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Top 10 sunscreens to block UV rays

Global warming, ultraviolet rays are stronger year by year, and for the skin, sun protection must also be greatly enhanced.

To resist UV rays, using sunscreen is the best choice, but which sunscreen really can make you and me assured?

According to the comprehensive consideration of the popularity and sales of sunscreens in the forum, and actual effects, an institution has caused the following list of the top ten sunscreens.

  The culprit of fine lines: UV rays Many people mistakenly think that dry and dehydrated skin will cause fine lines and some good products can prevent the appearance of fine lines.

But in fact, it’s not.

Studies show that 90% of fine lines are caused by the sun’s ultraviolet rays, and sunburn is the first factor that causes premature aging in men and women.

With 14 years of experience as a writer and editor, Julyne, a well-known overseas beauty website writer in New York, has researched various sunscreen products and selected 10 top sunscreen products.

  Why are UV rays so bad?

Even if only a small part of the skin is exposed, UVA can be absorbed by it, which breaks down collagen in the body and triggers fine lines.

What’s more, scientists have found that UVA is also the culprit for many melanomas because it penetrates the superficial layer of the skin’s dermis and changes its basic structure.

  Before you know the sunscreen list, let ‘s take a look at the precautions for sunscreen, “sunscreen precautions”, so as not to step into the misunderstanding: 1. Remember to apply sunscreen 30 minutes before contacting the sun, and apply sunscreen every 90 minutes.
Even waterproof sunscreen will be wiped off by your towel while swimming.

So, remember to apply sunscreen repeatedly!

—- How to restore clean skin for three thousand years after sun exposure?

  2. Wipe the skin with more vitamin C and effective agents.

It protects the skin against the polluting ingredients in the air and repairs sunburn from the sun.

  3. If you have been exposed to the sun for a long time, remember to use a loofah brush every week, or brush to remove the horny body.

  4, eat more foods containing antioxidants, such as: green food, blue plum, cantaloupe and various melon.

These foods can increase the collagen in your skin.

In addition, both salmon and protein moisturize the skin and repair skin damage.

  5. If you are taking medicine, remember to check the medicine label.

See if taking this medicine will affect your body’s response to solar radiation and temperature.

Improper medication can lead to chronic and severe consequences of sunburn.

By the same token, if you are pregnant, or have other chronic diseases, then you should consult your doctor to see what heat damage can be caused by high temperatures, solar radiation, and fatigue.

  First place: MENTHOLATUM new clear water thin sunscreen lotion, refreshing sunscreen lotion, cool and refreshing, giving the skin a soft and smooth daily sunscreen; contains MPC high-efficiency water retention factor, helps to replenish and lock skin moisture, keep skin moisturizingContains carrot essence, vitamins B1, B2, and C, which help increase skin elasticity and repair damaged skin after sun exposure; UV UVA and UVB sun protection; low irritation, suitable for daily use.

  Reason for the award: Low price, outstanding effect, high cost performance, can such sunscreen not be moved?

  Second place: FANCL Sunscreen No. 30 SPF30 PA +++ The new formula of FANCL “Sunscreen No. 30” is a UV reflector with extremely fine particles, which can be evenly and tightly distributed on the skin, forming a high-density, highly breathable sunscreenAfter coating, it can reflect ultraviolet rays more fully, which can effectively avoid the embarrassing situation of uneven skin tone or two amputations after coating.

In contrast, the sunscreen products in the market penetrate through the powder particles, the density of the sunscreen is reduced, and it is difficult to completely cover the skin. This not only effectively prevents ultraviolet light damage, but also easily blocks the pores, making the skin darker.

Only the new formula FANCL “Sunscreen 30” can truly achieve comprehensive sun protection and a refreshing invisible protective net.

  Reasons for the award: Many years of popular sunscreen, effectively blocking the damage of ultraviolet rays.

But the price is too expensive compared to the previous first place, so for some people, it is not so easy to buy impulsively.

  Third place: Ji Rui ZA whitening sunscreen SPF30 + PA +++ physical + chemical sunscreen.

Titanium dioxide, a physical sunscreen component, the protective area is 250-340; cinnamate, a chemical sunscreen component, the protective area is 290-315.

It can be seen that this sunscreen does not achieve full dual protection in terms of UVA.

VC derivative and VE acetate, which contain two anti-oxidant ingredients, can inhibit the generation of free radicals and reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays to the skin.

Sunscreen products preferably contain certain antioxidants.

Contains silicin and a film-forming agent to prevent chemical sunscreen from being absorbed by the skin.

The addition of a film-forming agent also makes this product waterproof.  Fourth place: La Roche-Posay SPF30 + PPD28 SPF30 + PPD28 is another technological breakthrough, winning 7 international awards including the 2005 MarieClaire Beauty Award, ultra-high UVA protection index, ultra-thin thickness.

Note: According to the regulations of the Chinese inspection and quarantine department, all imported cosmetics and sunscreen products with an SPF index exceeding 30, and the Chinese label not exceeding SPF30 can be stated with SPF30 +; and if the SPF Index exceeds 50, the outer packaging is indicatedMust not exceed spf50, which can be explained with spf50 +.

Suitable for skin type: Any skin type.

Brand introduction: French LAROCHE-POASY La Roche-Posay Pharmacy Research Laboratory, using the characteristics of LAROCHE-POASY hot spring water for skin medical treatment, and according to the needs of dermatologists, research and develop professional dermatological medical auxiliary treatment care products that can effectively help solve skin problems.
From the perspective of hydrogeology, LAROCHE-POSAY hot spring water is derived from limestone of the Toulon stage. These waters are classified here as springs containing bicarbonate.

