The centuries-old man in Zhangjiakou has good ear protection, claiming: It’s okay to drag

The centuries-old man in Zhangjiakou has good ear protection, claiming: “It’s okay to drag”

On March 3rd, the 14th “Early Day” in the country, the reporter saw a centenarian at an event held in a community in Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province.
  According to Fan Weihua, the organizer of this event and the person in charge of Sunshine Home, about 70% of the nearly 100 elderly people she has encountered are facing hearing impairment to varying degrees.
She believes that when the elderly’s hearing declines and their comprehension declines, the speech expression will decline and the language function will decline, which will gradually lead to a series of problems such as dementia.
Therefore, caring for the elderly’s hearing is the most practical help for the elderly.
  At the scene, an old man caught the attention of reporters.
The old man is Ma Sufang, born in 1916, and is now 97 years old.
Although Grandma is older, she looks good and listens well.
  Grandma Ma said that she paid great attention to physical exercise and attached great importance to ear protection.
She said that when you are old, you must avoid listening to loud noises. Setting off firecrackers or car whistle will cause some irritation to the ears, and try to avoid contact.
In addition, old people like to pick their ears when they are fine.
In fact, old people’s ears are susceptible to injury, and a little carelessness can hurt them.
  Grandma Ma told reporters that she dragged and rubbed her ears, moved the blood vessels in the ears, and checked regularly, so the ear hearing did not drop too much.
  At the site of the charity clinic, Doctor Zhang Feng from a hearing rehabilitation center conducted a hearing test for the elderly people present.
The 81-year-old Mr. Xie Sheng suffers from diabetes and his hearing loss is very obvious.
When testing, you need to shout loudly to hear clearly.
Mr. Xie Sheng told reporters that he liked listening to storytelling. The child bought MP3 and downloaded many storytelling for him, but slowly found that his hearing was getting worse.
  Doctor Zhang Feng explained that listening to MP3s with headphones for a long time is an important cause of hearing loss.
Young people who listen to headphones for a long time can also hurt their ears, and it hurts older people even more.
  Doctor Zhang Feng said that with the increase of age, the functional organs of the human body also gradually decline, which is an irreversible process.
However, the level of hearing impairment can be delayed through ordinary observation and maintenance.
Keeping your mood happy, avoiding noisy noise, eating lightly, and having regular ear exams are all important ways to actively prevent hearing loss.
  According to surveys, there are nearly 600 million people with mild hearing loss and moderate or more hearing loss in the world 2.
500 million.
There are 20.57 million disabled people with hearing impairment in China, including 800,000 deaf children under the age of seven, and more than 30,000 deaf children are born every year. The number of elderly deaf people is also increasing.
On March 3, 2000, National Ear Day was born. This year’s theme is “Healthy Listening, Happy Life-Focusing on the hearing health of the elderly”.

Humanistic psychology

Humanistic psychology

Humanistic psychology emerged in the United States in the 1950s and 1960s, and is one of the main schools of contemporary American psychology.

The humanistic psychology school represented by Maslow, Rogers and others, parted ways with the psychoanalysis school and behaviorism school, forming the third trend of psychology.

  Influenced by phenomenology and existential philosophy is obvious.

     The spirit of the times: Anti-mainstream cultural movement.

Dissatisfaction with society.

  By American Psychologist A.

Founded by H. Maslow, and currently represented by C.

R Rogers.

Humanism opposes the vulgarization of human psychology and the height of animalization, so it is called the 33th trend in psychology.

  1. Maslow’s theory of self-actualization Maslow believes that the psychological driving force of human behavior is not sexual instinct, but human needs. He divided it into two categories, seven levels, like a pyramid, from the bottom up.In order, they are physiological needs, safety needs, belonging and love needs, respect needs, awareness needs, aesthetic needs, and self-actualization needs.

Before a person can meet the needs of the higher level, he must at least partially meet the needs of the lower level.

The first type of need belongs to the need of lack. It can be redundant and boring at the beginning. It is shared by people and animals. Once it is satisfied, the tension is eliminated, the excitement is reduced, and the motivation is lost.

The second type of need belongs to the need for growth, which can generate growth motivation and is unique to human beings. It is a need that transcends the existence and satisfaction, and craves development and realizes its own potential from the heart.

