Thought of here,She added:

“do not worry,The salary will never be lower than your current salary,I can give you six thousand a month。”
Seeing Fang Hao frowned deeply,Thought he was not satisfied,So again:
“Eight thousand is fine,Board and lodging,Well behaved,There will be a year-end bonus。”
“Stop talking,”Fang Hao said with a bitter smile,“I can’t drive,No way to do this job。”
“Can’t drive,You can learn。”Guo Miaomiao said,“I can pay the tuition for you,When learning to drive,You can live with me,I have covered board and lodging。”
Fang Hao has some excitement,But after thinking,Still shaking his head:
“Forget it,Sister Miao Miao,I won’t learn to drive in my life。Now when I think of myself going to drive,Just think of that car accident,Left me too deep a psychological shadow,I don’t think I can get through that hurdle in my life。”
This is the truth。
Although it seems that this car accident made him a blessing in disguise,From ugly to handsome,But the scene where I was hit by a car,Keep showing in his mind,Appeared in his dreams many times。
The psychological shadow is too big。
If not for this reason,He will definitely agree to Guo Miaomiao’s arrangement。
To be a driver,Eat by hand,Not for selling,Nothing shameful。
It’s just that he mentioned the car accident,The driver Guo Miaomiao was ashamed,Lower your head and say:“Sorry,Xiaohao,I really didn’t mean it。”
Fang Hao quickly said:“You don’t have to say that,I’m not accusing you,I just explain to you,Why am I afraid to learn to drive。You have done well,Sister Miao Miao。”
“Xiaohao, don’t worry,I will find you a good job。”Guo Miaomiao clenched his fists,Seriously。
Paused,Said again:
“If you don’t find a good job in a day,I’ll support you for one day!”

Cross-step Grant Hill,Slightly receded mid-range jumper shot!

A beautiful arc,Like a rainbow across the clouds。
Grant Hill looked back,The scene I saw made him desperate。
victory!40+!I want it all!
Chapter One Hundred and Eighty After the game
“Ok,I lost,This is a wonderful game。”Grant Hill frustrated,Blocked by a media reporter at the entrance of the locker room。
“last moment,I thought Kobe was thrown away,So low layup。If i choose to dunk,Maybe the result will be different。”
“Kobe’s offense and defense are great,His teammates are also great,Let him have enough physical fitness to stand up at the critical moment。”
“Wulian40+Up???I did not pay attention to this,if it is ture,Then I witnessed the history。”Grant Hill finished sourly,Left immediately。
His back is a bit bleak,A reporter captured this picture。
And the door of the Lakers locker room,More reporters blocked outside。
“Step aside,Step aside!Stay away!”They didn’t wait for Kobe,But a burly,Fiercely exploded and opened the door。
Ben Wallace!
After Kobe’s last interview,Just talk to Daben,Go together later。
He is tired of these little media that do nothing wrong,Kobe asked Da to help him attract firepower!

“It seems that your companion doesn’t listen to you very much。”

Naruto smiled mockingly,At the same time I feel a little lucky。
“Naruto,You still don’t want to be too early,Do you know how Qing became a supernatural beast?Just inject the corresponding shadow energy,No matter who it is,Can become supernatural beasts,Naruto,I look forward to the day you become a supernatural beast。”
While talking, imagine the scene where Naruto becomes a supernatural beast,Emu gradually couldn’t help laughing arrogantly。
After a long time,The evil wood controls itself,Looking at the Naruto in front of him, he said:“After all, to transform you into a superb beast,There are a lot of preparations required,So before this,I have to seal you up first。”
“Coffin!”,The voice of evil wood falls,Summon two black objects resembling bowls and hold Naruto in them,“This is the secret treasure of the Datongmu clan,Conventional methods are absolutely impossible,and so,Stay inside and rest,Naruto。”
梼杌 walked to the coffin where Naruto was sealed,Curious eyes。
Emu glanced at Ying Xiao and said:“You stay here watching naruto,I will send someone else to assist you later。”
Although Ying’s strength is much stronger than himself,But Emu still doesn’t look down on him。
The 梼杌 who can’t speak human language can only make a whining whining sound in response。
late at night,Shikamaru and the two ninjas who have just been transferred to the gate guard stand together at the gate of Konoha Village, seemingly waiting for someone。
The rustling sound of wind blowing constantly around。
Two figures suddenly fell in front of Shikamaru。
“Hey,Cowder,Didn’t the leader say that someone will come to meet us at the door??But it doesn’t look like it at all。”
“Maybe,The leader said who will greet us,Naruto Assistant。”

