The efficacy of Chinese medicine for treating nail stream is equivalent to that of Duffy

The efficacy of Chinese medicine for treating nail stream is equivalent to that of Duffy

Recently, the reporter learned from the Guangzhou Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that the epidemic in Guangzhou has been on a downward trend for 4 consecutive weeks, and there has been no outbreak of clustered outbreaks for 3 consecutive weeks.

Data show that the first wave of Guangdong’s first wave of peaks has gone.

However, the second wave of the epidemic is coming.

Due to a large number of population movements and climate change during the Spring Festival, the second wave of influenza A outbreaks may have more people. The prevention and control of influenza A is still very serious.

  Medical Guidance: Professor Zhang Zhongde, Director of Respiratory Medicine, Chief of the Department of Respiratory Medicine, Director of the Department of Respiratory Medicine, Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine Figures: Pregnancy cases continue to climb

“Before the Spring Festival is the peak period of pregnancy, the number of pregnant women may increase after the festival.

Professor Zhang Zhongde pointed out that wet and cold weather is often a period of high incidence of heart and lung disease.

In particular, people with basic diseases have a poor constitution and are susceptible to infection with influenza.

After the peak of the first wave of influenza A, many schools, institutions, and service industry people were vaccinated against influenza A.

The second wave of vulnerable groups will be transferred to large-scale factory workers, travelling tourists, spring migrant workers and other gathering crowds.

  Survey: Nearly five adults choose Chinese medicine to treat A flu. The reporter randomly surveyed on the Internet. “With a flu, do you prefer Chinese or Western medicine?

“It was found that 47% of people chose Chinese medicine for the reason,” Chinese medicine has low toxicity and low price.

“Through this, Zhang Zhongde said,” Traditional Chinese medicine treats the flu, and the time for fever is fast, and the symptoms do not repeat after fever. ”

So far, no bad side effects have been found, which is the area that the country is more concerned about.

“It is understood that the first batch of A-level patients admitted by the Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine had a personal cost of only 100 yuan upon discharge, an average of 10 yuan a day.

“Patients admitted at 1pm take Chinese medicine within 2 hours.

The body temperature was reduced the next day. The patient said that after taking Chinese medicine, the symptoms of sore throat improved.

Zhang Zhongde added.

  Treatment: The effect of traditional Chinese medicine is quite early as Duffy. In June last year, the first batch of patients with influenza A admitted to the Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine had been treated with pure traditional Chinese medicine, without using any western medicine.

“Traditional Chinese medicine has a fast antipyretic time, symptoms improve, and bone pain caused by fever quickly disappears.

The most important thing is that after the treatment with Chinese medicine, the time of turning negative in this group of cases is the same as that of taking Duffy.

“Zhang Zhongde said that traditional Chinese medicine has good curative effect and high cost performance is the first reason for patients.

For critically ill patients, the Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine generally adopts traditional Chinese medicine, and combines traditional Chinese and western medicine for treatment, and has also received very good results.

  Shang Zhong, a member of the Guangdong Province A Group of Experts on the Prevention and Control of Influenza A, and Professor Zhang Zhongde of Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, introduced that from June 13 to August 18, 2009, the hospital cured 35 cases of patients with influenza A using pure Chinese medicine.

Including the use of traditional Chinese medicine decoction, traditional Chinese medicine Mu foot sweating and fever, traditional Chinese medicine mouthwash alleviate symptoms of respiratory tract swelling and congestion and other comprehensive use of traditional Chinese medicine.

According to Zhang Zhongde, these patients were treated with pure Chinese medicine under the condition that the throat test was positive. The time for fever reduction and the time for the throat to turn negative were comparable to western medicine.

  A recent news report said that Western medicine treatment cases of drug resistance occurred in many countries.

WHO has received more than 57 reports of anti-Duffy pandemic influenza.

Zhang Zhongde pointed out that after the snow in the north, the warming of the air should cause a large outbreak of A stream, while the second wave of Guangdong A stream has not yet arrived, but it will be earlier than the estimated mid-to-late January of next year.There is a better effect on the treatment and treatment of nail flow.