Satisfying this need for individuals to enter the state of psychological freedom, embodying the nature and value of people, and produce a deep sense of happiness, which Maslow calls “the peak experience.”

Maslow believes that human beings share the inner nature of truth, goodness, beauty, justice, joy, and have common values and moral standards. The key to achieving human self-realization is to improve people’s “knowledge” or self-awareness, so that people can recognize themselves.The inherent potential or value of humanism is to promote human self-realization.

  2. Rogers’s theory of self The newborn baby does not have the concept of the self. Transforming his (her) interaction with others and the environment, he (she) begins to slowly distinguish himself from non-self.

After the initial self-concept was formed, people’s self-actualization tended to be activated. Driven by the power of self-actualization, children carried out various trial activities in the environment and produced a lot of experience.

Through the automatic estimation process of the body, some experienced he feels satisfied and happy, and some are opposite. The contented and happy experience leads the child to seek to maintain, reappear, dissatisfied, and unhappy experience makes the child try to avoid it.

  Among children seeking positive experiences, there is an experience generated by the care of others, and an experience generated by the respect of others. Unfortunately, this kind of caring and observance of children requires the satisfaction of others, including others (includingParents) decide whether to give care and respect based on whether the child ‘s behavior meets its value standards and behavior standards. Therefore, the care and respect of others are conditional, and these conditions reflect the values of parents and society. Rogers called this condition asValue conditions. Children continue to experience these value conditions through their own behaviors. They will unconsciously internalize these values that belong to parents or others and become part of their self-structure. Gradually, children are forced to give up the process of estimating according to their own organism.To evaluate experience, it becomes to use the internalized social value norms to evaluate experience, so that the child’s self and experience are alienated. When there is a conflict between experience and self, the individual will feel selfThreatened, causing concern.

  When anticipating experience and self-independence, individuals will use defensive mechanisms (distortion, denial, and selective perception) to process experience to bring it in line with self at the level of consciousness.

If the defense is successful, the individual will not have an adaptation disorder. If the defense fails, the psychological adaptation disorder will occur. Rogers’ human-centered treatment goal is to remove the part of the self that was not internalized and formed, and retrieve it.His own thoughts, emotions, and behavioral patterns, in Rogers’ words, “turned back to himself” and “walked out from behind the mask”. Only such people can fully exert their personal functions.

The essence of humanism is that people understand their own nature, no longer rely on external values, make people trust again, rely on the evaluation process of the body to deal with experience, and eliminate the value imposed on them by internalization through the external environment, so that people canExpress your thoughts and feelings freely, decide your own behavior by your own will, master your own destiny, restore the destroyed potential of self-realization, and promote the healthy development of personality.

  The contributions and limitations of the humanistic psychology school in the development of psychology are opposed to the psychoanalytic school that regards sick people as the research object and regards humans as instinctual victims, and also opposes the behaviorism that puts people as physical and chemical objectsschool.

Declares that research is meaningful to human progress and cares about human values and dignity.

  Perspective the conditions and social environment of the direction and influence of human innate potential.

Tension and anxiety easily give birth to emotional stains _1

Tension and anxiety easily give birth to “emotional stains”

