Even now Yang Feng has Abao Entertainment,People are choosing between Shen Huan and him,I will definitely choose Shen Huan。

Because Shen Huan’s film and television resources are very strong。
Behind him is Chu Liuxiang, a mysterious super famous writer,Every book written should be turned into a movie,There is also a TV drama script written specifically,It’s even more popular。
Shen Huan himself is the same,Every song he writes is a classic,Every variety show plan you do can bring huge benefits。
You say such a person,Stars and actors don’t lick their feet,What are they waiting for?
Including has not officially entered the entertainment circle,Students who just went to school and played guest roles,I hope to meet Shen Huan,In the future, there will be opportunities for Shen Huan to remember herself when choosing a role。
But their courage,But it was inadvertently blocked by Yang Kaixin and Yang Feng。
A group of people are so anxious。
If I missed this opportunity,God knows when there will be a suitable opportunity to talk to Shen Huan。
Yang Feng didn’t know,I became a villain who blocked stars and students。
He chatted with Shen Huan very happily。
“Zhang Huawei told me,Let me prepare funds and various equipment for him as soon as possible。”Yang Fengdao,“As soon as you get your script,He will form a team soon,While studying the script,While choosing actors,Strive to get in early,Start early。”

“what?it is good,it is good!”

Chu Fan repeatedly agreed,Get up from the ground in a panic。
“Xiao Yuan,What are you doing,It’s so easy to get people here,Why do you want to put it again!how,Are you just sneaking around with ordinary people??”
Yuan Jinshu was rather angry and shouted to Yuan He coldly,“I tell you,If you don’t give me a reasonable explanation today,I will never go!”
Yuan He almost knelt on the ground when he heard this,Crying without tears,It’s a personal order!
If this is a big deal,Known by the big figures of the National Committee and the Military Commission,Then he is completely finished!
Yuan He cast a look at Hu Fan as if he hurriedly asked for help,With plea in his eyes。
Hu Fan frowned and frowned,A little thought,Hurriedly beckoned to Yuan He,Signal Yuan Hyuk to go out,Yuan He didn’t dare to delay the slightest,Hurriedly followed out。
“**,You can save me this time!”
Yuan He grabbed Hu Fan’s hand,There were faint tears in a pair of weather-beaten eyes,Sweep away the arrogant expression that did not put Hu Fan in his eyes before,The tone is earnest。
“Old Yuan,I’m not talking about you,What are you doing?,Can’t you tell me in advance?Good now,Doesn’t this poke the big basket?!”
Hu Fan seized the opportunity and scolded Yuan He severely。
“Yes Yes,It’s all my fault,my fault,Please help me think of a solution!”
Yuan He said eagerly,“The most urgent thing is to find a way to invite Yuan Yuan out,Otherwise, our military intelligence department has to be implicated,**,You help me!”

Haven’t waited for her to speak,Yu Xiaogang staring at her said coldly“Bibi Dong,What are you doing?You are not welcome here!”

immediately,Hugged Liu Erlong, weak and weak in his arms……
The latter stared angrily at Bibi Dong,But can’t spit out a word……
This violent poison,Has temporarily disabled her ability to act and speak!
Looking at the intimate appearance of the two,Bibi Dong’s beautiful eyes are cold,Indifferently“Don’t welcome me?The whole Wuhun Hall is mine!Do not,The whole continent!Where i want to go,Is it your turn to judge and judge??”
Yu Xiaogang heard this,I slowly closed my eyes,Sure to“Bibi Dong,You can never unify the mainland!”
Bibi Dong sneered like a mockery,The palm of the purple gold scepter tightened slightly,“impossible?Now the entire upper three sects in the Heaven Dou Empire no longer exist,Blue Lightning Overlord Longzongmen is even more extinct!Do you think I want to unify the mainland,Is it difficult?”
Yu Xiaogang didn’t believe Bibi Dong’s words,Lightly“With the strength of Wuhun Temple,Even if it did,Will have more than half of the casualties”
Bibi Dong guessed that they didn’t believe it,Slowly took out a chubby thing wrapped in cloth from the storage soul guide,Then he was thrown into the cell like trash……
The corner of the mouth is slightly tilted“It seems you don’t believe it!That this thing,You and the person next to you should be very clear!”
See what’s in front of you,Yu Xiaogang frowned,An unknown premonition emerged in my heart,“what is this?”
Liu Erlong next to him seems to feel something,Heartbeat speeds up……
Yu Xiaogang stretched out his hand to slowly touch,next moment,Open this fabric……
When exposed,Yu Xiaogang’s pupils shrink,Two lines of clear tears flowed from the corners of my eyes“father……father!!!”
Wrapped in it,It is the head of the Haotianzong Yuyuan Zhen who was beheaded by Xu Sheng。
Liu Erlong’s eyes widened,Sent out“Woo woo”the sound of……
Even the head of Yu Yuanzhen, the strongest player of the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Sect, was cut off by others.,That obviously represents the entire Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Sect and other people……
In an instant,The corners of Liu Erlong’s eyes are extremely red,The tears are falling down……

