Massage of the soles of the feet helps tonic

Massage of the soles of the feet helps tonic

Massaging the feet helps kidney and impotence. Kidney impotence is one of the men’s health care methods. However, there are many ways to invigorate the kidney and impotence on the market. Some of them will inevitably be filled up.

Traditional Chinese medicine experts point out that massaging the feet helps men to nourish the kidneys and impotence, and that five kinds of foods that men eat can help impotence.

  Chinese medicine: massaging the feet is a recipe for men tonify the kidneys and impotence.

  Experts point out that the human body needs to have sufficient energy and dose to defend itself in winter. If it is weak, it will cause dizziness, palpitation, shortness of breath, weakness in waist and knees, fatigue, urinary incontinence, or urinary congestion.This is kidney yang deficiency.

And Chinese medicine believes that the Yongquan point is directly connected to the kidney meridian, and the foot spring point method of the foot center is the place where the turbid gas decreases.

Frequent massage of Yongquan can benefit kidney and kidney, strengthen your body and prevent premature aging.

  There are many ways to nourish the kidney and correct deficiency.

Such as sun exposure, eat more trace high and warm kidney yang food, choose to take kidney medicine, and so on.

However, starting from the basic theory of health, that is, “life lies in exercise”, it is a positive measure worth promoting to nourish the kidneys through exercise.

  Chinese medicine believes that the Yongquan point is directly connected to the kidney meridian, and the foot-quan point method of the foot center is the place where the turbid gas decreases.
Frequent massage of Yongquan can improve kidney and kidney, strengthen health, prevent premature aging, and relieve liver and eyesight, promote sleep, and have certain effects on dizziness caused by kidney deficiency, insomnia, tinnitus, hemoptysis, nasal congestion, and headache.

The method of massaging the feet is to soak your feet with warm water every day before going to bed, and then rub each other’s hands with your hands, then massage your right foot with your left palm, and massage your left foot with your right palm, more than 100 times each time. It is advisable to rub your feet.
This method has the effect of strengthening kidneys, nourishing yin and lowering fire, and has a very good effect on the common deficient fever in middle-aged and elderly people.

  There are two methods of waist massage. One palm is rubbed until the heart is hot, then placed on the waist, palms to the skin, massage the waist up and down until there is a feeling of heat.

But once in the morning and evening, about 200 times each.

This exercise can nourish kidney energy.

  2. Fists in both hands, with the palms of the two thumbs protruding from the back of the arm, massage the waist and eyes naturally, and do a circular rotary massage inward, gradually exerting force until the soreness is better. Continue to massage for about 10 minutes, morning, middle and eveningonce.

Autumn skin care and beauty theme _1

Fall skincare takes control of the beauty theme

The autumn wind is rising again.

With the advent of autumn, the weather dries up day by day, and human skin is also tense and dry day by day.

The complexities of skin care first start with skin care. In the summer, more or less damaged skin urgently needs repair.

It is understood that the main theme of autumn skin care is still whitening and moisturizing.

  A beautician told reporters that for oily skin, although the face is shiny all summer, but in the fall, the skin will also be dry and peeling, and then the thing to do is to add enough moisture to the skin.Experts suggest that people with oily skin may wish to use oil-removing firming lotion, which can shrink pores and replenish moisture to the skin. At the same time, for oily skin with excess oil secretion and pores that are large and easy to block, it can inhibit oil secretion and reduce inflammation.

  The proper method of autumn care for normal skin is also necessary. After cleansing, first use an oil-free moisturizing liquid toning, and then add oyster-containing nourishing firming milk to form an oxygen-permeable protective film on the skin.Allows water to evaporate, soothing and anti-pollution.

  Dry skin and oily skin, normal skin are listed, more care should be taken.

Moisturizing liquid should be used to replenish moisture for autumn dry skin, because the pH of dry skin is easily destroyed, and the moisturizing liquid can play a role in repairing the skin’s PH value.

At the same time, it is supplemented with a water-in-oil firming cream to supplement the skin and make it moisturized and not dry.

  In addition, skin care experts also pay special attention to people with dry skin. Due to frowning, talking and other head muscle movements, people with dry skin are prone to false wrinkles when the skin is dry in autumn, so be sure to drink plenty of water and eat more.Vegetables and fruits, eat less spicy food.

Never skin, it is very important to clean the skin in the autumn, and to remove dead skin on a regular basis for a month.