Basketball actually doesn’t need a resilient floor,Street basketball in the United States is a good example,Those kids are all playing on the concrete floor。

So in the village school donated by Shen Huan,In addition to the necessary playground,Shen Huan also specifically requested to build a basketball court for the children,So that they can exercise better。
Speaking of,It is precisely because Shen Huan has become an internationally famous basketball superstar,Inside the school donated by Lu Xiaofeng and Chu Liuxiang,The proportion of primary and middle school students playing basketball has obviously increased。
Turn the topic back。
Many people like football,Players who can’t stand football are rotten。
Basketball is different,Since the birth of Dayao,inNBAHave made the reputation of Nuo Da,Become a superstar。
This is equivalent to a Chinese player going to Spain,Even if it’s not the level of Figo,At least it’s the same level as Gu Yasu。
With a superstar in charge,Naturally, countless fans will follow。
Because their hearts have sustenance。
Dayao isNBAAll these years,Basketball fans nurtured,Surpassed football fans in one fell swoop,It’s really my own power。
But Dayao is not hereNBAAfter,Gradually, the cohesion of basketball has diminished。
In addition to football, so many international stars have gone through various packaging promotion,Became a household name,So football overtook basketball a few years ago,Became the No. 1 sport for Chinese fans。
But everything was different last summer。
Shen Huan played the first gameNBAPlayoffs,Basketball fans have a skyrocket。
Wait until the Portland Trail Blazers finish in the first round,Basketball fans in China announced that there are more than football fans。
Even temporarily,Or a passerby fan。
Wait till Shen HuanNBAFinished the finals,Took it all in one goFMVPAnd after the championship ring,The number of basketball fans in China has almost skyrocketed2Over 100 million people!

One last time,With the harmonica sound of ten seconds as a relay,Zhao Changshou finally sang this passage completely。

Wait till the end,He put down the microphone,Rushed directly off the stage,Came in front of the old woman,Squatted down and squeezed her hand。
The old woman smiled in tears,Whispered something to him。
Zhao Changshou was completely immersed in the world of the two,Didn’t care about anything outside at all。
Director Wu Ping looked at Hua Zhongpu,Hua Zhongpu gritted his teeth,Nodded。
Immediately,The camera followed,Sent this scene into the TV of thousands of households。
“cut,I thought《I sing my song》Is a very stylish show,This set of not being sensational,It turned out to be old-fashioned!Negative Ratings!”
“fart!Who are you?Wouldn’t you be touched by this scene??The old man and the old woman are so dependent on each other in trouble,Isn’t it bad?Still like to pick thorns so much,Why don’t you go to work in a seafood shop?”
“I think it’s not easy,If it was made by the program group,It shouldn’t be the most dangerous time for the old man,Did you just send out to get the old man to score more points??Thinking about letting the old woman out,Is it too early?”
“Yes indeed,I have seen the news on the Internet,It is said that the old man sometimes pushes a wheelchair,Appeared around the hotel。I didn’t expect it to be true!This shows that the old woman has been by his side,Not because of this final,I just took it from my hometown!”
“I also saw the photo,Just vague。Didn’t react at the time,It seems that they have always been together,The old woman is by his side and has always supported him……So touched~~~”
“Everyone stop making trouble,Didn’t you notice the more important points??Take a closer look,Who is that wheelchair?Like who?”
“Who?So heavily armed,Does he think he is a big star?Funny!”

This is since she grew up,It’s the first time to act like a baby to the first man other than his father。

“Why am i broken?”
Qin Liang asked,One side put his mouth closer to Liu Rushi’s little face,Look into her eyes seriously。
“What do you wanna do?”
Liu Rushi immediately knew Qin Liang was going to kiss herself again,She asked alertly,But I have no chance to avoid it anymore,Qin Liang hugged her body tightly again……
“Why not??I just want to ask how I broke?”
Qin Liang looked innocent。
Liu Rushi dare not speak anymore,She knew that she only had to speak,I had to be kissed by Qin Liang again immediately,Two people just like this you look at me,I look at you,No one speaks anymore。
But at such a close distance, the consequences of the affectionate gaze of two people who love each other are conceivable.……
After a while,Qin Liang gently kissed Liu Rushi again,Liu Rushi didn’t want to escape this time,But accepted Qin Liang’s kiss obediently,Two beautiful big eyes,Closed slowly……
A long time passed,Qin Liang let go of his mouth after kissing,The two started chatting in a low voice and some others.,Qin Liang said a few words,Just kiss Liu Rushi gently,I really enjoy the beauty of the world。
“I want to go out to see the night sky on the grassland……”
Liu Rushi’s whispered request。
“it is good,We go,But you have to promise me one condition。”

