“President,You are coming。”

Different from last time,This time this“Minister”Obviously not as flattering and courteous as last time,Because he was afraid that he would accidentally annoy his immediate boss,Then it is possible to wrap up and leave。
“Where’s Zhao Lu?”
Qin Liang asked lightly。
“Oh,She has her own separate office on the second floor,I will take you up?”
The logistics minister asked Qin Liang’s advice cautiously。
“no need,I went up to her by myself。”
Qin Liang finished,Went upstairs。
Upstairs is quiet,Qin Liang looked across the corridor from room to room,Finally saw Zhao Lu sitting at the desk with her back to him in a room with the door half closed。
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Chapter Three Hundred and Sixty One sweet Nothing
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Zhao Lu seems to be attentively doing something,Qin Liang’s arrival was unconscious。

Shen Ruoxi knew what Bai Qingsong said,There is a lot of moisture that I told myself on purpose,But everyone loves to listen,Especially for girls,So she instantly feels better than before。

“With your bosses,Ouya has a bright future,We all have complete confidence in this。”Bai Qingsong said these two sentences even more falsely,But wears everything,Flattering,Throughout the ages,always like this……Actually in any company,There will always be people like Bai Qingsong,It’s just that most people like him,They just slapped their feet,Tune in,rare
What’s really good,So Bai Qingsong looks different,Because he is not only a flatterer,And he’s still a real person!“Old white,There are backbone forces like you in the company,Several of us are also full of confidence in the company’s future development,So you have to continue to help us!But don’t worry,Don’t forget to dig a well,We will certainly not forget every effort made for Ouya
Strength and contribution of people。”
at this time,Qin Liang will deal with Bai Qingsong,After all, this kind of half-truth,False and real polite remarks,Whether it’s Shen Ruoxi or Murongshan,That’s all bitter and can’t tell……Shen Ruoxi and Murongshan looked at each other,Neither of them thought of;Qin Liang would actually say polite remarks on this scene,And I’m familiar with it,Look like an old fox!This is a little unexpected for them,They always thought he would just play,Only talk about nonsense!
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Chapter two hundred and thirty-six Almost fight
? As a result, the next scene is a bit funny,Bai Qingsong was here to please Shen Ruoxi,In a blink of an eye, Qin Liang chatted with him in full swing.,Shen Ruoxi and Murongshan became“Passerby”with“Passerby”……
Bai Qingsong was also crying inwardly,Shen Ruoxi can hardly tell that he is in the company,Originally, he wanted to use the opportunity to eat in the cafeteria at noon,Please please Shen Ruoxi,But Qin Liang stopped and talked forever,And he dare not talk to Qin Liang,This is embarrassing!
Suddenly it was Shen Ruoxi’s turn to cook dinner,The chef who distributes food to everyone,Inadvertently raised his head,I found that it was Shen Ruoxi standing in front of me!Smiles all over my face immediately,Very enthusiastic recommend dishes for Shen Ruoxi……
Shen Ruoxi, with a thin face,The most fearful thing is to face the extremely enthusiastic flattery of her,As a result, the chef recommended her for this and that,She is embarrassed to refuse,So in a blink of an eye there were two food plates full of various dishes in front of her!

“You drank the ginger soup obediently,I won’t cry,otherwise,I’ll cry to you!Don’t believe you try。”

