How to identify children with autism, these symptoms should be noted


How to identify children with autism, these symptoms should be noted

Children with autism are significantly different from normal babies.

The following scenario describes the most obvious difference between a normal baby and a baby with autism, which can lead to a baby’s autism tendency.

Once you find that your baby is performing abnormally, be sure to seek medical attention as soon as possible and implement early intervention as soon as possible.

For children with autism, the sooner the earlier the intervention is, the better the effect is. Therefore, early identification of autism is very important.

As soon as I discovered autism, my baby would have more hope for normal life.

Social and Interpersonal Relationship Disorders Description 1 Normal baby: A baby who is less than half a year will look at the face of others, showing an expectation and a happy mood for the teasing and intimacy of others.

About half a year old, the baby begins to recognize, showing that he is unwilling to be separated from Mommy or a close guardian. If a stranger is close, he will cry or show obvious dissatisfaction.

Autistic baby: The baby will not look at the mother’s face, and no one will smile; when the mother feeds the baby, the body will not be close to the mother; when the mother reaches for the baby, she will not pose in a welcoming position, and the eyes will not face the hug.His people, who do not respond to the teasing and intimacy of others, do not care about the attachment behavior of parents who do not have normal babies, and when parents come or go.

Rarely crying, never sticking to people, usually more than a normal baby accidentally “squatting”.

Description 2 Normal baby: After the age of one, the baby always follows the parents or other close guardians like a small shadow, imitating their movements, and actively communicates with people with eyes, movements and simple words.

Adults will be comforted if they encounter difficulties or feel uncomfortable and have a bad mood.

Autistic baby: The baby has no attachment to his parents. He does not feel cringe when he gets along with strangers. He does not know how to communicate with others. If you encounter difficulties or feel uncomfortable, you may not be indifferent or know how to ask for help.

Description 3 Normal Baby: Two-year-old babies are full of energy around them. They are passionate about all kinds of fun games and activities. They are rich in content when playing toys and games, and they have learned to follow the rules of the game when playing with other children.
Autistic baby: The baby is indifferent to everything that happens around, likes to be alone, does not play with children; does not know how to play with toys, does not follow the rules of the game, just plays in his own unique way, for some objects that are not toysVery obsessed, especially like monotonous, repetitive movements, very sensitive to the position of the items, do not like any form of change.

If someone tries to change him, it will be very annoying.

Sometimes I want to communicate with children, but I don’t know how to communicate.

For example, you may suddenly run to shoot someone, hit someone or swear, and then leave if you have nothing to do.

His behavior seems meaningless.

Speech and communication barrier description 1 Normal baby: Before the baby understands the words, he already knows how to communicate with people by sound, movement, expression, etc. It is like being hungry, sleepy, uncomfortable, and will cry through differentSound to express your wishes.

The baby is happy and will be giggling.

Mothers who have been with the baby for a long time can judge the baby’s needs based on these differences.

When the baby is older, he can understand a lot of words and start to learn English.

Autistic Baby: Your baby’s understanding of language is difficult and there is no desire to communicate with others.

By the age of the school, there is still no one to learn to speak.

Description 2 Normal baby: Two or three years old baby has already said a lot, and knows how to use the language to communicate and communicate effectively with the surrounding people.

For some sentences that I have never heard before, I will be very interested and like to imitate.

Autistic baby: The baby’s language development is obviously slow, and there is often no response to other people’s questions.

Even talking, and not actively talking to people, but often say that some do not know where to learn, similar to reciting TV commercials and so on.

But presumably speaking, I don’t understand the true meaning of the language he speaks, and I don’t know how to use them in certain situations.

They often use inappropriate words, can’t distinguish between you and me, or repeat the same sentence repeatedly, the language is boring, and there is very little communication and communication, which makes people feel unintelligible.

Cognitive and Perceptual Disorder Description 1 Normal baby: The baby is full of curiosity about all new things, likes to keep asking questions, exploring, like to watch it, and loves toys more, can play a lot of tricks with toys, size, shape,Colors, seasons, etc. have a preliminary understanding, and have a certain understanding of the relationship between many concepts and concepts.

Autistic baby: The baby is not interested in games, toys, etc., but shows other special substitutions for other things, such as wheels, pots and pans, etc. The living habits are the same, some insist on sitting in a fixed position.Stick to the same chair, take a fixed route, play a fixed toy, and once his level is disrupted, he will be very annoyed.