Case 1: It is so strong and thoughtful, the face is stained.
hzh {display: none; }  34岁的李经理一直以拥有“细致、白皙、有光泽”的皮肤而骄傲。Because of pregnancy and maternity leave, after returning to the company to carry out competitive employment, many young people have paid attention to her position.
She is very strong and strong. Although she is doing a good job, but she also needs to bring children and care for her family, she starts to feel lack of energy.
The young man’s vigor, aggressiveness, and clean cheeks were all regarded as threats by her.
The worst part is that her skin is not as good as before. The brown spots crawl on her face. The whole face is yellow and dark . She feels like: “I am about to explode a balloon, but I have no strength to explode!
Emotional therapy: Take appropriate rest and find happiness. 色 The color on the face is aggravated, and most of it is caused by stagnation of the liver. This is a life feature and psychological process that many “strong women” have.
The key is to find happiness. Work is not everything in life. In addition to struggling, you should also enjoy happiness in life.
It is recommended to take a break, such as travelling to make your mood cheerful.
  Case 2: Excessive perfection and a small face. Xiao Liu is particularly upset recently that her face is full of acne.
She is 32 years old this year, but still has “acne” acne like adolescent girls.
It turned out that Ms. Liu was a woman who pursued perfection, both in her living habits and work attitude.
Since graduating from college, she has not only worked in the company, but has also been desperately “charging” in her spare time, constantly improving herself; buying clothes and accessories, she has to pick from left to right . all kinds of anxiety, nervous pressure and emotions have given birth toAcne on her face.
  Emotional therapy: Nothing is perfect and nothing is perfect. Nothing is perfect.
It is impossible for individuals to be too demanding, even to meet unrealistic or overly demanding requirements.
It is recommended to calm down the mentality and lower the requirements.
  Case 3: Unsatisfactory feelings and bleak complexion Ms. Zhang’s original complexion was red and white, but she has become faint and gray in the past six months, and wrinkles and melasma have gradually “emphasized”.
The reason is that Ms. Zhang has been sterile for many years after marriage, and has been under pressure from her mother-in-law. The marriage has experienced several crises and her happiness is getting worse and worse!
  Because women are more sensitive than men, they are more likely to be physically and mentally exhausted.
A foreign clinical study also showed that women who feel stressed and feel unhappy have slower self-healing skin and are more prone to dullness.
  Emotional therapy: Promoting happiness can change the color of women 30 to 50 years old, both inside and outside the master, and they have multiple roles such as wife, mother, and daughter. Many people have poor happiness.
Therefore, maintaining an optimistic and tolerant mentality, creating a harmonious family atmosphere, good parent-child relationships, and a healthy marriage life are vital catalysts for women’s “emotional beauty”.
  Experts say: long-term anxiety and depression create “problematic skin”.
hzh {display: none; }  研究发现,除了外界原因会造成肌肤晦暗外,女性自身的情绪波动会导致黑色素大量聚集。In particular, tension and stress can cause women’s internal emotional fluctuations, produce melanin, and exacerbate pigment accumulation, resulting in dull complexion and pigmentation.
  Professor Zhengzhi Zhong, director of dermatology at Huashan Hospital, said that adverse emotional fluctuations have a great impact on the human body.
Long-term adverse emotions can cause physiological disorders and even diseases, which can affect appearance.
Unwanted emotions such as tension and anxiety can not only make people lose their appetite and affect food digestion and absorption; long-term anxiety and tension can also cause wrinkles in the forehead, eye corners and other parts to increase.
Like people who often lock their eyebrows, wrinkles from top to bottom will grow between the two eyebrows; emotions such as anxiety, irritability, and anger can also cause facial pigmentation and aggravate acne; in severe cases, it can also endanger the organs,More affects skin tone.
  Paying attention to yourself, relaxing your mind, learning to enjoy, and understanding expression is a kind of “emotional beauty” therapy, which can make people happy, full of energy, smooth running of blood and qi, and promote blood circulation, so as to activate the metabolism of the skin cells of the face and the whole body, so thatThe face is shiny and elastic.
  If you really encounter a psychological obstacle that you can’t solve, you should conduct psychological counseling in time to get out of the predicament in time.

Three diseases to be guarded against during the summer season

Three diseases to be guarded against during the summer season

Guide: On May 6, 2011, one of the traditional solar terms will be ushered in.

It is customary to use “Lixia” as the summer’s Case. Before and after the summer, the temperature rises, and some diseases are caused. The diseases that are guarded against during the summer season are: headache, skin disease and gastrointestinal diseases.

1, summer high temperature, sultry, thunderstorms, strong winds, sudden changes in the weather, often induced or aggravated headache.

In addition, lack of sleep, emotional excitement, mental fatigue can induce headaches.

Coping with summer headaches, can not rely too much on drugs, can adjust the diet, add water, cool down, cool food, adjust mood, pay attention to rest and other means for conservative treatment.

2, summer is also a season of skin disease, scorpion, allergic dermatitis, sweat spots, eczema and other annoying skin diseases threaten the health of many people.

To deal with skin diseases, the public should always take a bath, change clothes frequently, quilts, towels, etc., often rinse and disinfect.

Try to get as few mosquitoes as possible, and apply anti-itching lotion when the skin is itchy.

