Chapter Sixty Three:Li Xuan(Starting point collection1000Dora,Brothers are awesome)
Back Mountain of the Academy,The popularity continues to increase with the increase of disciples。
Although Li Xuan is an auditor,,But when the master taught the disciples,And will not deliberately avoid Li Xuan,After all, being able to enter the back mountain is also a kind of fate。
It is estimated that the old emperor will live well in a few years,Wuming moved his mind,Want to bring Li Xuan under。
Accept Li Xuan,It’s not a whim。Although not officially implemented,But it is still very necessary in Wuming’s eyes。
“I want to accept Li Xuan as a disciple”Wuming said to the master。
“Accept it”The master said indifferently。
“Don’t you want to take it?”Wuming said。
“I don’t want to accept,So i won’t accept,But you can accept it if you want,There is just one more person left and right,Not much”The master said nothing。
“Not afraid of backlash in the future?”Wuming asked。
“I have killed more than one Tang king,I don’t think you care if you kill another one”Said the master。
The nameless collection of Li Xuan is naturally for the position of King Tang,Not coveting the rights of King Tang,I just want Datang to unify the world,If Haotian’s power comes from faith,If Datang unifies the world,Can we better control the world’s beliefs。
At this time, Li Xuan was following Jun Mo to chop wood in the back mountain,To say that cutting wood means practicing sword。
no way,He can’t understand other people’s cultivation at all。
Big Brother Li Slowly,Holding a book all day,Keep reading。Did it make a hey laugh,I don’t know if there is really something funny in the book。Except reading,The rest of the big brother is like a retired old man,Follow the master,fishing、Drink tea,Look at the realm of cultivation, just not confused。Li Xuan said that he is already Dong Xuan,This big brother has such a good master for nothing,Don’t know to seize the opportunity,Wasting great time。
Third Sister Yu Lian,Copy books all day,Copy a copy every day,The copy is still in small letters,I don’t know if I have a preference for this delicate font。Except copy books,I just squatted and watched Li read slowly every day,Or fuqin、Paint,It’s not like practicing,This should belong to everyone。
Only the second brother can barely be regarded as a normal practice routine,Practice sword。
Holding a sword every day,Chopping bamboo in the bamboo forest in Houshan,Not only cutting bamboo,Sometimes thorn bamboo。The sword hole is pierced by a thick bamboo bowl,Another one,Prick again。A sting is a whole day,Then in a strange posture,Keep writhing,That posture is extremely difficult,Barely tried a few times,Li Xuan’s desperate discovery,Concubine can’t do it。

Mo Jinqi saw that Mo Xiaosheng’s expression was like the truth,Suddenly petrified in place,Looking at Mo Xiaosheng dumbfounded,Somewhat at a loss!

he knows,Second brother is helping him pretend,Help him save face,But is this pretender a bit too floating??
He himself feels like the truth,As if he could really put out 50 million,But he can’t even get ten thousand!
“You fucking brag!”
Zhang Yitang looked very solemn when he saw Mo Xiaosheng talking,I can’t help but doubt it,Hurriedly yelled to Mo Xiaosheng and Mo Jinqi,Questioned loudly:“You a doctor who runs a medical clinic,Can you give him five or six billion in half a year??You are not selling herbs,Is it gold?”
First0595Zhang underground black fist
He only knew that Mo Xiaosheng was a famous doctor,I don’t know if Mo Xiaosheng still owns two very promising companies,So naturally I doubt Mo Xiaosheng’s words,Even if Mo Xiaosheng can put out 50 million,Mo Jinqi can never take it out!
When everyone heard Zhang Yitang’s words, they couldn’t help but hesitate,I think Mo Xiaosheng is most likely lying。
“Don’t believe it?,This is easy to say!”
Mo Xiaosheng smiled,Then handed the card to the waiter,Smiled,“Brush me first!Recorded in the name of Master Mo’s membership card!”
The waiter quickly and respectfully accepted the bank card from Mo Xiaosheng,Put toPOS50 million on board,Places like them,Have a special agreement with the bank,So there is no limit,After Mo Xiaosheng entered the password,50 million just brush it off at once。
“Mr. Mo,Please sign!”
The waiter handed the stub to Mo Xiaosheng,Mo Xiaosheng wrote a simple ink directly on it。
“Mo Dashao,Your side……”
The waiter respectfully said to Mo Jinqi。

