“You see,There is an exit。”

“go,Look over。”
A younger brother,See an exit in the distance,Yelling。
then,The fastest。
The disciples behind,See this guy is the fastest,Also catch up quickly。
I just discovered the best sword,This is the fastest junior。
And appeared in a cave。
The Fourth Junior Brother who keeps walking,Seeing that I have been away for so long,Not end yet。
Start to doubt,Are you walking the maze?。
“not,This is not the place to be passed down at all?”
Brother Si,Frowned,Muttered。
“Whether or not,Let me attack first。”
Brother Si finished,Attack hard at the stone beside me。
Cave stone,Cracked。
“bad,The cave is about to collapse。”
See where I was attacked,A few stones fell,I was very excited at first。
Can be followed,So dumbfounded。
Because after the stone fell,The cave lost its support,One stone after another cracked,Subsequently,The cave has no support from the stone,There was a booming collapse。

About Lin Yu,Lu Wei don’t know。

Lu Wei Company!Lu Wei back to the company,I saw that the company’s employees are gone。
But own company,Still at the moment。
Relieved,Look at my wife,Tao:“Wife,Call the company executives,Said that the company had dinner at the largest hotel in Jianghu City at night,Let everyone come,Celebrate that the company is okay。”
“Husband,Got it。”
Lu Wei’s wife finished,So he took out his mobile phone to make a call。
Seeing my wife called,Lu Wei thinks of Lin Yu。
Although this time,He caused it。
But this time the Jiang family was removed,He’s probably fine。
Think of this one,Take out the phone,So I called Lin Yu。
Wife just now,I dare not fight。
After all, if it weren’t for Lin Yu,There won’t be such a thing。
Wife,I must have a great resentment towards Lin Yu。
Holding ice lotus,Lin Yu returning to Zhuo’s house,See my phone ring,It was from Lu Wei,Answer key pressed。
“Lin Yu,Are you alright?”
“never mind,where are you now?”
“In the company,Jiang family is removed,So i’m fine。”
“free tonight?”
I remembered that I had caused Lu Wei,Lin Yu feels a little sad。

Words fall,Hung up。

And the phone just quieted down,Less than a second。
Two more caller IDs pop up,The person calling is the company secretary and Lao Zhang。
Slide to the left,Answer Lao Zhang’s call。
“Did you know about the company??
Did you offend people outside?”
The character of this old Zhang,Relatively calm。
Without evidence,Just ask Li Hong to make sure。
“Is not,If yes,Am i so anxious now?
You call to ask the company that broke the contract,See if you can get it from the other person’s mouth,Find out,Who did we offend?”
“it is good,I’ll call and ask now。”
Phone hung up,Then the secretary’s phone popped out again。
Slip again,The secretary’s anxious voice came from the phone。
“Manager Li,Oh no,Something big。
The company’s tissues were checked out,There are carcinogenic chemicals,The company has now been blocked by the Quality Supervision Bureau。”

Against the Cavaliers,There is no doubt that Xu Xuan is hereNBAThe most tiring game ever played。

Not only the intensity of the game but also his role in the game。
Keep shooting under the double teams of two or even three people、Pass、Running.
This is a bad experience!
This is an experience Xu Xuan does not want to copy!
“of course,This is also a completely unrepeatable victory, isn’t it?”
Barkley blinked hard,Try not to let the tears fall。
A new message came from the background just now,Xu Xuan fainted the moment he walked into the locker room。
The whole person is lying on the ground,Frank·Vogel was terrified,Fortunately, the team doctor came to ask about the time of physical therapy,Just saw this scene.After a lot of confusion,The final result surprised everyone.
Xu Xuan actually fell asleep.
Fell asleep?
Tired to fall asleep in the locker room?
Oh, God,This kid,What did you go through??
Barkley forced himself not to cry,But when he announced the news to the fans on the court who were reluctant to leave the arena and watch the live broadcast in front of the TV,The whole arena was instantly quiet!
Even those female fans who are feeling involuntarily shed tears。
Xu Xuan is so hard!
What kind of level does it have to be so tired that I fall asleep in the locker room before I go home?
“Hey,Kenny,How do you think Xu Xuan’s performance in this game is most appropriate??”