The various concepts that are difficult to understand do not know how to combine freely and flexibly apply various concepts.

Most of them are mentally retarded, but some babies have extraordinary memories of numbers, dates, place names, routes, etc. They are very sensitive to music. They can quickly master the playing skills of pianos, keyboards and other musical instruments, and become so-called “idiot scholars” in the future.

Description 2 Normal baby: When the baby is very small, it will respond normally to sound, light, taste, pain and so on.

For example, if you hear your mother’s voice, you will turn your head and look for it; if you see a brightly colored item, you will follow your eyes.

Autistic Baby: Your baby’s perception of sound, light, taste, pain, etc. is easy to go to two extremes: either too sensitive or too dull, showing a special substitution for a certain feeling or a strong reaction to a certain feeling.

For example, some babies often walk back and forth, turn circles, repeatedly jump, swing their heads, and repeat the same movement without bothering; some babies are particularly sensitive to sound, and when they hear a certain sound, they will be very scared; some babies feel painful.Slow, often self-injury and so on.

Four sexes and five flavors that you can’t help but know about health

“Four sexes and five flavors” that you can’t help but know about health

Traditional Chinese medicine has always said that ‘food and food homology’, food and Chinese medicine are the same origin, there is no absolute dividing line between the two.
Like traditional Chinese medicine, foods such as grains, vegetables, fruits, and animals also have four and five flavors.
鈽?What is four sex?
鈽?Chinese medicine according to the body’s reaction after eating the food, the food is divided into four, also known as four gas, that is, cold, cool, warm, hot four, cold and heat bias is not obvious flat.
If the body has a fever after eating, the feeling is warm, and the feeling of coolness is cold.
Eating should be different throughout the year.
Spring food is cold, summer cold, to raise Yang.
The autumn food is warm, and the winter food is hot to nourish the yin.
In addition, for your own physique, choosing different foods will greatly benefit your health.
People with a hot constitution are not suitable for eating hot fruits, so as to avoid the body “fueling on the fire.”
01 cold food Cold and cool foods have the effects of clearing heat, detoxification, purging fire, cooling blood, nourishing yin, suitable for people with hot constitution and heat symptoms.
Common cold foods include glutinous rice, mung beans, melon, tomatoes, apples, pears, crabs, duck blood, honeysuckle, bitter gourd tea, etc.
02 warm food warm and hot foods are more moderate, cold, yang, fire, etc., suitable for cold constitution, cold symptoms.
Common warm foods include lamb, chestnut, glutinous rice, coriander, pepper, lychee, longan, carrot, leeks, etc. 03 flat foods are relatively flat, and can be used regardless of cold or heat syndrome, suitable for general constitution.
Flat foods are mostly general nutrition and health products, such as rice, noodles, soybeans, hawthorn, radish, apples, milk, etc.
鈽?What is five flavors?
鈽?Five flavors refer to the five flavors of sour, bitter, sweet, spicy and salty. In addition to the five flavors, there are light and astringent flavors.
Master the different functions of the five flavors of food, according to the constitution, reasonable diet, health is more square.
Different tastes of food have different effects on the human body. Generally speaking, Xin enters the lungs, enters the spleen, sours into the liver, bitters into the heart, and enters the kidneys.
Liver disease avoids pungent taste, lung disease avoids bitterness, heart and kidney disease avoids salty taste, spleen, stomach disease avoids acidity.
01 Xinwei Foods Xinwei food has the effect of spreading, can carry out the qi, pass the blood, can chill and pass through the meridian.
For those who feel cold outside, it is advisable to eat spicy ginger, scallion, basil, etc.; 02 sweet food, sweet food can reconcile the spleen and stomach, replenish qi and blood, relieve pain, but eat too much sweets and easy to gain weight, especially diabetics should not eat more.
03 sour food sour food has astringent, solid effect, can increase appetite, spleen appetite.
If you are too tired to eat too much, you can eat hawthorn, stomach and digestion.
04 bitter foods Bitter foods have the effects of clearing heat, reducing fire, detoxification, and removing troubles. They are often used to treat fever and dampness.
Bitter melon, tea, wine, vinegar, orange peel, lily, etc. are common bitter foods.
05 savory foods Savoury foods can be soft and firm, and diarrhea and laxative, such as the sea with a soft and firming effect.
Other common foods are salt, seaweed, sea bream, sea cucumber, pig blood, pork, etc.
Tip: Each food corresponds to different “sex” and “taste”. When you are in health, you should combine the “sex” and “taste” of your food, as well as your own body to eat. Otherwise, you should eat improperly.

