When we rest next week,Thinking about going home,It’s been a long time since I saw my parents,Miss them a bit。

Have time to go home next week。
I woke up at 6 o’clock this morning,Then just thinking,The sun is already high outside,Why haven’t you thought about the alarm clock?。
Afraid of missing time,Because I walked back with my sister last night a bit late,So I didn’t get it,Thinking about getting up this morning。
And then waited for the alarm to ring,Never sounded,Can’t hold back,Ran out of bed and went to the table to have a look,Ok,It’s not seven。
Then I continued to sleep peacefully for a while,When the alarm clock wakes up,I feel like I slept again。
Want to sleep in bed,Waited for the alarm clock to ring several times and finally made up my mind to get up。Boil water,Wash,turn on computer。
I kept making the forms in the morning until after nine o’clock,Send it to the boss after finishing,Then drink water and eat。Then I found a problem I haven’t found,That is,There are so many things you can do well when you wake up early。
And wake up in the morning with a clear consciousness,It should be the reason why。I really never sleep in the early morning or after early morning recently,I only sleep at one or two at night at home,Now I’m back to righteousness,Always go to bed early。
Because I’m afraid that I will be bald the night I go to bed。My hair is falling badly,Already saw the scalp。
I miss the thick black hair before high school。recent,Eat well,Sleep well。Occasionally troubles at work,But things will be solved slowly。
From last night to today all day,Are all worried。The reason is that I posted a circle of friends last night,Then the boss of the whole shop,My boss was blown up。
phone,WeChat video round turn。I posted it and copied it,Did not notice,I thought about anything and sent it out,After sending it out, I took a bath。
Then I was grinding in the bathroom for a while,I got a call from my boss when I got back to the room,Then I read WeChat,Just know what。

I walked over and hugged her in three steps and two steps,Sighed:“You are so beautiful,I want to know how to draw,Must paint you beautifully。”

Li Xiaohong teased beside him:“Rely on you to draw,How about relying on Xiaoxia!We are hungry,Hurry up and invite us to eat something delicious!”
I’m so funny with big bags and small bags hanging on me,Bring them to the last time I invited Xiang Tingting and Song Qi to dinner,And what they think is expensive。
When sitting down to order,Zhong Manxia put two exquisite packaging bags in front of me,I smiled:“Yeah,And my gift!”
Open it,A wallet,A belt,As an old wet machine, I know what it means at a glance,But pretending to be puzzled:“I like both of these gifts,But is there any meaning for giving this??”
Zhong Manxia picked up the belt with joy,I said:“You won’t buy it to beat me?”
She gave a cross-eyed look:“Correct,I’m going to smoke you hard,Until you dare not leave me。”
I have a face that suddenly realized:“You are afraid of me leaving you,Gonna hold me,right?”
“Count you smart!”
Then she stuffed the wallet into my hand,Motion me to open it。
I opened my wallet and took a look,Stuffed inside2Bucks,Very simple means love,This pretty girl is really affectionate。
I pretend to be puzzled:“2represents what,I wouldn’t say it’s a second product?”
Zhong Manxia has been in contact with me for a long time,I don’t know how smart I am,But usually there is no form,I like to make fun of everything,
Pretending to be angry:“Correct,Means you are stupid,Why did I find you a fool,So angry that i don’t want to talk to you anymore。”
I didn’t expect to be pecked by geese all day long,Apologize:“Sorry,my fault,This means my love for you will last forever。”

Because the people of Bai Huwei,Minimum repair,All have a mid-level profound cultivation base。

As for the leader of the White Tiger Guard,It’s the realm of the early stage。
“The one who killed you。”
Hear this,Lin Yu looked at the dark tiger guard ten meters away,Full of doubts。
Logically,Leader of the Dark Tiger Guard,The lowest cultivation level should be at the early stage of the profound level.。
But at this moment, Lin Yu feels,The leader of the Dark Tiger Guard,It turned out to be Huang Level Consummation,Didn’t even enter the Profound Level for half a step。
“What a man who killed me,In this case,Then pick me up。”
Master Dark Tiger,The body’s momentum suddenly rises from the yellow level,First half-step mysterious level,Then there is the early stage of Xuan level,Then it hasn’t stopped,Continue to rise,It didn’t stop until the middle stage of Xuan Rank。
And in front of Lord Dark Tiger Guard,Also at this moment,A huge fist appeared to attack Lin Yu。
This fighting move,The same as the moves of Master Kuroki just now。
But the power issued in different realms,The difference is not a little bit,It’s huge。
Why do I feel my breathing is suffering?
The people inside,Who the hell is?
I heard Lin Yu,Li Tianfei who left with his subordinates,I feel depressed in my chest,Stop and look behind the cow,Subsequently,Keep running。
Because I saw one,Than I saw Master Kuromu show it before,But also a huge fist。