3, summer is still a high incidence of bacterial dysentery, acute gastroenteritis, food poisoning and other rehabilitation diseases, improper summer heat is itself.

To prevent gastrointestinal diseases, pay attention to food hygiene. Wash hands before and after meals.

Also drink more water and eat less cold drinks.

Complete respiratory organs

Complete respiratory organs

You may think that it is difficult to breathe. You have not breathed more than ten million times since you were born. Why should you learn to breathe?

That ‘s right, you are breathing instinctively and unconsciously. Such exhalation and inhalation only use 1/3 of the lung capacity, and under the lungs there is a long, stagnant, depressed gas. Over time,People can easily become debilitated.

If you think about it, every time you run or exercise intensely, you breathe in a big mouth, and your whole head becomes sober and your whole body feels lighter. This is why the exhaust gas in the body is discharged.

  Yoga breathing method combines abdominal breathing and chest breathing.

This is a complete method of breathing that will keep you awake and calm.

You may be uncomfortable at first, but after many exercises, you will naturally get used to yoga breathing in your daily life.

  Yoga Breathing Abdominal Breathing 1. Relax your body and lie on your back.

  2. Put one hand gently on the belly button.

  3. Inhale, absorb the air to the abdomen without passing through the lungs.

You will feel your hands slightly lifted by the abdomen.

  4. Exhale, retract the abdomen inward to the spine, and exhale the air by contracting the abdomen.

  Breathe chest 1, sit on your back or sit upright 2, and inhale, draw air into your lungs.

You will notice the bulging of the retina, and the deeper you inhale, the more the abdomen will gain towards the spine.

  3. Exhale. When you exhale, the ribs will gradually come down and inward.

  Fully (Yoga) Breath 1, first inhale gently to the position of the abdomen, when this area is full, then start to fill the position of the lower half of your own area, and gradually refill it to the top of some areasAt the half position, try to fill the tibia and expand it to the maximum extent.

  2. Exhale, relax the tibia first, and relax the abdomen.

  3. End the exhalation by contracting the abdominal muscles.

This is to ensure that the air in the lungs has been completely expelled.

  4. Repeat the above actions, so the cycle.

Some kind of sweat and some kind of disease?

Some kind of sweat and some kind of disease?

Traditional medicine believes that sweat is the heart fluid.

If you say that on a hot summer day, your body is sweating.

But some people, whether in summer or winter, eat a meal, do something, or sweat a little when they are nervous, this may be a disease.

In medicine, hyperhidrosis can be divided into general hyperhidrosis and local hyperhidrosis.

  Hyperhidrosis is caused by febrile diseases, metabolic diseases, and mental factors.

  Hypoglycemia: It can cause patients to look pale, to have cold sweats, and tremor in hands and feet.

  Hyperthyroidism: In addition to being afraid of heat and sweating, the patient also showed increased appetite, ate a lot, but lost weight, increased stool frequency, palpitation, and nervousness.

  Diabetes: Due to comorbid autonomic nerve dysfunction, there is often abnormal sweating. Patients are also accompanied by symptoms such as polydipsia, polydipsia, polyuria and weight loss.

  Pheochromocytoma: A common symptom is dripping sweating, paroxysmal sweating, and sometimes persistent sweating.

There may be flustering, shaking hands, cold limbs, etc.

Suddenly often accompanied by a significant increase in blood pressure.

  In addition, hypertensive patients and menopausal women can also develop hyperhidrosis.

  Local hyperhidrosis and spontaneous sweating: Sweating often during the day, and even worse after the activity, mostly caused by qi deficiency or yang deficiency, you can take warm tonic products for conditioning.

  Night sweats: sweating after falling asleep, and stopping after waking, more common in people with yin deficiency and fire, prolonged illness, especially in patients with tuberculosis.

  Nasal sweat: Whenever I am emotional, nervous, overworked, sweating when I talk too much, the sweat exudates from the bridge of the nose and wings.

More common in allergic rhinitis and low immunity, prone to colds.

  Frontal sweat: Sweating produces high temperature on the forehead, and even sweating like steamer steam. It is more common in people with yang qi and hyperdigestive function.

  Half body sweat: refers to sweating in the half body, while the other half is not sweating or sweating slightly.