Alkaline hot spring water has a trace amount of trace metal elements, low temperature (that is, the temperature does not exceed 13 ° C), and low mineral content. The most mineral element is calcium hydrocarbonate.

The chemical composition of LaRoche-Posay hot spring water is most special because it is rich in selenium (53 micrograms per liter) and silicon dioxide.

The hot spring water is clear and pure, and the pH value is close to neutral. The balance of trace elements is the efficacy and unique main reason of LaRoche-Posay hot spring water.

  Fifth place: Neutrogena water-based protective sunscreen lotion SPF15 can be maintained inside and outside to promote skin health.

Daily use of healing skin naturally reveals a healthy and moisturizing glow.

Especially suitable for computer MM, UVA / UVB radiation protection, very good moisturizing function, to achieve 24-hour moisturizing function.

Hydrating glycerin hydrolysin can deeply nourish cells, improve skin’s water retention ability, and provide skin with moisture for 24 hours.

Isolation and protection contain antioxidant green tea ingredients, vitamins A, B5, C and E, effectively protect against UVA / UVB as well as the environment on the skin.

  Sixth place: Avene AVENE Natural Sunscreen SPF30 + Pure Physical Sunscreen.

Effective sunscreen ingredients are titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.

Not all blacks.

The protective length of titanium dioxide is 250-340nm, and the protective width of zinc oxide is 290-380nm, so it does not cover the UVA section of 380-400nm.

This is the so-called UVA protection dead end of pure physical sun protection.

This is the flaw of pure physical sun protection, which cannot be compensated.

The physical sunscreen ingredients are mineral powders, which determines that they must be combined with synthetic esters, mineral oils and oily ingredients. They exist in the form of creams. Therefore, physical sunscreens are thick and greasy, which is not as refreshing as chemical sunscreens.

Titanium dioxide is a commonly used white inorganic pigment, so physical sunscreen also has a common problem of whitening.

This sunscreen has a high level of titanium dioxide, and the whitening will be more obvious.

Although physical sunscreen has so many hard wounds that are difficult to change, there are still many JM (including myself) who choose physical sunscreen products for one reason-safety.

Physical sunscreens are mainly based on reflection, shielding UV rays to achieve sun protection, and will not be absorbed by the skin.

Due to its inertness and stability, it does not undergo photodegradation like chemical sun protection.

This sunscreen adds astringent and calming Avene spring water.

Even sensitive skin can be safely used.

  Seventh place: Clinique Urban Isolation The fastest-selling barrier cream in the world, an oil-free formula that gives you fresh, pink skin.

It belongs to skin care type isolation. This product has a good reputation, strong protection, does not contain chemical ingredients, and is especially suitable for sensitive skin. There are many different sun protection index alternatives. SPF 15, SPF 20, SPF 25, most of themThe products that everyone likes are transparent, refreshing, and easy to push away, but it is not a makeup-type isolation, and basically has no touch-up effect. It is more suitable for skin with acne.

  Eighth place: Shiseido SHISEIDO new sun-sun summer mild sunscreen SPF30 / PA +++ pure physical sunscreen.

Use zinc oxide and titanium dioxide as physical sunscreen powder.

The high content of volatile silicin can increase the smoothness of the product.

Silicone volatilizes after use, helping the product to dry quickly and stably adhere to the stratum corneum.

  Butyl formaldehyde, glycerol, xylitol, ectoine use of these small molecule moisturizing ingredients can promote keratin hydration and relatively reduce skin dryness after using the product.

Potassium glycyrrhizinate has a soothing and soothing effect.

There is no added flavor and flavor, and a preservative is a food-grade mild preservative, and no other irritating ingredients are added.

This product uses a polymer powder: PMMA, which has an oil control effect, has a good oil absorption capacity, and can alleviate the condition of oily surface.

Water-resistant silicone is used, so this product is waterproof.

Can effectively reduce the phenomenon of summer product loss due to sweating.No modified powder is used and the product has no polish effect.

  Ninth place: Sofina Sofina Toning Balance Day Protective Milk SPF24 / PA +++ Physical + Chemical Sunscreen.

The main sunscreen ingredients are UVB absorber OMC, UVB, and UVA shielding agent ZNO.

Shielding UVA with zinc oxide alone has a little protection against dead ends.

The titanium dioxide content that can shield all UVB and some UVA is not high, so the whitening of this sunscreen will not be obvious.

Use a large amount of silicon spirit as the substrate.

Siloxane is safer and less acne-prone. It can form a thin film on the skin and create a good touch.

Sunscreen products are the most suitable place to go to Silicone, because Silicone will prevent absorption, prevent chemical sunscreen OMC from being absorbed by the skin, and reduce safety concerns.

This sunscreen also contains talcum powder, one of the products commonly found in foundation products, together with silicium, which improves the effect of concealer and makeup.

Oil control: Very good.

There are several plant-derived ingredients, mainly bactericidal, regulating the secretion of oil.

These sunglasses are very refreshing, contain a large amount of alcohol, have anti-inflammatory and astringent properties, and are suitable for oily skin.

Moisturizing is mainly based on glycerin and butanediol and silicic acid to lock water, and dry skin will feel insufficiently moisturizing.

  Tenth place: Lancome Softening Soothing Isolating Milk SPF30 / PA ++ has no gravity and lightness, welcoming translucent new light.