Shen Ruoxi bitterly said,Actually disgusting is indeed disgusting,This is an indelible fact,Especially Shen Ruoxi,Often dislike Qin Liang,Of course,This can’t be blamed on Shen Ruoxi,Sometimes Qin Liang is really disgusting enough……

“Haven’t you hated me??you sure?”
Qin Liang asked with a bitter smile,In fact, he knew exactly what virtue he was,Sometimes he hates himself,Let alone others,But he just can’t change the virtues of his dude,The same can’t get rid of the greasy mouth and tongue.。
Once a person develops a certain life habit,It’s very difficult to think about it again,Unless there is“Strong man with broken wrist”Determination and perseverance。
“What do you say?”
Shen Ruoxi didn’t answer Qin Liang’s question positively,But deliberately asked him,So you don’t have to open your eyes to lie,Avoiding embarrassment。
Qin Liang smiled and said nothing,I know what’s going on in my heart,Why don’t you embarrass yourself and not come to stage?。Originally he said so much nonsense,Just to keep Shen Ruoxue from tangling him,Now that the goal has been achieved,That’s it,Accept it when you see it。
“correct,Koyuki,Xiaoyun,You are now the police,I will be with you sister Shiyun,Do you go to work every day like Meizi??”
Chen Hao habitually came out at the critical moment“Extinguishing”Up,Usually when a topic is in desperation,As long as she is,She will come forward to resolve everyone’s embarrassment。
“No need to,They are special police officers,Under normal circumstances,Before they need to be dispatched,They should hide their identity and not show up。”
To answer Chen Hao’s question,It’s Yang Shiyun。
“Oh,Oh I see,I never knew,It turns out that there are such things in the police。”
Chen Hao said in surprise。
“There are so many things you don’t know,My silly sister。”
Yang Shiyun answered with a smile。
“I’m not stupid,I have never been a policeman,I don’t know it’s normal。”
Chen Hao smiled bitterly and retorted。

Chen Jing hung up。

Lying in bed,Peng Changyi can’t sleep,It seems,Chen Jing is really angry,Do you really think of her as someone else’s shadow??Although he denied it,But it cannot be completely ruled out that she is really attracted to her because she is like someone。
Chen Jing is not Ding Yi,He knows this,Like he told her on the phone,He is not stupid enough to love Zhang San as Li Si。but,When Chen Jing asked him if he loved that person,He lied,Maybe,This is the answer he will never be able to open to anyone in his life,Ding Yi……
Just when Peng Changyi couldn’t sleep,now,The person Chen Jing described as the shadow and substitute,Lying on Jiang Fan’s big bed and sleeping soundly。
The reason why she fell asleep so soundly,Even forget to go home,Maybe,It’s not just because of skating tired。
After Jiang Fan woke up from the sofa,Seeing that the sky is already dark,He ordered a meal with the cafeteria,Quietly came to the bathroom again,Took a bath,When coming out in pajamas and pajamas,The bedroom door is still closed。
He checked his watch,Heart said,Can really sleep!He gently opened the door,The light from outside through the window screen,He saw that she kept that position still,Shrank on the big bed like a kitten,Can’t help but smile。
Gently,Turned on the wall lamp above the bed,Turn the light to the softest state,Draw another curtain,He held his breath,Looked down at her,Seeing sweat dripping from the tip of her nose。
Ha ha,Sleep warm。
She sleeps just like her usual person,Very elegant、be quiet,Like a baby,Bend his knees in the quilt,A big bed,She only occupies a small place。Two hands together,Under the left face,Thin eyelashes cover the eyes,Breath is so light,Angry。Small mouth pouting slightly,Totally relaxed。From the collar of the sweater,You can see her delicate skin……
Jiang Fan immediately opened his eyes,I dare not see where she is,He knows how much he desires her,sometimes,I have to force myself to endure the suffering of this desire,Although she is lying on her bed right now,But he can’t,He can’t do things she disagrees with or dislikes herself。I can bear it for such a long time,Don’t care about this moment。
He controlled the urge to kiss her or even want her,Get up,Went out quietly again。
He came to the study,Called the cafeteria,Let the cafeteria deliver the meal you ordered in an hour。
Jiang Fan turned on the TV,Turn down the volume to minimum,Can hardly hear,Lying on the sofa,But the spirit just can’t gather on the TV show,His heart rests entirely on the man on his bed in the bedroom。
A long hour passed,Jiang Fan is worried that he will ring the doorbell to wake him up soon,Just waited in advance at the entrance of the elevator in the corridor,The soldier’s time concept is strong,The elevator door will open after a while,A restaurant soldier pushes a small dining car out of the elevator。
“Hello chief,This is your meal。”
Jiang Fan said:“Fortunately。”
He took the dining car from the soldier,Said:“Pick it up tomorrow,In addition,The basket was in the trunk of my car in the morning,I will remotely control you from above after you go down。”

