After the male students stand firm,Zhang Lexuan just reminded me,“Remind everyone,After the male and female students fell into the water,Will be eliminated!”

“right now,You can use any method,What we have to do is to lift the veil of the sea gods,Start with the male student on the far left”
The male student’s mouth crooked when he heard this,Secretly“Turned out to be the first,It must show its glory!”
next moment,He looked at the thirty figures ahead,Shout“Ladies,Let me lift your veil!”
Stop talking,The sixth spirit ring under my feet lit up……
Sixth Spirit Ability,Fiend Fireball!
I saw this male student raised his hands,Above him,A terrifying fireball that reached more than ten meters in length burned……
Immediately thrown at the female students in front……
I saw an extremely large fireball with the extreme heat enveloped the female students……
Zhang Lexuan’s mouth twitched,Is this male student here to kill???
The male student laughed loudly,“Hehe!Immerse yourself in Brother’s might!”
He hasn’t finished speaking yet,I saw that the fifth spirit ability at the feet of a female student opposite was also lit up……
In an instant,A terrifying phoenix that inflamed its flame wings burst out,After the two touch together,The fireball was swallowed instantly……
Huo Yuhao and the three people on the other side all said in shock“Miss Tao!!”
Chapter four hundred and thirteen Roll down(Subscribe)
The most shocking is the male student who uses spirit skills,Astonished“What……what,phoenix………It’s Phoenix!It’s Little Tao!”
The other male students in the inner courtyard who stepped on the water lily were all shocked

“I can’t hold on anymore……”Geng Zhiming’s face flushed,Seems to be trying to maintain something。

“Geng Zhiming?You are awakened?this is……Jiyuan?”Nan Qianyu suddenly understood。
Jiyuan,It refers to the ability of the person with the ability to change the gravity of himself or an object within a certain range to a certain extent。It is clear,The extreme circumstances of the car rushing out of the cliff pushed Geng Zhiming a hand,Let him successfully take the last step of this awakening ability。
Chapter Fourteen Battle of Amsterdam
“Joan, are you ok?”(Joan,Are you OK?)
On Dam Square in the center of Amsterdam,A blond man turned dozens of apocalypse troops(Refers to the Dutch army under the control of Apocalypse,But they are not an army composed of living people brainwashed and controlled,It’s a virtual character created by Tianqi,You can understand them as self-thinkingNPC,The vast majority of inhuman creatures and almost all apocalyptic forces in God’s Domain belong to this type。),Pulled up the red-haired girl who fell on the ground。
“Don’t worry, Lucas, I’m fine. It’s impossible to hurt me with the defeat of these remnants.”(Don’t worry, Lucas,I’m fine。It’s impossible to hurt me with the defeat of these remnants。)Redhead girl stood up,And throw a black ball backhand(Approximately equal to Master Pinga)Blew up the Apocalypse who tried to shoot the blond boy。
“Makes sense. If the opponent does not have any reinforcements, it is only a matter of time before the entire territory of Holland is occupied.”Lucas glanced at the defeated Apocalypse army,“But I always feel that things will not be so simple.”(makes sense。If the opponent doesn’t have any reinforcements,It is only a matter of time before the entire territory of the Netherlands is occupied。But I always feel that things are not that simple。)
“If Apocalypse was so easy to deal with, we would have captured the entire European continent.”(If Apocalypse is so easy to deal with,We have captured the entire European continent long ago。)
What else does Lucas want to say,But suddenly noticed something,Pupils shrink suddenly:
“Get out!”(Get out!)
Lucas pushed Joan away,And behind them,Five sharp teeth more than one metre long rose from the ground。
“Quick reaction!”(Good response speed。)
“Sure enough, the head of the European area of the Apocalypse government, the Duke of Vampires, Brian!”(Really came,Head of Apocalypse Europe,Duke of Vampire,Bryan!)Joan’s face is a bit ugly。