In the stadium,The sound of dribbling and footsteps kept coming。

Xu Xuan is sweating like rain。
“Correct,Catch the ball fast,do not die,Can step forward,You can stand still,Correct,that’s it,You look at my position now,My focus is on your side?”
Olajuwon is guiding Xu Xuan。
“How should you choose at this time?”
“.I,Left turn hook。”
“Yes,Defender defends right,I will hit the left,of course.This can also be a fake,do you understand me?”
“understand!”Xu Xuan was talking,Fake two consecutive points on one side,Finally, finish the shot on the left。
“Ok,not bad,well done,Great。”Olajuwon praised。
Kobe rolled his eyes on the sidelines,This is a boast?
When i was studying,You didn’t praise me so much。
“Xu,How long is this,You have almost mastered it,This learning progress is faster than LeBron。”Olajuwon exclaimed。
He didn’t want to come before,But then Kobe personally invited,Plus the time is not long,Without delaying his other business,The fees are very objective,Finally came。
But did not expect,This one,Xu Xuan gave him a surprise。
Only a few days?
one week?

Now finally have time,He has to let himself rest,Let your body recover,Who can guarantee that there will be other problems later,Some questions that caught him off guard??

result,Woke up after only one night,nothing else,Mainly it’s Huang Lei’s turn to inspect the guard。
Iron Lan wakes him up,Huang Lei was still sleeping comfortably,Until this guy woke him up,Huang Lei opened his eyes,See him,Curiosity,Not until what is going to happen next,Until Iron Lan said,from now on,He, Huang Lei, and the old man formed a patrol again,At this time, we are constantly patrolling,Just to prevent the next things。
Chapter Two Hundred and Sixty Follow up
This sentence completely left Huang Lei speechless,He felt that this matter should not be called him,What does it have to do with him?
Huang Lei also feels completely unnecessary,Even if Long Liang wants to make a move, it is impossible to make a move at this time,is not it?Now is the extraordinary period,Just after yesterday’s incident, we will retaliate today.?
It’s certainly impossible for a smart person like Long Liang to do such stupid things,Huang Lei felt that the iron fence was a little too worried,Then still a little proud,I seriously think that this must be done well at this time,On the surface it looks like nothing,Who knows if there will be any hidden dangers in this?
What else could Huang Lei say when he said that?,In the end, I can only be honest,Mainly because he knows he won’t get up again,This guy will continue to pester him,What Huang Lei dislikes the most is this feeling,But it’s better to find it by yourself,Patrol on the surface,In fact, let yourself rest。
Find a place to rest,Find a place to sleep,This is better than anything,More comfortable than anything。
Huang Lei did the same,At the beginning, I looked serious and walked outside,As he walked, he hid nearby,Found a place to lie down and sleep,This place is also relatively secret,That’s cooler,Sleeping here is definitely a good choice。
Sleep until noon,Huang Lei didn’t even eat lunch,Mainly too sleepy,Sometimes the body seems to be fine,In fact when you lie down,You can know if your body has any problems,It proves the body when there is special snooze,Need a good rest,Even if it looks like nothing,But this is the key,The more it looks like nothing,The more dangers lurking。
Huang Lei believes he can continue to sleep,It’s okay to sleep till night,The key is that it is noisy outside,So noisy he can’t sleep,At the beginning, Huang Lei was very upset and dry.,I feel these guys are against him,Finally found a good place to sleep,It turned out to be so noisy outside,Then I felt something was wrong with listening,Seems to be in conflict,Especially the voice leading,The louder voice belongs to Chen An,This made Huang Lei open his eyes。
obviously,Chen Anlai made trouble,This guy is here to be fair。
If it’s something else, forget it,He thinks there is a reason,Just go and see for yourself to understand the situation。
What face does Chen An have??This guy became a traitor,Sell information behind the scenes,He should die on this alone1000Times,110,000 times is okay,I realized the problem a long time ago,Otherwise, the foolish fool?
This guy gave the information to Long Liang,Long Liang will defeat Huang Lei and Zhang Bai,By that time Chen An will definitely live a particularly beautiful life,This is one of his rewards for betraying him and Huang Lei。

To know,In south city,Feixing Group is one of the largest partners of New Century Group。

