7 tricks to make you quickly turn white without spending money


7 tricks to make you quickly turn white without spending money

Sad face, always listless Huanglianpo, who would like it?

Just the dullness of the epidermis will make the face look dull and dull, and over time it will become like a “yellow face woman”.

Teach you 7 small methods that can make your skin pale and tender overnight.

  First, wash your face with milk-you can wash your face with milk before dealing with dull complexion.

Milk has a whitening and smoothing effect. Many people’s face becomes smooth immediately after washing, making powdering easier.

But wash your face with milk, use a cleanser to wash the dirt first, and then wash your face with milk after water.

  No makeup for two or six days-Dealing with makeup that is not easy to wear tells us that people who do n’t wear powder on occasions are more likely to apply powder because makeup will prevent the skin pores from breathing and make the skin more dehydrated and roughSo, it’s best to be an “ordinary” person within 6 days, apply lipstick and paint eyebrows, and garnish it.

  Third, professional makeup base makeup skills First, two layers of cotton pads are overlapped, fully drenched in moisturizing lotion.

Then pat the surface of the skin with a breeze.

At this time, the pores are tightened, and the foundation cream will have better adhesion.

After chewing on the cheeks and forehead, apply an appropriate amount of lotion and wait for absorption.

A simple base makeup is done.

  Fourth, the face cream plus vitamin E-to deal with wrinkles If you find that the face cream is not enough moisture, you can add vitamin E oil to the face cream, apply before bedtime.

Because sleeping is a good time for the skin to rest, it is especially easy to absorb the nutrition of the cream, and vitamin E has the effect of reducing wrinkles. It is best to use it one night before the appointment.

  Fifth, the moisturizing mask must be applied before makeup-to deal with dry skin, apply the moisturizing mask once a day. By the fifth day, the skin’s moisture content should become more moist.

Of course, a good moisturizing mask is very important.

  Six, radish juice to acne-to deal with sudden acne. Important acne one day before the appointment is considered unfortunate, but there are also emergency treatment methods: that is not infected with bacteria, you can use hydrogen peroxide to apply to acne, the next day should be able to improve the swelling.
The so-called acne treatment with radish juice is also very effective.

As long as the fresh radish is peeled into juice and applied to the affected area, and washed with water after 15 minutes, once in the morning and evening, it has detoxification and decomposition side effects on acne.

  Seven, lemon wrap my eyes-there are bags under the eyes!

Don’t worry, just use lemon to help you restore the “flatness” of the eyes.

However, remember to immerse the lemon in water for a while before applying it, cover the eyes with gauze, and put two lemons on it for 5 minutes.

Fish Maw turned out to be treasure

Fish Maw turned out to be treasure

In daily life, people often throw away fish maw before eating it, thinking it is waste and has no nutritional value.

Although this is related to local eating habits, it is also related to a little knowledge, which is a pity.

As everyone knows, fish maw is definitely not a waste that can be replaced at will, but a good product with excellent medicine and food.

  Fish maw, also known as fish white, fish maw, and fish gelatin, are organs that control the balance of the fish.

The fish bream mentioned in medicine generally refers to the bream of the big croaker, small croaker, or pheasant Chinese sturgeon, sturgeon, etc.

It has a high protein content of 84.

2%, only 0.

2%, also contains calcium, phosphorus, iron, known as “marine ginseng”.

Fish Maw is not only an ideal tonic high-protein, low-lactose food mediated by nourishing effects, but also a good medicine with important medical effects.

  In the elderly, the use of fish maw for food or medicine has a long history.

In the Tang Dynasty, fish maw became a tribute. In the Qing Dynasty, fish maw was listed as a supplement.

  Chinese medicine believes that the fish soup is sweet and flat, has the effect of nourishing kidney and refining, nourishing tendons, hemostasis, dissipating blood stasis, and swelling.

Using fish maw with Chinese medicine can treat peptic ulcer, tuberculosis, rheumatic heart disease, aplastic anemia and vasculitis.

