Sanda Fitness

Sanda Fitness

I used to listen to people ‘s practice of “thirty-nine in winter and three in summer”, so I always thought it was very difficult to practice kung fu, but since our school’s Sanda Association, Wushu Association, Taekwondo Association, etc. have all been established, listen to classmatesWarm introduction, watching my friends sweating in the practice room, I am determined to join them.

  I chose Sanda, because Sanda is the most flexible and practical combat.

Practise Sanda for three or five months to defend yourself from fractures.

When I went online, I specifically checked some of the information of Sanda and found that Sanda has been well-known in recent years. I remember that I once played with American boxing and won. Then I played with Muay Thai three times, won twice, and broke Muay Thai 500 years unbeaten.Myth.

Last year, I played with Japan’s extreme vacuum karate again, and it was a 5-0 victory.

Recently, I also knew that Chinese Sanda is going to compete with Russia’s karate, and the other party is Putin’s bodyguard.

  On the first day of joining the Sanda Association, the coach said that the practice should pay attention to martial arts, and at the same time taught us to pay attention to those areas that can not be hit, such as the back of the brain, heart, mouth, lower abdomen, etc. These places are likely to cause a lot of injuries, and even cause danger.
After all, we learn Sanda, bodybuilding and self-defense, and safety first.
The coach especially emphasizes starting with basic skills.
The basic skills include strength training, flexibility training, and elasticity training. These basic skills training is a means to ensure the continuous improvement of physical fitness and skills of martial arts. It is also an effective measure to prevent injuries and prolong life.Can also promote the overall development of physical fitness.

  There are many basic skills training methods, remember that there is a method called “thousand-layer paper” to exercise palm strength, which is to stack 1,000 sheets of paper and place them on a platform, and gently pat each day until the 1,000 sheets are allSmashing is considered successful.

There is also a way to step on the bottom of the bowl, which is to exercise the body.
Place 7-8 large bowls on the ground, then walk barefoot over the bottom of these bowls, the sooner the better.
Unfortunately, I haven’t tried this action.

  There are also sandbags, which is a way to train your hands and improve the lethality in actual combat. In fact, sandbags are not all made of sand. Some are shavings, sawdust, and sand.There are also sandbags made with mung beans and soy beans, which can also be exercised and beat for a long time. Pour out the soybeans and mung beans to see how many are broken. You can also use them to cook mung bean thinner.

  In fact, these methods are similar to their practice of Taekwondo. Taekwondo pays attention to hitting people with legs. In fact, Sanda also targets the training of legs. The strength of the legs is large and the attack distance is long. Usually the coach let us split and kick the sandbags to improve the blow of the legs.ability.

  Practice kicking, especially paying attention to the balance of the body. If someone else clings to his leg in a fight, you will lose out.

Once, the coach suspended a 1-meter-long soft cloth strap in the usual place for sandbags. Let’s kick this soft cloth strap. Many students went to kick it, and kicked it very hard, but the lower end of the cloth strap rolled up.Suddenly, he licked his feet, and the classmates lost their balance and fell to the ground.

The coach only said a word. If you were held in the foot by actual combat, you would be beaten passively.

The coach gave us a demonstration. I saw him swiftly kick, the belt kicked off, and quickly retracted his feet, so that he would not give the opponent a chance.

  Martial arts requires waist training. There is also a special waist training in basic skills, similar to boating.

We hold the barbell flat with both hands, and then swing the barbell to the left and right like a rowing boat. This exercise has the best effect on the muscle strength of the waist.

You can also practice using the fitness ring.

Because the technical action of Sanda requires a lot of back strength to complete.

  After one month of studying Sanda, one day the coach took out some wooden boards, performed empty-hand chopping of wooden boards, and kicked the wooden boards barefoot. At that time, the classmates applauded. Then the coach held us up and asked us to split and kick.

A classmate summoned his courage, yelled, and saw his fist come over, the wooden board clicked, and it was broken into two.
Because we are a little timid in our novices, the coach deliberately put us on gloves to prevent bruising.

Later, the two planks were stacked, and the guy actually interrupted the two planks with one fist. At this time, we found that the progress was so great in a month, and my heart was very happy.

