At this moment, Ming Cheng frowned suddenly and said lightly,There is still no expression on his face。

First0390Zhang embarrassed
“Little things?”
Li Qianhui frowned,Turned around and glanced at Ming Cheng,See him tight,I couldn’t help but wonder,When did Mr. Ming come out with such a bragging person??
“Niche,This brother is?”Li Qianhui turned around and asked Chongmo Xiaosheng who was puzzled。
“Oh,Brother Li,This is a good brother I accidentally met!”Mo Xiaosheng said with a hurried smile,“Ming Cheng,Brother Ming!Learning martial arts since childhood,Kung fu!”
Li Qianhui frowned,Took a look at Mingcheng,It turned out to be a martial artist,No wonder,Courageous!
“Ming brothers,You just said this is a trivial matter?Say so,You have a way to settle this young Master Sun?”Li Qianhui frowned and said。
“Didn’t you just say that he is in charge of the land??”Mingcheng asked。
“Not bad,Offend him,Don’t say we can’t grant the land in the capital,Land across the country,I am afraid it will be difficult to approve,Company development must be limited……”
Li Qianhui couldn’t help shaking his head and smiling,Any company,If there is no construction land to expand the scale and project,Then I’ll be imprisoned to death。
“Then easy,I make a call,So that he can honestly approve the land!”Ming Cheng has a little thought,Shen Sheng。
“Make a call?”Li Qianhui looked him up and down,Puzzled:“Who can you call?Did you know that Sun Dong is the number one in the land??”

But the action team instructors are also very human,Rich experience in hunting mutants,So although the two aquatic instructors cannot effectively kill the giant sandworm,But after a while,They are familiar with the sandworm attack,It’s easier to deal with,Just because I have to be distracted to protect the newcomers,They are still struggling。

When Gan Yifan accidentally brought another sandworm over,They are also anxious,But in a hurry,Can’t deal with it。
And when Wu Heng was bitten by a sandworm,They all thought Wu Heng was going to finish,But I didn’t expect that thin and tall private soldier had the ability of fire,I didn’t even think that I could repel the sandworms。
Neither Shuixing instructor recognizes Gan Yifan,But at this moment, we asked him to come and help。
Gan Yifan passed,There are two instructors to assume the main force,He is not under pressure,Seizing the opportunity to go up is a punch,There is a skin on the sandworm body that is not extinguished。
Two punches,Three punches,Sandworms can’t stand to bite back,Gan Yifan avoids flexibly,Then I saw the sandworm plunge into the sand。
Gan Yifan was also lying on the sand for the first time,I heard the rustling from underground and going into the lake。
He was relieved,Waiting to get up but saw a sandworm rushing by the lake,There is also a piece of black skin on this sandworm,Obviously the sandworm that he burned before。
At this moment,Huang Kai finally arrived,Use popular ability while running,Whirlwind,Strands of yellow sand swirling and attacking sandworms。
but……Doesn’t seem to be of much use。
Giant sandworm meat,Chubby,Rough skin and thick flesh,Even bullets have limited damage to them,Huang Kai uses wind energy to drive yellow sand attack……It’s incomparable to the power of bullets,Can only delay the speed of sandworms。
Two Shuixing instructors greeted us,One of the instructors greeted Wu Heng,Let him hurry up and take the others back to the camp,Seems to be planning to call Gan Yifan’s help,I guess I saw Gan Yifan drag Wu Heng,No exit。
Huang Kai spoke。
“Gan Yifan,Don’t you go,Your alien fire is lethal to sand worms,Help us kill the sandworms。”Finish talking to Gan Yifan,But then went on:“Haoheng,You go to escort others back to the camp,be careful。”
So Heng comes like the wind,Speak insincerely“Be careful”,Take other people to the camp。
“Why am i so upset!”Wu Heng did not leave,Glance Huang Kai,Staring at Haoheng’s back and muttering。