“That’s it,Miss Lin,I heard that New Century Group was not long established,I encountered financial difficulties,We, Feixing Group, as a partner of New Century Group,Should come to help New Century Group,need some help,Miss Lin, just say。”
Lin Yun was stunned,Turned his head and looked at Qin Shi,Did you arrange it again!
Qin Shi spread his hands,Shook his head,I didn’t do this。
this time,Qin Shi did not do it。
He didn’t find anyone from Feixing Group。
Such little things,It’s not as if Qin Shi is going to find someone to do。
Part of your own bank card balance,Enough for the group’s working capital for several years。
“President Jin,Our company is now in an extremely difficult period,Are you afraid we can’t afford it。”
Lin Yun still can’t figure it out,Only Feixing Group is willing to take such a big risk to help,Does it really mean nothing??
Jin Dongzhe smiled,“Don’t worry,We are in a partnership relationship,Friendship to help you,When Feixing Group is in trouble,Will also ask you for help,This is what we should divide。”
Lin Yun felt warm after hearing this。
she does not know,Jin Dongzhe saw Qin Shi,I have a bottom in my heart。
There is this big guy,The company can’t go bankrupt at any time!
Amethyst Elite Member of World UnionPay!
Not just a question of wealth,It’s a symbol of status and status。
Qin Shi is behind,How could the New Century Group go bankrupt!
of course,This smooth favor,Of course Kim Dongzhe knows how to send,But this opportunity,He must never let others know。
This is the best opportunity for Feixing Group to build a relationship with the boss。

Liu Yong also deliberately sullen his face and joked with Qin Liang。

“My beautiful little daughter-in-law……Ha ha,Hehe。”
Chapter two thousand eight hundred and forty two How do you plan to let us cooperate with you?
Chapter two thousand eight hundred and forty two How do you plan to let us cooperate with you?
Qin Liang feels embarrassed,He continued to deal with Liu Yong with a hippy smile on his face,But he dare not talk nonsense on this topic,Otherwise, it will be happy now,I can’t eat it when I look back,So he can only make a foolish answer with an unknown word。
“how?I’ve learned how to hide the beauty?That’s from our city bureau,Also my baby apprentice,You kid don’t allow her to occupy her alone。”
Liu Yong deliberately ridiculed Qin Liang again。
“How dare,How dare。”
Qin Liang answered with a wry smile,Then I stretched my hand over a chair,I sat down opposite Liu Yong unceremoniously。
“Speak,What is your kid looking for?”
Liu Yong continued to pretend to ask a serious question。

“But once I went into battle,Those drivers may not be able to follow us together,But it is very likely that we still have to rely on ourselves,So it’s always good to prepare in advance。”

Liu Xiaoyun’s plausible answer。
“Ok,Then I will watch with you。”
Shen Ruoxue was persuaded by Liu Xiaoyun,Decided to share the joys and sorrows with her。
“Or something else,This is boring,I can remember it alone,Don’t work hard,be good。”
Liu Xiaoyun finally raised his head,Then I saw Shen Ruoxue behind,Du Xiaoyan still standing。
“Yeah。Sister Xiaoyan!You too,Is there an action order??”
Liu Xiaoyun jumped up immediately,Can’t wait to ask。
“not yet,as far as I know,The boss didn’t do anything with them either,But I have seen people。”
Du Xiaoyan smiled and answered。
“Oh,OK then。”
Liu Xiaoyun immediately sat down again,A look of disappointment flashed across his face。
“Xiaoyun,I heard Xiaoxue tell all your stories last night,You are great!”
Du Xiaoyan said sincerely。
“Nowhere……It’s all past,Don’t listen to her bragging to me,I don’t remember what i did。”
Liu Xiaoyun smiled faintly,Casually。
“She is like this,Least want others to praise her。”
Shen Ruoxue said with a smile。
“Don’t keep talking about her,You didn’t tell me anything about you。”

After Shu Qing got in the car,Ding Yi told the driver:“master,Go to the troop farm northeast of the city,Do you know that place?”