Top 10 sunscreens that block UV rays_1

Top 10 sunscreens to block UV rays

Global warming, ultraviolet rays are stronger year by year, and for the skin, sun protection must also be greatly enhanced.

To resist UV rays, using sunscreen is the best choice, but which sunscreen really can make you and me assured?

According to the comprehensive consideration of the popularity and sales of sunscreens in the forum, and actual effects, an institution has caused the following list of the top ten sunscreens.

  The culprit of fine lines: UV rays Many people mistakenly think that dry and dehydrated skin will cause fine lines and some good products can prevent the appearance of fine lines.

But in fact, it’s not.

Studies show that 90% of fine lines are caused by the sun’s ultraviolet rays, and sunburn is the first factor that causes premature aging in men and women.

With 14 years of experience as a writer and editor, Julyne, a well-known overseas beauty website writer in New York, has researched various sunscreen products and selected 10 top sunscreen products.

  Why are UV rays so bad?

Even if only a small part of the skin is exposed, UVA can be absorbed by it, which breaks down collagen in the body and triggers fine lines.

What’s more, scientists have found that UVA is also the culprit for many melanomas because it penetrates the superficial layer of the skin’s dermis and changes its basic structure.

  Before you know the sunscreen list, let ‘s take a look at the precautions for sunscreen, “sunscreen precautions”, so as not to step into the misunderstanding: 1. Remember to apply sunscreen 30 minutes before contacting the sun, and apply sunscreen every 90 minutes.
Even waterproof sunscreen will be wiped off by your towel while swimming.

So, remember to apply sunscreen repeatedly!

—- How to restore clean skin for three thousand years after sun exposure?

  2. Wipe the skin with more vitamin C and effective agents.

It protects the skin against the polluting ingredients in the air and repairs sunburn from the sun.

  3. If you have been exposed to the sun for a long time, remember to use a loofah brush every week, or brush to remove the horny body.

  4, eat more foods containing antioxidants, such as: green food, blue plum, cantaloupe and various melon.

These foods can increase the collagen in your skin.

In addition, both salmon and protein moisturize the skin and repair skin damage.

  5. If you are taking medicine, remember to check the medicine label.

See if taking this medicine will affect your body’s response to solar radiation and temperature.

Improper medication can lead to chronic and severe consequences of sunburn.

By the same token, if you are pregnant, or have other chronic diseases, then you should consult your doctor to see what heat damage can be caused by high temperatures, solar radiation, and fatigue.

  First place: MENTHOLATUM new clear water thin sunscreen lotion, refreshing sunscreen lotion, cool and refreshing, giving the skin a soft and smooth daily sunscreen; contains MPC high-efficiency water retention factor, helps to replenish and lock skin moisture, keep skin moisturizingContains carrot essence, vitamins B1, B2, and C, which help increase skin elasticity and repair damaged skin after sun exposure; UV UVA and UVB sun protection; low irritation, suitable for daily use.

  Reason for the award: Low price, outstanding effect, high cost performance, can such sunscreen not be moved?

  Second place: FANCL Sunscreen No. 30 SPF30 PA +++ The new formula of FANCL “Sunscreen No. 30” is a UV reflector with extremely fine particles, which can be evenly and tightly distributed on the skin, forming a high-density, highly breathable sunscreenAfter coating, it can reflect ultraviolet rays more fully, which can effectively avoid the embarrassing situation of uneven skin tone or two amputations after coating.

In contrast, the sunscreen products in the market penetrate through the powder particles, the density of the sunscreen is reduced, and it is difficult to completely cover the skin. This not only effectively prevents ultraviolet light damage, but also easily blocks the pores, making the skin darker.

Only the new formula FANCL “Sunscreen 30” can truly achieve comprehensive sun protection and a refreshing invisible protective net.

  Reasons for the award: Many years of popular sunscreen, effectively blocking the damage of ultraviolet rays.

But the price is too expensive compared to the previous first place, so for some people, it is not so easy to buy impulsively.

  Third place: Ji Rui ZA whitening sunscreen SPF30 + PA +++ physical + chemical sunscreen.