More common in young patients with hypertensive encephalopathy, renal hypertension, stroke, hemiplegia, paraplegia and other patients.

  Laoxinhan: refers to sweating in the fossa of the heart and the middle part of the two breasts. It is often caused by worry, thought, shock, and fear of hurting the heart and spleen.

Common in overworked and intellectuals.

  Perineal sweat: sweating expands the perineum and external genital area, it is common in gynecological diseases such as vulvar pruritus, vaginitis, and odorous perineal sweat.

  Axillary odor: sweat odor, such as fox odor, caused by abnormal secretion of large sweat glands in the armpit.

More common in young, middle-aged, female than male.

  Half head sweat: The entire head is connected to the nose in two halves, half of the head is sweating, and the other half is sweating.

This is due to both yin and yang losses and cold.

  Hand, Foot, and Heart Sweat: Occurs when you are nervous or agitated, or when you speak in public. It usually occurs in adolescents, and is mostly caused by depression.

  In addition, the “war sweat” of patients with high fever (seeing the whole body shivering and then sweating), the “out of sweat” (drenching sweat) at the time of life dying, leading to signs of disease turning into danger, should do something.

Toddler Games-Learn Bunny Jump

Toddler Games-Learn Bunny Jump

Game name: Learn Bunny Jumping Purpose: Practice the action of jumping with two feet to improve the balance ability.

  Tendency: After jumping with both feet at the same time, the landing is more stable.

  Method: Draw two 10?
15 cm wide parallel lines.

Parents taught their children to put their two fingers on top of their heads, and said, “I learn bunny jumping,” and then gently jumped forward with their feet, before the parallel line, the parents said: “I encountered a small river”Past”, teach children to jump over the “little river”.

“It’s too far away from home, we should go back,” and take the child back to where he was.

Extreme consequences of wrinkle removal


Extreme consequences of wrinkle removal

Forty-year-old female teacher, after repeated and careful consideration, went to the hospital for wrinkle removal of the frontal lines and crow’s feet, and the operation was in the hairline.

Ten days later, it was time to remove the stitches. Not only did the incision heal, but also the infection was festering. After more than a month of dressing change, the wound finally grew, but in the hair area on both sides, a business card size was formed.”Bright scar”, no hair grows on it, which is medically called “scarring baldness”.

The teacher was very distressed at times, and sometimes caused the “bright scar” on his head to be dissatisfied by asking others if he could shine through the scar to others.

On weekdays, she had to reverse the wig and waited for half a year in pain.


hzh {display: none; }  靳先生是位“老三届”,在建设兵团的十余年里。After sun and rain, his face was much older than his actual age. After returning to the city, in order to devote himself to work and life with a new look, he underwent a comprehensive wrinkle removal procedure, but the result disappointed him.

The upper eyebrow is slightly higher on the other side, and one earlobe is much lower than the other. The severe upper part is obviously asymmetric. Only after a few months, it is adjusted again.

From the above examples, it is possible to abrasions. Wrinkle removal does not necessarily bring good physical and psychological effects, and may cause different degrees of injury.

So here it is.

It is necessary to explain the complications and unsatisfactory results of wrinkle removal, so that the majority of lovers have a certain understanding.

  The site of scar removal for bald hair removal is usually selected in the hair area to hide the tip.

However, during the surgery, the skin was excessively tightened, the scalp was removed too much, and the tension of the tip was replaced during the replacement of the backstage, which would cause excessively wide spots after healing and form bald areas.

In addition, excessive tension will cause local blood circulation disturbances and easily form local infections, which will aggravate residual traces and widen bald areas.

This is the case of the previous female teacher. Once a small amount of trace baldness is formed, it is only necessary to wait for 3-6 months before the residual traces soften and remove them.

  Face asymmetry is entirely caused by the inexperience of doctors and the lack of professional training in cosmetic surgery.

Due to the imprecise positioning, the suspension height of the tissue during surgery and the amount of skin cut are different, resulting in different positions of body surface organs and different skin tightness, such as eyebrows one high and one low; eye corners up and down; ear lobes not in oneWait on the plane, this is the situation of the potential Mr. Jin.

This situation had to be corrected by surgery again.