“Seal of the Four Elephants!”

The little yellow hand of the water gate of the wave touches the abdomen of the golden Naruto。
With the current wave of wind and water,I can no longer seal the nine tails in Naruto,But it adds a little trouble to the nine tails in Naruto,It is still possible to prevent the hand of Nine-tailed Chakra from helping Naruto break the blockade of King Kong。
“Damn seal!Gan!”
The nine lamas in Naruto’s body utter incompetent fury。
The nine lamas only hate three things in his life。
Mu Dun,Write round eyes and seals。
At this time, a handful of kunai went around in a strange arc from behind Naruto to in front of Naruto,Hit the watergate。
Because Naruto’s body blocked his vision,So no one noticed this sudden appearance of Kuwu,It’s too late to react when I find it.,Bo Feng Shuimen can only helplessly retract his little yellow hand,Dodge the attack of kunai。
“Nine Lamas!”
The moment the seal of the four elephants disappeared,Naruto said。
“I know,Naruto!Lao Tzu is also very popular now!”

“All right,Open the door!”

After triple shooting,Glanced at the photo,Very satisfied,Sent to the WeChat group,This signaled Lin Yu to open the door。
Facing this mother-in-law,Although Lin Yu is helpless。
But I still entered my fingerprint,Open the door of the villa,Let everyone in。
“Am I dreaming?
This turned out to be my house?”
See Lin Yu open the door of the villa again,Lu Yingying couldn’t believe it now。
“Does it hurt?”
Seeing Lu Yingying still refuse to believe,Lin Yu stretched out her hand and squeezed Lu Yingying’s face,Asked with a smile。
“It hurts,This is not dreaming。
go,Go in and see which house you like to sleep in。
If you like it all,Then we change a house to sleep every day。”
Lu Yingying can’t wait,Running small steps up to the second floor。
Second and third floors,Both have one living room and two houses。
Own house for the first time,Lu Yingying was so happy。
This toss,It took several hours。
Waiting to leave,Lu Yingying is still very reluctant。

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Little Flower Fairy
And Shen Ruoxue is his sister-in-law,He can only appreciate but not possess,That’s why he feels shocked by Shen Ruoxue。
Shen Ruoxue has enough water,The pool water on my body was also dried by the sun,She stood up,Started walking barefoot among the flowers and trees,Still humming softly in my mouth。
Qin Liang’s eyes always follow Shen Ruoxue’s figure,At this moment,He can’t see anything,Only Shen Ruoxue can be seen。
Can make a field survival training so poetic,Maybe there is only Shen Ruoxue in this world.。
Time passes slowly,The sky started to darken slowly,Night is coming。
Shen Ruoxue collected a lot of branches,Then sort out a small area under the flower tree,Started to light up。
Seeing Shen Ruoxue doing what she is doing in a hurry,Qin Liang is pleasing to the eye,Looks good no matter what,He almost went out to help Shen Ruoxue make a fire……
When Shen Ruoxue raises a small fire,The sky is completely dark,I saw her in the light of the fire,I found some small rocks from the ground,I started to entertain myself“Throw abduction”game。
Qin Liang can’t laugh or cry,Where is a special soldier??Isn’t this still a little girl movie?……But looking at Shen Ruoxue by the fire,He couldn’t help but remembered eating barbecue with her on the grassland before,Drinking horse milk wine。
And when he recalled that he peeked at the scenery on Shen Ruoxue’s chest,Can’t help but laugh again,Just now, even Shen Ruoxue’s whole body was clearly seen,Memories later……
Shen Ruoxue played with herself for a while,Start to feel sleepy,After all, there are too many roads to walk this day,This girl is also casual,Didn’t even extinguish the fire,Hold the gun directly in your arms,Leaning on the biggest flowering tree, I closed my eyes and fell asleep。