How to make children lose weight without reducing strength?


How to make children lose weight without reducing strength?

How can young people not only lose weight but also reduce their strength?

Nutritional weight loss is the best way: it can promote the degradation of adults in the body without affecting the growth and development of adolescents.

銆€銆€Scientific research has confirmed that vitamin BT is a nutrient that can effectively promote the slight burning and degradation of the body. The lack of vitamin BT in the human body is one of the important causes of mild metabolic dysfunction and obesity. Vitamin B supplementation does not affect the body’s other nutrients.The absorption is the safest weight loss nutrient.

銆€銆€Adolescents are in the stage of growth and development. Losing weight while losing weight is a basic principle for young people to lose weight.

Force refers to the combined level of muscle burst, muscle endurance and rest.

In fact, power is power.

More popular, it is the “Jinger” that people often say.

銆€銆€Some teenagers experience dizziness and fatigue during weight loss. These are due to some incorrect weight loss methods.

Most of the general weight loss products on the market achieve the purpose of weight loss through diarrhea and appetite suppression. They are easy to rebound, and the lack of nutrition in the brain and the body can easily lead to the above-mentioned dizziness and fatigue.

銆€銆€Adolescents who lose weight without losing weight must ensure that the protein, inorganic salts and vitamins are over-substituted.

Protein heat energy is not high, but also the basic constituents of bones, muscles, skin, etc. It is also the main component of enzymes, hormones and antibodies.

Many vitamins are involved in metabolism, especially thermal energy metabolism, and the lack of inorganic salts can cause disorders in the body’s environment.

銆€銆€The diarrhea and appetite-reducing methods mentioned above lead to a serious shortage of protein, inorganic salts and vitamins in the diet, which is why adolescents feel dizzy and weak during weight loss.

Does the same room during cervical erosion treatment affect the body?


Does the same room during cervical erosion treatment affect the body?

Can you have sex during cervical erosion treatment?

Experts pointed out that because the emergence of cervical erosion has a certain relationship with sexual life, and sexual life during treatment, it may aggravate cervical erosion.

Therefore, it is generally recommended that you do not have sex during treatment.

Normal, hygienic sex life in the clinic will not cause any harm to women, because normal semen has certain sterilization and disinfection effects, and women’s vagina also has self-cleaning and self-cleaning effect.

If the man carefully cleans the external genitalia before each sexual intercourse, the bacteria will not have the opportunity to invade the vagina.

On the contrary, if you do not pay attention to cleanliness when you are sexually active, the bacteria will invade the vagina and you will have the opportunity to increase your wife’s reproductive genital metabolism.

More importantly, women who are married after childbirth or abortion can cause different degrees of cervical laceration.

Although the cracks are sometimes small, they did not cause any symptoms at the time, but opened the door to invasion of the bacteria. If the cervical smashed sex life, if not pay attention, it will cause inflammation in the future.

Due to the stimulation of inflammation, local secretions increase, and long-term prolongation of cervical cancer causes erosion within the inflammatory secretions.

In addition, some surgical or gynecological diseases after marriage, treatment, such as abortion, diagnostic curettage, cervical dilation, etc., may also cause cervical damage and inflammation.

Some women are very hygienic, but lack the necessary knowledge, often with oral concentration of disinfectant solution to wash the vagina, the results are often counterproductive.

Because these usually affect the growth of the normal vaginal flora, inhibit the inhibition of the role of the bacteria, can also cause different degrees of cervical epithelial damage, and eventually erosion.

Cervical erosion is not difficult to treat, mild can be replaced by vaginal medicine under the guidance of gynecologists, moderate and severe, if you do not consider re-fertility, laser, electric ironing, the effect is very good.

Furniture decontamination tips


Furniture decontamination tips

Decontamination Tips for Furniture 鈼?Tea stained furniture is stained with dust. It can be wiped with gauze wrapped with slightly wet tea leaves, or scrubbed with a dry cloth dampened with cold tea to make the furniture particularly bright and bright.

