Keep in mind four bad things after male exercise

Keep in mind four bad things after male exercise


If you ca n’t rest immediately, if you stop and rest immediately, the rhythmic contraction of the muscles will stop, and the large amount of blood that originally flowed into the muscles will not flow back to the heart through the muscle contraction, resulting in lower blood pressure, temporary brain damage, and shortness of breath., Dizziness, pale, and even shock and faint.


Do not wash immediately. If you take a cold water bath immediately after exercise, the blood vessels will immediately contract due to sudden stimulation, and the blood circulation volume will increase. At the same time, the body’s resistance will decrease, and people will become ill.

For example, taking a hot bath intensifies the blood flow inside the skin, excessive blood flows into the muscles and skin, causing insufficient blood supply to the heart and brain, lightheadedness, dizziness, and severe prolapse, and other chronic diseases.

Some people should not eat a lot of sugar. After plasma exercise, some people feel that eating sweets or sugar water is very comfortable. They think that eating more sweets after exercise is good. In fact, eating too much of vitamin b1 in sweets after exercise will cause burnout., Loss of appetite, etc., affect the recovery of physical strength.

Therefore, it is best to eat more foods containing vitamin b1 after each exercise, such as vegetables, liver, eggs and other foods.


After the exercise that ca n’t drink and relieve boredom, people ‘s physical functions will be in a state of excitement. At this time, drinking alcohol will transform the body to absorb alcohol and enter the blood, which will harm the liver, stomach and other organisms more than usual.

It can cause fatty liver, cirrhosis, gastritis, gastric ulcer, dementia and other diseases for a long time.

Even drinking beer after exercise is not good, it will increase the uric acid in the blood, cause great irritation of the joints, and trigger arthritis.

Remuneration and benefits should be good for investment staff

Remuneration and benefits should be “good for investment staff”

Numerous examples of compensation research have shown that the key to compensation and benefits in the implementation process is to do what they want, that is, to give employees what they want.
  When formulating a salary plan, the “chips” that HR managers can choose to use, in addition to currency, the most valuable tool, are also economic benefits (extra income, overtime pay, housing allowances, transportation subsidies, food subsidies,Education and training subsidies, health care, paid leave, cultural benefits, financial benefits, other living benefits) and non-economic benefits (consulting services, protective services, environmental protection, participation management, etc.).
According to different targets, the above benefits can be divided into full employee benefits, special benefits, and special hardship subsidies.
  Frankly speaking, all benefits for employees are generally not regarded as incentives by employees, and sometimes they are even regarded as a kind of “right”.
  In order to spend money on the blade, the author advises many corporate HR departments: First of all, in addition to the various benefits stipulated by the government, absolutely do not engage in full benefits.
An HR person who had been keen to engage in “Pu Gangan Lin” type welfare for all employees said that “everyone has” is equal to “everyone does not”.
Because in this case, the employees did not feel the special care from the company, but regarded it as a “right of course” and accepted it.
The company paid a lot of money, but the employees did not appreciate it at all, and the boss became the “big head”.
  Second, design and implement benefits that excite employees.
The benefits that many companies now engage in are not what employees want.
For example, a low-interest home purchase loan may not be of much interest to a large number of elderly workers, because they no longer have the ability to repay long-term. Similarly, for most young people who have just settled into work, medical insurance is also not relevant.Great benefits.
Therefore, HR workers must think twice about which welfare program to choose.
  Third, welfare must be flexible.
Should I choose the high salary + high welfare model or the higher salary + high welfare model, and choose the low salary + high welfare or high salary + low welfare?
The key is to consider the company’s ability to pay.
Compared to salary, the “flexibility” of benefits is greater.
As a result, the “tension” of welfare can be raised, where appropriate, to cross the benchmark.
  Fourth, abandon option stocks.
Among the more than 60 companies that the author has served as consultants, most of them who adopted the option stock model have failed.
The reason is that there is a lot of uncertainty about the remuneration to be paid in the long term, and it is natural to have a “delusional” taste to bundle employees as a benefit.
  Fifth, improve the welfare review system.
Reviewing, reviewing, and revising the welfare system in a timely manner is a thing that HR departments often do.