Titanium dioxide, a physical sunscreen component, the protective area is 250-340; cinnamate, a chemical sunscreen component, the protective area is 290-315.

It can be seen that this sunscreen does not achieve full dual protection in terms of UVA.

VC derivative and VE acetate, which contain two anti-oxidant ingredients, can inhibit the generation of free radicals and reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays to the skin.

Sunscreen products preferably contain certain antioxidants.

Contains silicin and a film-forming agent to prevent chemical sunscreen from being absorbed by the skin.

The addition of a film-forming agent also makes this product waterproof.  Fourth place: La Roche-Posay SPF30 + PPD28 SPF30 + PPD28 is another technological breakthrough, winning 7 international awards including the 2005 MarieClaire Beauty Award, ultra-high UVA protection index, ultra-thin thickness.

Note: According to the regulations of the Chinese inspection and quarantine department, all imported cosmetics and sunscreen products with an SPF index exceeding 30, and the Chinese label not exceeding SPF30 can be stated with SPF30 +; and if the SPF Index exceeds 50, the outer packaging is indicatedMust not exceed spf50, which can be explained with spf50 +.

Suitable for skin type: Any skin type.

Brand introduction: French LAROCHE-POASY La Roche-Posay Pharmacy Research Laboratory, using the characteristics of LAROCHE-POASY hot spring water for skin medical treatment, and according to the needs of dermatologists, research and develop professional dermatological medical auxiliary treatment care products that can effectively help solve skin problems.
From the perspective of hydrogeology, LAROCHE-POSAY hot spring water is derived from limestone of the Toulon stage. These waters are classified here as springs containing bicarbonate.

Alkaline hot spring water has a trace amount of trace metal elements, low temperature (that is, the temperature does not exceed 13 ° C), and low mineral content. The most mineral element is calcium hydrocarbonate.

The chemical composition of LaRoche-Posay hot spring water is most special because it is rich in selenium (53 micrograms per liter) and silicon dioxide.

The hot spring water is clear and pure, and the pH value is close to neutral. The balance of trace elements is the efficacy and unique main reason of LaRoche-Posay hot spring water.

  Fifth place: Neutrogena water-based protective sunscreen lotion SPF15 can be maintained inside and outside to promote skin health.

Daily use of healing skin naturally reveals a healthy and moisturizing glow.

Especially suitable for computer MM, UVA / UVB radiation protection, very good moisturizing function, to achieve 24-hour moisturizing function.

Hydrating glycerin hydrolysin can deeply nourish cells, improve skin’s water retention ability, and provide skin with moisture for 24 hours.

Isolation and protection contain antioxidant green tea ingredients, vitamins A, B5, C and E, effectively protect against UVA / UVB as well as the environment on the skin.

  Sixth place: Avene AVENE Natural Sunscreen SPF30 + Pure Physical Sunscreen.

Effective sunscreen ingredients are titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.

Not all blacks.

The protective length of titanium dioxide is 250-340nm, and the protective width of zinc oxide is 290-380nm, so it does not cover the UVA section of 380-400nm.

This is the so-called UVA protection dead end of pure physical sun protection.

This is the flaw of pure physical sun protection, which cannot be compensated.

The physical sunscreen ingredients are mineral powders, which determines that they must be combined with synthetic esters, mineral oils and oily ingredients. They exist in the form of creams. Therefore, physical sunscreens are thick and greasy, which is not as refreshing as chemical sunscreens.

Titanium dioxide is a commonly used white inorganic pigment, so physical sunscreen also has a common problem of whitening.

This sunscreen has a high level of titanium dioxide, and the whitening will be more obvious.

Although physical sunscreen has so many hard wounds that are difficult to change, there are still many JM (including myself) who choose physical sunscreen products for one reason-safety.

Physical sunscreens are mainly based on reflection, shielding UV rays to achieve sun protection, and will not be absorbed by the skin.

Due to its inertness and stability, it does not undergo photodegradation like chemical sun protection.

This sunscreen adds astringent and calming Avene spring water.

Even sensitive skin can be safely used.

