So although Li Bi thought about it before,But didn’t take it to heart。

But now Shen Huan said it’s different,Shen Huan said useful,She feels trustworthy。
“This year,If there is no inventory,How to survive in the arena?”Shen Huan laughed,“I still have a few bottles in my hand,Just to spare,Didn’t you just use it now??”
Li Bi sees what he is talking about,Feel more at ease,“but……Have you used?Confirmed valid?”
Talking,She exposed her whole head。
Then Li Bi carefully untied a smaller piece of gauze,Reveals a cut about5Mm semicircular blood red scar,“See,This directly destroys the skin and the muscle tissue inside,The doctor said unless it is re-grafting and microdermabrasion,But even so,Can’t be exactly the same as before。”
Speaking of here,Li Bi suddenly became depressed,“This is the smallest scar on the face,The biggest is3Cm long!I won’t talk about it……I’m furious!”
Shen Huan didn’t let her cover up the wound,But gently pulled the gauze away for her,The way of harmony:“This is an upgraded version of my latest configuration,The effect is ten times better than before。Can you let me try,Otherwise, this face will go directly to Tai Chi Country for surgery,After coming back, fans call you artificial beauty.What do women do?”
“Just call。”Li Bi muttered,Didn’t stop Shen Huan’s actions,“Anyway, I don’t rely on appearance to eat。”
“That’s right,Can post your family,And your kids saw it,A bit awkward?”Shen Huan smiled。
Li Bibai gave him a look,But suddenly his face flushed。
Shen Huan didn’t notice her performance,But took out a round small bottle from the bag。
Open it,Li Bi’s nose took two deep breaths,Smile on his face:“Good smell~~”
When the bottle is opened,A pure fragrance that reveals the breath of nature hits the face,It makes people feel as if they are in a time of communication in spring and summer,It feels the same in a sea of forest flowers。
“This ointment,Even the top cosmetics I use can’t match。”Li Bi’s eyes are full of stars,“Shen Huan,I kind of believe you。”
The teenager smiled,I took out another bag of cotton swabs and opened it,Take out one and wipe a little,Wiped it on Li Bi’s face wound。
Although this wound is a new wound made yesterday,But because the explosive force is not big,So the wound is not deep,The bleeding has already stopped and coagulated。
When Shen Huan applied it on,Used a little bit of strength,Li Bi feels a little pain,But she still bravely held back。

It’s like doing it every time,hate。I always let her,She never tells me anything,I don’t like it anyway,hate。

Maybe it’s the reason why I’m not slick enough,May I be able to live for others,Can be more sleek
Life continues day by day,But how should I live every day,This is a very deep question。
Every time I read Mr. Keigo Higashino’s book,I will be surprised,How could my husband write such an incredible story,The story turns are very strange,I really adore Mr. Keigo Higashino.。
I really feel bored,Is something uncomfortable,Speak out,Feel hurt again,But don’t tell me,Hurt myself,Hey really unhappy。
I’m really afraid of something sick one day,It’s really sad that no one talks。
Watching Mr. Keigo’s clone in the past two days,I don’t know how to express after reading。Can’t help it??
Should this be the case??I don’t know how to elaborate。I only know,After watching the ending on the subway, I kept thinking on the way home,Don’t know what’s in my mind,Put down the phone after going home and don’t know what to do,It took a long time to react,Oh,I have read the book,Thinking where to look next,Has reached this point,But I don’t know what’s in my mind,Am I also transplanted??
just kidding,Life is always good,The days are always better,Warned not to think too much。
Very busy yesterday,Go get the goods,Inventory or something,Today our brand event day,I thought I couldn’t open the order today,Who knew that a customer just came over and bought it,Bought a box in the morning,Bought a box in the afternoon,Buying two boxes will give you a large toy,Then I learned later,This customer is from another store,I really didn’t know,Knowing that I wrote the customer’s name on the receipt when I posted the receipt,Then I found out I was really stupid,Why write the customer’s information on the receipt,Even if it’s a photo that has nothing written on it before the photo is taken.,There won’t be so many things behind,I really felt stupid,Be careful in the future,Even if it’s a small ticket,Do not disclose customer information,Isn’t it the same to write after you’re done,All said that wealth is not exposed,I’m so stupid,But this time this is also a warning,learn from mistakes,Be careful next time you do something,Don’t be so sloppy anymore,I guess that sister is going to talk to another sister in another store,Hey,But I really didn’t mean it,Is it possible that the customer enters the store and I don’t sell the goods and let her out?,I’m not stupid,The customer came over and bought it himself,Can you blame me。
Don’t care about her,Anyway, I just do my own thing。This month’s assessment task and the new mother exclusive gift package have not been completed yet,Really going crazy,In the end how to do,this is a problem。
Hey,Tired。Feel like doing activities every day,There is no rest,Those who are busy at work are almost turning into tops,I only had lunch at two o’clock this afternoon,I don’t know what I’m doing,But it was that late to eat,So I really feel like going crazy every day at work,Daily indicators,task,But this is also good,Have something to do every day,It’s not bad to be full every day and not idle。