But after wiping the furniture with tea, remember to wipe the tea clean with a slightly damp rag with clear water.

Because tea usually has tea stains, the residue on the surface of the paint will affect the original color of the furniture.

銆€銆€鈼?Milk If the milk is out of date, don’t drink it, don’t throw it away, you can use it to maintain the furniture.

Use a clean rag to soak it in the milk, then use this rag to wipe the wooden furniture such as the table to remove the dirt.

Finally, remember to wipe it again with water, otherwise there will be milk residue in the milk.

This method is suitable for a variety of leather, lacquer, marble and other furniture.

銆€銆€鈼?Take about 1400 ml of light beer and boil. Add 14 g of sugar and 28 g of beeswax. Stir well and mix well.

When the mixture is cooled, wipe it with a soft cloth and wipe the wood. After the stains are wiped clean, wipe off the residue with water and dry with a soft dry cloth.

銆€銆€鈼?White vinegar is mixed with white vinegar and hot water in a ratio of 1:1 to gently wipe the stain on the surface of the furniture. If the stain is difficult to remove, let the vinegar water stay on the smudge surface, and then wipe it with a soft cloth.
Because acetic acid softens the dirt and separates it from the furniture surface.

This method is suitable for the maintenance of mahogany furniture, as well as other furniture that is contaminated by ink stains.

銆€銆€鈼廔f the lemon is polished or the varnished woodware is accidentally burnt by hot heat, you can use a lemon slice or a rag with lemon juice, then wipe it with a soft cloth soaked in water.Finally, dry it with a dry soft cloth and restore the original light.

銆€銆€鈼?The white paint on the surface of the toothpaste furniture will be yellow for a long time, not only looks old, but also feels very unsettled.

You can use a rag to apply toothpaste or toothpaste gently. Using the bleaching effect of the toothpaste, the color of the furniture paint can turn yellow.

However, do not rub hard when wiping, because the friction agent in the toothpaste powder will rub the paint off, which will damage the surface of the furniture.

(鈼?Stir the egg yolk, wipe it on the furniture, and wipe it with a dry cloth.) 鈼?Egg whites have been around for a long time. There are several dirt on the white leather sofa at home, which is particularly stubborn and some people have headaches.

At this time, you can take a proper amount of egg white, use cotton cloth to extract, and repeatedly wipe the dirty surface of leather products such as leather sofas.

This method is particularly effective for the cleaning of leather products, and the egg white has a certain polishing effect, and the leather will have an original luster after use.

What causes the attachment inflammation? What is the attachment inflammation?


What causes the attachment inflammation? What is the attachment inflammation?

What are the causes of attachment inflammation?

The attachment exists between the ovary and the fallopian tube and is adjacent to the uterus. Therefore, if complications occur, it is caused by the whole body, and the incidence of attachment inflammation in married women is high, which is harmful to women.

So what is the primary cause of the incidence of female attachment inflammation?

How to treat attachment inflammation?

Let’s take a look at the specific details!

Causes of the incidence of female attachment inflammation 1, unclean sex life infection on the attachment inflammation, a large part of the reason is caused by unclean sex life, bacteria will be brought into the vagina, and finally infection, leading to vaginitisAn ascending infection occurs, causing attachment inflammation.

Cause 2, menstrual period of women with menstrual period is the worst time for the body’s disease resistance. If you do not pay attention to prevention during menstruation, it will cause various diseases, then the bacteria will be brought into the vagina through sexual life, and infection through the reproductive tract.To the fallopian tube, pelvic ovary, causing infection.

Cause 3, iatrogenic infection If the hospital is not distanced when the woman is undergoing surgery, the equipment used in the operation is unsanitary, which will cause infection.

Cause 4, excessive vaginal cleansing Many women use a variety of drugs for vulva cleaning, if repeated washing with these washings, it will be destroyed by the vaginal acid and alkali environment, easily infected with the bacteria, and finally infected with attachment inflammation.

Reason 5: Women who are sedentary for a long time sit for a long time, wear tight pants for a long time, and the genitals are not breathable, which can easily cause attachment inflammation.

Because of long-term sedentary, it will cause the metabolism of the lower body to be affected, the blood circulation will be blocked, the toxins will not be excreted in time, and finally the germs will be caused, causing the occurrence of accessory inflammation.