“Light and thin” all-round isolation star isolation UV pollution correction multiple multiple isolation protection: the new soothing formula integrates multiple isolation effects, effectively isolates ultraviolet rays, environmental pollution and other external aggressions, while gently reducing the skin’s discomfort caused by environmental changes, and effectively corrects dullnessdark.

Lightweight, not sticky, allowing skin to breathe freely.

Makes skin resistant to UV pollution for a long time.

Lancome’s anti-ultraviolet and anti-pollution technology softens and soothes sunscreen, achieving ideal daily protection. The gentle and light size fits closely to the skin to form a protective layer to prevent dark spots and light aging caused by light.

Test yourself as an internet addict


Test yourself as an internet addict

Although formal diagnostic criteria for Internet addiction (IAD) have not yet been published, researchers generally believe that this is a broad concept that involves a range of different behavioral and impulsive control issues.

To diagnose a patient with IAD, the patient must show more than three of the following seven symptoms within the past 12 months: 1. Enhanced tolerance: Patients must spend more time online to achieve the same level of satisfaction.

That is, Internet addiction is getting bigger and bigger; 2. Withdrawal symptoms: If there is a seizure (ranging from hours to days) without going online, the patient will become obviously anxious, irresistibly want to go online, and always worry about himselfWhat I missed, even dreaming about the Internet; 3, Internet frequency is always higher than planned, and Internet time is always longer than planned; 4, Efforts to change the Internet time are always based on failureEnding again; 5. Spending a lot of time on Internet-related activities, such as installing new software, organizing and encoding a large number of downloaded files, etc .; 6. The Internet has severely affected patients’ social, professional and family life; 7, AlthoughCan cause serious problems brought by the Internet, patients still continue to spend a lot of time online.

From the clinical manifestations, IAD includes at least the following five types: 1. Internet addiction to pornography (including online porn music, pictures and videos, etc.); 2. Internet addiction to addiction (including using MUD, chat rooms, etc. on the Internet)Interpersonal communication); 3. Internet forced behavior (including compulsory participation in online auctions, online auctions or online transactions); 4, forced information collection (including compulsory collection of useless, irrelevant or urgently needed information from the Internet); 5. Computer addiction (including continuous and unstoppable computer games).

Of course, some people still have objections to IAD. For example, Nixon, general manager of Microsoft Canada Network Center, believes that saying that a person is addicted to the Internet is like calling someone who likes reading to reading addiction and people who like to listen to musicFor music addiction, the real addiction is pornography and competition itself.

For example, everyone acknowledges that it is the Internet that makes this information so convenient and cheap.

Autumn skin care and beauty theme _1

Fall skincare takes control of the beauty theme

The autumn wind is rising again.

With the advent of autumn, the weather dries up day by day, and human skin is also tense and dry day by day.

The complexities of skin care first start with skin care. In the summer, more or less damaged skin urgently needs repair.

It is understood that the main theme of autumn skin care is still whitening and moisturizing.

  A beautician told reporters that for oily skin, although the face is shiny all summer, but in the fall, the skin will also be dry and peeling, and then the thing to do is to add enough moisture to the skin.Experts suggest that people with oily skin may wish to use oil-removing firming lotion, which can shrink pores and replenish moisture to the skin. At the same time, for oily skin with excess oil secretion and pores that are large and easy to block, it can inhibit oil secretion and reduce inflammation.

  The proper method of autumn care for normal skin is also necessary. After cleansing, first use an oil-free moisturizing liquid toning, and then add oyster-containing nourishing firming milk to form an oxygen-permeable protective film on the skin.Allows water to evaporate, soothing and anti-pollution.

  Dry skin and oily skin, normal skin are listed, more care should be taken.

Moisturizing liquid should be used to replenish moisture for autumn dry skin, because the pH of dry skin is easily destroyed, and the moisturizing liquid can play a role in repairing the skin’s PH value.

At the same time, it is supplemented with a water-in-oil firming cream to supplement the skin and make it moisturized and not dry.

  In addition, skin care experts also pay special attention to people with dry skin. Due to frowning, talking and other head muscle movements, people with dry skin are prone to false wrinkles when the skin is dry in autumn, so be sure to drink plenty of water and eat more.Vegetables and fruits, eat less spicy food.

Never skin, it is very important to clean the skin in the autumn, and to remove dead skin on a regular basis for a month.

  To have fair skin, of course, it is best to use skincare products containing whitening essence, and it is best to use natural raw materials, because it can help inhibit the formation of melanin, promote skin metabolism, and lighten the melanin that has formed, thereby reducing pigmentation., Make the skin fairer and healthier, and the pure raw materials make you whiter, whiter, and whiter.

  In addition to going to the beauty salon for weekly care, daily cosmetics also need to be carefully selected.

It is understood that in the autumn, the skin is locally dry. When using cosmetics, it is necessary to use dispersed and surfactant-containing moisturizing creams and moisturizers. Applying them to the skin is very good for activating damaged skin cells.

For foundation creams, lipsticks, skin creams, eyeshadows, rouges, etc., try moisturizing creams.

In the replacement of lotion, people with oily skin can choose toner, neutral and dry skin is better to replace moisturizing water.

In this season, it is best not to use dry powder for makeup, as it will make the skin more dry.

The first step is to choose the right skin care product.

The principles for choosing skin care products: one is based on skin properties, and the other is based on time and climate.

In autumn, you should add lotion without alcohol, moisturizing and non-greasy day cream and night cream, and soft mask with bleaching effect.

First of all, pay attention to daily skin care.