The age at which men and women get married now18year old,Many people go to college after getting married,Maybe more than three years,This girl will become Mrs. Shen。

Holding contract,Zhu Mei recounted the conversation with Zheng Rongrong yesterday。
Shen Huan was the first to be interested,But it was Zheng Rongrong who moved the headquarters of。
“It seems,The princess really wants to be listed。”Shen Huan sighed。
“Have it?”Zhu Mei was surprised。
She doesn’t know much about business。
“She said wanting to get rid of her father’s influence is one aspect,But more still want to create more results,So that has become a super enterprise that is not inferior to Shanhai Group.。”Shen Huandao,“Only in this way,She can say proudly,She Zheng Rongrong didn’t lose Zheng Qian’s face,Not inferior to her father。”
“how is this possible?”Zhu Mei laughed,“The market value of Shanhai Group is4000Billion dollars!In our country,That is, only those two dozen state-owned monopolies can surpass them。”
“everything is possible。”Shen Huan shrugged and smiled,“Let’s wait and see!” is a video website,Then I have been doing Netflix’s mode in another world。
Netflix’s stock price is2019year,But reached1500Billion dollars!
If does a good job in China and Asia,Dare not say1500Billion dollars,Least least500Billion dollar market value,There is one here。
If they dare to get involved in TV series production in Europe and America,And success,The future is really limitless。’s400Billion dollar valuation,Most of them are for their video sites。
Own Asia13%Share of、Hua Guo30%Shanhaiwang,Can’t be said to be the No. 1 Shining Technology,But this300Billion dollar valuation,Still a little conservative。
After all, Shining Technology has1200Billion dollar market value。
With the continuous increase of members,Advertising business also continues to increase revenue,The current video website is very popular in the market,Much richer than the other world。
No. 1 in another world’s Chinese video websitex,Value400Billion yuan only。

Same year,O’Neill got it too248Million votes。

It is worth mentioning that,All-Stars,Dayao once again234Wanpiao re-elected the All-Star vote king。
Dayao、Kobe、James、Joe old gang leader.These people have won the All-Star vote,But only Spark has won more than 3 million votes alone,And now,Xu Xuan became the second person,and,Surpassed him,Be the first in history!
“Maggie,I want to report Xu Xuan,Report alliance。”
Smart, who was just defeated by Xu Xuan and the Pacers, was dissatisfied with this vote.:“The league definitely cheated!I don’t believe that so many people will vote for Xu Xuan every day.Why are they idle all day long??
I think it must be the league cheating,One vote for Xu Xuan becomes two votes or even three votes.Otherwise, such a situation is absolutely impossible!”
As soon as this remark comes out,Not to mention those fans,Adam·Rubbish·Xiao Hua is a little speechless。
Are you Sabi?!
You really think Xu Xuan’s votes are like I cheated?!
I got my brain out to cheat a foreigner?I have the time and energy to get a ticket king for me?
Seems to be cheating.
It’s just that his cheating is just the opposite of what Smart thought.
Where is one vote counts two votes,Or one vote counts three votes,This is obviously two votes, one vote,Three votes count as two votes.
But Smart is an iron baby,Still not believing in evil。
He left a message under his Twitter:“It’s a man or a ghost who wants to spray me,Xu Xuan’s fans,Are all here to gather,I don’t believe it,There are three million people coming to spray me.
Come come,I fought with you today,three million?Ah!I don’t even think 300,000!”