Gilneas has left the group,The Trollbane family in Stromgarde is caught in the quagmire of power murder,Alterac is marginalized,Stormwind City is full of bags in the sky,Quel’Thalas’ internal cleaning has reached its climax。

in“justice”The power of declining is now,The worst alliance is also more important than the disintegrated independent kingship。
Maybe let alone or even lead Thrall to do something,Might not be a viable option。
Carlos stuck in a spiral labyrinth of thought,Haven’t realized“fate”Terrible,His choice is more and more similar to the one chosen by the bronze dragon“the best”the future of。
Quel Tiras’ fleet is still floating at sea,The crisis in Silithus is temporarily lifted,The army of night elves also began to shrink back to defense。
After all, for the night elves,Qiraji people are big trouble,But not the only trouble。
Sartre,Never made the watchman safe。
Maiev.After Shadowsong determined that Silithus did not need her and his watchmen sisters,Immediately turn around and prepare to go to Felwood to stifle the latest conspiracy to kill Bihuo Sartre。
This was originally the job of the Cenarion Circle,But the Moon God Scythe reappeared after many years,Put the druids in big trouble,The biggest trouble with the Cenarion Circle is Malfurion’s pampering with Tyrande.。
Gallod.Shadowsong leaves without saying goodbye at the peak of glory,The leadership of the night elves has essentially fallen into the hands of Malfurion and Tyrande.,After the sunstriders and those arcane followers sailed across the ocean,The night elves society at this time is essentially a****System。
Maiev.Shadowsong thought Tyrande was a good priest and not a good leader ten thousand years ago,Ten thousand years later, she still thinks so。
But Malfurion is a competent leader。
As long as Malfurion can wipe Tyrande’s innocence,,Maiev.Yingge is not going to argue with the couple。
Even though Felwood’s troubles weren’t in her plan。
and so,Maiev.Shadowsong after the crisis in Silithus was temporarily lifted,Did not return to the Warden’s Dungeon in the Damaged Islands in the first time。
So I missed the best time to slash Gu’gall。

“What do you think about it?”

“Met me,Their winning streak is about to end!”
“But you were defeated by him before.”
Defeat Nima!
The one who beat me before was melon,It’s not Xu Xuan!
Jennings is not willing to admit that he was defeated by Xu Xuan.!
That’s the lore of melon,It has nothing to do with Xu Xuan!
“Brandon,For what Xu Xuan got before61Historical record,what do you want to say?”
What about Nima!
61There is a hanging!
“I want to tell him,inNBAScore is not everything!A person who can only score cannot be a great weapon!”
“Brandon,Are you jealous?”
Are you jealous of Nima?!
Lao Tzu is telling you the truth!
Make sense,Jennings is still jealous。
Or it’s not just jealous anymore,He is a little angry!

and,First grade,Represents only six to seven years old,Cultivate to the realm of soul master in the first grade,This has never happened in the history of Notting Junior Soul Master Academy。not to mention,His martial soul also seems unheard of。

chapter Ten Yan Ling Ji shot
Xiao Chenyu’s father is the lord of Notting City,This is why he dares to be so arrogant。for him,As long as you are not too overwhelmed,Even the teacher rarely cares about him。
I have watched my father’s various behaviors in officialdom since I was a child,He has a somewhat official atmosphere,So first I thought of Zhao Ming’s background。
His father used to exhort、Wan Zha,in this world,Some big families can never offend。They are even scarier than the imperial royal family。The royal family still cares about face issues,But those big families don’t need it at all。Annoyed them,What brings is the disaster of extinction。
“You are really a working student?”Xiao Chenyu couldn’t help asking。
Zhao Ming nodded lightly。In his opinion,Just subdue Xiao Chenyu,There will be less trouble at Notting College in the future。Not only can solve the problem of being bullied by working-study students。on the other hand,You can also establish your own prestige。“Do it。”
Arrow on the string,Had to send。For Xiao Chenyu,If you retire at this time,In the future, my prestige in front of my little brother will be greatly reduced。and so,No matter what the opposite is from,He has to bite the bullet and rush up。
But he still kept his eyes on。Even if I defeated this first-year working student,Can’t hurt him。otherwise,Even if the other person is just an ordinary person。The teachers in the college won’t let him go。
before,Those people don’t care。That’s because the people they bullied don’t deserve their offense.。And the person in front of you,Too genius。If there is something wrong with him,,Those guys won’t give themselves face。
Xiao Chenyu is the second person Zhao Ming fights。The first time with Hu Liena。At that time,Flame Lingji finishes Khulena on attributes,This allowed Zhao Ming to accidentally defeat Hu Liena, who was already twenty-one.。otherwise,Just change to another great soul master,Zhao Ming is absolutely dead。
Zhao Ming actually learned from the system mouth,The true strength of Yan Lingji is probably only about level 16 to level 17.。

