling Mofeng said frankly to Yang Shiyun。
“no problem。”
Yang Shiyun smiled awkwardly and answered。

Murong Shan said of course。

Yang Shiyun regrets instantly!What is bad,Have to talk about this topic,Didn’t this hit yourself at the gunpoint?!
Chen Hao didn’t answer this question,Because this topic is also the topic she doesn’t want to involve。
“what’s the situation?Why don’t you two talk anymore?Shy??”
Murong Shan asked again on purpose。
“I won’t be shy,I have a thick skin。”
Yang Shiyun immediately pretended to say,A nonchalant look,But if you compare it with Chen,She really needs to be relatively thick,This is true。
Chen Hao smiled awkwardly and said nothing,Yang Shiyun can’t just finish saying that she has a thick skin,She immediately said that she has a thin skin……
“Oh?I haven’t found this,I have seen you blushing and shy several times。”
Murong Shan immediately opened up what Yang Shiyun said。
“Then you must be wrong,How could i be shy?I’m a policeman,And also a detective。”
Yang Shiyun sophistry。
“I say sister……Are you a policeman,Does it matter whether you are shy or blush??Are you too good to contact me?。”
Murong Shan looked at Yang Shiyun depressed and said。
“Big sister,You just let me talk nonsense once?Why have to expose me??Really is。”Yang Shiyun said spoiledly,She must have not noticed this problem herself;She’s getting used to acting like a baby when she talks……But this is a good thing,That she finally got the hang of it,I know how to be a real girl,At her current age,It’s okay to say she is a woman,
It’s also appropriate to say she is a girl,So if she acted like a baby,No one feels disgusted and awkward。

Close your eyes slowly,Thinking about the beauty of childhood,Thinking of carefree girl time,Thinking of hometown, beautiful southern country scenery,She is intoxicated in a world of one person。

One song,Applause came from all corners of the restaurant,She is still unfulfilled。Followed by a soothing and romantic song《Moonlight》Sounded。
Guan Hao sighed,This little woman has so much unknown freshness and beauty,Slender fingers,Dancing on the keys,Black and white elf with jumping,Is so beautiful。
Behind this ethereal and melodious,There must be an inner world he still can’t detect。
The rain outside is slow,With this brisk melody,In this dreamlike environment,Xia Jihan is intoxicated……
Their food is ready,After Guan Hao sent away the sommelier,Pick up the awake red wine,Pour a little wine into two wine glasses。
This is the Chateau Margau in Bordeaux, a famous wine producing region in France。Red wine is Guan Hao’s favorite,He knows this is an authentic western restaurant,And the red wines here are all genuine and original,That’s why I came here。He takes a cup by himself,Casually shaking in his hand,Quietly listening to the music flowing from her fingertips,Feeling this moment with her。
Qubi,She wants to play again,The waiter told her just right:“Miss,Your husband invites you to go back for dinner。”
She was startled,Nothing said,Back to the seat,Rubbing his sore hands,Looking at the table full of food and said,Excitedly:“Too much,Can’t eat。”
“What else do you have that i don’t know,It’s best to show it all at once。”
She smiled,Said:“You are suspected of listening to other people’s privacy。”
A charming look,Shy and cute,Has great lethality on Guan Hao。
Only this moment,He had the impulse again,Wish to kiss right away,But he suppressed,Raise the cup and say:“For Alice,dry。”