  Seventh place: Clinique Urban Isolation The fastest-selling barrier cream in the world, an oil-free formula that gives you fresh, pink skin.

It belongs to skin care type isolation. This product has a good reputation, strong protection, does not contain chemical ingredients, and is especially suitable for sensitive skin. There are many different sun protection index alternatives. SPF 15, SPF 20, SPF 25, most of themThe products that everyone likes are transparent, refreshing, and easy to push away, but it is not a makeup-type isolation, and basically has no touch-up effect. It is more suitable for skin with acne.

  Eighth place: Shiseido SHISEIDO new sun-sun summer mild sunscreen SPF30 / PA +++ pure physical sunscreen.

Use zinc oxide and titanium dioxide as physical sunscreen powder.

The high content of volatile silicin can increase the smoothness of the product.

Silicone volatilizes after use, helping the product to dry quickly and stably adhere to the stratum corneum.

  Butyl formaldehyde, glycerol, xylitol, ectoine use of these small molecule moisturizing ingredients can promote keratin hydration and relatively reduce skin dryness after using the product.

Potassium glycyrrhizinate has a soothing and soothing effect.

There is no added flavor and flavor, and a preservative is a food-grade mild preservative, and no other irritating ingredients are added.

This product uses a polymer powder: PMMA, which has an oil control effect, has a good oil absorption capacity, and can alleviate the condition of oily surface.

Water-resistant silicone is used, so this product is waterproof.

Can effectively reduce the phenomenon of summer product loss due to sweating.No modified powder is used and the product has no polish effect.

  Ninth place: Sofina Sofina Toning Balance Day Protective Milk SPF24 / PA +++ Physical + Chemical Sunscreen.

The main sunscreen ingredients are UVB absorber OMC, UVB, and UVA shielding agent ZNO.

Shielding UVA with zinc oxide alone has a little protection against dead ends.

The titanium dioxide content that can shield all UVB and some UVA is not high, so the whitening of this sunscreen will not be obvious.

Use a large amount of silicon spirit as the substrate.

Siloxane is safer and less acne-prone. It can form a thin film on the skin and create a good touch.

Sunscreen products are the most suitable place to go to Silicone, because Silicone will prevent absorption, prevent chemical sunscreen OMC from being absorbed by the skin, and reduce safety concerns.

This sunscreen also contains talcum powder, one of the products commonly found in foundation products, together with silicium, which improves the effect of concealer and makeup.

Oil control: Very good.

There are several plant-derived ingredients, mainly bactericidal, regulating the secretion of oil.

These sunglasses are very refreshing, contain a large amount of alcohol, have anti-inflammatory and astringent properties, and are suitable for oily skin.

Moisturizing is mainly based on glycerin and butanediol and silicic acid to lock water, and dry skin will feel insufficiently moisturizing.

  Tenth place: Lancome Softening Soothing Isolating Milk SPF30 / PA ++ has no gravity and lightness, welcoming translucent new light.

“Light and thin” all-round isolation star isolation UV pollution correction multiple multiple isolation protection: the new soothing formula integrates multiple isolation effects, effectively isolates ultraviolet rays, environmental pollution and other external aggressions, while gently reducing the skin’s discomfort caused by environmental changes, and effectively corrects dullnessdark.

Lightweight, not sticky, allowing skin to breathe freely.

Makes skin resistant to UV pollution for a long time.

Lancome’s anti-ultraviolet and anti-pollution technology softens and soothes sunscreen, achieving ideal daily protection. The gentle and light size fits closely to the skin to form a protective layer to prevent dark spots and light aging caused by light.

There are four ways women can nourish their blood

There are four ways women can nourish their blood

Guide: “qi and blood” is the source of sustaining life!

It is more related to the health and happiness of a woman’s life.

Blood is more important for women. If there is too much blood, the face will look rosy, the skin will be plump, the hair will be smooth and shiny, and the spirit will be full.

How to replenish blood?

Here are the “five nourishing” blood-reinforcing methods that women must know: 1. Shenyang: happy mood and cheerful personality, can not only increase the body’s immunity, but also benefit physical health, and at the same time promote the strong bone marrow hematopoietic functionGets rosy and shiny on the face.