  Traditional Chinese medicine is not worse than Western medicine. Professor Zhang Zhongde participated in the process of treating the world’s first purely Chinese medicine cured hepatitis A patients.

Therefore, he has experience and experience in the treatment of influenza in Chinese medicine. He claims that Chinese medicine is effective in treating influenza, especially for mild influenza, and that Chinese medicine can also prevent influenza.

Unlike Western medicine, which directly kills the virus, traditional Chinese medicine pays more attention to improving the body’s immunity while improving symptoms, and regulating the internal environment for therapeutic effects.

He said that after pure Chinese medicine treatment of patients with influenza A, the time for antipyretic and pharyngeal test turned negative was equivalent to that of western medicine, but the treatment cost was much less.

Experts in the congregation said that western medicine may cause suspicion (i.e. drug resistance) in treating influenza A, while traditional Chinese medicine does not currently have these problems.

  It is not easy for Chinese people to have antipyretic fever repeatedly. Many people have this kind of experience.

Western medicine can only be used for 5 months to reduce fever, and it is easy to have fever again after fever with Western medicine, and the disease is prone to recurrence. Traditional Chinese medicine experts point out that it is not easy to repeat fever in Chinese medicine.”Heat and cold” results using different antipyretic prescriptions.

Therefore, there are more ways to reduce fever in Chinese medicine, and it is closer to the patient’s physical fitness and disease status. Experts point out that if a fever is more than three days after the onset of flu, it may cause severe illness, so it is necessary to reduce fever in time.

  Professor Yang Hongzhi, an expert on infectious diseases of the Chinese Traditional Medical Association and director of the Chinese Medicine Department of the Third Hospital of Zhongshan, said that cold and heat are the most common symptoms of influenza, indicating that patients will have different feelings of cold or heat.Targeted antipyretic effect is obvious.  The best treatment for the two patients with the disease is the current focus of prevention and control of influenza A, which is to overcome the development of severe illness after suffering from influenza A, especially obese people, pregnant women, and patients with complications, because they are more likely to develop severe illness.

Experts say that the best time to treat a person with a flu is 48 hours after the onset of the disease. Therefore, if patients have symptoms, they should pay attention to timely diagnosis so as not to miss the opportunity for treatment.

  The early symptoms of a stream are usually fever, coughing, feeling particularly tired, and loss of appetite, and some people will have internal reactions, such as vomiting and diarrhea.

If you have these symptoms, you have been to a high-endemic area before, and you have high-risk contact. You should suspect a high-endemic stream and see your doctor promptly.

  There are many antipyretic methods in Chinese medicine, but we must first understand what kind of fever: aversion to cold: I feel both cold and hot, but the severity of cold and heat will be different. Yinqiao and Shuanghuanglian oral preparations are commonly used.

  But the cold is not hot: I can only feel the cold but not the heat.

  But the heat is not cold: only the heat is felt but not the cold, antiviral oral solution, Qingkailing can be used.

  Cold and heat: The patient feels cold and hot, and aversion to cold and fever may occur, and Xiaochaihu can be used to reduce fever.

  Three methods to prevent influenza A In areas with flu, individuals who have no history of close contact can use Chinese herbal tea (6 grams of mulberry leaves, 6 grams of white chrysanthemums, 3 grams of windproof, 3 grams of raw licorice, 200 ml of boiling water,Can add an appropriate amount of rock sugar, on behalf of tea.

  Chinese medicine sachet soaked (Aquila, Artemisia, Cinnamon, Alkaline, Atractylodes, etc. in equal amounts, processed into sachet pouches for hanging on the chest, and placed in the nose two times a day, 3 minutes each time, evening(Place pillow next to bed and change once a week).