Netizens have doubts。

The reporter heard the wind and moved。
So during this period,Lu Ban is rarely quiet,Gu Qiao never came,Liu Xin has never seen,He reads the newspaper in the company every day,Drink tea,Chat with the skewers boss next door。
at last,Liang Kesheng’s drama is sent for review。
Ban Lu is also starting to prepare。
Actors in place。
Funds in place。
One step short,Boot promotion。
Any movie,Promote the movie almost from the start,Start-up,Make news during the shooting,Will continue until the end of the show。
All the media reporters were surprised to find,They received an invitation letter。
《Charlotte troubles》Press conference for opening ceremony?
which movie is this?
The news media company was stunned,But when they found the director’s name,Suddenly like a cat smelling fish——
Chief Director:Luban。

Among the conservatories,Feeling back to the dorm,Lying in bed,Prepare to squint for a while,But Qiao Yan and Li Yujia,Also back。

“You don’t practice singing?”As if looking at the two,Asked listlessly。
Li Yujia sat down in front of the bed,Caring:“See you like this,Come back to accompany you,What happened to you today?Have such a big temper?”
Qiao Yan takes the call,“Yes!I see Chen Yunming’s face,Ugly!”
Like a wry smile,“Don’t say this,I squint for a while。”
Qiao Yan and Li Yujia,Look at each other,Stop talking,Li Yujia also got up,Sat on my bed,The two started to play with mobile phones。
Just close your eyes,Ready to sleep for a while,Didn’t sleep well these two nights,She is really sleepy now。
I fell asleep in a daze,I don’t know how long I slept,She seemed to hear the song of Brother Adong in her dream,So vast and thick,So nice。
015chapter:Life is splendid
Chen Yunming is in a bad mood,These years,He has fallen deeply in love with Wan Ruo。
And today,Just like that sentence,Brother Adong is not something you can insult,But it completely pierced his heart,Blood dripping。
To Lin Dong that soil bun,Also ignored by the previous,Turned into jealousy。
The guy is a migrant worker who moves bricks on a construction site,Why make me care so much?
this moment,Chen Yunming thinks,Can’t let Lin Dong stay in Yanjing anymore,I have to find a way to drive this guy away,Keep it away。
Long time,Some remaining feelings,Just faded,Just like you can put it down completely。
otherwise,Want to accept him,Look now,Difficult!

For the heroine Qiao Xing,With Pei Huan,The relationship between these two,Bao Bao Ou is more inclined to be Qiao Xing sincerely treating Pei Huan as a friend。

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Chapter Two Hundred and Fortieth Collapsed
Just like the one in many scripts,Qiao Xing has pity for his life experience,Gave him a lot of warmth,That’s why Pei Huan has a deep love for her。
True heart for true heart。Lie。
Baby Ou doesn’t quite believe it,One can use false feelings to deceive others’ feelings。Unless you deceive yourself,otherwise,Is it true,It must be very easy to distinguish。
otherwise,If Qiao Xing really likes Pei Huan,Later when I had Yang Xiaomu,Let Pei Huan, an admirer, stay with her,Be a loyal dog,This kind of,Always feel,Not quite right.
And if Qiao Xing’s purpose is not pure,,Pretending to really like Pei Huan,Then how could Pei Huan become an infatuated and paranoid male partner??He loves Qiao Xing inexplicably to the point of deceiving himself?
The former matches the plot,But even more weird,The plot logic is wrong。The latter character logic seems to make sense,But the plot is not right,Because there must be a person who is not。
Baby Ou now feels more and more,character,Plot,Seems to have collapsed.
You don’t need Qiao Yue,Pei Huan, come to collapse the set to ruin the plot
Dressed as a security guard in Yang Xiaomu and came to her,After Qiao Xing became malicious towards her,Their personal settings,This plot,It’s crooked and twisted.
the last point,“Qiao Xing is malicious to me,If it’s because I’ve found Pei Huan,Then i,Can I infer,Pei Huan to me,Kind of interesting?”
This is Ou Baobao for sure,This is the main reason for the complete collapse。
As the heroine, Qiao Xing is unexpectedly surprised by the plot,She is the passerby,Jealous。Shengsheng took her from an unknown person, no surname or even non-existent,Became an important role as a female partner。
Does the plot god want her to blend into the plot?
I do not want。

Close your eyes slowly,Thinking about the beauty of childhood,Thinking of carefree girl time,Thinking of hometown, beautiful southern country scenery,She is intoxicated in a world of one person。