“Start from the periphery,We need to attack the smaller detention centers,To attack those scattered human strongholds,Collect weapons and equipment,Rescue more compatriots and arm them,Dunhold is the last。”

“I have similar thoughts,but……Will this not lead to human revenge and encirclement??”
One of the most important treasures that Thrall has learned from mankind,Is reason and thinking。
The alliance will not sit back and watch,Attack Dunhold,Seems to hit a rock with a pebble,In fact, it is the scheme with the highest success rate。
Don’t need to contribute to Dunhold Castle,That’s where the human officers and nobles live,It is a strong fortress for storing weapons and materials。But the orcs don’t live in the castle,Just break through the wall,Create confusion,Can rescue quite a lot of orcs,There are far more orcs than the entire Frostwolf clan。
If you can awaken the fighting spirit of these orcs,Arm them,Then everything has hope。
On the contrary, it seems to be a smooth raid,Will only attract more attention from the league。
But Orgrim is right,Relying solely on the strength of the Frostwolf clan,There is little chance of success in the attack on Dunhold。
Too few troops,Even if the guards in the city divide soldiers,There are still enough troops to deal with the raid planned by Thrall。
It’s bad。
Drektal didn’t tell Thrall,About Orgrim’s true identity,But Thrall knew,Orgrim was a friend of his father,Is a battle-tested veteran。
Although Orgrim often mocks Thrall,But this one will call him Uncle Guyle,Is the comfort of Thrall’s soul。
I am not an orphan……
So overtly and secretly,Orgrim’s power struggle,Thrall doesn’t care。
But it’s such a character,Make Orgrim hesitant。
Good boy who doesn’t like it。
“So we need my old friend to help。”
Orgrim can command the Horde,Naturally there will be no lack of political wisdom。
“The old friend who stabbed you?”
Thrall couldn’t understand。

Jiang Fan stretched out his arm,Hold her by my side,Said:“I know……”

Ding Yi’s eyes are a little uncomfortable,Said:“you,are you angry?”
Jiang Fan took his hand back,Holding the steering wheel,Said:“I’m not angry,If you have to say angry,That’s mad at me,Because from beginning to end,I didn’t give you a sense of security,That’s why you feel that you have no roots。I did not do well。Let me work hard,Let us work together。”
Ding Yi patted his hand,Said:“sorry。”
“do not talk like that,Saying that makes me feel ashamed。But there is one thing you must think clearly now,And be determined,That is i have to be with you,You must be with me,This is not discussed。It’s better if your father comes back,If I don’t come back, I’ll find him,So please be prepared,I don’t care about your feelings,Do what i do,I’ll do whatever I want。and so,You must be mentally prepared,I don’t have much patience waiting for you。”
in the dark,Ding Yi stopped talking。
They came to the provincial capital,Jiang Fan drove the car directly to a business hotel not too far from the provincial party committee,He took out his travel bag from the trunk,And Ding Yi came to the front desk,Asked for one16Floor room,After they are optimistic about the house,Drop luggage,Go downstairs to dinner。Jiang Fan asked her what she wanted to eat,Ding Yi said,Eat whatever you like,tired。
then,Jiang Fan led Ding Yi to the hotel restaurant,The restaurant is closed,They came to a restaurant on the street,After a simple meal for the two,Walked out。
Jiang Fan is holding her,Said:“I think of Shenzhen,I’ll take you to the wedding banquet of Mr. Lei’s daughter。”
“Yes,I am also thinking,I didn’t eat enough that day,We went again for a snack。”
“The suit you wore that day was so beautiful,Dare i say,Shocked everyone,Just like driving down the sky。”
“Ha ha,Your performance is not bad。Steady and elegant,Unrestrained。”
Jiang Fan stopped,Put your hands on her shoulders,Said:“But i am getting old right now?”
Ding Yi looked at his dark eyes and said:“You in my mind,Always be the prince charming in Yushu。”