Taking fish gelatin beads directly has significant effects on neurasthenia, slow spleen in children, menstrual loss, red vaginal discharge, and leakage.

  Modern medical research shows that fish maw such as stonehead fish and moray eel contains a large amount of bio-macromolecule collagen, which is a raw material for human body to supplement and synthesize protein, and is easy to absorb and use.

By combining with substances containing carbohydrate proteins, the body affects the physiological functions of certain specific tissues, thereby promoting the body’s growth and development, enhancing disease resistance, and receiving the effects of delaying aging and resisting cancer.

In vitro tests have shown that fish maw has an inhibitory effect on cellulose growth and a certain anti-suppressive activity against gastric cancer in vitro.

It has also been found that fish bream can promote the secretion of fructose from the seminal vesicles and provide energy for sperm.

Therefore, the use of fish soup with tonic and kidney solid essence drugs can treat male infertility, women’s infertility, migraine, hemorrhoids, convulsions in children, gastric cancer, rectal cancer, and esophageal cancer.

Greedy cup man improves coping with aunt liver

Greedy cup man improves coping with aunt liver

Mr. Zhang, 35 years old, is the company’s public relations manager. He usually meets and has a lot of entertainment. He holds the concept of “every thousand cups of wine per confidant, and one who is drunk to show his true feelings.”In addition, most of them usually use cars to travel, and they have a small amount of exercise. This has been the case for a long time, and they have even grown up a “general belly” early, and have also entered the “three high crowds”.

  With the gradual improvement of living standards, important changes have taken place in the diet structure. Consumption of high-fat, high-cholesterol and high-sugar foods has increased significantly. Overtakers and hyperlipidemia have become more and more.The so-called aunt liver also increased.

At present, adult liver cancer tends to become younger. Urban white-collar workers between the ages of 30 and 40, especially company managers and white-collar workers, because of job opportunities and less physical activity, drive or drive away, have more entertainment, eat abnormally, and have become adultsThe main population of human liver.

  General mild mild liver without obvious discomfort, moderate to severe liver with limb weakness, pain in the right shoulder and back, swelling, unexplained fatigue, dizziness, bitter mouth, dry mouth, bad breath, poor appetite, Abdominal distension after meals, nausea, discomfort in the liver area, stool dryness and thinness.

  Malnutrition, heavy drinking, diabetes, bad eating habits, etc. can cause obese liver, so to prevent it, we must pay attention to a reasonable diet, proper exercise, change the bad lifestyle, and prevent early liver disease.

Once you have it, treat it as soon as possible, quit drinking and restrict food, and often check up.

  A few acupoints related to juvenile livers are recommended. It is okay to massage a lot. Even when watching TV, you can build a healthy line of defense.

  Zusanli — Shugan qi, pass through the menstrual analgesic, strengthen the body and calm down.

  Method: Insert the foot Sanli acupoint with bilateral thumb or index finger.

The fingertips adhere to the skin without moving, and they are gradually pressed from light to heavy.

  Hepatitis points — Dredge the meridians, tonify diarrhea, relieve qi and relieve pain.

  Methods: The lower limbs were flexed and abducted, the thumbs were straightened, the other four fingers were gripped by the interventional part to help, and the thumbs were injected with a 2-inch “Hepatitis Acupoint” in a circular motion.

  Dazhui acupoint — Dredges the meridians, dispels wind and dispels cold, and helps to correct evil.

  Method: Sit down, tilt your head slightly forward, press the thumb and index finger relatively hard, and pick up the skin at the point of Dazhui for intermittent pinching.

  Inside and outside Guan points ——- can pass through the meridians and regulate blood circulation: use one thumb and index finger to aim at the points of Neiguan and Waiguan, and apply force evenly for 5 minutes, so that there is local acidity.Sometimes it can radiate to the fingertips.

  Tips: Aunt ‘s liver has a great relationship with diet structure, and waste of high medicine costs on lipid reduction, it is better to eat more low-fat and low-calorie foods at home, which can fundamentally suppress the accumulation of uncle.