“child,What i told you today,I just want you to understand him more,Understand his work,What’s the matter for mutual understanding,I know you are a good and reasonable boy,No matter what he did,What did you say,Don’t be arrogant,You are a couple who truly love each other,No doubt about this,Such a big difficulty didn’t separate your hearts,Description,You are connected by blood a long time ago,If he bullies you,You tell mom,I teach him!In short,Do not expose the conflict between you to outsiders,Especially those who are afraid that the world will not be chaotic。I believe you will use each other’s love,Each other’s mind to tolerate each other,What i said,Can you understand mom?”

Ding Yi held her mother’s hand,Except for the two words called mother,There seems to be many things that cannot be said to her old man。After her foot injury,After the old man knew,I called myself several times to ask about the injury,Even though they don’t know about her and Jiang Fan,But presumably Min Rui’s old man had guessed something from her move to go home to live with her foot injury,And her wrist、Jiang Fan’s arm injury,And the fight with Jiang Fan in the study just now,May have been observed by my mother。Otherwise, mother won’t say these things。
Mother saw her not talking,Just said again:“child,If you think what mom said makes sense,You just listen,If you think what mom said is not right to your heart,Or mother doesn’t understand the situation,What he said is biased,You treat it differently,Again,Taking advantage of your age,Have a baby this morning,Once you have a child,Some small conflicts between husband and wife are not a problem,A lot of things will naturally be let go,because,Nothing is more important than children,Child is heaven,Is all。”
Ding Yi hugged his mother’s arm and said:“mom,I don’t want,I want,Also worked hard……”
Mama Jiang heard Ding Yi say so,And quickly comforted her:“Don’t worry,The more anxious,Maybe the more difficult it is,Actively strive for,Treat calmly,You still have time,Blame me for being confused。”
Ding Yi felt,Mother must be from the recent signs that Jiang Fan came back alone,Or what he felt in his words,Otherwise, if you just persuade yourself to have children,,She wouldn’t say that,Facts proved,Did Ding Yi haven’t worked hard,These Jiang Yan knows,Jiang Yan also knows,Jiang Yan knows her mother must know,She just borrowed the topic of children,Persuading her not to argue with Jiang Fan,Take care of the overall situation。
Mom is right,But the problem is not so simple,It’s not that she understands or understands something as simple as him,But there are some things she can’t tell her mother,Can’t even admit the current contradiction with Jiang Fan,To worry about the elderly like that,This is what she doesn’t want to see。Even if one day she and Jiang Fan really come to an end,She also hopes that the elderly will be affected as little as possible。
Mother Jiang breathed a sigh of relief,She picked up another piece of watermelon,Hand it to her。
Ding Yi took it,Ate the watermelon,I tied a small piece with a toothpick,Hand it to mother Jiang’s mouth,Mother Jiang happily ate it in one bite。
“Is Xiaofan still awake??”
“Yes。He drank a lot of wine with my brother last night,Maybe I didn’t sleep last night.。”
“Did he sleep well last night? You don’t know?”
“This one……”Ding Yi was suddenly asked,She thought about it:“If he works late,Just slept in the study,He can’t bear to wake me up。”