  To have fair skin, of course, it is best to use skincare products containing whitening essence, and it is best to use natural raw materials, because it can help inhibit the formation of melanin, promote skin metabolism, and lighten the melanin that has formed, thereby reducing pigmentation., Make the skin fairer and healthier, and the pure raw materials make you whiter, whiter, and whiter.

  In addition to going to the beauty salon for weekly care, daily cosmetics also need to be carefully selected.

It is understood that in the autumn, the skin is locally dry. When using cosmetics, it is necessary to use dispersed and surfactant-containing moisturizing creams and moisturizers. Applying them to the skin is very good for activating damaged skin cells.

For foundation creams, lipsticks, skin creams, eyeshadows, rouges, etc., try moisturizing creams.

In the replacement of lotion, people with oily skin can choose toner, neutral and dry skin is better to replace moisturizing water.

In this season, it is best not to use dry powder for makeup, as it will make the skin more dry.

The first step is to choose the right skin care product.

The principles for choosing skin care products: one is based on skin properties, and the other is based on time and climate.

In autumn, you should add lotion without alcohol, moisturizing and non-greasy day cream and night cream, and soft mask with bleaching effect.

First of all, pay attention to daily skin care.

  Although the ultraviolet rays in autumn are not as violent as in summer, they will increase the skin melanin, deepen the skin tone, penetrate deeper into the skin, damage the supporting structure of the skin, and cause skin aging.For nutritional functions, such as Revitalizing Freckle Freckle Cream Series, A Flower Freckle Freckle Cream, etc., only in this way can it meet the skin’s various needs in autumn.

How teens prevent sexual harassment

How teens prevent “sexual harassment”

This boy is called Han Xiaoqiang.
More than two years ago, Han Xiaoqiang, who had just finished his first year, was transferred to a key middle school in the county.
There are eleven people in Xiaoqiang’s dormitory. The oldest is more than fifteen years old, the youngest is Xiaoqiang, thirteen years and four months.
  At noon on the day of school transfer, Xiaoqiang was resting in bed. Suddenly, a noise and laughter awakened Xiaoqiang, who was in defense.
He turned his head to lean on the bed and looked down, and saw four or five classmates put Huang Yi, who was young in the dormitory, on his back, and laughed at them while Huang Yi struggled.He took off his pants three or two times.
As soon as Zhang Jianjun grasped Huang Yi’s younger brother, he quickly moved up and down, and Huang Yi no longer struggled, leaving them to toss, and several classmates who tied Huang Yi happily cooperated with the boss.
Several other people who participated also came forward and looked at the excitement.
  Just when Han Xiaoqiang thought it was inexplicable, when they were inconceivable, a group of people put another young Zhang Liping in the house on the bed.
It kept circulating like this for about an hour, and a total of six people were tossed like this once.
  The same thing happened again before going to bed at night.
The next day, the third day, every day after that.
And every time always starts with the youngest.
  After that, it was Han Xiaoqiang’s turn to encounter this strange game for the first time.
  He said without pain, “They are like this every day, because I am the youngest, and they make me do this twice a day.
Wang Taiping from our class also came to our dormitory because he was the youngest.Being bullied by them like this every day, he hematurized only one semester, and later moved to his relative’s house.
“Hey, I can’t help but have some hair and bones. What kind of psychological control do they have to do this?
How could this sex game last for two years?
Are all children willing to participate?
  In this regard, the reporter specially invited Teacher Ma Xiaonian to analyze this case.
  Reporter: Teacher Ma, would you please talk to the reader about the reasons for this phenomenon from an expert’s perspective?
  Ma: It is incorrect for the author to define this case as “game”, which is actually a case of sexual harassment in a minor.
There are masterminds, followers, and victims, which are typical sexual assaults on the weak by the strong.
Victims should take the initiative to report to the relevant departments (schools, legal departments, or relevant institutions for the protection of youth rights) in order to seek legal protection to protect their legitimate rights and interests.
  This is different from the sexual games that sometimes occur in children. For example, it is common in foreign countries to learn masturbation with each other after physical education, when bathing (its school conditions are better), how fast and close the ejaculation is, etc.It is a voluntary, occasional, moderate activity.
In this case, however, there is a clear compulsive nature. The crowd gathers to threaten young or weak students, and the frequency is far beyond the positive zone. The starting point is malicious.
Because the victims lack a sense of self-protection and their sexual psychological development obviously lags behind their physical development, they are forced to endure such sexual abuse for a long time without relevant knowledge (especially self-protection and legal protection).
  It should be said that in this case, all the people (sexual assaulted and victimized) are minors, and their psychological causes and formation are different from sexual hooliganism and sexual crime among adults. They are mainly sexual ignorance.Lack of necessary sex education, insufficient understanding of the consequences and nature of the behavior, participants are either out of revenge, or imitating, psychological (do not rule out the nature of the original game, the victim is even driven by a sense of sexual instinctOnly then did this kind of long-term sexual violations occur.
  This kind of sexual assault is very harmful, especially for children aged fourteen or five.
Not only will it lead to various psychological problems of the parties (such as sexual sadism, sexual coercion, or sexual addiction), but it will also severely damage physical health, appear various genital disorders, and may also appear flirty, Endangering society.
  It can also be seen from this case that sex education for adolescents must not lack education on self-protection, and there should also be no restricted areas, otherwise they do not know what to oppose and what to support.
  Reporter: The above cases show that sexual harassment and sexual abuse are not just problems encountered by girls. Boys may also experience this type of sexual assault.
So, how should young people protect themselves in the face of such sexual assault?
How to prevent and avoid same-sex assault in interpersonal communication?
  A: For forced sexual harassment and sexual abuse, the most effective way is to immediately tell parents or teachers, if necessary, you can ask the school, public security organs, judicial department or youth protection agency for help.
To prevent and avoid sexual assault, adolescents should not only receive adequate sex education, but also pay attention to grasping the standards of interpersonal communication and the right and wrong.
Normal handshake, slap shoulders, and general physical contact are possible (such as hugs of athletes when they win), but beware of more intimate actions of the same sex in private.
In addition, you should prevent the chance of having separate contact with strangers. Do not enter strangers’ houses and cars, especially the genitals. Do not touch them. Otherwise, you must find a way to get away immediately.
  Reporter: What are the common situations in which adolescents experience sexual harassment or abuse?As parents and schools, how should children deal with such sexual assault?