Therefore, optimism should always be maintained.

2, food and nutrition: women should properly eat a small amount of “hematopoiesis” high-quality protein, essential trace elements (iron, copper, etc.), folic acid and vitamin B12 and other nutritious food.

Such as animal liver, kidney, kidney, blood, fish, shrimp, eggs, soy products, black fungus, black sesame, red dates, peanuts and fresh vegetables and fruits.

3, sleep support: to ensure adequate sleep and plenty of energy and physical strength, and to achieve daily living, entertainment, and work and rest.

We must learn to live a scientific life, develop a modern scientific and healthy lifestyle, do not stay up late, do not eat too much, do not eat snacks, quit smoking and limit alcohol, and do not share the same room with menstrual periods or puerperium.

4. Rehab: It is necessary to participate in physical exercise frequently, especially for newly born women, and also to participate in physical exercise and outdoor activities within their ability, at least half an hour a day.

Such as aerobics, running, walking, playing, swimming, dancing, etc., can enhance physical strength and hematopoietic function.

5. Medicinal nutrition: Anemia should be supplemented with nourishing medicated diet.

You can use 15 grams of Codonopsis, 15 jujubes, and decoction and tea; you can also use 60 grams of maltose, 20 jujubes, and cook with water, and eat 20 grams of Shouwu, 20 grams of Chinese wolfberry, 60 grams of rice, and red datesPieces, immortal porridge cooked with brown sugar in an appropriate amount, has the effect of nourishing blood and nourishing blood; severe anemia can be added to ferrous sulfate tablets and so on.

In addition, bleeding thrombi should be cured.

Women with multiple periods of diabetes, menstrual disorders, intestinal parasitic diseases, atrophic gastritis, upper gastrointestinal ulcers, hemorrhoids or repeated nosebleeds should seek medical treatment as soon as possible and cure as soon as possible.

Preventing excessive abortion can consume a lot of blood and is also an important condition for women to ensure a healthy body.

Spring Health: Don’t Eat More Seven Fruits


Spring Health: Don’t Eat More Seven Fruits

[Introduction]What the spring health cares about is a warm word, which can neither be suddenly overdosed nor suddenly overdone.

Fruits for health in spring are very good, both beauty and fire, but don’t eat more than seven kinds of fruits.

  1. Apple: Excessive intake is not good for the heart, kidney health juice can stop diarrhea, fasting can cure constipation, and eating after meals can help digestion.

However, apple legal sugars and potassium salts, too much absorption is not good for heart, kidney health, complications of coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, nephritis, diabetes, do not eat more.

  2. Pear: Diabetics can reduce cough, reduce phlegm and clear dryness, and have good effects on cough, asthma, wind-heat, and pharyngitis.

Due to coldness, spleen and stomach deficiency, vomiting, saliva, stools should be taken with caution; due to high sugar content, overeating blood sugar, so diabetic patients eat less.

  3. Citrus: Carrots are susceptible to “carrotemia”. They contain a large amount of carotene, which is converted into vitamin A after entering the blood, which accumulates in the body and causes the skin to yellow, which leads to “carrotemia”, commonly known as “orangeemia”, Followed by nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, general weakness and other symptoms.

After suffering from “orange disease”, you should eat more vegetable oil and drink plenty of water to accelerate its dissolution, transformation and excretion.

  4, persimmon: should not be taken on an empty stomach containing a large amount of vitamins A, C and sulfuric acid, rich in nutrients, has blood pressure and hemostasis, clearing heat and smoothing the intestines, moisturizing the lungs and other effects.

However, it contains a large amount of persimmon and pectin. When it meets gastric acid, it will condense into fibrous clumps, that is, “stomach persimmon stone”, which causes gastric pain and indigestion; and because of the astringent effect of pectin, constipation should not be eaten;It should not be taken on an empty stomach, nor should it be eaten with crabs and yam, otherwise stomach persimmon is more likely to occur.

  5, pomegranate: eat more wounds with a lot of fructose and multivitamins, minerals, sweet and warm, for hot and humid fruits.