Shu Qing didn’t say anything,Pick up chopsticks and prepare to eat。Wen Qingxuan said:“Sometimes the dialect of a place,Also represents a cultural symbol。”

Peng Changyi quickly took over Wen Qingxuan’s words:“Just,No need to be correct。”
Shu Qing smiled,Said:“If it’s another job, you don’t have to deliberately change it,But not for the lecturer,If you don’t speak well, it will affect your listening。”
Peng Changyi glanced at the teacher,The teacher lowered his head and pretended to be okay。Peng Changyi thinks that Mr. Jin must have betrayed him,Why else Shu Qing change her pronunciation now?
After breakfast,Peng Changyi accompanied Teacher Jin and Shu Qing to the VIP reception room,Shu Qing went back to the room to go。
Lv Hua come in,He looked at the watch and said:“Secretary Peng,The host is over there,Professor Shu and I will go there first,She wants to connect the computer to the multimedia in advance。”
Teacher Jin said:“Let’s go,Let’s go over。”
At this moment,Shu Qing came in with a laptop bag,She put on the same suit when she came。
Peng Changyi and the others are on their way to the lecture hall,I saw all kinds of vehicles coming to the meeting crowded Kangzhou Avenue,Congested at the entrance of China Railway Group。The traffic police are easing the command。Peng Changyi and their cars also followed behind them in。To the lounge of the lecture hall,All team members except Zhu Guoqing on business trip,All attend,And waiting in the lounge in advance for a piece of admission。
After Shu Qing took out the computer,Give it to Lu Hua,Lu Hua handed it over to a staff member,She followed this staff member to the rostrum of the venue,Wen Qingxuan is already waiting for her at the podium。With the help of staff,Shu Qing quickly connected the equipment and finished debugging。
everything’s ready,There are still two minutes before the formal meeting,Peng Changyi led all members of the team and Mr. Jin filed into the venue,Sitting in the first row of seats under the rostrum。On the podium,Just sitting with Shu Qing and Wen Qingxuan。
Wen Qingxuan presided over the meeting,He blew the microphone gently with his fingers,Said:“Meeting below。”
Huge venue,Immediately silent,Cameras in different positions started to light up red indicators。
Wen Qingxuan first briefly introduced to the participants the significance of the Provincial Party Committee’s organization of this clean government promotion mission,Then I introduced the speaker Shu Qing,This has officially entered the topic,His introduction took three minutes。

Qin Liang praised Liu Xiaoyun again,By these few words,Sad,The dull atmosphere eased。Liu Xiaoyun finally calmed down,Her current mood is very complicated,Everything is different from her imagination……She always thought she was the father of a heinous villain,Suddenly becomes“Nice guy”Up!At least in her mind“hero”Standard,And it also seems to fit

Qin Liang’s standard of good people!
“Xiaoyun,I think you should be proud,Such a father and mother,We all admire,Really!”
Murong Shan stroked Liu Xiaoyun’s hair and said。
Liu Xiaoyun hesitated,This was a soft promise。
“My name is Shen Ruoxue,Is Xiaoyun’s best friend,Xiaoyun is my father and mother’s goddaughter,Then I am your goddaughter,father,mom,Hello!”
Shen Ruoxue came out,Said openly。
“Oh,Koyuki,you……you’re good too!”
Shen Ruoxue’s actions,The accident of Liu Xiaoyun’s parents,So both of them look at a loss。
“I know you,Shen Ruoxue!You are the youngest beautiful girl general!You are a little Mulan,Neighbors in the neighborhood praise you so much。”
Liu Xiaoyun’s mother suddenly added a few more words……It seems that Shen Ruoxue is really a household name now“superstar”Up。
“Xiaoyun is also Xiaohua Mulan,And these two sisters are,We won the battle together。Oh,And my senior sister!”
Shen Ruoxue said with a smile。
Shen Ruoxue said this on purpose,She thinks the same as Qin Liang,Just relax,Depressive atmosphere。
“Xiaoyun,Now Xiaoxue is your father,Mom’s daughter,What are you doing?Don’t you recognize your dad??I can tell you,Hurry up if you want to recognize it,Otherwise, I’ll take him to drink later。”