Some medicated meals to help you correct your cold

Some medicated meals to help you correct your cold

Guide: Cold and hot weather is just the season of influenza. The following editors will teach you how to prevent and regulate colds with medicated diet: mulberry leaves, mulberry leaves, 15 grams of chrysanthemum, appropriate sugar, boiling waterMake tea instead.

Mulberry leaves can clear the liver and dissipate heat, relieve cough and swallow the throat;

This recipe is often used to treat dizziness, headache, itching of the throat, thirst, cough, fever and other symptoms caused by the cold.

Honeysuckle reed root mint drink honeysuckle, 15 grams each of mint, 30 grams reed root, boiling water for tea.

Honeysuckle can clear the wind and clear the heat, refreshing the cold; reed root can clear the heat, quench thirst, and get rid of the cold; mint can evacuate the wind and heat, and clear the throat.

This recipe is often used for the treatment of colds, mild fever, dry throat, and thirst.

Chrysanthemum almond cake 15 grams of chrysanthemum, 10 grams of almonds, 250 grams of flour, 1 egg, sugar (salt) amount.

Wash the chrysanthemums and chop them; peel and mash the almonds; thicken the flour with an appropriate amount of water and sugar (salt), add evenly beaten eggs, chrysanthemums and almonds, spread well, put them in a steamer, and cook them until slightly coolCut into small pieces.

Commonly used to treat dizziness, cough, yellow sputum and other symptoms caused by colds.

Mung bean cake is made from mung bean flour, rice noodles, sugar, and 1 egg.

Mix the first three flavors into a paste with water, add the eggs, mix well, put them in a steamer and cook them. After cooling, cut into small pieces.

It has the effect of clearing heat and nourishing yin, and is especially suitable for those with poor diet caused by colds.

50 golden sentences describing gender relations

50 golden sentences describing gender relations

1. It is an emergency for a man to kiss a woman, and it is a premeditated incident for a woman to kiss a man.

  2. Traditional men are very pure before marriage and start to fuck after marriage; modern men fuck before marriage and become honest after marriage.

  3, “Do you still love me?

“In this sentence, a woman will kiss a man for the first time, be touched by a man for the first time, go to bed with a man for the first time, and ask a few times each time the man makes the first money.

  4. “Do you still love me?

In this sentence, men usually try to kiss each other for the first time, try to touch the other person for the first time, try to go to bed with the other person for the first time, and ask each of them several times when their career enters a trough.

  5, before marriage men borrow money to make women eat well, after marriage women borrow money to make men eat well.

  6, men have affair is reflected in more and more busy work, women have affair is reflected in the dishes made more and more salty.

  7. It is difficult for a man to go to bed with a woman for the first time, and it will become easier and easier in the future; it is easier for a woman to go to bed with a man for the first time, and it will become more and more difficult in the future.

  8. After a man makes money, he wants to divorce his wife. If a man cannot make money, his wife wants to divorce him.

  9, traditional women are very honest before giving birth, after the birth of children began to think of non-feature; modern women want to enter into non-feature before giving birth, become honest after giving birth.

   10. Men like to keep accounts when they have no money at home, and women like to keep accounts when they have money at home.

   11. No matter how bad the relationship between a man and his wife is, he has a good relationship with his mother-in-law; no matter how well a woman has a relationship with her husband, her relationship with her mother-in-law is also bad.

    12, women are anxious when men do not make money, women regret when men make money.

  13, the man entrusted his girlfriend to his buddies to take care of him, and finally the girlfriend became his brother’s wife, and the buddies took care of it; the woman entrusted his boyfriend to his sister’s care, and the sister became a boyfriend’s wife, and the sisters also becameNot become.

  14, when men are thinking about ML, they must not be their wives, women are thinking about their husbands.