“I have a hasty!You are right,but……But let’s stop discussing this topic anymore,Your current age,Really not suitable to discuss this,obedient,Let’s end this topic,I won’t continue talking,Let’s talk about another topic。”

Qin Liang bit his head and said awkwardly。
“How old can I talk about this topic?Are they as old as Aunt Yun and Aunt Xue??”
Unexpectedly, Murong Xiaoyao was still persistently asking。
“They two now……Not suitable to talk about this topic,I have to wait for them to be older。”
Qin Liang replied helplessly and earnestly。
Fortunately, Liu Xiaoyun and Shen Ruoxue are both sensible and silent,Let Qin Liang deal with Murong Xiaoyao alone,Both girls know that it is better not to interrupt at this time,As for Xiao Yuer,I won’t even interrupt。
“Oh,OK then。”
Murong Xiaoyao finally“Let go”Qin Liang,Qin Liang is sweating……
“Key is a man, little ghost, big!”
Liu Xiaoyun suddenly came out。
“I have a hasty,You don’t need to talk about her,You four are all human beings,No need to say elder sister,Third sister needless to say fourth sister。”
Qin Liang said with a bitter smile。
“I’m still here……”
Xiao Yuer wondered,But this is already very rare,Before today,She only wears ears but not mouth,It seems that she is really in a good mood tonight,And very talkative!Of course,It depends on who she compares to,Basically, she can only compare with herself before,The other Shen family girls can only forget……
And this just shows;She needs to be around“friend”Accompanying,Especially like Qin Liang,Liu Xiaoyun,Shen Ruoxue and Murong Xiaoyao are so lively and outgoing,And talkative partner,So her emotions will be easily infected。
“Of course you!You girl is also a typical person, big devil,I don’t discuss anything with us,Make a decision without authorization,And it’s still wrong,To yourself,A totally irresponsible decision to our loved ones by your side。”
Qin Liang boldly taught Xiao Yuer a few words,He also looked at Xiao Yuer’s current mental outlook and mental state very well,Dare to say a few words about her。

Yuze just looked at his relatives in order to get back a worthless golden lock,Smashed an astronomical amount of money,Buy that old community,Changed hands and signed a cooperation agreement with the official,To develop it into a training school,Even contacted Xie’s,Find the teaching resources.The surrounding commercial streets must also be renovated,Create a new college life circle。

Follow,Deliberately delayed for a week,Made a hard job for all engineering companies in Daou,By the way, a new real estate in Daou’s hands can be seen from the sluggish real estate market.,Rescued。The current sales situation of the new building is good,Go along the eight streets。The stocks of all companies under Daou have gone up.
Chapter Five Hundred and Fifty Three purpose
You are such a mediocre little money-making genius。
Yuze is lost now,Or,More confused,“You toss till now,I just want to develop there?”What kind of golden lock do you want to get back?。
Baby Ou looks at the file,Did not look up,“I didn’t think so much,But see the location there,Thinking of future plans,Tempted。Handy.I really want to get the golden lock back。”
“Now Su Xi is going to become a household in the imperial capital,Is she still thinking about finding a golden lock??”Yuze feels,Not too interesting,“We just can’t find it ourselves?Staring at Su Ruo,Why can’t I find it?.”
Baby Ou just looked up,Sip tea,“In this case,Hard grab,In case Su Ruo gave birth to a heart of burning jade and stone,The golden lock really won’t get back。Must let the Su family,no matter who,Hold it by yourself,Hand it over to Su Zheng,such,We can really get it back。”
“Can Su Mei get it back??”Yu Ze speaks。
“.”Baby Ou puts down the teacup,Looking at Yuze,“You hope Su Mei will bring it back to you?”
Yuze only realized,My own words touched the sensitive nerves of my treasure who originally thought Su Mei was a heartthrob。Or,The point is not that Su Mei is a heartthrob,But Su Mei will let their brothers hate for love,Turn against each other。
on,Quite speechless。“.”Yu Ze covers his forehead,“Big brother,Ono,Let alone me,I really don’t have any thoughts about Su Mei。Such a terrible woman,Who would want to live with her?”
Baby Ou frowned,“So many scientists don’t have families,Talented people are not scary,The scary ones are people who abuse their talents。Su Mei’s self-control is so strong,I think,Amazing。”
look,You boasted again,Yuze explained directly,“I said let Su Mei bring it,It’s because the person who proposed the golden lock is Su Zheng,But Su Zheng told Su Mei。This is obvious,He can’t get。When I didn’t break with the Su family before,,He can’t get it,right now,Not to mention。Su Mei is different,Su Zheng doesn’t understand her true face,Both recognize her ability to fight against Su Family and Su Xi,This shows that Su Mei is a person who hopes to get the golden lock。”
Leave it to her,Not better?
“You can make a demolition or resettlement house benefit,Let her get the golden lock,She must be willing。”
Baby Ou thought about it,Also explained,“Su Mei’s parents’ death compensation,It was indeed taken by Su Ruo。But her house purchase contract,She signed it herself,In other words,The money was transferred from her account,This is legal,There is no way to directly judge the house as Sumei’s property,The only way to discuss the ownership of the house can be through the recovery of compensation.。And Su Ruo is Su Mei’s grandmother,Also has partial inheritance rights,But her act of embezzling all the compensation,Must be illegal.”