  Although the ultraviolet rays in autumn are not as violent as in summer, they will increase the skin melanin, deepen the skin tone, penetrate deeper into the skin, damage the supporting structure of the skin, and cause skin aging.For nutritional functions, such as Revitalizing Freckle Freckle Cream Series, A Flower Freckle Freckle Cream, etc., only in this way can it meet the skin’s various needs in autumn.

Taboos on adolescent sexual health

Taboos on adolescent sexual health

Prostatitis, prostatic hypertrophy, orchitis, epididymitis, hydrocele, nocturnal emission, premature ejaculation, impotence, non-ejaculation, penile cancer, etc. These common diseases mentioned above are all diseases of male reproductive organs, which we call male-specificSpecies.

It can be seen that if men want a healthy and long life, they must first protect their “special zones.”


hzh{display:none;}  忌早恋及过早有性生活  一般而言,男子到二十四五岁才发育成熟,如果早早地过性生活,性器官还没有发育成熟,耗损其精,易引起不同The degree of sexual dysfunction, premature ejaculation, impotence, backache, aging and so on.

  Avoiding sexual life and frequent and moderate sexual life can bring people a pleasant mood and experience, and bring benefits to the body and health. However, if sexual indulgence, intemperance, and long-term congestion of the reproductive organs will lead to decreased sexual function,Prone to cause prostatitis, prostatic hypertrophy, impotence, premature ejaculation, can not ejaculate and other problems.

  Avoid excessive sexually transmitted diseases, such as syphilis and gonorrhea, in unclean sexual intercourse. Not only is it easy to get infected with unclean sexual intercourse, it can even spread the disease to his wife or children. It is extremely harmful. Do n’t take chances.

  Do n’t wear jeans every day. Medical research proves that men ‘s reproductive system requires the best at low temperatures. Jeans are often worn, and the local temperature is too high, which makes sperm formation unfavorable. Therefore, jeans should not be worn often, especially in summer and when the climate is wet.

  Don’t talk about sexual organ health Pay attention to sexual organ health is not only a matter for women, men should also recognize it.

Especially for the foreskin who is too old, you must always remove the foreskin, because the foreskin not only causes penile cancer, but also causes your wife to suffer from cervical cancer.

Editor’s recommendation: Four major causes of adolescent prostatitis

Fish Maw turned out to be treasure

Fish Maw turned out to be treasure

In daily life, people often throw away fish maw before eating it, thinking it is waste and has no nutritional value.

Although this is related to local eating habits, it is also related to a little knowledge, which is a pity.

As everyone knows, fish maw is definitely not a waste that can be replaced at will, but a good product with excellent medicine and food.

  Fish maw, also known as fish white, fish maw, and fish gelatin, are organs that control the balance of the fish.

The fish bream mentioned in medicine generally refers to the bream of the big croaker, small croaker, or pheasant Chinese sturgeon, sturgeon, etc.

It has a high protein content of 84.

2%, only 0.

2%, also contains calcium, phosphorus, iron, known as “marine ginseng”.

Fish Maw is not only an ideal tonic high-protein, low-lactose food mediated by nourishing effects, but also a good medicine with important medical effects.

  In the elderly, the use of fish maw for food or medicine has a long history.

In the Tang Dynasty, fish maw became a tribute. In the Qing Dynasty, fish maw was listed as a supplement.

  Chinese medicine believes that the fish soup is sweet and flat, has the effect of nourishing kidney and refining, nourishing tendons, hemostasis, dissipating blood stasis, and swelling.

Using fish maw with Chinese medicine can treat peptic ulcer, tuberculosis, rheumatic heart disease, aplastic anemia and vasculitis.

Taking fish gelatin beads directly has significant effects on neurasthenia, slow spleen in children, menstrual loss, red vaginal discharge, and leakage.

  Modern medical research shows that fish maw such as stonehead fish and moray eel contains a large amount of bio-macromolecule collagen, which is a raw material for human body to supplement and synthesize protein, and is easy to absorb and use.

By combining with substances containing carbohydrate proteins, the body affects the physiological functions of certain specific tissues, thereby promoting the body’s growth and development, enhancing disease resistance, and receiving the effects of delaying aging and resisting cancer.

In vitro tests have shown that fish maw has an inhibitory effect on cellulose growth and a certain anti-suppressive activity against gastric cancer in vitro.

It has also been found that fish bream can promote the secretion of fructose from the seminal vesicles and provide energy for sperm.

Therefore, the use of fish soup with tonic and kidney solid essence drugs can treat male infertility, women’s infertility, migraine, hemorrhoids, convulsions in children, gastric cancer, rectal cancer, and esophageal cancer.

The computer keyboard is a dump!

5 minutes to teach you how to sterilize and clean the keyboard

The computer keyboard is a dump!
5 minutes to teach you how to sterilize and clean the keyboard

It’s no exaggeration to say that a computer keyboard is a dump.

According to statistics, computer keyboard garbage generally accumulates at an average rate of 2 grams per month, and there are also a large number of bacteria that are not visible to the naked eye.

If it is placed in the hospital’s inspection center for bacterial sampling and analysis, the bacterial count results after one day are: home keyboard: 100 per ml; office keyboard: 1000 per ml, which is dirty than the toilet!

If you accidentally apply these bacteria to your face and food, the results are unpredictable.

Here is a good way to sterilize and clean the keyboard.

  Step 1 Gently wipe the surface tools: Be sure to cut off the power completely before cleaning with a dry paper towel or glasses cloth, whether it is a desktop computer or a notebook.