  Calcium in milk can inhibit the activity of cholesterol synthase in the human body and reduce the absorption of cholesterol in the human body.

Kelp is rich in taurine, which can reduce cholesterol in blood and bile. The substitute of sulfide contained in garlic can reduce blood cholesterol and prevent thrombosis. Apple’s rich potassium can excrete excess potassium in the body.Salt to maintain normal blood pressure.

In addition, Chinese medicine, celery, laver, shiitake mushrooms, carrots, hawthorn, figs and other foods often used in Chinese medicine such as wolfberry, kudzu root, and malan can also reduce the fat effect, and those who suffer from liver disease do not hinder their regular diet.

  Greedy cup male: The type of greedy cup that cares for the liver and liver diet therapy side is a type of person who is forced to work and not drink, and often uses drinking as a means to entertain customers. He cannot be alcohol addicted.

But over time, fecal liver and alcoholic liver may also be obtained.

Another type of person is addicted to alcohol, he must drink every alcohol, and he likes the thrill of being drunk.

This is a high-risk group of patients with alcoholic cirrhosis, which can cause serious death.

  Introduce a secret recipe that everyone knows.

  Schisandra congee ingredients: 10 grams of schisandra, 100 grams of rice.

  Method: Rice, Schisandra simmered together.

  Efficacy: Schisandra chinensis can nourish the liver, nourish the kidney, rice has liver-protecting and stomach-protecting effects, and eating after drinking can reduce a lot of alcohol damage to the liver.

Five cheap whitening masks in winter


Five cheap whitening masks in winter

As the saying goes, “one hides ten ugly”, fair skin is envious and longing.

Winter is the best time for whitening. There is no sun exposure and no violent attack from ultraviolet rays. So why don’t we cherish this “face” whitening time?

Finish whitening in the winter season!

  In winter, five whitening masks are recommended: beauty is the ocean ice spring hydrating mask Brand: beauty is the reference price: 10 yuan / sheet Product effect: the new beauty is the ocean ice spring hydrating mask, bringing the refreshing breath of the sea water, letting skin feel the romance of the underwater worldAnd wonderful.

Natural ice spring water contains a variety of trace elements that are beneficial to the skin, which can delay skin aging, improve overall skin quality, maintain the replacement of the epidermis-dermis-connecting layer, can supplement the energy consumed by skin replacement, and promote skin moisture exchange.Effectively hydrates skin, leaving skin hydrated and plump, white as satin.

  Watson’s Bird’s Nest Essence Whitening Mask Brand: Watson’s Reference Price: $ 55 Product Efficacy: Bird’s nest has been an excellent beauty treasure since ancient times, and its characteristics are combined into a cosmetic beauty ingredient refined mask, which is a new skin care favorite for women.

It has the functions of softening and whitening, condensing pores, reducing fine lines, enhancing skin vitality, restoring skin elasticity and adding shine.

  Affordable Materia Medica Quadruple Silk Condensing White Mask Brand: Affordable Materia Medica Reference Price: 79 yuan / 7 tablets Product Function: Each tablet contains 25g of high-concentration essence, intensive care makes the skin plump and soft.

Skin-friendly silk is an excellent moisturizing and brightening ingredient. Combined with sea buckthorn and licorice essence, under the action of “introducing element”, it can directly achieve the amount and brightness enhancement and create a constant humidity environment, lasting softness and brightening the complexion.

Continue to use to improve dry and rough skin, skin is moisturized, white, supple and bright.

  My Beauty Diary Bulgaria White Rose Mask (Clear and Whitening) Brand: My Beauty Diary Reference Price: 7 yuan / 1 tablet Product Effect: Add precious Bulgarian White Rose Pure Dew, with natural soothing, cleansing and moisturizing skin effect, synergistic with licorice, Kiwi fruit extract makes the skin fair, and releases active ingredients to nourish the skin, gently dilute the skin, improve dull and dull skin, and achieve fine, transparent, bright, shiny white skin.