  15. A failed man likes to compare his wife with others, and a successful woman likes to compare her husband with others.

  16. A man who is fined for parking illegally will quarrel with the police, and the woman will persuade him; a woman who is illegally parked with a ticket will quarrel with the man next to him, and the police will persuade him.

  17. The biggest trouble for men is too little money, and the biggest trouble for women is too much money.

  18. Men’s favorite and most useless things are laptops, while women’s favorite and most useless things are shoes.

  19. Men are good at discovering the shortcomings of their wives, and women are good at discovering the advantages of their husbands.

  20, men have an affair because they have a premeditated plan, and women have an affair because of loneliness.

  21, a man has a lover called conquest, a woman has a lover called stupidity.

  22. When a woman says “hate” to you, she shows that she likes you. When a man says “hate” to you, he really hates you.

  23. Before the age of 40, the woman had the idea of changing her husband. After the age of 40, the man had the action of changing his wife.

  24. Men are good at discovering the advantages of others’ wives, and women are good at discovering the advantages of their husbands.

  25. Men and women quarrel in the car and get angry. If a woman is driving, she will slam the brakes. If a man is driving, he will slam the accelerator.

  26. Men who have money first change their phones, then cars, then houses, and finally change clothes; women who have money have the opposite.

  27. Men learn English to prove that they are good, while women learn English to prove that they are not good.

  28. The poorest men do not bargain for food, and the richest women also have to bargain.

  29. Behind successful men, there is a woman’s support, and behind successful women, there are a bunch of men’s support.

  30. The man that women hate most is Chen Shimei; the woman that men like the most is Pan Jinlian.

  31, men look at women, the most beautiful when in love, the most common after marriage, the worst when divorced, and become beautiful after divorce; women look at men, the most sincere when in love, the most boring after marriage, the most false before divorce, and change after divorcesincere.

  32. For a man, the most beautiful woman is an unavailable woman; for a woman, the smartest man is a man who already owns it.

  33. No matter how clever a woman is, she is confused in her appearance, and even a stupid man is sober in her appearance.

  34, women are always afraid of men, and men are always disgusted when they go to bed; men are always women, and they are afraid of women.

  35, the most embarrassing thing for a man is that his wife drinks too much to entangle his friends; the most embarrassing thing for a woman is that her friend’s friends are drunk and entangle themselves.

  36. When a woman says “I know I’m not pretty” to a man, a man must never agree; when a man says “I’m actually a failure” to a woman, the woman absolutely must disagree.   37. A man who does not want property at the time of divorce must not be a good man; a woman who does not want property at the time of divorce must be a good woman.

  38. A man gives a woman’s corset, indicating that he wants to establish a lover’s relationship; a woman sends a man’s underwear, indicating that he has already had a lover’s relationship.

  39, women are kind because of stupidity, men are stupid because of kindness.

  40, a woman’s unit sends a thousand dollars, she will tell a man to send a thousand dollars, tell her friend to send five hundred; a man unit sends a thousand dollars, he will tell a woman to send five hundred, tell her friendFifteen thousand.

  41. The man who is least afraid of his wife at home does not dare to oppose his mother-in-law; the woman who is most afraid of her husband at home also dares to oppose his mother-in-law.

  42, women are spending money on their own husbands in the future, and men are spending money on other women in the future.

  43. When men face a group of women, do not discuss the appearance; when women face a group of men, do not discuss the issue of wealth.

  44. Women like to hear a man say that another woman is hard to see; men like to hear a woman say that another man is a failure.

  45. When women comfort women, they often say that they are miserable; when men comfort men, they often say that another man is miserable.

  46. The dumbest time for a man is to wear a suit to work for the first time, and the dumbest time for a woman is to wear a camisole for the first time.

  47. Beautiful women like to praise the beautiful clothes of other women. Rich men like touting other men’s high income. The end result is to bring the topic to themselves.

  48. Returnee men also need to add a few words of English when they speak Chinese to Chinese; returnee women also have a few words of Chinese when they speak English to foreigners.