Then use a dry paper towel or glasses cloth to wipe the dust off the surface, remember to be gentle, rubbing too hard will cause scratches on the treated keyboard and display surface, scratches will be more likely to hide dirt and bacteria in the future.

  Step 2 Optimize the overall tool: Lotion or wet paper towels are best if you have a special computer cleaner. If not, a lotion will come in handy.

Clean lotion often contains alcohol. Use it to gently wipe the keyboard, display, battery slot, USB interface and other parts, which is clean and convenient, and leaves a lingering aftertaste after wiping.

But remember not to go too far to prevent damage to the electronic components.

If it’s troublesome, a wet tissue is also a good choice because it’s as soft as a cloth and often contains alcohol.

  Sweep the keyboard tool in this way: The brush will buckle the keyboard upside down and pat it gently, and the dust in the surface layer will fall out.

After that, keep it upside down, insert a brush in one direction with a soft-bristled brush, and most of the dust will come out.

There are special hair brushes for cleaning electronic components. You can also use makeup brushes or oil brushes, but pay attention to the brushes themselves.

  Step 4 Wipe the gap deeply: Use a cotton swab to soak the cotton swab in alcohol, and clean the socket, battery slot, and other small corners.

It should be noted that these parts should be more careful, because there are exposed parts commonly known as “gold fingers”. Excessive alcohol can hurt them.

So you can shake or stop for half a minute after dipping into alcohol.

  Method 5 Secondary cleaning of double-safety tools: hair dryer The hair dryer is used to blow away the residual dust or incidental items left during the cleaning process, and it can also dry the remaining small amount of moisture, but remember that you must not use high heat,The correct step is to perform a second mild sterilization with a mild low temperature gear, and then change to the cold wind gear with the maximum power.

Cell phone is prone to bad eyes, be careful of cataract

Cell phone is prone to bad eyes, be careful of cataract

Clicking on pictures can buy modern people’s lives more and more inseparable from the two large electronic devices of mobile phones and tablets, but it is the culprit that causes eye diseases.

Authoritative ophthalmologists warn that smoking, excessive use of eyes, exposure to infrared rays, microwaves, etc. can cause cataracts to appear or worsen early.

Experts remind citizens: The best way to prevent cataracts is to use scientific eyes. When the ultraviolet rays are strong, you must wear a large hat and sunglasses to block light. When cataracts appear, you ca n’t wait until you are “cooked” to see them.treatment.

The above information comes from the 20th National Ophthalmology Congress and the 30th Asia-Pacific Ophthalmology Annual Meeting of the Ophthalmology Branch of the Chinese Medical Association in Guangzhou recently.

  Cataracts can’t wait until they are “familiar” before they can be seen. According to reports, cataracts are originally a disease of the elderly, which is related to the deterioration of the body’s function with age.

Among young people, senile cataracts account for 88%.

Professor Zhao Yun ‘, Deputy Dean of the Optometry Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University, introduced to the media, “According to statistics, the current incidence of cataract is about 80% in the 60 to 89-year-old population, and the incidence of cataract is over 90% in the population over 90 years old.

But limited to this, some people may have an increase in living standards. Too many patients who have had cataracts at the age of 50 also enter the hospital for treatment.

Professor Zhang Jinsong, Dean of the Eye Hospital of China Medical University, pointed out, when should cataract surgery be performed?

Different people have different requirements, so there are differences in time, but in general, it must be done when it affects the quality of life.

For example, one patient was only 50 years old. One eye had cataracts first, and the vision was not three-dimensional. It was impossible to determine the true distance. A rear-end accident occurred when he drove the car. The problem was found after the examination at the hospital. The problem was resolved after the operation. Another patientAlso just over 50 years old, checking vision in a dark room is 1.

0, but almost nothing can be seen in the sun, and vision becomes only 0.

1, this kind of situation must also be treated surgically, so as not to affect life and work.

  Bad eye habits and environment can induce early cataracts Professor Zhang Jinsong told reporters that, in addition to age, some bad eye habits and living and working conditions can induce cataracts to occur or worsen early.

Studies have shown that nicotine in tobacco has an effect on cataracts, and when the cigarette is not smoked, the flash of infrared light from the butt will also affect the cataract. Steel workers face red hot fires throughout the work day, and intense ultraviolet rays in tropical areasThe injury can also induce cataracts to occur prematurely.

In addition, “Too many people now have presbyopia in their 40s, dazzle without eyeglasses and need to adjust their eyesight when watching things. Frequently playing mobile phones and alternately using eyes to cause eye fatigue, these will accelerate the occurrence of cataracts. This young peopleNeed special vigilance!

Don’t think cataract is an eye disease unique to the elderly!

Zhang Jinsong said.

  Cataract surgery can be corrected at the same time as presbyopia and astigmatism. Patients with cataracts who are too worried about the “operation”, have a high risk and have unsatisfactory results, delay surgery, or worry about accidents due to their underlying diseases such as diabetes or hypertension.

Ophthalmologists believe that as long as blood pressure and blood sugar are controlled within a safe range, the risk of surgery is extremely low.

Prof. Zhao Yun’e also introduced that now the advanced refractive cataract surgery system has realized refractive correction of cataract surgery, while treating cataracts, it can also remove presbyopia, astigmatism and other problems for patients.

Greedy cup man improves coping with aunt liver

Greedy cup man improves coping with aunt liver

Mr. Zhang, 35 years old, is the company’s public relations manager. He usually meets and has a lot of entertainment. He holds the concept of “every thousand cups of wine per confidant, and one who is drunk to show his true feelings.”In addition, most of them usually use cars to travel, and they have a small amount of exercise. This has been the case for a long time, and they have even grown up a “general belly” early, and have also entered the “three high crowds”.