Ding Yi said:“If you are okay,I will go back after the shower,I still have something。”

“Why are you going back?correct,Mrs. Wang called me that day,Ask me how you and Madoka are doing,I don’t seem to see him come to the work unit。”
Ding Yi is most afraid of her mentioning this,Just said:“mayor,Didn’t I tell you everything,I am young now,Don’t consider this issue。”
“Not too small,Talk first,I have told you countless times,Although Madoka has some small problems with her feet,But there are more people pursuing。He has a good eye,No one looks down on,It’s nice to see you。Moreover,You know the situation of his family,Maybe you can be the director of any bureau after a few years?These days,It matters everything,I think the old couple really like you,You can’t live up to it……”
“Mayor Gao,I beg you to stop mentioning this matter, okay?”Ding feels a little disgusted with her statement,Although she feels sorry for Minister,I feel sad every time I see the Minister in my heart。Once the minister saw her and said“Xiaoding,Why avoid me?”If Mayor Gao continues to say this, she must hide from Minister。
“mayor,I really thank you,Thank you Minister and family for your care。My father is older too,I will definitely go back,It’s impossible to start a family in another place,Don’t mention it again。”Ding Yi said it firmly this time,I remember the first time Mayor Gao told her about this,Ding Yi rejected her on the excuse that she was young and didn’t think about love.,It’s time to stop here,But Gao Tieyan always tells me from time to time。One day Wenwen asked her if it was true,She said no,President Wang has a successful career,I don’t deserve it,Wenwen said she was sour。Since it’s impossible,Ding Yi feels it is necessary to declare his attitude to Gao Tieyan again,Otherwise I can’t stay in Kangzhou anymore。
Gao Tieyan sees Ding Yi speaks firmly,Just don’t understand,I thought that a girl who could find someone like Wang Yuan would be pretty good,She still doesn’t give up,Said:“You look down on Madoka?Let me tell you I know how many people are chasing Madoka。”
Ding Yi got up to take a bath,After listening to her, she shook her head and said:“really not,President Wang is young and promising,And good family conditions,If there is no parent,I’m still climbing,You really don’t say any more,Don’t tell anyone。”I went into the bathroom and took a shower。
Gao Tieyan curled her mouth,What to pretend,Who doesn’t know if you go on a date with Wang Yuan and have coffee,How can someone publicly propose a marriage so unwilling to have to sneak up??Humph,Really。
Gao Tieyan was thinking,Seeing Ding Yi poking out his head and saying:“mayor,Is your solar energy broken?,The water is cold。”
Gao Tieyan said:“Is broken,But now it’s okay after the water has been exposed for a day,Not too cold,Let’s do it,I took a shower in the morning?”
Ding Yi is speechless,Today is cloudy all day,The water is cold now,She should be cooler when she washes in the morning,What an iron swallow!She sighed,Had to continue washing,Body and hair are wet,Otherwise Gao Tieyan should say she is squeamish again。Thought of here,Increase the water flow,After washing,Shivering put on clothes,Said after coming out:“Too cold。”
Gao Tieyan glanced at her,I saw her lips are all purple,Goose bumps all over the exposed areas。I gave her a towel and said:“Your body is really delicate,Hurry up,Don’t catch a cold。”
Ding Yi took the towel and was wrapped around him,I drank another cup of hot water passed by Gao Tieyan,Feel much better,I said goodbye to Gao Tieyan and left her house,The driver sent her back,I called Peng Changyi when I got to the office。Peng Changyi came up and said:“Such a long time,Going to the countryside again?”
“No,Mayor Gao’s lover is coming back,We went to her house to do sanitation。”
“Do sanitation?”Peng Changyixin said that this high-speed rail bird is really upsetting。
“Ok,Just returned to work。”

I’m going to run to me when I see him,Distance is very close。But at this moment,He heard a sudden shout from the 14th:“Luo Kai runs behind me!”

