Prescription for treating dysmenorrhea is effective

Prescription for treating dysmenorrhea is effective

For female friends with dysmenorrhea, “that” pain is a lingering nightmare every month.

The treatment of dysmenorrhea also needs to be differentiated according to the type of dysmenorrhea. Traditional Chinese medicine divides dysmenorrhea into the following types according to the cause: 1. Types of cold condensing qi and stagnation of blood stasis: abdominal pain or cold pain during menstruation before or during menstruationTenderness, menstrual flow, or poor menstruation.

Should take “Yueyueshutongjingbao granules” with Wenjing Huayu Liqi analgesic effect.

  2, Yang deficiency and cold type: the lower abdomen likes warmth and warmth, and the warmth and pain are reduced, the menstrual flow is light, the waist is soft, the legs and feet are not warm, and the urine is clear and long.

  3. Weakness of qi and blood: pain in the lower abdomen during menstrual period, less menstrual flow, pale color, thinness, fatigue, yellowish complexion, poor appetite, stool diarrhea, etc.

  4, liver and kidney deficiency: 1-2 days after menstruation clean, waist, knees and legs soft, abdominal pain and discomfort, or hot flashes, dizziness and tinnitus.

  According to a survey of implants for young women aged 14-28, up to 88% of women in this age group have dysmenorrhea, menstrual irregularities, abdominal distension, low back pain and other infiltrations. The most common painful menstruation is due to coldDysmenorrhea due to qi stagnation and blood stasis.

The survey data also showed that due to the high psychological pressure, sedentary blood circulation became worse, menstrual blood did not work well, and cold food was the main cause.

In addition, menstrual hypertension, easy to be affected by wind, cold, dampness and cold, can easily cause dysmenorrhea.

In response to the above problems, experts remind everyone that it is best to perform the corresponding treatment after the doctor has confirmed the diagnosis, and do not take medicine blindly.

The computer keyboard is a dump!

5 minutes to teach you how to sterilize and clean the keyboard

The computer keyboard is a dump!
5 minutes to teach you how to sterilize and clean the keyboard

It’s no exaggeration to say that a computer keyboard is a dump.

According to statistics, computer keyboard garbage generally accumulates at an average rate of 2 grams per month, and there are also a large number of bacteria that are not visible to the naked eye.

If it is placed in the hospital’s inspection center for bacterial sampling and analysis, the bacterial count results after one day are: home keyboard: 100 per ml; office keyboard: 1000 per ml, which is dirty than the toilet!

If you accidentally apply these bacteria to your face and food, the results are unpredictable.

Here is a good way to sterilize and clean the keyboard.

  Step 1 Gently wipe the surface tools: Be sure to cut off the power completely before cleaning with a dry paper towel or glasses cloth, whether it is a desktop computer or a notebook.

Then use a dry paper towel or glasses cloth to wipe the dust off the surface, remember to be gentle, rubbing too hard will cause scratches on the treated keyboard and display surface, scratches will be more likely to hide dirt and bacteria in the future.

  Step 2 Optimize the overall tool: Lotion or wet paper towels are best if you have a special computer cleaner. If not, a lotion will come in handy.

Clean lotion often contains alcohol. Use it to gently wipe the keyboard, display, battery slot, USB interface and other parts, which is clean and convenient, and leaves a lingering aftertaste after wiping.

But remember not to go too far to prevent damage to the electronic components.

If it’s troublesome, a wet tissue is also a good choice because it’s as soft as a cloth and often contains alcohol.

  Sweep the keyboard tool in this way: The brush will buckle the keyboard upside down and pat it gently, and the dust in the surface layer will fall out.

After that, keep it upside down, insert a brush in one direction with a soft-bristled brush, and most of the dust will come out.

There are special hair brushes for cleaning electronic components. You can also use makeup brushes or oil brushes, but pay attention to the brushes themselves.

  Step 4 Wipe the gap deeply: Use a cotton swab to soak the cotton swab in alcohol, and clean the socket, battery slot, and other small corners.

It should be noted that these parts should be more careful, because there are exposed parts commonly known as “gold fingers”. Excessive alcohol can hurt them.

So you can shake or stop for half a minute after dipping into alcohol.

  Method 5 Secondary cleaning of double-safety tools: hair dryer The hair dryer is used to blow away the residual dust or incidental items left during the cleaning process, and it can also dry the remaining small amount of moisture, but remember that you must not use high heat,The correct step is to perform a second mild sterilization with a mild low temperature gear, and then change to the cold wind gear with the maximum power.

Moxibustion Ginger Moxibustion The Most Authentic

Moxibustion Ginger Moxibustion The Most Authentic

After entering the ambush, several major Chinese hospitals are implementing the “Three Volt Patches for Winter Diseases and Summer Treatment” to treat some diseases that are prone to occur in winter.Qi, the best way to achieve winter disease and summer treatment.

Among them, “San Fu Moxibustion” and “Ginger Moxibustion” have the best effect.