  If you have a history of close contact, you can use traditional Chinese medicine to decoction (6 grams of honeysuckle, 6 grams of guanzhong, 6 grams of sage leaves, 6 grams of nepeta, 3 grams of raw licorice, boiled with 250 ml of water for 15 minutes, 30 years of age over 6-60 ml; 20-30 ml each time, 3-6 years old, 2 times a day; reduce below 3 years old).

Cell phone is prone to bad eyes, be careful of cataract

Cell phone is prone to bad eyes, be careful of cataract

Clicking on pictures can buy modern people’s lives more and more inseparable from the two large electronic devices of mobile phones and tablets, but it is the culprit that causes eye diseases.

Authoritative ophthalmologists warn that smoking, excessive use of eyes, exposure to infrared rays, microwaves, etc. can cause cataracts to appear or worsen early.

Experts remind citizens: The best way to prevent cataracts is to use scientific eyes. When the ultraviolet rays are strong, you must wear a large hat and sunglasses to block light. When cataracts appear, you ca n’t wait until you are “cooked” to see them.treatment.

The above information comes from the 20th National Ophthalmology Congress and the 30th Asia-Pacific Ophthalmology Annual Meeting of the Ophthalmology Branch of the Chinese Medical Association in Guangzhou recently.

  Cataracts can’t wait until they are “familiar” before they can be seen. According to reports, cataracts are originally a disease of the elderly, which is related to the deterioration of the body’s function with age.

Among young people, senile cataracts account for 88%.

Professor Zhao Yun ‘, Deputy Dean of the Optometry Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University, introduced to the media, “According to statistics, the current incidence of cataract is about 80% in the 60 to 89-year-old population, and the incidence of cataract is over 90% in the population over 90 years old.

But limited to this, some people may have an increase in living standards. Too many patients who have had cataracts at the age of 50 also enter the hospital for treatment.

Professor Zhang Jinsong, Dean of the Eye Hospital of China Medical University, pointed out, when should cataract surgery be performed?

Different people have different requirements, so there are differences in time, but in general, it must be done when it affects the quality of life.

For example, one patient was only 50 years old. One eye had cataracts first, and the vision was not three-dimensional. It was impossible to determine the true distance. A rear-end accident occurred when he drove the car. The problem was found after the examination at the hospital. The problem was resolved after the operation. Another patientAlso just over 50 years old, checking vision in a dark room is 1.

0, but almost nothing can be seen in the sun, and vision becomes only 0.

1, this kind of situation must also be treated surgically, so as not to affect life and work.

  Bad eye habits and environment can induce early cataracts Professor Zhang Jinsong told reporters that, in addition to age, some bad eye habits and living and working conditions can induce cataracts to occur or worsen early.

Studies have shown that nicotine in tobacco has an effect on cataracts, and when the cigarette is not smoked, the flash of infrared light from the butt will also affect the cataract. Steel workers face red hot fires throughout the work day, and intense ultraviolet rays in tropical areasThe injury can also induce cataracts to occur prematurely.

In addition, “Too many people now have presbyopia in their 40s, dazzle without eyeglasses and need to adjust their eyesight when watching things. Frequently playing mobile phones and alternately using eyes to cause eye fatigue, these will accelerate the occurrence of cataracts. This young peopleNeed special vigilance!

Don’t think cataract is an eye disease unique to the elderly!

Zhang Jinsong said.

  Cataract surgery can be corrected at the same time as presbyopia and astigmatism. Patients with cataracts who are too worried about the “operation”, have a high risk and have unsatisfactory results, delay surgery, or worry about accidents due to their underlying diseases such as diabetes or hypertension.

Ophthalmologists believe that as long as blood pressure and blood sugar are controlled within a safe range, the risk of surgery is extremely low.

Prof. Zhao Yun’e also introduced that now the advanced refractive cataract surgery system has realized refractive correction of cataract surgery, while treating cataracts, it can also remove presbyopia, astigmatism and other problems for patients.

Insomnia is no longer a problem with the exact location and massage method of the sea

Insomnia is no longer a problem with the exact location and massage method of the sea

Guide: Can’t find a photo of the sea?