Pomegranate is effective for dysentery, anal prolapse, and pharyngitis, but those who are physically weak, yin, and hot should be cautiously eaten; since the beginning of diarrhea, people with dampness and heat should not eat fresh fruits, and even ordinary people should not eat more.
  6, water chestnuts, crickets: It is not easy to eat cold. Many people eat raw water chestnuts with their mouths, and eat raw skins without peeling. Without disinfection and sterilization, they are easily infected with ginger worm.

Ginger worms are hypertrophic. Observing under a microscope, the ginger slices are very similar to the cut ginger slices. They enter the human body and parasitize in the small intestine, causing malnutrition, weight loss, and anemia, which are harmful to children.

Moreover, the two are cold and slippery, and ordinary people should not eat too much; the spleen and stomach are cold, diarrhea, and those with insufficient kidney yang should not be taken.

  7, chestnut: constipation does not eat starch, protein, crude fiber and multivitamins, sweet and warm, sweet and glutinous and refreshing, has the “King of thousands of fruits” and “woody grain” reputation.

Chestnut is beneficial for qi and kidney, spleen and liver, and regulates the stomach and intestines.

Traditional Chinese medicine calls it “kidney fruit”, which is especially suitable for people with kidney disease.

But chestnut caused, raw food is difficult to digest, cooked food is easy to stagnate, and should not be eaten at one time; it has an anti-diarrheal effect, and constipation should not eat, otherwise it will aggravate symptoms.

Tension and anxiety easily give birth to emotional stains _1

Tension and anxiety easily give birth to “emotional stains”

Case 1: It is so strong and thoughtful, the face is stained.
hzh {display: none; }  34岁的李经理一直以拥有“细致、白皙、有光泽”的皮肤而骄傲。Because of pregnancy and maternity leave, after returning to the company to carry out competitive employment, many young people have paid attention to her position.
She is very strong and strong. Although she is doing a good job, but she also needs to bring children and care for her family, she starts to feel lack of energy.
The young man’s vigor, aggressiveness, and clean cheeks were all regarded as threats by her.
The worst part is that her skin is not as good as before. The brown spots crawl on her face. The whole face is yellow and dark . She feels like: “I am about to explode a balloon, but I have no strength to explode!
Emotional therapy: Take appropriate rest and find happiness. 色 The color on the face is aggravated, and most of it is caused by stagnation of the liver. This is a life feature and psychological process that many “strong women” have.
The key is to find happiness. Work is not everything in life. In addition to struggling, you should also enjoy happiness in life.
It is recommended to take a break, such as travelling to make your mood cheerful.
  Case 2: Excessive perfection and a small face. Xiao Liu is particularly upset recently that her face is full of acne.
She is 32 years old this year, but still has “acne” acne like adolescent girls.
It turned out that Ms. Liu was a woman who pursued perfection, both in her living habits and work attitude.
Since graduating from college, she has not only worked in the company, but has also been desperately “charging” in her spare time, constantly improving herself; buying clothes and accessories, she has to pick from left to right . all kinds of anxiety, nervous pressure and emotions have given birth toAcne on her face.
  Emotional therapy: Nothing is perfect and nothing is perfect. Nothing is perfect.
It is impossible for individuals to be too demanding, even to meet unrealistic or overly demanding requirements.
It is recommended to calm down the mentality and lower the requirements.
  Case 3: Unsatisfactory feelings and bleak complexion Ms. Zhang’s original complexion was red and white, but she has become faint and gray in the past six months, and wrinkles and melasma have gradually “emphasized”.
The reason is that Ms. Zhang has been sterile for many years after marriage, and has been under pressure from her mother-in-law. The marriage has experienced several crises and her happiness is getting worse and worse!
  Because women are more sensitive than men, they are more likely to be physically and mentally exhausted.
A foreign clinical study also showed that women who feel stressed and feel unhappy have slower self-healing skin and are more prone to dullness.
  Emotional therapy: Promoting happiness can change the color of women 30 to 50 years old, both inside and outside the master, and they have multiple roles such as wife, mother, and daughter. Many people have poor happiness.
Therefore, maintaining an optimistic and tolerant mentality, creating a harmonious family atmosphere, good parent-child relationships, and a healthy marriage life are vital catalysts for women’s “emotional beauty”.
  Experts say: long-term anxiety and depression create “problematic skin”.
hzh {display: none; }  研究发现,除了外界原因会造成肌肤晦暗外,女性自身的情绪波动会导致黑色素大量聚集。In particular, tension and stress can cause women’s internal emotional fluctuations, produce melanin, and exacerbate pigment accumulation, resulting in dull complexion and pigmentation.
  Professor Zhengzhi Zhong, director of dermatology at Huashan Hospital, said that adverse emotional fluctuations have a great impact on the human body.
Long-term adverse emotions can cause physiological disorders and even diseases, which can affect appearance.
Unwanted emotions such as tension and anxiety can not only make people lose their appetite and affect food digestion and absorption; long-term anxiety and tension can also cause wrinkles in the forehead, eye corners and other parts to increase.
Like people who often lock their eyebrows, wrinkles from top to bottom will grow between the two eyebrows; emotions such as anxiety, irritability, and anger can also cause facial pigmentation and aggravate acne; in severe cases, it can also endanger the organs,More affects skin tone.
  Paying attention to yourself, relaxing your mind, learning to enjoy, and understanding expression is a kind of “emotional beauty” therapy, which can make people happy, full of energy, smooth running of blood and qi, and promote blood circulation, so as to activate the metabolism of the skin cells of the face and the whole body, so thatThe face is shiny and elastic.
  If you really encounter a psychological obstacle that you can’t solve, you should conduct psychological counseling in time to get out of the predicament in time.