  Ma: In addition to the above, which occurs between teenagers, it also includes similar problems that occur between adults and children.

There is only one principle. Protect your children. Don’t fuss or intimidate them.

The child will one day confess to his parents or teacher his past experiences, feelings and feelings of co-ordination, and the parent or teacher must listen to his child calmly, to know how difficult it is for them to speak, how courageous they are, andBe determined not to panic or overreact after hearing your child talk.

  The correct way is: you must pay attention to the interests of the child-the child’s personality should be carried out in a safe, secret place, to ensure that this matter does not spread out, do not discuss it in front of unrelated people.

If the child is suspected of being physically injured, take the child to the hospital for examination-the problem is that the parent may not be able to determine whether the child has physical trauma. It is not helpful to just be his own sperm. It is necessary to seek medical treatment in time to make a correct and independent professional.Judge.

If necessary, you can get in touch with schools, public security, lawyers, social assistance agencies, youth protection agencies and prestigious counseling agencies to seek powerful help.

  Reporter: Like the above, Xiaoqiang did not realize that he was sexually harassing and abusing others.

So how do you get adolescents to judge whether they have been physically harassed or sexually abused?

  Ma: Generally speaking, adolescent sexual harassment or sexual abuse has a development process.

More typical sexual harassment or sexual abuse begins with less intimate sexual activity (such as physical and self-masturbation exposed to adolescents), and then real 8-body contact (such as cuddling) until reproductive insertion occurs.

It can be divided into 5 stages.

A covert time and place, with some first chances of individual contact. The offender is often an acquaintance, such as a family member, a relative, a normally trusted adult or adolescent; the offense often uses some low-key, cunning methods to get the victim to make an appointment.And the alternative is aware of its true intentions.

There is also violence to force victims to intervene.

  2.Sexual Interaction Period-Sexual activity will increase and escalate over time.


Mandatory Confidentiality Period-In order to maintain sexual activity for a long time, the offender will take various measures such as material seduction or intimidation order to keep it confidential.

Most children will keep secret for this pressure, and some children will hope that this activity can continue because of the pleasure and enjoyment from the ten (the psychological factor in the above case).

The mandatory confidentiality period can last from months to years.

  4.Exposure Period-The truth is revealed by accidental or spontaneous causes.