It doesn’t matter, take a look at the exact location and massage method of the sea hole brought here to solve your insomnia problem easily!

In the common sense of Chinese medicine, the role and efficacy of Zhaohai is still quite effective. If you want to improve insomnia, constipation, etc., you can take a look at the exact location and massage method provided by Zhaohai.

According to the nouns of the sea acupoints, according to the sea point: the name of the hole.

Acupuncture and Moxibustion.

It belongs to the foot Shaoyin kidney.

One of the eight veins meeting points, through the yin and vein.

Alias: yin and thorns, leaking yin.

2, acupoint suggestion: the kidney through the water in this large amount of evaporation.

3, “Photos of the sea”.

“Photo”, irradiation also.

“Sea”, big water also.

The name of the hole means that the kidney has a large amount of evaporation through the water.

The material of this point is the water passing through the water spring hole. After the hole, it forms a penetrating water area. The water area is as a mirror. The incident area receives the heat energy irradiated by the sky and evaporates a large amount of water.According to the sea.”
4, “Yin thorns”.

“Pen”, the blood in the hole has the water of the ground and the yang of the heavens. The characteristics of the blood and blood reflect the characteristics of the yin and yang, which is called the “yin thorn”.

5, “leaked yin”.

“Leak”, missed too.

“Yin”, Yin water also.

Leaky yin means that the kidney is lost through the water.

The material of this point is the water passing through the ground. Because of the heat of the sunlight, it is lost through the vaporization of water, hence the name “leaked yin”.

6, the foot of the yin and yin, the same as the sea name solution.

According to the position of the acupuncture point of the sea, the sea hole is located in the foot part, and the depression below the tip is inserted.

Namely: in the depression below the fractured bone in our feet, tap by hand or beat with a skin needle to not bleed.

Under the hole is the skin, subcutaneous tissue, and skeletal bone tendon.

The skin is distributed by the calf of the saphenous nerve.

Below the deep fascia of the calf, around the internal displacement, the internal replacement network consisting of the internal anterior and posterior arteries, the radial artery, and the branch of the interventional branch and the plantar artery, the nutrient interior overlaps the surrounding structure.

Zhaohai acupoints hemorrhagic laryngeal dryness, eye syndrome, insomnia, lying in fear, panic and panic, red eyes and swelling, irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, red and white, yin and itching, suffocation, frequent urination, no slapstick.

According to the face of the sea, the throat, chest and abdomen, liver and kidney, mental illness and other diseases: such as facial edema, red eyes and swelling, blurred vision, sore throat, dry throat, heartache, asthma, irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, redUnder the leucorrhea, Yin is itchy, woman blood halo, fetal clothes are not down, lochia is not limited, dystocia, bowel diarrhea, bloating, kidney qi, gonorrhea, nocturnal emission, phlegm, sputum, enuresis, headache, night, stunnedGood, sad, unhappy, awkward, athlete’s foot is red and swollen, limbs are fragile and uncomfortable.

1, modern and more use of sea points to treat pharyngitis, tonsillitis, nephritis, schizophrenia, rickets, neurasthenia, foot joints and surrounding soft tissue inflammation.

2, Zhaohai points for irregular menstruation, red and white, yin, itch, urinary frequency, urinary tract, dry throat, redness, insomnia, epilepsy and so on.

3, ENT system diseases: acute tonsillitis, chronic pharyngitis; 4, mental and neurological diseases: neurasthenia, rickets, epilepsy, insomnia; 5, obstetrics and gynecology system diseases: uterine prolapse, irregular menstruation; 6, other:constipation.

The role of massage according to the acupoints of the sea 1, relieve the treatment of acute tonsillitis, chronic pharyngitis, dry throat, red eyes and swelling; 2, treatment of neurasthenia, rickets, epilepsy, insomnia, panic, etc.; 3, relieve the treatment of the uterusProlapse, irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, red and white, yin, itch, urinary frequency, etc.; 4, relieve constipation, kidney gas, athlete’s foot and so on.