Xie Yunchu prepared tea and snacks for her,Ou Baobao loves them recently。

Baby Ou saw these,A sore heart,Even if Xiaoyun is so busy going home to face her,Can fall asleep,But still paying attention to everything about her all the time。Worked hard。
“Xie Dong,I come today,I hope to represent my grandfather and my father,And younger brothers,Everyone in my family,Make an appointment with Xie Dong。Put other relatives,Make an appointment,Everyone sit down,Have a good talk.”Xie Tianbai is very sincere,“Always chaos like this,Not a way。Xie’s development to the present,difficult。If the ruin is in the hands of our generation,I really,Became a sinner.”
Xie Tianbai looked at Baby Ou again,“If Ou Dong has time,,Also come together。You and Xie Dong are a family,All thanks to the family,your opinion,Very important.”
If she goes,Xiaoyun just lost it。
It’s not that she is the chairman of Daou,Should I get involved in Xie’s affairs??This person just invited her,right now,Said it again in front of Xiaoyun’s staff。The point is,Baby Ou found,Several employees actually agreed.
Chapter six hundred and fifty three direct
Hello,Are you okay?!!
If it weren’t for these old employees from Xie’s that Ou Baobao knew,She thinks this is Xie Tianbai’s undercover。
How can she go?If she goes,Xiaoyun has directly become Xie’s public enemy!!!
The state of Xie’s hope,Always take advantage and not lose。As the chairman of Daou,With Xie Yunchu,Outsiders look like strong women and weak men,But actually,Unspeakable。Daou’s overall strength is stronger than Xie’s。The social status and overall value of the Ke Xie family,But it is much higher than Daou。Can ordinary people judge high and low,Just look at economic strength。
It’s like finding someone in the blind date market,Have a house at home or local demolition,Will be more popular than dead wage earners。
Many people here at Xie think,Da Ou was far ahead of Xie’s。Because they eat for entertainment,Are related to Daou,But if you don’t learn art or paint,Would never know about Xie’s existence。This is also a relationship of national influence。

unless……Park the helicopter directly on the roof of Shen Ruoxi’s villa!

Qin Liang had a whim,Not to mention,Qin Liang has seen it on the roof of Shen Ruoxi’s villa,There are two very flat areas,And the place is enough,There is absolutely no problem parking two helicopters!
Two!Yep,it is good,Then apply for two directly,Then one action can quickly dispatch two special forces teams,And both special operations teams can carry heavy weapons,And the combat power of dozens of dragon soul fighters plus various heavy weapons,Enough to start a small and medium-sized urban war

“it is good,Just do that!”
Qin Liang thinks about it, gets more proud,Can’t help but blurt out。
“Do anything like this?”
Curious baby Shen Ruoxue was the first to ask……Then everyone’s eyes were all on Qin Liang’s face。Seems to be waiting for his answer。
“Oh,Nothing nothing,Hehe。”Qin Liang hurriedly concealed his answer,He didn’t want to leak his plan to everyone so early!He also wants to give the girls a big surprise!and……And he remembered in a daze that he seemed to have made a bet with Yang Shiyun last time,The bet is that he can get a helicopter back
Come!I can just win this bet by the way,Then take the opportunity to bully Yang Shiyun a few times!Qin Liang thought this was a good one!The face is full of pride,Shen Ruoxi,Murong Shan,Yanzi and the others are curious,But I don’t know how to ask him,And even if you ask,Qin Liang certainly wouldn’t say,Didn’t he avoid Shen just now?
Ruoxue’s problem?……“This guy doesn’t know what bad idea he is making!Maybe it’s possible to tell which girl in our family will be teased by him again!”
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Chapter two hundred and fifteen With whom