Cannot use Wuhun,Even the attributes of his spirit ring increase have disappeared,It’s impossible to get rid of Jiu Xin Xuetang。

Dugu Bo looked at Xu Sheng’s eyes with a few harsh flashes,Cold road“Kid,What are you going to do now?kill me?”
His Dugubo’s life is determined by his character,Used to death。
Even if it falls into the hands of this kid now,Even if you kill him,Don’t want him to beg for mercy!
Xu Sheng couldn’t help but laugh“Poison Douluo joked,What a bad fight,I can’t help myself,After all, your existence will affect many things”
He felt a bit arrogant at the moment like a villain……
But after Xu Sheng’s dialing,Poison Douluo buried his head thoughtfully……
After lifting again,Seems to think of something terrible,His dark green pupils shrink,Astonished“Compelled?Could it be that……You are not the one who poisoned!But the prince,Xueqinghe!!!”
He got it!
That Xueqinghe,Must be pretended by others,And these two……
Xu Sheng’s face showed a bit of surprise,“Unexpectedly, Senior Dugu guessed it,no way,Need to erase your amnesia”
Dugu Bo guessed an idea,Naturally it is impossible for him to go back with this memory。
Stop talking,The ninth spirit ability under my feet suddenly lights up……


The joy brought by the four-game winning streak doesn’t seem to last long,1month17,The Pacers who challenged the Hornets in an away game lost a bachelor.
It is worth mentioning that,New to this game“Queen bee”Kemba·Walker did not play due to injury,But the team won easily.
no way,Hornets broke out in role players today!
Five people score in double figures,Gerard·Henderson slashed20+4+4。
It’s normal to lose.,The strength of the Pacers is not as strong as expected。
On the contrary, after the Pacers fell behind by a big score,Xu Xuan threw the ultra-long three-pointer in the conversion attack in the garbage time。
Xu Xuan did not expect,His wavecāo)After the game, the work became a talk of the fans。
Look,Even if Xu Xuan is behind by a big score, he didn’t give up,Look,He hit another super long three-pointer,Greatly boosted the morale of the team!
Even if you lose,The Pacers did not lose their momentum!
To know,Even the media praised Xu Xuan’s never-giving up sportsmanship……
Xu Xuan blushed with praise.
The Pacers came out this time for Wulianke。

“But very strange,Naruto。”Sasuke looked at the scene where the five Naruto shadow clones turned into white mist and disappeared.,“Obviously as the leader of the shell organization,But the opponent doesn’t seem to have any combat experience.”

“Ok。”Naruto also nodded and said。
Actually,Naruto’s idea of using a shadow clone to obtain information about Cixian’s battle is quite obvious,But even so,Ci Xian still has nothing to hide。
Really has no combat experience,Or,Ci Xian’s strength is so strong that he doesn’t care about the leakage of his battle information.。
“.It’s really amazing,Sasuke。”Cixian, who fell to the ground from mid-air, looked at Sasuke with appreciative eyes,“Needless to say about the dynamic vision of the wheel eye,More importantly, you have a cool head,Plus the reincarnation eye.Sasuke,There is no need for you to play home games with the idiot Hokage next to you,Do you want to join me。”
“Hey!You guy,Who is an idiot?!”Naruto clenched his fist and retorted at Cixian。
“Humph,forget it,Cixian,Because Naruto is an idiot,That’s why he needs me more。”
“what the hell,Sasuke,You actually think of me that way!”
“.Forget it,In that case,Sasuke Uchiha,It seems I can only kill you here!”When the voice fell, Cixian stretched out his right hand to Sasuke and Naruto standing together。
“Naruto!Flash away!”Sasuke reminded,Two people jump into the air at the same time to dodge。
In the original position where two people were standing,A few black rods are inserted there quietly。
“Thank you,Sasuke。”Naruto said with some lingering fears。

Wang Lianzhi is going crazy for a moment,Everyone knows that Qianqian is her lifeblood,For Qianqian, she can not even kill。