How to treat attachment inflammation?

1, drug treatment annex inflammation can not be underestimated, the direct method is to use drug treatment.

If the symptoms are mild, the method of vaginal medicine can be used, and the effect is good; if the symptoms are serious, antibiotics should be used, such as penicillin and metronidazole.

In addition, it is also possible to perform corresponding treatment by intramuscular injection of placental tissue fluid, placental globulin, and the like.

2, surgical treatment of annex inflammation is more serious, may cause hydrosalpinx or fallopian tube ovarian cysts, this situation requires surgery to treat.

In addition, if the complications are still recurrent after drug treatment, the patient is suffering, and the age is relatively large, surgery should also be considered.

3, physical therapy through the warm benign stimulation of the pelvic blood circulation, so as to achieve the purpose of improving inflammation.

Common physical treatment methods include infrared, short-wave, and ultrashort waves.

However, if the patient’s temperature is too high or exceeds 37.

This method cannot be used at 5 degrees or when the patient has genital tuberculosis.

What is the recommended inflammation?

What should I do if I have an attachment?

Female attachment inflammation How to care for postoperative care points of attachment inflammation Be careful!

These 8 types of women are easily “eyeed” by attachments.

Tender model talks about breast enhancement: 30 days to get out of the curve

Tender model talks about breast enhancement: 30 days to get out of the curve

Guide: My face is beautiful and good, but I can only talk to my male friend. There is no further development. The reason is very simple, because I am born to be a flat-chested woman. The chest is just as attractive to men as a flat-panel TV.
Sometimes I feel ironic when I think about it. As a woman, there is no fullness of a woman. It is better to be a man!
Contrast before and after breast enhancement: Wow, I want to touch one by myself.
銆€銆€However, I am not as good as transgender.
So I have the idea of breast enhancement.
Fortunately, God cares for me. After my efforts, my chest has finally made a lot of achievements. In 30 days, I have a full curve. I have a gorgeous transformation, and I am full of it.
The iron buddies who used to hang on with me have looked at me with a stunning look. They called “Big Bomei” and never looked at me as a “brother.”
Click to view the process of Dabomei gorgeous transformation >>> I just started to make up my mind that I still can’t show my breasts and worry about other people’s jokes.
Just like a headless fly like a headless fly.
I heard people say that this method of breast enhancement is good, that breast enhancement method is wonderful, I am happy that the deer is used indiscriminately, but the effect is often unsatisfactory.
Later, I heard people say that the development of a woman’s chest has a great connection with food.
The breast is a fat-rich tissue. In addition to congenital inheritance and the size of the endocrine and left breasts, it is especially important to eat some foods that help stimulate endocrine and accelerate breast fat formation.
Food breast enhancement, it is too slow!
銆€銆€So, I started to eat some protein-rich foods, such as lean meat, eggs, pig’s trotters and other breasts.
I eat an egg every day, and every meal is essential.
In addition, I will also use papaya as a fruit to eat. Papaya can be breast-fed and everyone is familiar with it.
After all, it is a diet, the effect is very slow, three months passed, the bust only rose.
5CM, the weight is also bullish, very tangled.
Breast enhancement method is not effective, how to quickly breast enlargement >>> But okay, finally let me find a breast enhancement product that suits me, and realize the desire to be a “big” woman.
Red wine wood Melon soup was found on the Internet. I saw that many netizens used this product. I specially bought it and tried it and found that I was lucky.
The main ingredients of this breast enhancement product are papaya and red wine, which are nourishing pure natural plant essence.
Provides essential nutrients for breast development, enhances estrogen secretion, and allows the breasts to develop twice as fast and become full and round.
See how the red wine papaya soup achieves the second degree of breast development>>>Good fresh packaging!
Red wine papaya soup gives the breast a second chance to develop. Within a few days, the product has been received, then start my breast enhancement journey!
I will drink a few cups every day when I take the time.
I am very satisfied with this product, so after a week of drinking soup, the chest has a feeling of swelling and fever, which is similar to the development of adolescent chest.
After a month, my chest has increased by nearly 2 cups!
杩涘畼缃戞煡鐪嬬孩閰掓湪鐡滄堡涓轰粈涔堣兘鎷ユ湁杩欎箞绁炴晥鐨勪赴鑳告晥鏋?>>涓€涓湀锛屽氨寮€濮嬫湁鏁堟灉浜嗗憿銆€銆€鍒板悗闈㈡晥鏋滃氨鏇存槑鏄句簡锛屽枬姹ゆ湡闂达紝鑳搁儴鈥滆弓韫弓鈥濆氨澶ц捣鏉ヤ簡锛岃€屼笖The breasts continue to swell and feel very good, just like constantly stuffing fat into the chest, and seeing it grow up every day.
In the two months or so, it has increased 3 cups, even if you don’t wear underwear, it is quite high, not inferior to the actress who bursts milk.
2涓湀鏃堕棿锛岀┛浣庤兏锛屼篃鑳芥尯璧锋潵浜嗗摝銆€銆€鐪嬪埌鎴戞垚鍔熶赴鍑虹櫧瀚╃殑D鏉紝鐩镐俊鑳稿皬鐨凪M閮借穬璺冩璇曞惂锛岃鏄濡逛滑鐩镐俊鎴戯紝瑙夊緱鎴戠殑鏂规硶鍙鐨勮瘽锛屼篃涓嶅ΘCome and try, you can also achieve a full dream.
See more netizens’ successful breast enhancement cases, teach you to create a full and attractive chest>>>Feng chest success, little sexy, O(鈭鈭?O~~