  The application time should be remembered that the “three-volt therapy” originated in the Qin and Han Dynasties. It is said to be the first preventive medical method in the world., Promote blood flow, clear the meridians, in order to achieve the effect of body conditioning.

  The three-volt moxibustion is performed for a short time, which is three days each year for the first, middle, and last periods.

This year’s first volt is July 18th, the second volt is July 28th, the third volt is August 7th, and the strong volt is August 17th.

  Among the most authentic “three-volt moxibustion” of ginger-separated moxibustion, “separated ginger-moxibustion + plaster” is the most traditional therapy.

Ginger-blocking medicines are easy to penetrate, stimulate the acupoint effect to overlap the curative effect, and exert the true effect of San Fu therapy.

  Ginger moxibustion plus medicated patch generally takes 30-40 minutes.

Prepare them beforehand, and select the selected ginger to cut into slices of similar thickness.

Separate ginger tablets to ignite moxibustion and apply the medicine when the moxibustion is exhausted. Only in this way is the three-volt moxibustion defined by distance.

  It is particularly prominent. As a treatment for chronic diseases, three-volt therapy generally requires three courses of treatment, that is, three consecutive summers must complete the treatment of initial, middle, and three-volts on time.

Some hospitals have also launched intensive moxibustion and Sanjiu moxibustion in winter to consolidate the curative effect.

Want quality sleep to learn to get out of sleep misunderstanding

Want quality sleep to learn to get out of sleep misunderstanding

The “3: 1” rule of healthy sleep sleeps less in the first 3 days. As long as you go to bed earlier in the 4th day, you can replace the sleep impedance in the previous 3 days.

But the next day still has to get up at a fixed time, or get up 2 hours later than usual.

  If you want to sleep well all night, you should usually be exposed to the sun, so that the body secretes more melatonin at night, and even sleepiness.

In addition, pay attention to diet, for example, at least 4 to 6 hours before going to bed, and do not drink coffee.

Wake up before bedtime or in the middle of the night, don’t smoke, because the twisting effect of nicotine is similar to caffeine, which can make people excited and sober.

Don’t watch TV or mobile phone before bedtime, keep away from sound and light stimulation.

  Get out of sleep misunderstanding Misunderstanding 1: Drinking alcohol can help sleep is the opposite.

Although Huangtang had drowsiness soon, when he slept in the middle of the night, alcohol was metabolized in the body, but some people were awake abnormally, and they felt headache, nausea, and more difficult to fall asleep again.

Drinking alcohol with sleeping pills will aggravate the side effects of sleeping pills, inhibit breathing, and risk of suffocation and death.

  Misunderstanding 2: 8 hours of sleep each day. The length of sleep varies from person to person.

Sufficient sleep and good mental health during the day are important indicators.

  Misunderstanding 3: Sleeping before 11pm This misunderstanding makes many people who suffer from insomnia worry more.

In fact, sleep medicine specialists work regularly, not an objective time, especially getting up at a fixed time every day is more important than going to bed at a fixed time.

  Experts point out that wake-up time is the focus of adjusting the physiological clock.

Insomniacs can force themselves to be exposed to the morning sun, before about 7 in the summer and before about 8 in the winter.

At this time, the sunlight has a sufficient blue spectrum, which helps to adjust the disordered physiological clock.

  Myth 4: Exercise at night can help sleep studies show that regular exercise is an effective way to increase deep sleep.

However, the American Sleep Medicine Association reminds that exercise time too close to bedtime will make people’s core body temperature rise, but it is more difficult to fall asleep.

The Medical Association also recommends that to avoid aerobic exercise 1 to 2 hours before falling asleep, you can use light compression or yoga.

  Myth 5: I usually do n’t sleep enough on the weekends and then sleep. Many office workers stay in bed as soon as they get to the weekend and get up after noon.

Be careful, the more you sleep, the more tired.

Xu Chongyao pointed out that the time to get up on weekends cannot be two hours later than usual, otherwise it will affect the physiological clock.

Complete respiratory organs

Complete respiratory organs

You may think that it is difficult to breathe. You have not breathed more than ten million times since you were born. Why should you learn to breathe?

That ‘s right, you are breathing instinctively and unconsciously. Such exhalation and inhalation only use 1/3 of the lung capacity, and under the lungs there is a long, stagnant, depressed gas. Over time,People can easily become debilitated.

If you think about it, every time you run or exercise intensely, you breathe in a big mouth, and your whole head becomes sober and your whole body feels lighter. This is why the exhaust gas in the body is discharged.

  Yoga breathing method combines abdominal breathing and chest breathing.

This is a complete method of breathing that will keep you awake and calm.

You may be uncomfortable at first, but after many exercises, you will naturally get used to yoga breathing in your daily life.

  Yoga Breathing Abdominal Breathing 1. Relax your body and lie on your back.

  2. Put one hand gently on the belly button.

  3. Inhale, absorb the air to the abdomen without passing through the lungs.

You will feel your hands slightly lifted by the abdomen.

  4. Exhale, retract the abdomen inward to the spine, and exhale the air by contracting the abdomen.

  Breathe chest 1, sit on your back or sit upright 2, and inhale, draw air into your lungs.