  Facial nerve injury This is the most serious complication of wrinkle removal.

Caused by upheaval.

Facial nerve injury is difficult to repair. It can be treated through nerve anastomosis, but the effect is not very satisfactory.

Of course, incomplete nerve damage can be repaired by itself and may return to normal.

  If the facial wrinkle reduction of the sensory disorder is to be extensively extended under the skin, the superficial sensory nerves will be destroyed, and paralysis and abnormal sensations will follow.

This is normal, and it takes weeks to months to recover from interruptions, similar to normal.

However, experienced physicians can avoid large sensory nerve damage.

This can greatly reduce the time of sensory disturbance.

  Unnatural expression wrinkle removal due to extensive subcutaneous peeling, causing separation of skin and expression muscles.

During the process of gradually re-healing with the expression muscles, some people will cause unnatural expressions, often dull expressions. Among them, the “glass” face is called “difficult”, especially the lower part of the face.
This is an affirmative process and usually returns to normal in about a month.

  There are also the possibility of multiple complications such as hematoma, infection, and the formation of marks on the top of the skin in the wrinkle removal site. However, with the cooperation of the experienced specialist and the subject, the occurrence of various complications may be greatly reduced.

Man’s temptation

Man’s temptation

The man’s BMW incense car, villa flowers, tender words, and sadness and blurry can all make a woman be emotional and boots fall into his emotional trap.

To be a happy and autonomous woman, you must know the true face of a man, and use his intelligence and intelligence to deal with his temptations . Seduction: omnipotent intelligence and ability. His charm and distinctiveness really make you fascinated, especially for youPay special attention and praise. He will always pay attention to your needs. When you are troubled by your mother’s illness, he will quietly find the best doctor.

He will take care of all your conveniences in study, work and life.

Unconsciously, you will become dependent on him, some kind: you hint that he wants to get a certain position, you always want to create something, and so on.

With your dreams come true, you have owed him too much affection, and the rest is how you “return”.

   Response Book: For 1’s care for him, ask yourself “why?

“If you can’t find more reasonable explanations, then it is likely that he” liked “you.

Knowing who he is is probably the man you need.

   2 If he knows that you have a relationship, but still cares about you, and hints that he wants to maintain a special relationship with you, then you need to express his affection and loyalty to your husband or boyfriend, intentionally or unintentionally, and use your abilityNot love to repay the benefits he gave you.

   3 If he has sexual demands on you, and this will cause trouble in your relationship, euphemistically reject him and lead to get away, don’t accept his favor in the future.

   Seduction B: The handsome and handsome manners and graceful manners and extraordinary manners of a man with extraordinary looks, and extraordinary talk will always give a woman a good impression, especially when your life is like a calm water, his uniqueness will be different.Bring you unspeakable passion and vitality, you really think you have met Prince Charming.

In the face of his pity, incense and small gifts, you can’t help but feel faint, knowing that he has no expertise in love and it is difficult to extricate himself.

   Coping with the Code: Beware that you are both a playboy and a master of love.

When you are really immersed in the dream of love, he runs away as fast as saying love you.

May wish to accept his flowers occasionally and attend a friend’s party together, but not accept his valuable gifts, let alone accept his sexual requirements.

Remember, when the intellect cannot overcome the temptation, please leave him quickly!

   Seduction C: Griefing and Deep Eyes Sometimes, his sorrow and frustration may confuse you more than his success and glory.

In life, women often use their motherly instincts to understand and accept the weakness of men. This is Nicholas in Angel Passion.

Cage’s gloomy eyes are so attracted to many female movie fans.

Just as crying children attract more attention, men sometimes use their brains to act as melancholy angels.

He would say, “My dear, I really don’t know what it means to live without you.

“This will make us pay without regrets.

Such men often hurt you and have nowhere to tell.

   Dealing with Treasures: 1 If he is always dejected and you must continue to support him, please leave him; if he does not really care about you and only depends on your feelings, please leave him!

   2 If you really love him, then test whether he has a sense of responsibility and accept his feelings when the answer is satisfactory.

   Temptation D: The same-sex confidant who does n’t share the same taste, do n’t think that he can take the balance beam of the sexes at all times. The most difficult thing to grasp in the world is the friendship of the opposite sex. If you want to develop it into the fourth relationship, it ‘s more than friendship.Point, a little less than love, the result is always to make themselves up and down.