It must be within a certain period of time if the third party is directly aware of it, or if the victim is accidentally exposed because of physical or behavioral abnormalities.

Face this fact correctly and establish an intervention plan.

  5.Suppression period-When the exposure period is over, it often happens that the victim’s family tries to suppress external intervention and may encourage arrests to withdraw the original lawsuit.
The alleged sexual abuse did not occur at all.

Even using various pressures to intimidate children, even spreading statements that would damage their reputation and credibility.

All these reactions and the inherent fragility of the child illustrate how important external help is.

  Reporter; Generally speaking, adolescents experience some psychological, physical or behavioral changes after sexual harassment and sexual abuse.

So how do parents and teachers discover this?

  Ma: After sexual harassment and sexual abuse in adolescents, the following changes occur-Physical indications include: In contrast to physical discomfort, physical indications of sexual abuse are uncommon.
Acute medical examination may reveal genital or anal abrasions, lacerations, swelling, genitals or clothing with fine spots, pain, or bleeding.

Parents may find that their child’s clothes are torn or reorganized, and there are scratches, pain, or bleeding in the replicator area.

If there is clear evidence of sexual injury at a later stage.

  Behavioural evidence includes: sudden intrusive or hostile behavior: self; running away from home; intentional avoidance of special circumstances and people; juvenile delinquency; degenerative behavior (such as starting to suck fingers, enuresis, metabolizing yourself); abnormal orExcessive sexual knowledge; have revenge on sexual temptation or sexual assault (such as trying to touch the sexual organs of other children, adults or animals to equate sexual behavior and emotions); tense relationships with peers; bad dreams or enuresis, etc.Sleep disorders; excessive masturbation and sexual experience; loneliness; fear or fear; becoming very inferior and poor social ability; unwillingness to go to public baths or participate in sports that require changing clothes, such as swimming; often avoid touching and touching; poor performance at schoolBecome extremely submissive, or depressed; extremely improperly dressed (too tight and seductive or covered in thick although the weather is hot; afraid of loneliness; whoever absent from class during a class, asks for leave or is late; alwaysInattention or worry; coercive behavior; lack of basic trust in people, etc., which determines the length of time of injury, the severity of the injury, the violationWhether the person has been identified and dealt with, the quality of the mother-child relationship, and the surrounding people’s response to the incident exposure.

  Other signs of adolescence include: Tattoo or stabbing self-harm: suicide attempts; publicly seductive and degrading behavior, promiscuity, prostitution; eating disorders (anorexia nervosa, bulimia, sudden weight gain or loss); social activitiesLimited; negative or fearful of sex; love to lie; carry alcohol or drugs.

  If these changes occur suddenly, parents and teachers should pay attention to whether the child has been sexually assaulted.

  It can also be ground up. Children who suffer from sexual harassment or sexual anxiety will suffer extensive damage, which will cause multiple physical injuries, and will also have a profound impact on their psychological and social communication abilities.

These effects are complex and cross-cutting. Sometimes children with impersonal and psychological problems are at a loss, and even figure out whether to refuse or continue to keep it.

Of course, some children are “addicted” to this kind of injury. Most of them will feel guilty and think that it was caused by themselves or a disaster. Therefore, there is a psychology of breaking the pot, and after the incident is exposed, they are retaliated by the feared offender.

  Some teenage offenders are actually victims of the past, and it is the kind of experience that makes them both painful and seductive, leading to their current sexual harassment or abuse.
  Reporter: At present, there are still some restricted areas for young people’s sex education. What do you think about this?

How do you think society should respond?

  Ma: The current sex education is often overly involved in timely, modest, and appropriate amounts, avoiding the facts, evading the heavy, and evacuating easily, especially worrying about being accused of “teaching”, “fueling the fire”, and so on.As far as he is concerned, take an evasive attitude.
In fact, there are some problems that can’t be avoided if you want to go back to this question. If some education about contraceptive knowledge is not in place, teenage pregnancy problems will occur.

Adolescents should receive adequate sexual education in a timely manner so that they can recognize that a certain sexual act is safe, responsible, correct, acceptable, and a certain sexual act is unsafe, irresponsible, inappropriate,Unacceptable or must be firmly resisted.

Dark skin easily lacks vitamin D

Dark skin easily lacks vitamin D

According to the Science and Technology Daily, a study by Brazilian nutritionists found that people with darker vitamins were more likely to lack vitamin D than people with lighter skin under the same diet and sunlight.