Someone took Qianqian away,And he’s a guy who knows disguise,According to the current situation,There will be no one but Shao。
“Missy,Someone outside wants to see you。”
Everyone took a look,You don’t need to guess who it is。
Zhang Hai walked in from outside,Hands in pockets,Wearing a suit,I don’t see any panic or proud,The whole person is like the real sea,Can’t see emotions。
Men come in,First bow slightly to everyone,Then put the prepared gifts aside,If you don’t know who the other party is at first,I would definitely think he is a young man。
“Good sister,Shao Jiu Hao,My name is Zhang Hai。”
Wang Lianzhi is not interested in men’s greetings,Just staring,Seems to be eating alive。
“Speak directly,Where did you take Qianqian?”Zhao Shaojiu doesn’t want to talk nonsense,Ask the most important questions straightforwardly。
Zhang Hai is not in a hurry,Seems to know that women will ask:“Qianqian is very good,I really like that quirky little girl。”
Taking out the phone from his pocket,put it on the table。
The picture displayed on the screen is exactly what Qianqian looks like sitting on the big bed crying,Even outsiders will be infected by the cry of the little girl,Not to mention Wang Lianzhi as a mother。
“You beasts,Something rushing to me,What kind of ability to kidnap children。”
“Big sister,You think wrong,We did not kidnap Qianqian,Just invited the little princess to play。”Zhang Hai finished,Glanced at everyone,“Say again,As long as Shaojiu promised me a few things,I will definitely send it here, the little princess。”
The man’s words are not finished yet,Mo Qilin and Heihu shot at the same time。
A warrior whose body has been beaten by countless battles,An inheritor of the unicorn arm who stepped into the holy realm,I didn’t get any benefits in the other party’s hands。
Double-sided attack,It is fatal for most people,But Zhang Hai avoided。
Chapter Seventy Five Betting

With Fang Yu’s ability,I can be a teacher for many people。

“Life-long learning!I think you have to be humble……”
Fang Yu looked at Luo Xintong,Sure eyes。
Luo Xintong admires Fang Yu even more。
Not complacent for some achievements。
Fang Yu,Not the kind of superficial person!
First273chapter apologize!
“Zhang He!”
Affiliated hospital。
Doctor Zhang looked at his apprentice,A sigh。
The dean ordered it down,If Zhang He apologizes well,There is still a chance in the future。After all, this is about the face of the affiliated hospital。
There will be no other results。
but,If Zhang He refuses,Then things will become more subtle。
“Master……what happened?”
Zhang He at this time,Don’t know what happened。
He has been watching videos recently,Learn surgery。
Not lazy!
“This video,Did you send it!”

Shen Ruoxue still did not speak,With a drooping face, he turned and ran out first,Wang Linlin changed her clothes back before eating,So I’m seriously leaving now with everyone,He and Liu Xiaoyun joined hands and left。

“Swallow,give it to you,Ha ha。”
Qin Liang smiled bitterly and said to Yanzi。
“I know,I’ll go now,See you soon everyone。”
Yanzi answered with a wry smile,Turned around and left。
“Wakayu,Your baby sister has drooped her face again,I guess if Xiaoyun wasn’t rushing to speak,She was going to fuck me again just now。”
After the swallow is gone,Qin Liang turned his face immediately, and Shen Ruoxi said。
“It’s useless to tell me,At least you dare to talk about her now,I dare not even say her,I’m afraid she will give me a jump in the river and commit suicide again。”
Shen Ruoxi blurted out。
“Wakayu,Never say such things again,In case Xiaoxue hears,That’s too much,You must be more heart-warming。”
Murong Shan immediately reminded Shen Ruoxi。
“Isn’t she not there?,Of course she is here, I dare not say。”
Shen Ruoxi’s awkward answer。
“I have a hasty,How do I think Xiaoxue is now the boss of the Shen family??No one dares to provoke or control,You have to wait on it carefully。”
Qin Liang gloated with emotion。