Twelve simple health techniques


Twelve simple health techniques

Combs: All kinds of combs or fingers above, combing dozens to 100 times a day, with the effect of massaging the scalp, refreshing the brain, it is also very helpful for vision and hearing.

Taming the drum: Press the palms against the ears for a few seconds, then quickly disengage. This method can vibrate the eardrum and slow down the degeneration of the ear sockets. When you are free, you can often massage your ears without squatting, picking, and exposing various techniques.Headache, motion sickness and many other discomforts, people with weak constitution often massage their ears and even prevent colds.

Blinking: Looking for the soft part of the hand, rubbing the eyes, around the eyes, promoting blood circulation around the eyes, can be eye-catching, refreshing, and also have a cosmetic effect.

Pinching the nose: often rubbing the Yingxiang points on both sides of the nose with two index fingers, or kneading on the nose, can promote the sense of smell, reduce the chance of nasal allergies or respiratory infections.

Dental caries: tooth-to-tooth squeaking, or empty teeth biting, can prevent dental caries and periodontal disease and other oral problems; this method can promote facial muscle activity, make the cheeks rich, prevent the sag of the eyes.

Swallowing: Close the mouth and make a few mouthfuls, then swallow the saliva.

When human saliva is not exposed to air oxidation, it does not produce odor, but has a sweet taste.

Saliva contains many digestive enzymes and nutrients, and it often helps digestion.

Turn neck, shrug: The shoulder and neck have important blood vessels of the spine and many complications. They often turn around, shrug their shoulders, help the muscles to work, and the chance of cerebrovascular disease in old age will be greatly reduced.

Dry rub: use a palm or a dry towel to rub a few times on the face. Excessively exposed parts can also be rubbed with this method, which helps the skin to circulate and moisturize the skin.

Pat the shoulder: the left hand naturally shoots the right shoulder, the right hand shoots the left shoulder alternately, and the palm can be used to alternately beat the legs.

Turning the waist: The right hand bends down to the left toe, and gets up. The left hand is reduced to the right toe, and the rotation is repeated.

Fist: The hands are relaxed after the grip, repeated several times, similarly when standing upright or sitting.

Step on the toes: press the left toe on the right heel and the right toe on the left heel, alternating several times.

The highest law of Chinese tradition is the life of the world, eight kinds of life wisdom, you have to make up quickly


The highest law of Chinese tradition is the life of the world, eight kinds of life wisdom, you have to make up quickly

The Tao Te Ching is said to have been written by Lao Tzu. The book has only 5,235 words and is called “five thousand words” by later generations.

Laozi, whose real name is Li Er, was the founder of the Taoist school in the Spring and Autumn Period. He used five thousand Chinese characters to cover the universe, including the aspects of self-cultivation, governance, military, health and other aspects, and his insights were brilliant and influenced by later generations and even foreign thinkers.Admired.

What Lao Tzu admires is inaction, and advocating is the resilience. It advocates ideas such as the goodness of the water and the blessing of the evil.