  49. Men read PhD because of low IQ, and women read PhD because of low EQ.

  50. It is a habit for men to lie, and it is necessary for women to lie.

Some kind of sweat and some kind of disease?

Some kind of sweat and some kind of disease?

Traditional medicine believes that sweat is the heart fluid.

If you say that on a hot summer day, your body is sweating.

But some people, whether in summer or winter, eat a meal, do something, or sweat a little when they are nervous, this may be a disease.

In medicine, hyperhidrosis can be divided into general hyperhidrosis and local hyperhidrosis.

  Hyperhidrosis is caused by febrile diseases, metabolic diseases, and mental factors.

  Hypoglycemia: It can cause patients to look pale, to have cold sweats, and tremor in hands and feet.

  Hyperthyroidism: In addition to being afraid of heat and sweating, the patient also showed increased appetite, ate a lot, but lost weight, increased stool frequency, palpitation, and nervousness.

  Diabetes: Due to comorbid autonomic nerve dysfunction, there is often abnormal sweating. Patients are also accompanied by symptoms such as polydipsia, polydipsia, polyuria and weight loss.

  Pheochromocytoma: A common symptom is dripping sweating, paroxysmal sweating, and sometimes persistent sweating.

There may be flustering, shaking hands, cold limbs, etc.

Suddenly often accompanied by a significant increase in blood pressure.

  In addition, hypertensive patients and menopausal women can also develop hyperhidrosis.

  Local hyperhidrosis and spontaneous sweating: Sweating often during the day, and even worse after the activity, mostly caused by qi deficiency or yang deficiency, you can take warm tonic products for conditioning.

  Night sweats: sweating after falling asleep, and stopping after waking, more common in people with yin deficiency and fire, prolonged illness, especially in patients with tuberculosis.

  Nasal sweat: Whenever I am emotional, nervous, overworked, sweating when I talk too much, the sweat exudates from the bridge of the nose and wings.

More common in allergic rhinitis and low immunity, prone to colds.

  Frontal sweat: Sweating produces high temperature on the forehead, and even sweating like steamer steam. It is more common in people with yang qi and hyperdigestive function.

  Half body sweat: refers to sweating in the half body, while the other half is not sweating or sweating slightly.

More common in young patients with hypertensive encephalopathy, renal hypertension, stroke, hemiplegia, paraplegia and other patients.

  Laoxinhan: refers to sweating in the fossa of the heart and the middle part of the two breasts. It is often caused by worry, thought, shock, and fear of hurting the heart and spleen.

Common in overworked and intellectuals.

  Perineal sweat: sweating expands the perineum and external genital area, it is common in gynecological diseases such as vulvar pruritus, vaginitis, and odorous perineal sweat.

  Axillary odor: sweat odor, such as fox odor, caused by abnormal secretion of large sweat glands in the armpit.

More common in young, middle-aged, female than male.

  Half head sweat: The entire head is connected to the nose in two halves, half of the head is sweating, and the other half is sweating.

This is due to both yin and yang losses and cold.

  Hand, Foot, and Heart Sweat: Occurs when you are nervous or agitated, or when you speak in public. It usually occurs in adolescents, and is mostly caused by depression.

  In addition, the “war sweat” of patients with high fever (seeing the whole body shivering and then sweating), the “out of sweat” (drenching sweat) at the time of life dying, leading to signs of disease turning into danger, should do something.

4 steps to quickly end the severe excess meat in the abdomen


4 steps to quickly end the severe excess meat in the abdomen

A fitness scientist at San Diego State University tested the most popular 13 abdominal movements and concluded the four most effective “wasting meat killers.”

For best results, these 4 sports are done in 3 groups each day, and each group lasts 15 minutes.

銆€銆€The scooter moves on the floor and pretends to pedal the bicycle.

The correct action is to press the floor down and back with your hands behind your head.

Point to the 45 degree angle, do the scooter on both feet, step on the left foot to touch the right knee, and then use your right foot to step on the left knee.