The voice fell off,Mo Xiaosheng left the Moxin Health Club,Kick,Rushed to the direction where the beggar disappeared。

First0142Zhang Junqing Office Ye Bing
After the beggar came out of the Moxin Health Club, he flashed into a side alley,See no one left or right,Pausing to eat the hand and stopped,Spit out the food in your mouth on the ground,Then shook his body and walked to the alley behind Moxin Health Center。
After walking to the health center,He picked up the censer at the root of the wall,Pour the incense ash from the incense burner and the air-dried rice on the ground,Then put the rice in the broken bowl,Then he took a piece of incense from his arms,Put it firmly into the bowl,Point。
“Brother,Pretty good at playing。”
Suddenly there was a voice next to me,The beggar trembled with fright,I looked up and saw Mo Xiaosheng’s back look surprised,But soon calmed down。
Seen being hit by Mo Xiaosheng,He didn’t even bother to pretend,Sneered:“You know what i’m doing?”
For ordinary people like Mo Xiaosheng,He doesn’t care about it,If he wants Mo Xiaosheng’s life,It’s just a matter of moving your fingers,It’s just that it will be more troublesome to deal with later。
“of course。”Mo Xiaosheng smiled faintly,“Condensing evil spirit is harmful。”
“Row,Somewhat knowledgeable。”The beggar nodded,“Kid,You know metaphysics?”
“Understand a little。”Mo Xiaosheng nodded。
“I didn’t expect to meet someone who understands metaphysics,Kid,In this case,Master Dao, I’ll let you go,As long as you close this health center,Move the family out of Heyang,Never come back,I will spare your life。”Said the beggar。

“Then let’s talk about Chapter 3:Since we are together,Then we must treat each other wholeheartedly,Half-hearted,Don’t empathize!”

Mandarin Duck brings up chapter three again。
“This one is even simpler,No need to consider,I can agree immediately。”
Zhao Tuo laughed,He thought how harsh the mandarin duck agreement would be,Unexpectedly, it’s all things you can do easily,It seems that I have complicated things。
“These three chapters are simple to say,In fact, it’s difficult to do it all the time。”
The mandarin duck said with an experienced look,Actually she just watched too many movies and TV shows……
“Then you just wait and see,See if I can do it all the time。”
Zhao Tuo answered rather disapprovingly,He is very confident of himself,He believes he can take the mandarin duck’s“Three chapters”well-done。
“Ok,Don’t let me down。”
Yuan Duck looked at Zhao Tuo with a look of expectation and said。
“You won’t be disappointed,I can only do better than you hope。”
Zhao Tuo answered with a smile。
“Yep,That’s best。”
The mandarin duck nodded and agreed,This so-called“Three chapters”,But she thought about it for a long time.,She thinks it is already very difficult,So if you have not been in a relationship, you have no experience,What she thought were actually the simplest rules of love,It hasn’t risen to the point where there are three chapters。

Fluttershy’s kind advice to Qin Liang。

“Yes!I got it,Thank you for this little Russian beauty,Ha ha,be good,go to bed now,I’m going to spank you!”
Qin Liang’s conditioned reflex……He is used to talking to the girls next to him,So subconsciously a mouth,All this set!
It’s not half a day to get to know each other,He’s going to spank Xiaodie!And what about Fluttershy,I also knew Qin Liang in less than half a day,Already let him stay in his wedding room……
The relationship between the two has progressed so fast,But Xiaodie is definitely a good girl with good character,Qin Liang has no doubt about this,Because from talking to her,Can clearly feel this。
“I’m really going to bed now……good night。”
Fluttershy bit her lip and said。
“good night,Dear。”
Qin Liang blurted out without going through his brain!
Fluttershy blushed instantly again,She took a deep look at Qin Liang,Turned around and ran away like a bunny……
Qin Liang originally wanted to explain,After all, it’s called Xiaodie dear,So rash,Too rude……But when he opens his mouth to speak,Xiaodie is gone!
“I have a hasty!What kind of luck is this for me?!I can also meet beautiful girls like this……And she’s a foreign girl of Russian descent,I’m fucking no one!The peach blossoms are transported to the rhythm that can’t be blocked. This is!”
Take a shower,Qin Liang thought secretly in his heart……
“But if I really live here,Can hide yourself to the utmost extent,And if Fluttershy is by my side,People will think we are a couple,Where can’t you bother?,Will never be noticeable……”

“.”Su Zheng glanced at the little empress in disbelief,this,Isn’t she the kind and soft-hearted little fairy??Oh,correct,She is also cruel,Various rumors that are good at disguising。It can be seen from Su Zheng’s eyes,The little fairy is real,Kindness is also true,just,At the helm of the big group,Very useful,Also very jealous.