  With the gradual improvement of living standards, important changes have taken place in the diet structure. Consumption of high-fat, high-cholesterol and high-sugar foods has increased significantly. Overtakers and hyperlipidemia have become more and more.The so-called aunt liver also increased.

At present, adult liver cancer tends to become younger. Urban white-collar workers between the ages of 30 and 40, especially company managers and white-collar workers, because of job opportunities and less physical activity, drive or drive away, have more entertainment, eat abnormally, and have become adultsThe main population of human liver.

  General mild mild liver without obvious discomfort, moderate to severe liver with limb weakness, pain in the right shoulder and back, swelling, unexplained fatigue, dizziness, bitter mouth, dry mouth, bad breath, poor appetite, Abdominal distension after meals, nausea, discomfort in the liver area, stool dryness and thinness.

  Malnutrition, heavy drinking, diabetes, bad eating habits, etc. can cause obese liver, so to prevent it, we must pay attention to a reasonable diet, proper exercise, change the bad lifestyle, and prevent early liver disease.

Once you have it, treat it as soon as possible, quit drinking and restrict food, and often check up.

  A few acupoints related to juvenile livers are recommended. It is okay to massage a lot. Even when watching TV, you can build a healthy line of defense.

  Zusanli — Shugan qi, pass through the menstrual analgesic, strengthen the body and calm down.

  Method: Insert the foot Sanli acupoint with bilateral thumb or index finger.

The fingertips adhere to the skin without moving, and they are gradually pressed from light to heavy.

  Hepatitis points — Dredge the meridians, tonify diarrhea, relieve qi and relieve pain.

  Methods: The lower limbs were flexed and abducted, the thumbs were straightened, the other four fingers were gripped by the interventional part to help, and the thumbs were injected with a 2-inch “Hepatitis Acupoint” in a circular motion.

  Dazhui acupoint — Dredges the meridians, dispels wind and dispels cold, and helps to correct evil.

  Method: Sit down, tilt your head slightly forward, press the thumb and index finger relatively hard, and pick up the skin at the point of Dazhui for intermittent pinching.

  Inside and outside Guan points ——- can pass through the meridians and regulate blood circulation: use one thumb and index finger to aim at the points of Neiguan and Waiguan, and apply force evenly for 5 minutes, so that there is local acidity.Sometimes it can radiate to the fingertips.

  Tips: Aunt ‘s liver has a great relationship with diet structure, and waste of high medicine costs on lipid reduction, it is better to eat more low-fat and low-calorie foods at home, which can fundamentally suppress the accumulation of uncle.

  Calcium in milk can inhibit the activity of cholesterol synthase in the human body and reduce the absorption of cholesterol in the human body.

Kelp is rich in taurine, which can reduce cholesterol in blood and bile. The substitute of sulfide contained in garlic can reduce blood cholesterol and prevent thrombosis. Apple’s rich potassium can excrete excess potassium in the body.Salt to maintain normal blood pressure.

In addition, Chinese medicine, celery, laver, shiitake mushrooms, carrots, hawthorn, figs and other foods often used in Chinese medicine such as wolfberry, kudzu root, and malan can also reduce the fat effect, and those who suffer from liver disease do not hinder their regular diet.

  Greedy cup male: The type of greedy cup that cares for the liver and liver diet therapy side is a type of person who is forced to work and not drink, and often uses drinking as a means to entertain customers. He cannot be alcohol addicted.

But over time, fecal liver and alcoholic liver may also be obtained.

Another type of person is addicted to alcohol, he must drink every alcohol, and he likes the thrill of being drunk.

This is a high-risk group of patients with alcoholic cirrhosis, which can cause serious death.

  Introduce a secret recipe that everyone knows.

  Schisandra congee ingredients: 10 grams of schisandra, 100 grams of rice.

  Method: Rice, Schisandra simmered together.

  Efficacy: Schisandra chinensis can nourish the liver, nourish the kidney, rice has liver-protecting and stomach-protecting effects, and eating after drinking can reduce a lot of alcohol damage to the liver.

How teens prevent sexual harassment

How teens prevent “sexual harassment”