  Limei Red Apple Whitening Sleeping Mask Brand: Limei Reference price: 45 yuan Product efficacy: limi’s unique molecular slow-release technology, which allows the skin to be constantly moisturized and cared for during sleep, and each skin cell is filled with beautiful skinenergy.

The skin-friendly red apple whitening essence can blend and remove the skin’s old horny skin while re-permeating into the skin to transform and exert excellent whitening effect.

Together with the West Indian Cherry Blossom Hydrating Essence, it helps to quickly replenish moisture, make the skin whiter and clearer, and the water is moving.

There is also a sweet apple smell, giving you a happy enjoyment.

Man’s temptation

Man’s temptation

The man’s BMW incense car, villa flowers, tender words, and sadness and blurry can all make a woman be emotional and boots fall into his emotional trap.

To be a happy and autonomous woman, you must know the true face of a man, and use his intelligence and intelligence to deal with his temptations . Seduction: omnipotent intelligence and ability. His charm and distinctiveness really make you fascinated, especially for youPay special attention and praise. He will always pay attention to your needs. When you are troubled by your mother’s illness, he will quietly find the best doctor.

He will take care of all your conveniences in study, work and life.

Unconsciously, you will become dependent on him, some kind: you hint that he wants to get a certain position, you always want to create something, and so on.

With your dreams come true, you have owed him too much affection, and the rest is how you “return”.

   Response Book: For 1’s care for him, ask yourself “why?

“If you can’t find more reasonable explanations, then it is likely that he” liked “you.

Knowing who he is is probably the man you need.

   2 If he knows that you have a relationship, but still cares about you, and hints that he wants to maintain a special relationship with you, then you need to express his affection and loyalty to your husband or boyfriend, intentionally or unintentionally, and use your abilityNot love to repay the benefits he gave you.

   3 If he has sexual demands on you, and this will cause trouble in your relationship, euphemistically reject him and lead to get away, don’t accept his favor in the future.

   Seduction B: The handsome and handsome manners and graceful manners and extraordinary manners of a man with extraordinary looks, and extraordinary talk will always give a woman a good impression, especially when your life is like a calm water, his uniqueness will be different.Bring you unspeakable passion and vitality, you really think you have met Prince Charming.

In the face of his pity, incense and small gifts, you can’t help but feel faint, knowing that he has no expertise in love and it is difficult to extricate himself.

   Coping with the Code: Beware that you are both a playboy and a master of love.

When you are really immersed in the dream of love, he runs away as fast as saying love you.

May wish to accept his flowers occasionally and attend a friend’s party together, but not accept his valuable gifts, let alone accept his sexual requirements.

Remember, when the intellect cannot overcome the temptation, please leave him quickly!

   Seduction C: Griefing and Deep Eyes Sometimes, his sorrow and frustration may confuse you more than his success and glory.

In life, women often use their motherly instincts to understand and accept the weakness of men. This is Nicholas in Angel Passion.

Cage’s gloomy eyes are so attracted to many female movie fans.

Just as crying children attract more attention, men sometimes use their brains to act as melancholy angels.

He would say, “My dear, I really don’t know what it means to live without you.

“This will make us pay without regrets.

Such men often hurt you and have nowhere to tell.

   Dealing with Treasures: 1 If he is always dejected and you must continue to support him, please leave him; if he does not really care about you and only depends on your feelings, please leave him!

   2 If you really love him, then test whether he has a sense of responsibility and accept his feelings when the answer is satisfactory.

   Temptation D: The same-sex confidant who does n’t share the same taste, do n’t think that he can take the balance beam of the sexes at all times. The most difficult thing to grasp in the world is the friendship of the opposite sex. If you want to develop it into the fourth relationship, it ‘s more than friendship.Point, a little less than love, the result is always to make themselves up and down.

Generally, if a friend of the opposite sex has reached the point where he has nothing to say and is accompanied by a feeling of interdependence, you should seriously consider whether he is a fake friend and pursues the truth?