This filter is also quite thick。
“Su Ruo’s eyes are swollen,Su Jing rejected the joint funeral,then,The Su family began to say how inconvenient it is to be buried together,that’s not good,In the end, all kinds of unlucky superstitions even emerged,I also opened my eyes,Who can think of,Su Family of Absolutism,Actually will stage such a farce?”
Su Zheng sighed,“When Ms. Dang was thrown away,Has memory,She to the Su family,home,Also has memory,Otherwise, I won’t work so hard to get back to the Imperial Capital。But my father didn’t know,When did she know her life experience,Maybe,After she saw the Su family treat Su Ruo so much,Very disappointed,Don’t want to recognize each other。This is my father’s guess,Also my guess。and so,When my father met her,She totally ignored。”
“The rest of the Su family also met Ms. Dang,But Su Ruo is always crying and crying,Su Jing knows Ms. Dang’s disagreement attitude,I persuaded Su’s family not to look for her。My grandpa met Ms. Dang,I don’t know how many times I have seen,but I know,In the hands of the party lady,Have the property my grandpa gave her,Available in the will,But not.this matter,My father hasn’t told me。He is in poor health recently,I’m afraid you are anxious about Sun’s good things,Let me see you instead of him,Wait for him to get better,Will come to see you in person.”
Ou Zhaozhao has calmed down,She to the party lady,The relationship is really not deep,I haven’t seen it a few times,But it feels good,It’s also because the feelings are not deep, it feels good,That’s why it’s so painful now。but,The more painful,Ou Zhaozhao is calmer。because.
Why should I have to bear this kind of pain?!!!!That group of beasts,Show me!!Don’t kill your family,Funeral for the party lady,My last name is not O!!!
Take a deep breath,Ou Zhaozhao asked,“About the will,Not in a hurry,just,Su Jing, do they know about the will??”
Su Zheng nodded,“Su Jing is my grandfather’s youngest son,The Su family now has four,But the most promising,This is Su Jing。others,Just because of the crowd,Really promising,No。My father is a general doctor,My grandpa has the ability,But people take the tea cold,What’s more, this person is still dead.I rely on my grandfather’s legacy,Mixed into the current position of the deputy dean。”
In other words,You want to deal with the Su family,Easy to handle。
“Su Jing was also excellent in his early years,Now he’s an old man,Relying on identity to give speeches everywhere.He and Su Ruo have three children,These three children are mediocre,But they are all mixed people look like dogs,These three kids,Gave birth to five more children,Among them now seems to be the most promising,Is a girl,It is said to have a talent for mathematics,But the Superman class failed the exam,A prestigious school that relies on music,I also doubt the authenticity of her talent。”
Talk openly,Su Zheng has completely released himself。
Baby Ou is curious,“Superman Class?”superpower?

Xiaodie said coquettishly。

“Really strange,It’s still so early,You came back to stay with me,Does today’s sun rise from the west??”
Zhuang Yong said with an unexpected look。
“I don’t want to go out to play today,What’s so strange?”
Xiaodie answered casually,One side started to look around in the study, and started to move。
No one dares to come in Zhuang Yong’s study,Let alone dare to touch the things in his study,But Fluttershy is an exception,She is the little ancestor of the dealer,What she wants to do,Don’t talk about Zhuang Yong’s stuff,Even if she demolished Zhuang Yong’s study,Zhuang Yong won’t say anything to her“Do not”Word!
Who made her the jewel of Zhuang Yong?。
“What are you looking for?”
Zhuang Yong smiled and asked Xiaodie。
“Am i bored,Just look around and see if there is anything interesting,how?Not happy?”
Kocho’s domineering question。
“willing,willing!Whatever you want,Do what you want,Ha ha……”
Zhuang Yong answered with a slight temper。
“cut,That’s almost the same!”

“Yep,Do not worry。”

Yang Shiyun smiled and agreed。
Yang Shiyun is here“Fierce general”Sit at home,Not only swallows don’t worry,Qin Liang is absolutely relieved。
“You have Yang Zhi’s phone number,if you need,call him。”
Qin Liang also casually confessed to Yang Shiyun,Actually, you don’t have to make such a fuss,Qin Liang and the others are going to leave,Under normal circumstances at home, nothing happens at all,Whether it is swallow,Or Qin Liang,In fact, there is no need to hand over the Shen family girls to Yang Shiyun so solemnly,It’s as if it’s a big enemy。
But official business must be done,This is the purpose Yanzi has always upheld,Qin Liang just cooperated with her on purpose。
Among those who stay at home,Except Yang Shiyun,Du Shanshan,Luna and Meizi are also quite capable,So Qin Liang and Yanzi have nothing to worry about.,What’s more, there is another group of masters led by Yang Zhi……
It was originally an outing based on the nature of traveling,It has now been transformed into a very formal“Military mission”,have to say,There are also swallows“only”Of a girl。
Qin Liang felt that the swallow was funny,On the other hand, Er also approves of her practice,Although this matter made him feel a little bit ridiculous,But this way,At least it can cultivate a good habit for the Shen sisters:No matter what you do,Take a serious attitude。
“All right,It’s okay,Next, everyone will continue free activities,What do you want。”
Chapter three thousand four hundred and twenty You can also change one
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Chapter three thousand four hundred and twenty You can also change one
In a blink of an eye, Swallow smiled again and said to everyone。
“Yeah,Finally relax,I suddenly felt so nervous just now。”