Generally, if a friend of the opposite sex has reached the point where he has nothing to say and is accompanied by a feeling of interdependence, you should seriously consider whether he is a fake friend and pursues the truth?

For him, this relationship can go forward and back, attack and defend. If you can’t bear your temper, you may fall into his trap.

   Coping Scriptures: Admit to many men that common interests and hobbies are not enough to transform everything to help you.

If you find it inappropriate to develop each other, you should deliberately downplay your friendship and let him know that you have treated him as an outsider.

Otherwise, this friendship will one day affect your feelings, making it difficult for you to extricate yourself.

Regular moxibustion Zusanlijian walks like flying

Regular moxibustion Zusanlijian walks like flying

According to legend, during the Tokugawa period in Japan, the three generations of the Edo Manbei family were over a hundred years old.

General Tokugawa asked why, and Wan Bing replied: “My family’s ancestral moxibustion at Zusanli Point was performed continuously for 8 days at the beginning of each month.

“During the Tokugawa period, the Japanese government has incorporated sanli moxibustion into the government’s measures for healthy people and advocated treatment for all people.

So far in Japan, there are still proverbs such as “Don’t moxibustion with a person who walks three miles” and “travel moxibustion while walking, walking like a fly”.

  In fact, the moxibustion method was passed down by hypertension. The Tang Dynasty famous doctor Sun Simiao’s “Thousands of Gold Essentials” stated: “If you want to be safe, you don’t always do it.

“It means that the Zusanli acupoints are often kept moist, that is, the moxibustion of Zusanli is often performed, and a small blisters and scabs appear at the acupuncture points for a long time to form residual traces.

This is what is called today “the healing of tibia marks”, which is a summary of experience derived from ancient people in long-term practice.

Sun Simiao himself often used this method. He was still alive and well in his old age, and he was very energetic and lived to be a hundred years old.

Many medical practitioners of current generations also regard health care moxibustion as a major event in their lives and regularly perform moxibustion.

  The Zusanli acupoint is an important acupoint of the “Fuyangming Stomach Meridian”, which is located three inches below the outer knee eye, and a horizontal finger on the outer side of the upper anterior condyle.

A large number of acupuncture clinical practices in ancient and modern times have confirmed that Zusanli is an important acupuncture point that can cause various diseases and strengthen the body.

It has the functions of conditioning the spleen and stomach, replenishing qi and invigorating qi, activating collaterals, relieving wind and dampness, and relieving evil.

Modern medical research has confirmed that stimulating Zusanli can regulate intestinal peristalsis and gastric acid secretion, increase the number of white blood cells and enhance its phagocytosis, and improve the body’s immune resistance.

Long-term moxibustion of Zusanli can also reduce blood lipids and blood viscosity, and prevent vascular sclerosis and stroke.

  The specific treatment method of Zusanli is: knead moxa (the moxa is removed from its outer wrapping paper) into a cone of moxa or soybeans, put it on the acupoint, and gently touch the point with the incenseWhen Ai is about to burn out and the skin feels hot, press it quickly, while using the left thumb, index finger, and middle finger to massage around the acupuncture points to reduce pain.

Every time 3-5 strong (炷).

As long as the moxibustion is performed once, it will not feel too painful.

After the initial treatment, the skin will become darker, harder, and scabby, and the next time moxibustion will be performed on the hard palate.

If there are blisters, you can block the discharged liquid and moxibustion; if the scalp skin is replaced, you can cover it with a dressing and wait for moxibustion after scabbing.

This method is called “wound scar therapy”, and it is an alternative method of testing.

When applying, pay attention to disinfection and keep the local dry and clean to prevent infection.

In addition, you can also use the “Miao Article Moxibustion” method to ignite Miao Article (sold in a pharmacy), and aim your head at Zusanli Point. The distance is 10-15 minutes each time the skin feels warm.

There is also the most perfect stimulation method, which is to insert the thumb into the acupuncture point and rub it until there is a local feeling of soreness and fever.

  Moxibustion Zusanli is insisting.

If regular moxibustion can be achieved, and long-term unremitting, you will definitely receive physical fitness and longevity.