The health secrets of yoga

The health secrets of yoga

First, personalized tea drinks are the most beautiful in their own tea. Yan tea is selected according to the individual’s constitution and physical condition. This usually requires more speech. You can put the fat sea or Luo Han Guo in the water and drink it on behalf of the tea, which is good for the throat.Before the menstrual period arrives, it does not prevent adding a little rose and wolfberry to the tea cup, which has the function of promoting blood circulation and stasis, and regulating menstruation; when the spleen and stomach are not in harmony, put some barley in the cup; depending on the season, I will drink it in springJasmine tea; green tea and chrysanthemum in summer; oolong in autumn; black tea in winter.

If you insist on drinking tea for many years, the detox will be smooth and the skin will be naturally moisturized.

  Second, maintenance should be done. Most women who have warm palace exercises have palace cold and dysmenorrhea symptoms. If they continue to practice warm palace exercises, they can improve very well.

It can be done before bedtime. The method is simple: knees are naturally separated, kneeling on the cushion, straightening the waist, bending forward, and letting the step approach the cushion surface for 5 minutes.

Then lie down on the mat, do abdomen and hip-lifting exercises, and keep it in the air for 3-5 minutes as much as possible, feeling that the uterus shrinks with you.

It is advisable to do it 3-4 times a week.

  Third, anti-aging should eat less a while ago, “Zhang Shenyi” let us eat eggplant, mung beans, radish every day, the fire is not good, the result is a farce.

Keeping in good health is a good lifestyle and habit, and it depends on slow work.

In terms of diet, it is best not to be picky, but eat everything that grows in nature, and the richer the variety, the better.

However, you should control your food intake. Eating 80% or more of it is sufficient. Eating too much will cause a burden on all organs, and if you consume too much energy, your body will age quickly.

  Fourth, rest for 5 minutes when tired, it seems that many women around are shouting tired, it is time to take a break when tired, forcing something to happen sooner or later.

Siesta is very important, it is good for Yang Yang, as long as 20 minutes can eliminate fatigue, you can sit on a recliner, feet can be placed on any table.

In addition, when you feel tired, you also need to take a short rest of 5 minutes. If you continue to work on fatigue, you will not have high efficiency.

  Fifth, the breasts love vegetarian food, love yoga and suffer from breast diseases, usually those who like coffee, cheese and meat, even if the cancer does not occur, the breast will feel a touch.

To prevent diabetes, it is necessary to change dietary habits, not to not eat meat, but to eat less, and mainly vegetarian.

Some yoga masters believe that people should eat more foods that directly obtain solar energy: such as cereals, vegetables, fruits, and so on. This way, they will fully absorb the positive energy.

The most important thing is, breast massage for about 5 minutes every day, as long as you insist, your breast cancer will definitely be healthier than others.

  Six, cooking with love, eating attentively In the spiritual culture of yoga, worship before cooking, pray before eating, and have a happy and loving mood when cooking, do not put too much seasoning to cover the food itselfOriginal flavor-this explains why we love to eat dishes made by mothers because of the energy of love in them.

  Seven, practice abdominal breathing before going to bed. Modern people’s breathing is too shallow, which is not conducive to exercising our cardiopulmonary function and decompression. Abdominal breathing in yoga is very important. It can gently massage to the internal organs and improve the metabolism of the body.Remove excess aunt from the abdomen.

When practicing, it is best to lie on your back or sitting with your right hand on your abdomen and your left hand on top. It stretches and stretches when you inhale and contracts the sleeve inward when you exhale.

  Eight, meditation chanting can soothe the emotions. Sometimes, when I return home from work for a day, my body is inevitably tired and I feel irritable. At that time, I will bathe first, then perform meditation and yoga chanting, which will relieve the fatigue of the body.Relieve stress and make people return to calm.

In fact, yoga is our best way to survive. Do your best in the current role, relax as much as possible, do n’t be extravagant, do n’t deliberately, because people have different aspects, we just need to show different aspects of ourselves in different things, and respond appropriately.