Wu Yue only felt that his scalp was numb——Because he really saw an empty space behind the 14th!That should be the position of the captain,But now the captain is following the 14th!
He immediately understood what the other party was doing:This is to start the captain on the 14th,Create opportunities for Luo Kai to insert diagonally!Two people have to cross position!
Luo Kai was stunned by Hu Lai’s voice,Although it shouldn’t be,But he really did not expect that Hu Lai, whom he has always looked down upon, would take the initiative to sacrifice himself to create opportunities for him……
Seems to see that he didn’t move in the first time,Hu Lai added another sentence:“Run!”
Luo Kai hasn’t run yet,But Wu Yue, who was guarding Luo Kai, turned around and was about to rush back。
Xia Xiaoyu standing in the stands,He is aloof and sees clearly the situation in the restricted area of Jiaxiang High School,He watched Hu Lai plunge into the encirclement against Luo Kai,There was a short space behind。
Is this going to cross position with Luo Kai,Let Luo Kai go to the middle road?
But not right!Huang Zheng from Jiaxiang High School is about to make up for it,Jiaxiang’s players have a strong sense of defense……
Just when Xia Xiaoyu couldn’t figure out the meaning of running like this on the 14th,But he saw the 14th suddenly turn around!
He turned back!
This is his third turn back on this route!

Qin Liang immediately ridiculed Yang Zhi unceremoniously!“by……What does this have to do with protecting Xiaoxue……”

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One thousand seven hundred and fifty-three chapters It’s you
? Yang Zhi’s awkward answer。
“Then guess,Give you one more chance,If you still can’t guess this time,,Xiaoxue will have nothing to do with you from now on,So you better think about it。”
Qin Liang said yin and yang weird。
“Can you give me a hint?”
Yang Zhi looked around again,Then asked in a low voice with a guilty conscience。“can,Tips for you,listen;This action was officially requested by the Haishang City Public Security Bureau to dispatch our Dragon Soul Warriors,This commander was appointed by someone to come and formally issued the banquet letter and appointment letter,Moreover, Director Liu Yong took the other two directors of Haishang City Bureau in person
Appointed here。”
“This time i,Yang Shiyun,Swallow,Koyuki,And you guys,All her soldiers,Awesome!Ha ha……”
Qin Liang said this is a proud。
“okay,You needn’t say,If I can’t guess it again,I don’t have to mix up……You are talking about Liu Xiaoyun。”
Yang Zhi smiled,The best girls from the Shen family,Qin Liang has finished talking about it,Just one Liu Xiaoyun,So the answer is obvious。
“Great,So you can guess whichever one!”
Qin Liang deliberately acted unbelievably。
“Boss,Will you play me like this?I have to be so benzene?You’re all talking about it,If I can’t guess who it is,Then I’m really a pig!”
Yang Zhi said with a bitter smile。

“Ha ha,Go ahead,Some habits are better to keep。”

Peng Changyi thought for a while,Said:“Row,I’ll go over。”
Qi Xiang said:“Then I will call the Tourism Bureau and the Transportation Bureau,Let them wait at the scene。”
“it is good。”
Peng Changyi said and stood up,Came out,Xiao Pang’s door is open,He pushed in,Seeing Nana is sitting in the position of Xiao Pang doing homework,Xiao Pang is dictating to her,Peng Changyi said:“Nana,Dad go out for a while,You and uncle are here waiting for dad。”
Xiao Pang stood up,Peng Changyi said:“I’m going to the east。”
Jiang Fan is discharged。
The day he was discharged,It happens to be friday,To celebrate his recovery,Dinner in the class at night。
Jiang Fan didn’t know about the dinner,The discharge procedure he did in the morning,The doctor and nurse invited for lunch。Xiao Xu and Xiaojin took the train back to Kangzhou,Because Jiang Fan will use a car tomorrow,He wants to go to Jin’an。
Jiang Fan sent away Xiao Xu and Xiao Jin,Lying in the dorm,Jiang Fan is really tired,The doctor asked him to be discharged on Monday,But he can’t lie down for a moment,He is going to use the two days of rest,Take a trip to Jin’an。
Thought of here,He called Ding Yi’s office,Told her she was discharged,Ask her to go home?
Ding Yi said excitedly:“You are discharged,Is it all right??”
“Yes,Totally fine。”
“Really good?”
“Really good。”
“Ha ha,I do not believe,You can’t recover even if you don’t burn it。”