The driver said:“know,But never been。”
Ding Yi said:“From Jianjun Street to the east,I saw it as soon as I was out of town。”
The driver nodded and said:“Ok。”The driver bypassed a yong road on the lawn,Drove out of the hotel,Drive to Jianjun Street。
Ding Yi turned around,Took a carry bag from around,Pass it to Shu Qing,Said:“Xiao Shu,congratulations!This is the wedding gift I picked for you。”
Shu Qing took a look,Is a set of very expensive imported cosmetics,She said in surprise:“day,This gift is too expensive!Too sweet!I need this so much,You are too thoughtful,I went to the mall twice,I forgot to buy cosmetics,He has everything here,Just this one,Then I’m welcome,Laughed,thank you。”
Ding Yi saw that she was satisfied with the gift she gave,Just said:“I also hollowed out my mind for a long time,Think about your rush,Maybe the section chief won’t be short of you,But men are careless,May not have prepared this for you。”
Shu Qing said quickly:“Yes,Yes,I really made you right,I don’t usually make up much,I didn’t expect to stay so many days this time,I wanted to go back to work that afternoon,Nothing else,I used Lao Peng’s this morningSODhoney。”
“Haha。”Ding Yi smiled,Said:“You call him Lao Peng?”
“Yes,Sometimes I also call him Peng……Changyi classmate……”Shu Qing leaned close to Ding Yi’s ear,Whisper Peng Changyi’s name。
Ding Yi glanced at the driver in front,I guess he can’t hear,Just said with a smile:“Haha,You guys so funny。”
Shu Qing said:“What do you call?”
Ding Yi said:“its me,Direct two words。”

“You drank the ginger soup obediently,I won’t cry,otherwise,I’ll cry to you!Don’t believe you try。”

Shen Ruoxi clearly burst into tears,But still deliberately joking with Shen Ruoxue,The more she is,The more it makes the girls present feel uncomfortable。
“I drink……”
Shen Ruoxue surrendered!She still cared about her face and self-esteem,But when she saw Shen Ruoxi who had been coaxing herself with tears,She can’t help but surrender,Just as Chen Hao said to Shen Ruoxi in the kitchen just now;In front of the sisters’ affection whose blood is thicker than water,There is no problem that cannot be solved。
Shen Ruoxi just poured the ginger soup for Shen Ruoxue,Shen Ruoxue raised the cup to her mouth……She wanted to show it to Shen Ruoxi,She is ashamed to persuade her sister not to cry,So I had to use my actions to comfort my sister。
Chapter two thousand five hundred and forty six Just feel wronged
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Chapter two thousand five hundred and forty six Just feel wronged
It’s not a big deal,Shen Ruoxue was just a momentary wayward puff,The temper of the second lady of the Shen family,That’s pretty good,But usually such people,Quick temper,Go fast,After a sudden burst of toss,Let out the unhappiness in your heart,Nothing more。
“Don’t drink,Be careful to burn your mouth!”
Shen Ruoxi is out of concern,Reach out to block the cup that Shen Ruoxue raised to her mouth,As a result, some of the ginger soup in the cup came out,Not hot enough to Shen Ruoxue,But he burned Shen Ruoxi’s hand!

Liu Rushi warned, worried。

“Grace,Do nothing else。Promise not to do anything else。”
Qin Liang agreed immediately,Then hugged Liu Rushi and sat on the sofa,Liu Rushi faintly feels wrong,But didn’t wait for her to think about it,Qin Liang has already started kissing her。
Deep miss,At this moment after a long absence,In this kiss,Started to burst out,The two kissed together,I can’t bear to separate anymore……
“did you miss me?”
When you can’t get up when you kiss,Qin Liang let go,Gentle question。
Liu Rushi nodded shyly。
“Where do you miss me?”
Qin Liang asked slyly,But Liu Rushi doesn’t answer this time。
“If you don’t answer, you’re thinking about everything,Hehe.”
Qin Liang is talking,When Liu Rushi was not paying attention,Secretly grabbed her hand,Then when I kiss her again,And put her down on the sofa……
This time,Qin Liang is“Large-scale invasion”Up,Wait until Liu Rushi reacts,It’s too late to resist。
“No way……Not allowed!You just promised me,Just kiss others and do nothing!”
Liu Rushi finally broke free from Qin Liang’s mouth,Aside。On the one hand, he tried to pull Qin Liang’s hand off his body……
“No way……miss you too much……”
Qin Liang, who was already energetic, not only didn’t stop,Instead, it continued to take further action。
Resisted in vain for a while,The invincible Liu Rushi had to give up all resistance,Let Qin Liang do whatever he wants。
In the past few months,Have experienced the battle of death,Escape from the dead,And because of my heart disease“scrapped”Qin Liang,Facing Liu Rushi’s beautiful face again,Sexy seductive body,Whether it is psychologically,Or physiologically,He is a little hard to control himself。