You will notice the bulging of the retina, and the deeper you inhale, the more the abdomen will gain towards the spine.

  3. Exhale. When you exhale, the ribs will gradually come down and inward.

  Fully (Yoga) Breath 1, first inhale gently to the position of the abdomen, when this area is full, then start to fill the position of the lower half of your own area, and gradually refill it to the top of some areasAt the half position, try to fill the tibia and expand it to the maximum extent.

  2. Exhale, relax the tibia first, and relax the abdomen.

  3. End the exhalation by contracting the abdominal muscles.

This is to ensure that the air in the lungs has been completely expelled.

  4. Repeat the above actions, so the cycle.

Endometriosis what to eat, recommend four diets


Endometriosis what to eat, recommend four diets

Endometriosis is a chronic illness involving countless women. Besides distance therapy, can we still regulate the body in some way and reduce the pain?

Today we will share a few practical endometriosis diet formulas to help you stay away from illness as soon as possible.

Therapeutic side of endometriosis 1, rose flower soup[material]rose 15g, brown sugar right amount.

[Practice]Wash the rose flowers, add 150ml of water to the pot, simmer to 100ml, slag and juice, add brown sugar and saute.

Warm drink, 1 time a day.

2, fungus soup[material]black fungus 15g, brown sugar right amount.

[practice]black fungus, brown sugar together with water 500ml boiled food.

Take 2 times, 1 dose per day.

3, jade candle pork soup[material]Chuanxiong 12g, angelica 10g, rose flower 5g, fragrant attached 6g, lean pork 200g, cooking wine, salt, pepper, MSG, chopped green onion.

[practice]cut lean pork, boil with boiling water, to float and suffocate; Chuanxiong, angelica, fragrant, rose cloth with rose cloth.

Pork pieces and medicine packs are put into the pot together, add water, cooking wine, salt, pepper, boil for 1h with simmer. After the meat is cooked, remove the medicine pack, add MSG, chopped green onion for 10 minutes, then serve and drink soup.Eat meat.

4, egg Chuanxiong[ingredients]2 eggs, Chuanxiong 9g.

[Usage]The above two materials are added with water 600ml and fried. After the egg is cooked, remove the shell and boil it slightly. Add the rice wine and eat the egg soup.

The service was started on the 3rd day before menstruation, 1 dose per day, and even 5 days for a course of treatment.

The above diets must be consulted. If you have any questions, please consult a professional doctor.

Women want beauty to eat meat, men want to grow fresh


Women want beauty to eat meat, men want to grow fresh

“Women eat more meat, men eat more fresh” actually refers to the two elements of iron and zinc.

According to the “Chinese residents’ supplementary nutrient reference intake” introduced by the Chinese Nutrition Society in 2000, adult women should take 20 mg of iron and 11 per day.

5 mg, aged males, should be supplemented with iron 15 mg and zinc 15 mg per day.

Both are relatively easy to cause obesity: women need more iron, and men need more zinc.

銆€銆€Why is this?

It is only possible to find answers to the physiological characteristics of women and men.

Absolutely male and female, the basic loss of iron per day is about zero.

8 mg.

But in addition, women still have to lose some iron.

Women of childbearing age lose a portion of iron (the iron is mainly found in the hemoglobin of the blood) through menstrual blood loss every month.

The individual blood loss of each woman’s menstrual blood loss, most people’s blood loss is 30-40 ml, a daily menstrual cycle 28 days, the average daily loss of iron is about 0.

56 mg.

In other words, women lose more iron than men every day.

56 mg.
銆€銆€There are many foods containing too much iron, such as meat, viscera, egg yolk, certain vegetables (such as spinach, fungus), but other foods (including animal liver and blood products), including all plant-basedThe iron in food and eggs is hard to be absorbed by the body, and the absorption rate is reduced by 5%, and many are only about 1%.

Meat not only has a high absorption rate of iron (about 20%), but also promotes the absorption of iron in other foods (such as vegetables), so it has an irreplaceable significance for ensuring iron nutrition.

Therefore, women should have a sufficient amount of meat in their diet, especially red meat (lean pork, beef, lamb, etc.).

According to the recommendations of the Chinese Nutrition Society’s Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents 2007, adult women must eat at least 2 meats (live meat, poultry, fish and seafood) every day.

銆€銆€The situation of zinc is more complicated than iron.

Zinc in the body is mainly excreted by feces, and urine, sweat, hair, skin, etc. also excrete or lose a portion of zinc.

Men are estimated to lose 1 per day by the above route.

4 mg of zinc, women lose 1 per day.

0 mg.

In particular, the amount of zinc lost in semen by male ejaculation is about zero.

63 mg.

Moreover, zinc deficiency affects male sexual function.

Therefore, men should consume more zinc than women.

銆€銆€Zinc-rich foods include aquatic products (especially shellfish, such as oysters, shrimps, etc.), red meat, viscera, nuts and whole grains.

Among them, oyster oysters are recognized as the most zinc-containing foods. Eating shellfish is the best way to supplement zinc.