This boy is called Han Xiaoqiang.
More than two years ago, Han Xiaoqiang, who had just finished his first year, was transferred to a key middle school in the county.
There are eleven people in Xiaoqiang’s dormitory. The oldest is more than fifteen years old, the youngest is Xiaoqiang, thirteen years and four months.
  At noon on the day of school transfer, Xiaoqiang was resting in bed. Suddenly, a noise and laughter awakened Xiaoqiang, who was in defense.
He turned his head to lean on the bed and looked down, and saw four or five classmates put Huang Yi, who was young in the dormitory, on his back, and laughed at them while Huang Yi struggled.He took off his pants three or two times.
As soon as Zhang Jianjun grasped Huang Yi’s younger brother, he quickly moved up and down, and Huang Yi no longer struggled, leaving them to toss, and several classmates who tied Huang Yi happily cooperated with the boss.
Several other people who participated also came forward and looked at the excitement.
  Just when Han Xiaoqiang thought it was inexplicable, when they were inconceivable, a group of people put another young Zhang Liping in the house on the bed.
It kept circulating like this for about an hour, and a total of six people were tossed like this once.
  The same thing happened again before going to bed at night.
The next day, the third day, every day after that.
And every time always starts with the youngest.
  After that, it was Han Xiaoqiang’s turn to encounter this strange game for the first time.
  He said without pain, “They are like this every day, because I am the youngest, and they make me do this twice a day.
Wang Taiping from our class also came to our dormitory because he was the youngest.Being bullied by them like this every day, he hematurized only one semester, and later moved to his relative’s house.
“Hey, I can’t help but have some hair and bones. What kind of psychological control do they have to do this?
How could this sex game last for two years?
Are all children willing to participate?
  In this regard, the reporter specially invited Teacher Ma Xiaonian to analyze this case.
  Reporter: Teacher Ma, would you please talk to the reader about the reasons for this phenomenon from an expert’s perspective?
  Ma: It is incorrect for the author to define this case as “game”, which is actually a case of sexual harassment in a minor.
There are masterminds, followers, and victims, which are typical sexual assaults on the weak by the strong.
Victims should take the initiative to report to the relevant departments (schools, legal departments, or relevant institutions for the protection of youth rights) in order to seek legal protection to protect their legitimate rights and interests.
  This is different from the sexual games that sometimes occur in children. For example, it is common in foreign countries to learn masturbation with each other after physical education, when bathing (its school conditions are better), how fast and close the ejaculation is, etc.It is a voluntary, occasional, moderate activity.
In this case, however, there is a clear compulsive nature. The crowd gathers to threaten young or weak students, and the frequency is far beyond the positive zone. The starting point is malicious.
Because the victims lack a sense of self-protection and their sexual psychological development obviously lags behind their physical development, they are forced to endure such sexual abuse for a long time without relevant knowledge (especially self-protection and legal protection).
  It should be said that in this case, all the people (sexual assaulted and victimized) are minors, and their psychological causes and formation are different from sexual hooliganism and sexual crime among adults. They are mainly sexual ignorance.Lack of necessary sex education, insufficient understanding of the consequences and nature of the behavior, participants are either out of revenge, or imitating, psychological (do not rule out the nature of the original game, the victim is even driven by a sense of sexual instinctOnly then did this kind of long-term sexual violations occur.
  This kind of sexual assault is very harmful, especially for children aged fourteen or five.
Not only will it lead to various psychological problems of the parties (such as sexual sadism, sexual coercion, or sexual addiction), but it will also severely damage physical health, appear various genital disorders, and may also appear flirty, Endangering society.
  It can also be seen from this case that sex education for adolescents must not lack education on self-protection, and there should also be no restricted areas, otherwise they do not know what to oppose and what to support.
  Reporter: The above cases show that sexual harassment and sexual abuse are not just problems encountered by girls. Boys may also experience this type of sexual assault.
So, how should young people protect themselves in the face of such sexual assault?
How to prevent and avoid same-sex assault in interpersonal communication?
  A: For forced sexual harassment and sexual abuse, the most effective way is to immediately tell parents or teachers, if necessary, you can ask the school, public security organs, judicial department or youth protection agency for help.
To prevent and avoid sexual assault, adolescents should not only receive adequate sex education, but also pay attention to grasping the standards of interpersonal communication and the right and wrong.
Normal handshake, slap shoulders, and general physical contact are possible (such as hugs of athletes when they win), but beware of more intimate actions of the same sex in private.
In addition, you should prevent the chance of having separate contact with strangers. Do not enter strangers’ houses and cars, especially the genitals. Do not touch them. Otherwise, you must find a way to get away immediately.
  Reporter: What are the common situations in which adolescents experience sexual harassment or abuse?As parents and schools, how should children deal with such sexual assault?

  Ma: In addition to the above, which occurs between teenagers, it also includes similar problems that occur between adults and children.

There is only one principle. Protect your children. Don’t fuss or intimidate them.

The child will one day confess to his parents or teacher his past experiences, feelings and feelings of co-ordination, and the parent or teacher must listen to his child calmly, to know how difficult it is for them to speak, how courageous they are, andBe determined not to panic or overreact after hearing your child talk.

  The correct way is: you must pay attention to the interests of the child-the child’s personality should be carried out in a safe, secret place, to ensure that this matter does not spread out, do not discuss it in front of unrelated people.

If the child is suspected of being physically injured, take the child to the hospital for examination-the problem is that the parent may not be able to determine whether the child has physical trauma. It is not helpful to just be his own sperm. It is necessary to seek medical treatment in time to make a correct and independent professional.Judge.

If necessary, you can get in touch with schools, public security, lawyers, social assistance agencies, youth protection agencies and prestigious counseling agencies to seek powerful help.

  Reporter: Like the above, Xiaoqiang did not realize that he was sexually harassing and abusing others.

So how do you get adolescents to judge whether they have been physically harassed or sexually abused?

  Ma: Generally speaking, adolescent sexual harassment or sexual abuse has a development process.

More typical sexual harassment or sexual abuse begins with less intimate sexual activity (such as physical and self-masturbation exposed to adolescents), and then real 8-body contact (such as cuddling) until reproductive insertion occurs.

It can be divided into 5 stages.

A covert time and place, with some first chances of individual contact. The offender is often an acquaintance, such as a family member, a relative, a normally trusted adult or adolescent; the offense often uses some low-key, cunning methods to get the victim to make an appointment.And the alternative is aware of its true intentions.

There is also violence to force victims to intervene.

  2.Sexual Interaction Period-Sexual activity will increase and escalate over time.


Mandatory Confidentiality Period-In order to maintain sexual activity for a long time, the offender will take various measures such as material seduction or intimidation order to keep it confidential.

Most children will keep secret for this pressure, and some children will hope that this activity can continue because of the pleasure and enjoyment from the ten (the psychological factor in the above case).