Even today, thousands of years later, it has a profound impact on our lives and our thoughts.

Later generations believe that the realm proposed by Laozi is the most beautiful life aspiration.

The essence of his thoughts is basically included in the Tao Te Ching. Scholars of all ages realize that there is a lot of integration. In summary, at least ten kinds are the most important to learn. If you master these ten kinds of great wisdom, you will have a life.The attitude will reach a new height of praise: 1. If you are good at water, you will be good at everything.

The people at the highest level are just water, silently nourishing all things, but never paying attention to compensation.

So water is the source of life.

Water has no fixed shape and is best at taking advantage of the trend.

The key point here is: no matter what, naturally, 鈥?2, the song is full, the 鏋?is straight, the 娲?is profit, the 鏁?is new, the less is, the more confusing.

This is basically to promote the committee’s grievances and keep a low profile for people; 3, hold and profit, not as good as it is; sturdy and sharp, can not be long-term protection; gold and jade full house, can not be kept; rich and arrogant, self-sufficient.

This is the law of Laozi advocated by Laozi, which means that people should not be sharp-minded, but should be good at Tibetan mastiffs and advocate “returning to the sea and widening the sky”; 4, knowing the wisdom of the people, knowing the people.

The winner is powerful and the winner is strong.

Those who are contented are rich, and those who are strong are aspiring.

I only know that the shortcomings of others are called wisdom. I know that my shortcomings are brilliant, and that people are self-aware. Many occasions are not reluctant.

The greatest enemy of man is himself. The person who can overcome his own talent is the most powerful person. 5, the picture is difficult to be easy, it is greater than its fineness; the hard things in the world must be done in the easy; the great things in the world must be made in fine.

This is the expert “careful”, starting from a young age, “do not accumulate no steps to a thousand miles”, means that people can not be high and far-reaching, to be down-to-earth to be successful; 6, a total of one hub in the 1930s, when it is not, there is a car.

I think that when it is not, it has a device.

The shovel is used as a room, when it is not, there is room for it.

Therefore, it is thought that it is useless.

This is actually a practical theory, just like a bucket can hold water, because the bucket is hollow. If it is a solid bucket, then it can’t be loaded with anything and become useless waste; thus, it means that people are expensive and empty.Is this statement of the image of the argument;

7, the misfortunes of the blessings, the blessings of the blessings.

This is not the so-called “fatalism”, or warns us to learn to dialectically analyze problems, see the possibilities from failure, and see the crisis in success, that is, the transformation of “potential”, which can be grasped in time.That is, the possibility of death, and the vigilance of being prepared for danger in times of peace, so that it can be guided by the situation, not to be defeated; 8, and the big grievances, there will be resentment.

Can you be good?

Take the sage to the left and not the person.

This should be the most difficult thing to do. The so-called “no responsibility” is the essence of this sentence.

People, when they are in a weak state, can easily forgive others. When they are on a strong side, it is easy to blame others and even aggressive.

In fact, it is to educate us to always be willing to forgive the heart of benevolence and justice.

The above eight kinds of great wisdom that are human beings are the essence of our Chinese cultural tradition. We can see that we still exist and improve them in a targeted way, which will greatly help our own life.

“Kidney deficiency” do not make up for yourself

However, as more and more “aphrodisiac, kidney-reinforcing” products are found to have exposure to large doses of active ingredients of western medicine, health products and proprietary Chinese medicines to nourish kidney and impotence, there are many factors causing sexual dysfunction, such as prostatitis and diabetes.High blood pressure, high blood fat, etc. Sexual dysfunction is often the first manifestation of these diseases. It is not difficult to cure sexual dysfunction, and it will delay the treatment of the primary disease, causing serious consequences.
  ”Kidney deficiency” is only a factor of sexual dysfunction in Chinese medicine. Even if it is “kidney deficiency”, it is divided into “kidney yin deficiency” and “kidney yang deficiency”. Of course, the medication used in treatment is also different, and in the course of treatment.The doctor also needs to adjust the treatment according to the patient’s disease.
These people of knowledge are difficult to master, and they can easily treat kidneys and impotence to treat impotence, which not only wastes money but also delays the treatment of diseases.
  Relevant experts stressed that whether it is to choose Chinese medicine treatment or Western medical treatment, we must choose a regular medical institution for treatment and treatment under the guidance of a qualified doctor.