Shen Ruoxi clearly burst into tears,But still deliberately joking with Shen Ruoxue,The more she is,The more it makes the girls present feel uncomfortable。
“I drink……”
Shen Ruoxue surrendered!She still cared about her face and self-esteem,But when she saw Shen Ruoxi who had been coaxing herself with tears,She can’t help but surrender,Just as Chen Hao said to Shen Ruoxi in the kitchen just now;In front of the sisters’ affection whose blood is thicker than water,There is no problem that cannot be solved。
Shen Ruoxi just poured the ginger soup for Shen Ruoxue,Shen Ruoxue raised the cup to her mouth……She wanted to show it to Shen Ruoxi,She is ashamed to persuade her sister not to cry,So I had to use my actions to comfort my sister。
Chapter two thousand five hundred and forty six Just feel wronged
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Chapter two thousand five hundred and forty six Just feel wronged
It’s not a big deal,Shen Ruoxue was just a momentary wayward puff,The temper of the second lady of the Shen family,That’s pretty good,But usually such people,Quick temper,Go fast,After a sudden burst of toss,Let out the unhappiness in your heart,Nothing more。
“Don’t drink,Be careful to burn your mouth!”
Shen Ruoxi is out of concern,Reach out to block the cup that Shen Ruoxue raised to her mouth,As a result, some of the ginger soup in the cup came out,Not hot enough to Shen Ruoxue,But he burned Shen Ruoxi’s hand!

“Ok……Let’s not talk about this yet,You can’t help Ruoxi wash clothes anymore。Did you hear?”

Qin Liang’s Theory of Returning to Home。
Murong Shan asked in surprise。
“Are you so used to those girls??You have to wash your clothes?Do you have to feed me afterwards??”
Qin Liang said frankly。
“No,I didn’t want us to wash it,Your wife stole it back,Haha。”
Murong Shan smiled happily。
“Stealing underwear……Ugh,My wife is gone。”
Qin Liang couldn’t laugh at all,He should be allowed to do this stealing underwear,It’s useless if Shen Ruoxi stole it……
“Why?You want to steal underwear?”
Saw key running away,Only Murongshan dared to joke with Qin Liang in a low voice。
“I will steal your underwear if I want to steal。”
Qin Liang immediately whispered back。
“Screw you……”
Murong Shan blushed。
“Don’t lock the door to sleep tonight,I’ll go in at night and steal your underwear。”
Qin Liang said with a smirk。
“Do you really dare to come in and steal?”
Murong Shan is not afraid of fighting,Asked immediately。

Xiaodie said coquettishly。

“Really strange,It’s still so early,You came back to stay with me,Does today’s sun rise from the west??”
Zhuang Yong said with an unexpected look。
“I don’t want to go out to play today,What’s so strange?”
Xiaodie answered casually,One side started to look around in the study, and started to move。
No one dares to come in Zhuang Yong’s study,Let alone dare to touch the things in his study,But Fluttershy is an exception,She is the little ancestor of the dealer,What she wants to do,Don’t talk about Zhuang Yong’s stuff,Even if she demolished Zhuang Yong’s study,Zhuang Yong won’t say anything to her“Do not”Word!
Who made her the jewel of Zhuang Yong?。
“What are you looking for?”
Zhuang Yong smiled and asked Xiaodie。
“Am i bored,Just look around and see if there is anything interesting,how?Not happy?”
Kocho’s domineering question。
“willing,willing!Whatever you want,Do what you want,Ha ha……”
Zhuang Yong answered with a slight temper。
“cut,That’s almost the same!”

At this moment,The other side,Ye Xuan is looking here。

“boss,Are you OK?”
After those bodyguards heard about this,,Hurried over。
But when these people come here,But found,Things are much better than they expected。
But the marks of fighting around this,what’s going on?
Actually for this,To be precise,But the more I look at it, the more people have never expected it。
Ye Xuan said,But these bodyguards,But a little puzzled。
“but,Angry here,What is……”
When the bodyguards around you see this,Subconsciously wanted to say something to Ye Xuan。
And Ye Xuan also looked at it,Things here,Ye Xuan can see it。
“You guys say this,in fact……”
then,Ye Xuan took what happened before,Said to this side。
slowly,I’m finished with what Ye Xuan said,These bodyguards are a little surprised。
After all just now,Ye Xuan was dealing with it alone。