Low-fat foods, which are not good for the elderly


Low-fat foods, which are not good for the elderly

The research results were confusing. The study lasted for 8 years and cost a total of 4.

For $1.5 billion, the researchers selected 49,000 women and divided them into two.

One group specializes in low-fat foods, and each can eat high-fat foods at will.

The results show that the expected incidence of hypertension, colon cancer and heart disease is almost identical.

銆€銆€This achievement has been highly appreciated by many medical experts.

Hicks, an honorary professor at Rockefeller University, said: “This research is revolutionary.
In the future, if we want to be healthier, we can’t simply distinguish between good and bad with high fat and low fat.

After the publication of the research report, it not only attracted the attention of the American nutrition community, but also caused many people to fall into a dilemma.

They all choose a low-fat diet for a long time for health, especially to maintain the health habit of drinking low-fat milk.

Is it still necessary to continue now?

Experts pointed out that drinking whole milk is not good for health, but drinking low-fat milk is also the best policy.

Since the whole fat becomes low fat, the extra is reduced in excess and volume, as well as a variety of fat-soluble nutrients such as vitamins A, D, and E.

銆€銆€Fatty acids are indispensable in people who prefer low-fat foods, and women make up a large proportion.

They believe that in order to maintain their body, the second is that it will reduce the incidence of complications such as diabetes.

But the results of this study shatter their hopes.

Heathsk experts, there are some fatty acids that people need, and the human body can not synthesize itself, it must rely on diet.

Once it is missing, the cell membrane loses its edge.

In addition, the essential fatty acids can promote cell growth, maintain skin health, regulate blood pressure, promote smooth muscle contraction, and can also be converted to prostaglandins. “No food!”

How much is it suitable for daily intake?

銆€銆€How much is this supplement suitable?

Experts believe that adults who can absorb every day should account for 20%-30% of the total conversion, and the ideal change is 25%.

For a 鈥渙ffice worker鈥?who consumes 2,000 calories per day, 500 calories per day should be taken.

If you only need to convert 9 calories per gram, you should eat about 56 grams per day, about 4 tablespoons of cooking oil.

What are the 4 health soups recommended for you in winter?


What are the 4 health soups recommended for you in winter?

First, pork ribs soup – anti-aging[Tang name]pork ribs soup[nutrition]ribs in addition to protein, traces, vitamins, but also contains a lot of calcium phosphate, collagen, bone mucin, etc., can provide calcium for young children and the elderly.

[Efficacy]Special nutrients and collagen in bone soup can promote microcirculation, especially in people aged 50-59, bone growth is fast, and more bone soup can strengthen bones and reduce body aging speed.