For him, this relationship can go forward and back, attack and defend. If you can’t bear your temper, you may fall into his trap.

   Coping Scriptures: Admit to many men that common interests and hobbies are not enough to transform everything to help you.

If you find it inappropriate to develop each other, you should deliberately downplay your friendship and let him know that you have treated him as an outsider.

Otherwise, this friendship will one day affect your feelings, making it difficult for you to extricate yourself.

Traditional Chinese medicine to grow the way of life: low temperature regimen


Traditional Chinese medicine to grow the way of life: low temperature regimen

As for the method of longevity, people have never known how much they have summed up in the past, but most of them are balanced in diet, moderate in exercise, and psychologically balanced.

In fact, there is still a way to keep health, which is low temperature health.

銆€銆€In the Chinese medicine masterpiece “The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic”, there have been records: “The high is its temperament, and the next is its arrogance.

“It means that the temperature above the ground is lower, and the life of those living there is shorter; while the distance from the ground is lower, the temperature is higher, and the life of people living there is shorter.

銆€銆€At low temperature, metabolism is slow, and aging is slow. Health health net experts introduce the situation. First, when people live in a low temperature environment below 18 掳C, muscle contraction, sweat pores are closed, body water is easier to preserve, and nutrients are introduced into the body.Substances are also easily absorbed, which helps to strengthen the body’s resistance.

In fact, people living in cold areas have reduced activity and consume less, aging is relatively late, and life expectancy is naturally extended.

銆€銆€Chinese medicine believes that low temperature is conducive to the emission of excess regeneration of the body, so that the brain is awake and becomes less depleted by the brain at high temperatures.

In addition, low temperature can protect male organs such as testicles and female vagina from damage at high temperatures.

Studies have shown that people’s normal body temperature is 36 掳 C -37 掳 C, if you can make your body temperature lower than the normal body temperature of 1 掳 C -2 掳 C, the metabolic rate can be reduced, the body’s oxygen consumption will also be reduced, beneficial health.

Does the same room during cervical erosion treatment affect the body?


Does the same room during cervical erosion treatment affect the body?

Can you have sex during cervical erosion treatment?

Experts pointed out that because the emergence of cervical erosion has a certain relationship with sexual life, and sexual life during treatment, it may aggravate cervical erosion.

Therefore, it is generally recommended that you do not have sex during treatment.

Normal, hygienic sex life in the clinic will not cause any harm to women, because normal semen has certain sterilization and disinfection effects, and women’s vagina also has self-cleaning and self-cleaning effect.

If the man carefully cleans the external genitalia before each sexual intercourse, the bacteria will not have the opportunity to invade the vagina.

On the contrary, if you do not pay attention to cleanliness when you are sexually active, the bacteria will invade the vagina and you will have the opportunity to increase your wife’s reproductive genital metabolism.

More importantly, women who are married after childbirth or abortion can cause different degrees of cervical laceration.

Although the cracks are sometimes small, they did not cause any symptoms at the time, but opened the door to invasion of the bacteria. If the cervical smashed sex life, if not pay attention, it will cause inflammation in the future.

Due to the stimulation of inflammation, local secretions increase, and long-term prolongation of cervical cancer causes erosion within the inflammatory secretions.

In addition, some surgical or gynecological diseases after marriage, treatment, such as abortion, diagnostic curettage, cervical dilation, etc., may also cause cervical damage and inflammation.

Some women are very hygienic, but lack the necessary knowledge, often with oral concentration of disinfectant solution to wash the vagina, the results are often counterproductive.

Because these usually affect the growth of the normal vaginal flora, inhibit the inhibition of the role of the bacteria, can also cause different degrees of cervical epithelial damage, and eventually erosion.

Cervical erosion is not difficult to treat, mild can be replaced by vaginal medicine under the guidance of gynecologists, moderate and severe, if you do not consider re-fertility, laser, electric ironing, the effect is very good.