Lu Yuan knew she didn’t eat in the morning,When the splint was removed in the morning,The doctor pulled her ankle forcibly,It hurts her to sweat,She is already exhausted,The hot potion under the feet,It must also play a hypnotic effect。

But Lu Yuan won’t let her be hungry like this,He woke her up loudly,Said:“Go to bed after eating。”
Ding Yi opened his eyes,She knows that brother hasn’t eaten yet,Just said:“Why don’t you eat?”
Brother said:“What i just said,Your sister-in-law is waiting for me to eat,All right,You eat slowly,I am leaving。After the feet are soaked,Don’t pour the potion,Stay in the basin,Hot at night and then soak,I might come back tonight。”
“do not,do not,do not,Not used at night,I can do it myself。You only come back once a week,Accompany sister-in-law and them。”
Lu Yuan smiled,Say:“I exclude the weekend,The day after tomorrow grows,Can come back halfway。”
Lu Yuan left as he said,He stopped when he reached the door,Turn around and say:“Eh,correct,Did dad call you??”
Ding Yi said:“No,what happened?”
Lu Yuan said:“They are coming back next week。”
Ding Yi pouted and said:“He didn’t call me,I don’t want to tell me about such a big thing,He doesn’t even have me in his eyes,Only you son。”
“Haha。”Lu Yuan laughed,Said:“You are so hypocritical,Mom called last night,You wait,Dad will call you,Haha。”
Lu Yuan smiled and walked out,Until the door closed the door,Ding Yicai recovered。
She laughed too。The reason why dad didn’t come back during the Spring Festival,The purpose is to wait for the expiration of the contract with the school to return home。Ding Yi is very happy that his father is back,Their family can be together again,Happy,She’s a little uneasy,Because her relationship with Jiang Fan is currently in such a state,I don’t know what will happen when Dad knows?
Peng Changyi will graduate soon。
This time,The party school has long stopped arranging students to go out for research,Most of the arranged courses are review content,Some time-consuming graduation thesis has already been arranged。
Peng Changyi knew that Jiang Fan became secretary of the Langzhu Municipal Party Committee or the minister called him to tell him,He called Jiang Fan to congratulate him,Who knew his personal phone was turned off,Peng Changyi sent him a message。
When school is over in the afternoon,Peng Changyi received a call from Jiang Fan,Jiang Fan said that he had seen his message since he turned it on,Considering his class,Didn’t bother him,Know he will be over,Just call him。
Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“Congratulations again,After i heard the news,Especially happy for you。”

Murong Shan said seriously。

“Old sister,What do you think?I don’t care where I go every day,Xiaoxue followed by everyone,Do you think if I have a boyfriend,Can Xiaoxue know??”
Liu Xiaoyun’s awkward answer。
“If she knows it, she will keep it secret for you without telling us。”
Murong Shan said confidently。
“My gosh!Why did you get me up again,What’s up with me?”
I didn’t wait for Liu Xiaoyun to speak,Shen Ruoxue started calling again……
“Did I said wrong thing?What’s wrong with Xiaoyun,You will keep a secret for her,The other way around,Dare you say it’s not like this?”
Murong Shan said to Shen Ruoxue rudely。
“But the problem is that we have no secrets,No secrets?”
Shen Ruoxue retorted confidently。
“Really no secret?”
Murong Shan asked again,But after asking this sentence,She herself frowned,Because she suddenly found out that she seemed to be off topic。
“Really no secret。”
Shen Ruoxue’s decisive answer!Actually there are secrets,Just can’t say it……She and Liu Xiaoyun worked together and have been implementing secretly“Escape plan”,Isn’t that a big secret?!I don’t know how much money these two little girls have secretly accumulated……
Murong Shan looked at Liu Xiaoyun again。
“Really do not have。”
Liu Xiaoyun hurriedly replied with vows。