銆€銆€Knee-lifting to find an armchair chair, sitting on the edge of the chair, shrinking and bending, feet flat on the ground.

Tightening the abdomen, the body leans back slightly and lifts your feet off the ground a few centimeters.

Maintain a stable movement, pull up and down to the sides, while the upper body front.

Then return your feet to their original position and repeat them.

銆€銆€Arms sit up and lie down, knees, feet together to hook the bed.

Use a towel to bypass the back side and pull one end of each hand.

Shrink the abdomen, lift the shoulders, slowly roll up the back, then slowly recline, and continue to get up when you almost reach the floor, repeating.

銆€銆€Lifting the ball on his back, holding a tennis ball in his hand, raising his hands against the ceiling, legs straight and close together, hooked on both feet.

Tighten the abdomen and chest muscles and lift your shoulders and head a few centimeters from the ground.

Make sure the ball is always rushing up to the roof instead of forward.

Why worry about it, only eat meat!


And want to barbecue!

Why worry about it, only eat meat!
And want to barbecue!

As the saying goes, why do you worry about it? Only the meat that is sizzling on the oven for eating goods must be the most irresistible temptation!

When it comes to eating meat, you must raise the water.

The Liangshan heroes say that Liangshan is a big bowl of drinking and eating meat. Although Xiaobian has not been to Liangshan, we can go to Hankow Palace Korean barbecue bowl and drink big meat!

More than 100 dishes, more than 50 kinds of barbecue and seafood!

Special barbecue, Korean food, seafood, sushi, vegetables, fruit, ice cream, beer, juice, cola, syrup, cold dishes. Buffet barbecue want to eat what is baked, there is simply someone who wants to stop eating food mode!

Hankow Palace Korean-style pork is a perfect combination of Korean court secrets and modern food and health, creating a new concept of its own barbecue. Hanbu Palace has no open fire on the paper, no smoke, no health, health, environmental protection, interesting, eatWith a healthy layer of paper on the barbecue, the two-fold repeated heating “three-turn four-fog five-baked cooked” barbecue secrets make the grilled fresh products, the color is delicious, the entrance is smooth, the lips and teeth are roasted and roasted, and the grilled delicious barbecue does not destroy.The nutrition of meat, seafood and vegetables, together with the taste of dozens of Chinese herbal ingredients, is delicious. The taste is pure and not only nutritious. It is more delicious. The grilled beef tongue is only taken from the back of the beef tongue. The meat of this part is very fresh and tender.The flexible tongue is grilled with LA steak and the meat is carefully selected. The steak is fine and beautiful. After roasting, the taste is very tender and tender. The roasted pork belly is grilled on both sides of the golden sauce. It is wrapped in lettuce and eaten with a mellow taste.Combine it with fresh vegetables. It’s delicious. Baked bacon roots are sliced and placed in a wok. It’s delicious with deep-fried bacon and a variety of marinated meats.娴稨ow little had fresh grilled seafood shrimp, climb shrimp, squid, fish consumption of children, oysters, gold shellfish, mussels, clam.


It can be said that everything is rich, fresh and plump, the favorite vegetables and vegetables are delicious, and the meat is delicious. It is a real delicious food that can regulate the oily and nutritious staple foods. Paired with a variety of seasonal vegetables, and marinated meat and then mixed with Korean spicy sauce. Healthy and delicious fried rice cake. It tastes soft and soft. The chewy garnish is also very greasy. Soup soup miso soup, seafood tofu soup, kimchi soup.

.A variety of tastes, delicious to cry, hurry up on your little cute to open your barbecue mode!