Xie Yunchu prepared tea and snacks for her,Ou Baobao loves them recently。

Baby Ou saw these,A sore heart,Even if Xiaoyun is so busy going home to face her,Can fall asleep,But still paying attention to everything about her all the time。Worked hard。
“Xie Dong,I come today,I hope to represent my grandfather and my father,And younger brothers,Everyone in my family,Make an appointment with Xie Dong。Put other relatives,Make an appointment,Everyone sit down,Have a good talk.”Xie Tianbai is very sincere,“Always chaos like this,Not a way。Xie’s development to the present,difficult。If the ruin is in the hands of our generation,I really,Became a sinner.”
Xie Tianbai looked at Baby Ou again,“If Ou Dong has time,,Also come together。You and Xie Dong are a family,All thanks to the family,your opinion,Very important.”
If she goes,Xiaoyun just lost it。
It’s not that she is the chairman of Daou,Should I get involved in Xie’s affairs??This person just invited her,right now,Said it again in front of Xiaoyun’s staff。The point is,Baby Ou found,Several employees actually agreed.
Chapter six hundred and fifty three direct
Hello,Are you okay?!!
If it weren’t for these old employees from Xie’s that Ou Baobao knew,She thinks this is Xie Tianbai’s undercover。
How can she go?If she goes,Xiaoyun has directly become Xie’s public enemy!!!
The state of Xie’s hope,Always take advantage and not lose。As the chairman of Daou,With Xie Yunchu,Outsiders look like strong women and weak men,But actually,Unspeakable。Daou’s overall strength is stronger than Xie’s。The social status and overall value of the Ke Xie family,But it is much higher than Daou。Can ordinary people judge high and low,Just look at economic strength。
It’s like finding someone in the blind date market,Have a house at home or local demolition,Will be more popular than dead wage earners。
Many people here at Xie think,Da Ou was far ahead of Xie’s。Because they eat for entertainment,Are related to Daou,But if you don’t learn art or paint,Would never know about Xie’s existence。This is also a relationship of national influence。

Lu Yuan knew she didn’t eat in the morning,When the splint was removed in the morning,The doctor pulled her ankle forcibly,It hurts her to sweat,She is already exhausted,The hot potion under the feet,It must also play a hypnotic effect。

But Lu Yuan won’t let her be hungry like this,He woke her up loudly,Said:“Go to bed after eating。”
Ding Yi opened his eyes,She knows that brother hasn’t eaten yet,Just said:“Why don’t you eat?”
Brother said:“What i just said,Your sister-in-law is waiting for me to eat,All right,You eat slowly,I am leaving。After the feet are soaked,Don’t pour the potion,Stay in the basin,Hot at night and then soak,I might come back tonight。”
“do not,do not,do not,Not used at night,I can do it myself。You only come back once a week,Accompany sister-in-law and them。”
Lu Yuan smiled,Say:“I exclude the weekend,The day after tomorrow grows,Can come back halfway。”
Lu Yuan left as he said,He stopped when he reached the door,Turn around and say:“Eh,correct,Did dad call you??”
Ding Yi said:“No,what happened?”
Lu Yuan said:“They are coming back next week。”
Ding Yi pouted and said:“He didn’t call me,I don’t want to tell me about such a big thing,He doesn’t even have me in his eyes,Only you son。”
“Haha。”Lu Yuan laughed,Said:“You are so hypocritical,Mom called last night,You wait,Dad will call you,Haha。”
Lu Yuan smiled and walked out,Until the door closed the door,Ding Yicai recovered。
She laughed too。The reason why dad didn’t come back during the Spring Festival,The purpose is to wait for the expiration of the contract with the school to return home。Ding Yi is very happy that his father is back,Their family can be together again,Happy,She’s a little uneasy,Because her relationship with Jiang Fan is currently in such a state,I don’t know what will happen when Dad knows?
Peng Changyi will graduate soon。
This time,The party school has long stopped arranging students to go out for research,Most of the arranged courses are review content,Some time-consuming graduation thesis has already been arranged。
Peng Changyi knew that Jiang Fan became secretary of the Langzhu Municipal Party Committee or the minister called him to tell him,He called Jiang Fan to congratulate him,Who knew his personal phone was turned off,Peng Changyi sent him a message。
When school is over in the afternoon,Peng Changyi received a call from Jiang Fan,Jiang Fan said that he had seen his message since he turned it on,Considering his class,Didn’t bother him,Know he will be over,Just call him。
Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“Congratulations again,After i heard the news,Especially happy for you。”