A peaceful night passed。

This night,Whether it’s right“Skin monkey”Say,Still for the special forces,Are rare,Can rest well,A good night’s sleep。
morning,The special forces who have been up a long time ago were chatting together in twos and threes,Director Huang sent someone to notify Liu Xiaoyun;Said it was that one“false”The police car was found……Ask Liu Xiaoyun if they want to take a look at the scene in person。
Liu Xiaoyun will naturally not refuse,So she and Yang Shiyun,plum,Qin Liang,Shen Ruoxue,Li Qiaoer,Li Yaxin,Swallow,Yang Zhi followed Director Huang to the scene where the police car was found。
Yang Zhi didn’t have to go,But he volunteered and insisted on going,Everyone knows;Where Shen Ruoxue goes,How could it not go without him“accompany,Escort”What?So everyone doesn’t say anything,Let him do whatever he wants。
That mysterious police car,Was found in a river。
Obviously,Rescued“Skin monkey”Those two people,Carry“Skin monkey”Fled here,Then take advantage of the night,Pushed the car down the river,Then left quietly。The car was accidentally discovered by a few old people who woke up and walked in the morning!This is a beautiful scenic area for development,But fewer people,If it weren’t for these old people who happened to come here by accident,If I happened to run to the river to see the scenery,That this police car,Say
When will it be discovered?。
When Liu Xiaoyun arrived at the scene,,The police car has been lifted from the river by a crane。
“Ugh……The method of eliminating traces is very professional,The water soaked in the car,There will be no traces left in the car。”
When Meizi saw that police car,Just sighed。
“Don’t be impatient,Let’s take a closer look,I believe there will always be clues left。”
Yang Shiyun encouraged。
So the reconnaissance of this police car started immediately,But it’s like Meizi said,After the car was washed by water,No clues……
“It seems that even if we find this car,It’s still useless。”
Meizi said disappointedly。
“Do not,At least we can know two things。the first;Is this car a real police car?。second;Where did this police car come from。”
Yang Shiyun said calmly。

Black Tiger is a little disturbed:“king,Do you want me to come and see。”

“No need to!”
Xia Chenglong believes in women,Also believe in my own judgment,They just talk about old things,Not doing things against them。
What’s more, even if the black tiger is gone, it has no effect,Because remove the woman,That iron man is also a strong man into the holy realm。
Some headache,It would be great if Sobin City could have such a foundation。
Zhao Shaojiu’s reliance is Mo Qilin and the three puppets so powerful that they can enter the holy realm,Otherwise without Xia Chenglong。
During this time he can observe those iron tools,pretty shocked,The level of detail of these things is almost the same as the ones made by the military machines,Even better。
a decade ago,One person is from Xihai,He is a very talented warrior,The speed of cultivation is very fast,Naturally, many girls like him。
So for a while,The beautiful stories of men and women spread throughout the West Sea。
But not long,The man chose to be a trainer,Gave up being a Xeon,This makes everyone not understand,The woman also secretly married someone else。
Door opens from inside,An’s hand was wrapped with gauze,Leng Jun before was covered with gentleness,The tenderness this time is real。
The ironman picked up his tools again and started to build things,Ignore them。
“I’ll make a bet with you,Hope you help my sword rust。”Xia Chenglong said seriously,The other party did not answer,“I want you to help me remove Jianxiu,But you can’t do it。”
“You go,I will never make another move。”
“You look at the sword first,Then decide if you choose to shoot。”