Especially in summer, the amount of vitamin d synthesized by white-skinned people rises rapidly, while those with dark-skinned people synthesize more.

  There is a substance called dehydrogen free radicals in human skin, which will synthesize vitamin d under the irradiation of ultraviolet rays.

However, studies have shown that in pigmented skin cells, the ability to synthesize vitamin d is poor.

Due to pigmentation in the skin of the yellow race and black race, the synthesis capacity of vitamin d is relatively low. Therefore, people with insufficient sunlight are prone to vitamin d deficiency.

  Brazilian experts believe that this may be a result of ecological adaptation.

Because most of them live in cold areas and are exposed to ultraviolet radiation from sunlight, their skin cells have a strong ability to synthesize vitamin d. Conversely, people of color generally live in areas with sufficient sunlight, and will not reduce the synthesis of vitamin d due to lack of sunlightTherefore, the synthetic capacity of vitamin d is worth.

  In modern life, both black-skinned and white-skinned people are predominantly indoors and receive very little sunlight.

In this case, people with deeper vitamins may become more deficient in vitamin D. Care should be taken to supplement vitamin D-containing milk, animal offal, and fortified foods.

Toddler Games-Learn Bunny Jump

Toddler Games-Learn Bunny Jump

Game name: Learn Bunny Jumping Purpose: Practice the action of jumping with two feet to improve the balance ability.

  Tendency: After jumping with both feet at the same time, the landing is more stable.

  Method: Draw two 10?
15 cm wide parallel lines.

Parents taught their children to put their two fingers on top of their heads, and said, “I learn bunny jumping,” and then gently jumped forward with their feet, before the parallel line, the parents said: “I encountered a small river”Past”, teach children to jump over the “little river”.

“It’s too far away from home, we should go back,” and take the child back to where he was.

Why is health care inseparable from jaundice?


These 7 big benefits are the answer!

Why is health care inseparable from jaundice?
These 7 big benefits are the answer!

Yellow-brown, a traditional Chinese medicine that has been used since more than 2,000 years ago. It has many spots on the human body, which can help detoxification, swelling, diuresis, etc. In addition to this, it has other effects on the body.The benefits, here to make an introduction, and tell everyone about the edible taboos of this medicine.

Many benefits of Astragalus: 1. Treatment of spontaneous sweat If the patient is weak and spontaneously sweating, from the perspective of Chinese medicine, this is because the gas is not solid, so the sweat will spontaneously discharge, you can use yellow spots and white surgery, insist on takingThe effect of treatment can be achieved for a period of time.

2, the treatment of night sweats and night sweats are generally caused by yin deficiency, so you can use the three different combinations of jaundice and wheat can achieve a good therapeutic effect.

3, treatment of acute nephritis edema for those due to yang deficiency caused by edema, some acute nephritis edema, can be used with phlegm and white sputum with jaundice to make soup, can achieve a good therapeutic effect.

4, treatment of chronic nephritis edema for chronic nephritis edema and spleen and stomach relatively weak people, you can use Astragalus and Atractylodes sinensis, can adjust the effect.

5, treatment of yang weakness If the body has ulcers but not broken for a long time, this situation is caused by the weakness of the body yang, you can use yellow spots with a triad saponin and Angelica for treatment.

6, treatment of skin ulceration If there is a wound on the skin but does not heal for a long time, this situation can be treated with yellow spots with Yinhua, Ding Ding.

7, treatment of qi deficiency and weakness If you always feel the body is weak, the gas is subsided, there are symptoms of rectal prolapse and uterine prolapse, this situation requires qi and spleen, can be combined with Dangshen Baizhu Huangqi combined treatment.

Yellow-brown edible taboos should be clear: 1, dry and strong people are not suitable for the yellow-brown is more suitable for people with qi and spleen dampness, a typical characteristic of a certain group of people is the body muscles are soft and puffy, especially the muscles on the stomach are the softest, butIf you are a physically fit person, it is not suitable for taking it, otherwise it will be counterproductive.

2, the physiological period is not suitable for women during menstruation and during pregnancy is not suitable for taking jaundice, so as not to affect the physiological period leading to abnormal menstruation.

3, cold patients are not suitable for taking cold patients want to take jaundice must wait until after recovery.