One song,Applause came from all corners of the restaurant,She is still unfulfilled。Followed by a soothing and romantic song《Moonlight》Sounded。
Guan Hao sighed,This little woman has so much unknown freshness and beauty,Slender fingers,Dancing on the keys,Black and white elf with jumping,Is so beautiful。
Behind this ethereal and melodious,There must be an inner world he still can’t detect。
The rain outside is slow,With this brisk melody,In this dreamlike environment,Xia Jihan is intoxicated……
Their food is ready,After Guan Hao sent away the sommelier,Pick up the awake red wine,Pour a little wine into two wine glasses。
This is the Chateau Margau in Bordeaux, a famous wine producing region in France。Red wine is Guan Hao’s favorite,He knows this is an authentic western restaurant,And the red wines here are all genuine and original,That’s why I came here。He takes a cup by himself,Casually shaking in his hand,Quietly listening to the music flowing from her fingertips,Feeling this moment with her。
Qubi,She wants to play again,The waiter told her just right:“Miss,Your husband invites you to go back for dinner。”
She was startled,Nothing said,Back to the seat,Rubbing his sore hands,Looking at the table full of food and said,Excitedly:“Too much,Can’t eat。”
“What else do you have that i don’t know,It’s best to show it all at once。”
She smiled,Said:“You are suspected of listening to other people’s privacy。”
A charming look,Shy and cute,Has great lethality on Guan Hao。
Only this moment,He had the impulse again,Wish to kiss right away,But he suppressed,Raise the cup and say:“For Alice,dry。”

Peng Changyi was taken aback again,He did not expect the famous scholar in front of him,The two questions asked are so direct。Obviously,He agreed with his daughter’s choice。Peng Changyi suppresses inner joy,But the surface still said calmly:“I want to wait for Xiaoqing to get ready,Let’s study this problem。Maybe Xiaoqing introduced me to you and Auntie,I don’t want to marry me blindly when she is not ready,I will give her time,Let her adapt to these……”

Although Peng Changyi’s views are difficult to express,Even every word spoken is thoughtful for an instant,But it’s not difficult for Shu’s father to understand what he meant,That is, he will not blindly marry Shu Qing,He will wait for her to prepare everything,Including her preparation to be a stepmother。
Even though Shu’s father drank,But clear of consciousness,He said:“Xiaoqing grew up when we were young,She is a kind but brave child,The biggest feature of this child is that he has a distinct love and hatred,Have a strong sense of justice,very sunny,very healthy,She will treat your daughter kindly, including your family。”
Peng Changyi said:“You are right,I don’t doubt that。”
Father Shu said:“The premise is,You must think about whether you really love her,I don’t want my daughter to be hit in any way in love,I hope she will find someone who truly loves her in the future,Willing to give her a happy husband forever。As for your family,Your daughter,This is not a problem,Not an obstacle to your love,Since she dared to love you,It also shows that she made the decision after careful consideration,Don’t worry about this。”
Peng Changyi said:“Yes,She is indeed my rare friend。”
Father Shu said solemnly:“Yes,Hard to find,Once found,I hope you cherish her,Love her,I don’t have to say that you will take care of her,Because she is a very independent person,Even though we spoiled her since childhood,But never spoiled her,Has been cultivating her independence、Strong personality,and so,I told her mother more than once,Who got Xiaoqing,Who will get a rare treasure……”
“Who is a rare treasure?Are you complimenting me?”Shu Qing came over at this moment,She smiled and looked at them two。
Peng Changyi and Shu’s father laughed。
Mother Shu came over too,She wiped her hands and said:“Lao Shu,You ate so much tonight,Why are you sitting there again?Change shoes quickly,I accompany you on a walk。”
Shu Qing knows what mom means,My face is slightly red。
Father Shu suddenly understood what his wife meant,So he stood up and walked towards the door,Talk while walking::“Yes、Yes,Meet Xiao Peng,I forgot everything when I was happy,Xiao Peng,Let Xiaoqing sit with you,I have to go for a walk,I want to take the food and drink tonight,To rest,otherwise,Blood sugar may rise again。”
Shu Qing followed Dad,Anxiously:“Your blood sugar is also high?”
Shu’s father faltered:“Yes,If you don’t take a walk after a meal, you’ll get taller,such,Go and stay with Peng Duo。”

“President,You are coming。”

Different from last time,This time this“Minister”Obviously not as flattering and courteous as last time,Because he was afraid that he would accidentally annoy his immediate boss,Then it is possible to wrap up and leave。
“Where’s Zhao Lu?”
Qin Liang asked lightly。
“Oh,She has her own separate office on the second floor,I will take you up?”
The logistics minister asked Qin Liang’s advice cautiously。
“no need,I went up to her by myself。”
Qin Liang finished,Went upstairs。
Upstairs is quiet,Qin Liang looked across the corridor from room to room,Finally saw Zhao Lu sitting at the desk with her back to him in a room with the door half closed。
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Chapter Three Hundred and Sixty One sweet Nothing
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Zhao Lu seems to be attentively doing something,Qin Liang’s arrival was unconscious。

The remaining three herbs,Still in the innermost。

Thought of here,Fang Yu looked at Zhuoya。
“right now,Leave with me!”
“Still hug your waist??”
Zhuoya said shyly。
“Do not talk nonsense……”
Fang Yu ashamed。
It’s hard for her to want to stay here?
Fang Yu is in a hurry!
Can’t go back then。
Missed the opportunity to study。
You have to report on time!
First258chapter punishment?
“you……Be careful!”
When Zhuoya returns to the village,Looking at Fang Yu reluctantly。
Although this guy has a bad temper,But it’s actually great for her。
“You should go back first……Don’t worry your family!”