At this moment,The other side,Ye Xuan is looking here。

“boss,Are you OK?”
After those bodyguards heard about this,,Hurried over。
But when these people come here,But found,Things are much better than they expected。
But the marks of fighting around this,what’s going on?
Actually for this,To be precise,But the more I look at it, the more people have never expected it。
Ye Xuan said,But these bodyguards,But a little puzzled。
“but,Angry here,What is……”
When the bodyguards around you see this,Subconsciously wanted to say something to Ye Xuan。
And Ye Xuan also looked at it,Things here,Ye Xuan can see it。
“You guys say this,in fact……”
then,Ye Xuan took what happened before,Said to this side。
slowly,I’m finished with what Ye Xuan said,These bodyguards are a little surprised。
After all just now,Ye Xuan was dealing with it alone。

But Zhao Shaojiu was pampered since childhood,Growing up under the care of everyone,After the fall of the Zhao family,I saw the ugliness of the world,Dare to avenge yourself,Xia Chenglong couldn’t tell。

To take care of Zhao Shaojiu’s self-esteem,Xia Chenglong then asked her if she wanted to revenge herself,Not dare。
Looked down at my feet,Patriarch Li who keeps wailing,Zhao Shaojiu’s pretty face is pale。
Although I have seen a lot of disgusting things and the ugly faces of the world,But this bloody scene,She saw it for the first time。
Zhao family blood feud,Li family has a share,Even compared to Zongjia,The Li family hates even more。
after all,Traitors in this world are always more damned than enemies!
Tremblingly stretched out his slender arm:“Brother Xia,Give me a knife。”
Xia Chenglong suddenly smiled,The Zhao family has a successor!
Draw a dagger from his waist,Xia Chenglong passed it slowly:“This knife is called dragon tooth,from now on,Just give it to you。”
Dragon teeth are dark,In the sun like a group of ink swimming in the air,As if the surrounding light is sucked into the blade,Extremely extraordinary。
Zhao Shaojiu takes Longya,Silver teeth,Shook his arm suddenly!
A soft sound,Longya brushed across the neck of the head of the Li family without a sense of stagnation,A handful of blood mist blooms in the sun,Good knife!
Dragon teeth seem to be spiritual,Blood does not account for,Tweet softly,The sacrifice of blood and life,Make it excited!
Turn around and hold the wall,Zhao Shaojiu couldn’t help but vomit,She killed。
The whole Li family compound,Except for the injured people, they keep screaming,Everyone else was stunned。
Homeowner,Just like that?!
“Black tiger,Li Jia Nan Ding,Can’t let it go,other people,Let it go。”
Xia Chenglong gently brushed Zhao Shaojiu’s thin back,While ordering。