Tender model talks about breast enhancement: 30 days to get out of the curve

Tender model talks about breast enhancement: 30 days to get out of the curve

Guide: My face is beautiful and good, but I can only talk to my male friend. There is no further development. The reason is very simple, because I am born to be a flat-chested woman. The chest is just as attractive to men as a flat-panel TV.
Sometimes I feel ironic when I think about it. As a woman, there is no fullness of a woman. It is better to be a man!
Contrast before and after breast enhancement: Wow, I want to touch one by myself.
銆€銆€However, I am not as good as transgender.
So I have the idea of breast enhancement.
Fortunately, God cares for me. After my efforts, my chest has finally made a lot of achievements. In 30 days, I have a full curve. I have a gorgeous transformation, and I am full of it.
The iron buddies who used to hang on with me have looked at me with a stunning look. They called “Big Bomei” and never looked at me as a “brother.”
Click to view the process of Dabomei gorgeous transformation >>> I just started to make up my mind that I still can’t show my breasts and worry about other people’s jokes.
Just like a headless fly like a headless fly.
I heard people say that this method of breast enhancement is good, that breast enhancement method is wonderful, I am happy that the deer is used indiscriminately, but the effect is often unsatisfactory.
Later, I heard people say that the development of a woman’s chest has a great connection with food.
The breast is a fat-rich tissue. In addition to congenital inheritance and the size of the endocrine and left breasts, it is especially important to eat some foods that help stimulate endocrine and accelerate breast fat formation.
Food breast enhancement, it is too slow!
銆€銆€So, I started to eat some protein-rich foods, such as lean meat, eggs, pig’s trotters and other breasts.
I eat an egg every day, and every meal is essential.
In addition, I will also use papaya as a fruit to eat. Papaya can be breast-fed and everyone is familiar with it.
After all, it is a diet, the effect is very slow, three months passed, the bust only rose.
5CM, the weight is also bullish, very tangled.
Breast enhancement method is not effective, how to quickly breast enlargement >>> But okay, finally let me find a breast enhancement product that suits me, and realize the desire to be a “big” woman.
Red wine wood Melon soup was found on the Internet. I saw that many netizens used this product. I specially bought it and tried it and found that I was lucky.
The main ingredients of this breast enhancement product are papaya and red wine, which are nourishing pure natural plant essence.
Provides essential nutrients for breast development, enhances estrogen secretion, and allows the breasts to develop twice as fast and become full and round.
See how the red wine papaya soup achieves the second degree of breast development>>>Good fresh packaging!
Red wine papaya soup gives the breast a second chance to develop. Within a few days, the product has been received, then start my breast enhancement journey!
I will drink a few cups every day when I take the time.
I am very satisfied with this product, so after a week of drinking soup, the chest has a feeling of swelling and fever, which is similar to the development of adolescent chest.
After a month, my chest has increased by nearly 2 cups!
杩涘畼缃戞煡鐪嬬孩閰掓湪鐡滄堡涓轰粈涔堣兘鎷ユ湁杩欎箞绁炴晥鐨勪赴鑳告晥鏋?>>涓€涓湀锛屽氨寮€濮嬫湁鏁堟灉浜嗗憿銆€銆€鍒板悗闈㈡晥鏋滃氨鏇存槑鏄句簡锛屽枬姹ゆ湡闂达紝鑳搁儴鈥滆弓韫弓鈥濆氨澶ц捣鏉ヤ簡锛岃€屼笖The breasts continue to swell and feel very good, just like constantly stuffing fat into the chest, and seeing it grow up every day.
In the two months or so, it has increased 3 cups, even if you don’t wear underwear, it is quite high, not inferior to the actress who bursts milk.
2涓湀鏃堕棿锛岀┛浣庤兏锛屼篃鑳芥尯璧锋潵浜嗗摝銆€銆€鐪嬪埌鎴戞垚鍔熶赴鍑虹櫧瀚╃殑D鏉紝鐩镐俊鑳稿皬鐨凪M閮借穬璺冩璇曞惂锛岃鏄濡逛滑鐩镐俊鎴戯紝瑙夊緱鎴戠殑鏂规硶鍙鐨勮瘽锛屼篃涓嶅ΘCome and try, you can also achieve a full dream.
See more netizens’ successful breast enhancement cases, teach you to create a full and attractive chest>>>Feng chest success, little sexy, O(鈭鈭?O~~