The mandatory confidentiality period can last from months to years.

  4.Exposure Period-The truth is revealed by accidental or spontaneous causes.

It must be within a certain period of time if the third party is directly aware of it, or if the victim is accidentally exposed because of physical or behavioral abnormalities.

Face this fact correctly and establish an intervention plan.

  5.Suppression period-When the exposure period is over, it often happens that the victim’s family tries to suppress external intervention and may encourage arrests to withdraw the original lawsuit.
The alleged sexual abuse did not occur at all.

Even using various pressures to intimidate children, even spreading statements that would damage their reputation and credibility.

All these reactions and the inherent fragility of the child illustrate how important external help is.

  Reporter; Generally speaking, adolescents experience some psychological, physical or behavioral changes after sexual harassment and sexual abuse.

So how do parents and teachers discover this?

  Ma: After sexual harassment and sexual abuse in adolescents, the following changes occur-Physical indications include: In contrast to physical discomfort, physical indications of sexual abuse are uncommon.
Acute medical examination may reveal genital or anal abrasions, lacerations, swelling, genitals or clothing with fine spots, pain, or bleeding.

Parents may find that their child’s clothes are torn or reorganized, and there are scratches, pain, or bleeding in the replicator area.

If there is clear evidence of sexual injury at a later stage.

  Behavioural evidence includes: sudden intrusive or hostile behavior: self; running away from home; intentional avoidance of special circumstances and people; juvenile delinquency; degenerative behavior (such as starting to suck fingers, enuresis, metabolizing yourself); abnormal orExcessive sexual knowledge; have revenge on sexual temptation or sexual assault (such as trying to touch the sexual organs of other children, adults or animals to equate sexual behavior and emotions); tense relationships with peers; bad dreams or enuresis, etc.Sleep disorders; excessive masturbation and sexual experience; loneliness; fear or fear; becoming very inferior and poor social ability; unwillingness to go to public baths or participate in sports that require changing clothes, such as swimming; often avoid touching and touching; poor performance at schoolBecome extremely submissive, or depressed; extremely improperly dressed (too tight and seductive or covered in thick although the weather is hot; afraid of loneliness; whoever absent from class during a class, asks for leave or is late; alwaysInattention or worry; coercive behavior; lack of basic trust in people, etc., which determines the length of time of injury, the severity of the injury, the violationWhether the person has been identified and dealt with, the quality of the mother-child relationship, and the surrounding people’s response to the incident exposure.

  Other signs of adolescence include: Tattoo or stabbing self-harm: suicide attempts; publicly seductive and degrading behavior, promiscuity, prostitution; eating disorders (anorexia nervosa, bulimia, sudden weight gain or loss); social activitiesLimited; negative or fearful of sex; love to lie; carry alcohol or drugs.

  If these changes occur suddenly, parents and teachers should pay attention to whether the child has been sexually assaulted.

  It can also be ground up. Children who suffer from sexual harassment or sexual anxiety will suffer extensive damage, which will cause multiple physical injuries, and will also have a profound impact on their psychological and social communication abilities.

These effects are complex and cross-cutting. Sometimes children with impersonal and psychological problems are at a loss, and even figure out whether to refuse or continue to keep it.

Of course, some children are “addicted” to this kind of injury. Most of them will feel guilty and think that it was caused by themselves or a disaster. Therefore, there is a psychology of breaking the pot, and after the incident is exposed, they are retaliated by the feared offender.

  Some teenage offenders are actually victims of the past, and it is the kind of experience that makes them both painful and seductive, leading to their current sexual harassment or abuse.
  Reporter: At present, there are still some restricted areas for young people’s sex education. What do you think about this?

How do you think society should respond?

  Ma: The current sex education is often overly involved in timely, modest, and appropriate amounts, avoiding the facts, evading the heavy, and evacuating easily, especially worrying about being accused of “teaching”, “fueling the fire”, and so on.As far as he is concerned, take an evasive attitude.
In fact, there are some problems that can’t be avoided if you want to go back to this question. If some education about contraceptive knowledge is not in place, teenage pregnancy problems will occur.

Adolescents should receive adequate sexual education in a timely manner so that they can recognize that a certain sexual act is safe, responsible, correct, acceptable, and a certain sexual act is unsafe, irresponsible, inappropriate,Unacceptable or must be firmly resisted.

Tea tree mushroom pork neck fried dumplings

Tea tree mushroom pork neck fried dumplings

The scientific name of zongzi is 缢 蛏, which is a kind of cheap and delicious seafood. According to nutritionists’ analysis, protein is contained in every 100 grams of fresh meat.

2 grams, its meat tastes sweet and salty, cold nature, before processing, you need to use ginger juice, wine out of water, stir fry with lime and pepper.

This time, stir-fried dumplings with tea tree mushrooms and pork neck meat are used to make a home-cooked dish.

  Materials: 300 grams of gardenia, 150 grams of tea tree mushrooms, 100 grams of pork neck slices, 15 grams of garlic (undressed and crushed), 20 grams of shallots, seasoned with white peppercorns, salt, sugar, ginger, rice wine, soy sauce, peanut oilEach amount.

  Method: Pork neck meat slices are prepared by salting, sugaring, and pickling the head. Wash the dumplings, soak them in fresh salt water to remove impurities, then remove the shells and remove the meat. Use ginger juice and flying water to reserve.Stand in pieces; open the pan, fry it with butter and head to fry until colored, set aside; sauté garlic, scallion, and white pepper, stir-fry pork neck for a while, then add meat and teaMushrooms are seasoned with salt and sugar.