[Coordination]Add melon, kelp or lotus root to the pork ribs soup, and turn the heat and qi.

Physically boring, especially those with backache and leg pain.

Second, chicken soup – anti-cold[Tang name]chicken soup[Effect]Chicken soup, especially the old hen soup has a good tonic effect.

It can relieve the symptoms of the cold and improve the body’s immune function.

Drinking more chicken in autumn and winter will help improve the body’s immunity and keep the flu virus out.

[Note]But chicken soup has a warming effect, and people with inflammation should drink less.

Third, fish soup – spleen appetizer[Tang name]fish soup[Effect]Fish soup contains comprehensive and high-quality protein, which can relieve wrinkles caused by mental factors such as stress and lack of sleep.

[Coup]The fish has the functions of spleen appetite, cough and asthma, and it can be relieved by taking it with melon and scallion soup.

Fourth, pig’s trotters soup – nourishing blood[Tang name]pig’s trotters soup[effect]pig’s trotters flat sweet, into the spleen, stomach, kidney, can strengthen the waist and legs, blood and moistening dry, kidney and essence.

[With]Add some peanuts and trotters soup, especially suitable for women, folks also for women with postpartum yin deficiency, milk intake.

What causes the attachment inflammation? What is the attachment inflammation?


What causes the attachment inflammation? What is the attachment inflammation?

What are the causes of attachment inflammation?

The attachment exists between the ovary and the fallopian tube and is adjacent to the uterus. Therefore, if complications occur, it is caused by the whole body, and the incidence of attachment inflammation in married women is high, which is harmful to women.

So what is the primary cause of the incidence of female attachment inflammation?

How to treat attachment inflammation?

Let’s take a look at the specific details!

Causes of the incidence of female attachment inflammation 1, unclean sex life infection on the attachment inflammation, a large part of the reason is caused by unclean sex life, bacteria will be brought into the vagina, and finally infection, leading to vaginitisAn ascending infection occurs, causing attachment inflammation.

Cause 2, menstrual period of women with menstrual period is the worst time for the body’s disease resistance. If you do not pay attention to prevention during menstruation, it will cause various diseases, then the bacteria will be brought into the vagina through sexual life, and infection through the reproductive tract.To the fallopian tube, pelvic ovary, causing infection.

Cause 3, iatrogenic infection If the hospital is not distanced when the woman is undergoing surgery, the equipment used in the operation is unsanitary, which will cause infection.

Cause 4, excessive vaginal cleansing Many women use a variety of drugs for vulva cleaning, if repeated washing with these washings, it will be destroyed by the vaginal acid and alkali environment, easily infected with the bacteria, and finally infected with attachment inflammation.

Reason 5: Women who are sedentary for a long time sit for a long time, wear tight pants for a long time, and the genitals are not breathable, which can easily cause attachment inflammation.

Because of long-term sedentary, it will cause the metabolism of the lower body to be affected, the blood circulation will be blocked, the toxins will not be excreted in time, and finally the germs will be caused, causing the occurrence of accessory inflammation.

How to treat attachment inflammation?

1, drug treatment annex inflammation can not be underestimated, the direct method is to use drug treatment.

If the symptoms are mild, the method of vaginal medicine can be used, and the effect is good; if the symptoms are serious, antibiotics should be used, such as penicillin and metronidazole.

In addition, it is also possible to perform corresponding treatment by intramuscular injection of placental tissue fluid, placental globulin, and the like.

2, surgical treatment of annex inflammation is more serious, may cause hydrosalpinx or fallopian tube ovarian cysts, this situation requires surgery to treat.

In addition, if the complications are still recurrent after drug treatment, the patient is suffering, and the age is relatively large, surgery should also be considered.

3, physical therapy through the warm benign stimulation of the pelvic blood circulation, so as to achieve the purpose of improving inflammation.

Common physical treatment methods include infrared, short-wave, and ultrashort waves.

However, if the patient’s temperature is too high or exceeds 37.

This method cannot be used at 5 degrees or when the patient has genital tuberculosis.

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