Murong Shan blushed,I also reached out and took out my wallet。

“boss,Not allowed to take her money,I give you。”
Qin Liang squeezed over immediately,Between the boss and Murong Shan。
Shen Ruoxi and Qin Liang are a couple,At this time, I definitely want to help Qin Liang,She immediately stopped Murong Shan。
Murong Shan earned a few,Didn’t break free,In her capacity,Naturally, it’s not easy to get involved with Shen Ruoxi in the public,I won’t rush to checkout anymore。
“Dear,They both belong to you。”
I received Qin Liang’s money,The boss took off the bird cage,Hand it over to Qin Liang respectfully。
“Let me hug me come hug!”
Shen Ruoxue immediately reached out and grabbed the bird cage into her own hand……
Bid farewell to the boss,A group of people continue to stroll inside,Shen Ruoxue just lowered her head to make the parrot talk,Leave all the sisters around you behind。
“Ugh,Still a kid。”
Qin Liang exclaimed。
“Hey,You can buy something for those girls too,Don’t leave them in the cold。”
Shen Ruoxi pulled Qin Liang over and whispered to him quietly,Yanzi and Li Qiaoer,Li Yaxin has been silently following everyone behind,Never said anything from beginning to end,But the careful Shen Ruoxi did not ignore them。
“Yep,you are right,but……I don’t know what they like?”

A peaceful night passed。

This night,Whether it’s right“Skin monkey”Say,Still for the special forces,Are rare,Can rest well,A good night’s sleep。
morning,The special forces who have been up a long time ago were chatting together in twos and threes,Director Huang sent someone to notify Liu Xiaoyun;Said it was that one“false”The police car was found……Ask Liu Xiaoyun if they want to take a look at the scene in person。
Liu Xiaoyun will naturally not refuse,So she and Yang Shiyun,plum,Qin Liang,Shen Ruoxue,Li Qiaoer,Li Yaxin,Swallow,Yang Zhi followed Director Huang to the scene where the police car was found。
Yang Zhi didn’t have to go,But he volunteered and insisted on going,Everyone knows;Where Shen Ruoxue goes,How could it not go without him“accompany,Escort”What?So everyone doesn’t say anything,Let him do whatever he wants。
That mysterious police car,Was found in a river。
Obviously,Rescued“Skin monkey”Those two people,Carry“Skin monkey”Fled here,Then take advantage of the night,Pushed the car down the river,Then left quietly。The car was accidentally discovered by a few old people who woke up and walked in the morning!This is a beautiful scenic area for development,But fewer people,If it weren’t for these old people who happened to come here by accident,If I happened to run to the river to see the scenery,That this police car,Say
When will it be discovered?。
When Liu Xiaoyun arrived at the scene,,The police car has been lifted from the river by a crane。
“Ugh……The method of eliminating traces is very professional,The water soaked in the car,There will be no traces left in the car。”
When Meizi saw that police car,Just sighed。
“Don’t be impatient,Let’s take a closer look,I believe there will always be clues left。”
Yang Shiyun encouraged。
So the reconnaissance of this police car started immediately,But it’s like Meizi said,After the car was washed by water,No clues……
“It seems that even if we find this car,It’s still useless。”
Meizi said disappointedly。
“Do not,At least we can know two things。the first;Is this car a real police car?。second;Where did this police car come from。”
Yang Shiyun said calmly。