5, tuberculosis patients can not take tuberculosis patients, it is a fever body, it is easy to dry mouth, so this group is not suitable for taking jaundice, if you must take jaundice, then you can not take it alone, you need to use other herbs to neutralize jaundicePharmacological.

6, patients with kidney yin deficiency and dampness can not take kidney yin deficiency damp heat patients can not drink jaundice soaked in water, otherwise this symptom will become more and more serious.

Yellow-brown is a kind of Chinese herbal medicine, so it can’t be taken at will, and it can’t be taken more. Otherwise, it will lead to bad symptoms in the body, which may cause dizziness and dizziness and the symptoms of decreased sleep quality, which may lead to increased blood pressure.And the jaundice can not be taken too much at one time, and it is necessary to gradually increase the dosage during the process of conditioning the body.

Four sexes and five flavors that you can’t help but know about health

“Four sexes and five flavors” that you can’t help but know about health

Traditional Chinese medicine has always said that ‘food and food homology’, food and Chinese medicine are the same origin, there is no absolute dividing line between the two.
Like traditional Chinese medicine, foods such as grains, vegetables, fruits, and animals also have four and five flavors.
鈽?What is four sex?
鈽?Chinese medicine according to the body’s reaction after eating the food, the food is divided into four, also known as four gas, that is, cold, cool, warm, hot four, cold and heat bias is not obvious flat.
If the body has a fever after eating, the feeling is warm, and the feeling of coolness is cold.
Eating should be different throughout the year.
Spring food is cold, summer cold, to raise Yang.
The autumn food is warm, and the winter food is hot to nourish the yin.
In addition, for your own physique, choosing different foods will greatly benefit your health.
People with a hot constitution are not suitable for eating hot fruits, so as to avoid the body “fueling on the fire.”
01 cold food Cold and cool foods have the effects of clearing heat, detoxification, purging fire, cooling blood, nourishing yin, suitable for people with hot constitution and heat symptoms.
Common cold foods include glutinous rice, mung beans, melon, tomatoes, apples, pears, crabs, duck blood, honeysuckle, bitter gourd tea, etc.
02 warm food warm and hot foods are more moderate, cold, yang, fire, etc., suitable for cold constitution, cold symptoms.
Common warm foods include lamb, chestnut, glutinous rice, coriander, pepper, lychee, longan, carrot, leeks, etc. 03 flat foods are relatively flat, and can be used regardless of cold or heat syndrome, suitable for general constitution.
Flat foods are mostly general nutrition and health products, such as rice, noodles, soybeans, hawthorn, radish, apples, milk, etc.
鈽?What is five flavors?
鈽?Five flavors refer to the five flavors of sour, bitter, sweet, spicy and salty. In addition to the five flavors, there are light and astringent flavors.
Master the different functions of the five flavors of food, according to the constitution, reasonable diet, health is more square.
Different tastes of food have different effects on the human body. Generally speaking, Xin enters the lungs, enters the spleen, sours into the liver, bitters into the heart, and enters the kidneys.
Liver disease avoids pungent taste, lung disease avoids bitterness, heart and kidney disease avoids salty taste, spleen, stomach disease avoids acidity.
01 Xinwei Foods Xinwei food has the effect of spreading, can carry out the qi, pass the blood, can chill and pass through the meridian.
For those who feel cold outside, it is advisable to eat spicy ginger, scallion, basil, etc.; 02 sweet food, sweet food can reconcile the spleen and stomach, replenish qi and blood, relieve pain, but eat too much sweets and easy to gain weight, especially diabetics should not eat more.
03 sour food sour food has astringent, solid effect, can increase appetite, spleen appetite.
If you are too tired to eat too much, you can eat hawthorn, stomach and digestion.
04 bitter foods Bitter foods have the effects of clearing heat, reducing fire, detoxification, and removing troubles. They are often used to treat fever and dampness.
Bitter melon, tea, wine, vinegar, orange peel, lily, etc. are common bitter foods.
05 savory foods Savoury foods can be soft and firm, and diarrhea and laxative, such as the sea with a soft and firming effect.
Other common foods are salt, seaweed, sea bream, sea cucumber, pig blood, pork, etc.
Tip: Each food corresponds to different “sex” and “taste”. When you are in health, you should combine the “sex” and “taste” of your food, as well as your own body to eat. Otherwise, you should eat improperly.