  Nine, the most recommended yoga asanas of the first type: can promote blood circulation throughout the body, accelerate metabolism, can be done at any time in the office, at home, has a good weight loss effect.

  method 1.

Tips, feet apart with shoulder width, hang in series on the side of the body; inhale, lift palms up relatively, upper arms close to ears; 2.

2. Hold your eyes a little, inhale again, raise the heels of both feet, and reduce the entire body upwards; 3.

Exhale, lower your heels, and slowly drop your arms from both sides, back to your sides.

  Wind blowing tree type: dredge the meridians in the body, mobilize the positive air in the body, and enhance the strength of the entire spine.

  method 1.

Tips, feet separated by shoulder width, hands crossed with ten fingers in front of the body, palms down; 2.

Inhale, straighten your arms, lift your head up, your arms fully straighten, and tilt your spine up; 3.

Exhale. Lean your body from the waist to the left, make sure your shoulders, left and right hip joints are not twisted, and your eyes are looking up or looking straight ahead. Inhale and your body slowly returns to an upright position. Exhale to the other side.

  X. Active detoxification. Fasting once a month. Stress, polluted air, and unclean foods make our body more and more toxins. Fasting can rest all organs in the body. It is a good way for the body to detoxify itself.Human toxicity is more prosperous, and skin and detoxification conditions can be greatly improved.

Fasting is generally suitable for weekends, the specific methods are: 1.

Vegetarian day on Friday, reduce the amount of meals at dinner, do not eat staple foods; 2.

2. Get up early in the morning on Saturday and stop eating. You can rest quietly, listen to music, don’t be tired, go to bed early in the evening, and drink water; 3.

Start dieting on Sunday morning. It is important to eat less breakfast. It is important to eat slowly and in small quantities. Do n’t eat heavy food such as meat and aunt Gao, and then gradually resume your diet.

  Tips: 3 Tips for Beautiful Yoga Practitioners. Tips 1 for Yoga Practitioners. For women’s health, “love love” women often have cold hands and feet, dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation, often flatulence of the stomach and other sub-health problems caused by cold.Moxibustion is the best way to supplement the body’s yang.Just light the moxibustion stick, hold it in your hand or put it in the moxibustion device to align the acupuncture points. The most commonly used points are the navel, Zusanli, and Yongquan.

  2. Wear wooden clip feet to drag Indian saints at home. Monks often wear this type of foot drag. Its bumps help to massage the points between the toes and make blood circulation and metabolism smoother.

  3. Keep a scarf in the air-conditioned room to avoid cold, and cover the exposed parts of the body at any time, especially the three parts of the shoulders, neck, waist and feet.

Women must not get cold. If the cold in the body is large, it will affect the operation of qi and blood, the qi and blood will not run smoothly, and diseases will occur in the blocked place.

Regular moxibustion Zusanlijian walks like flying

Regular moxibustion Zusanlijian walks like flying

According to legend, during the Tokugawa period in Japan, the three generations of the Edo Manbei family were over a hundred years old.

General Tokugawa asked why, and Wan Bing replied: “My family’s ancestral moxibustion at Zusanli Point was performed continuously for 8 days at the beginning of each month.

“During the Tokugawa period, the Japanese government has incorporated sanli moxibustion into the government’s measures for healthy people and advocated treatment for all people.

So far in Japan, there are still proverbs such as “Don’t moxibustion with a person who walks three miles” and “travel moxibustion while walking, walking like a fly”.

  In fact, the moxibustion method was passed down by hypertension. The Tang Dynasty famous doctor Sun Simiao’s “Thousands of Gold Essentials” stated: “If you want to be safe, you don’t always do it.

“It means that the Zusanli acupoints are often kept moist, that is, the moxibustion of Zusanli is often performed, and a small blisters and scabs appear at the acupuncture points for a long time to form residual traces.

This is what is called today “the healing of tibia marks”, which is a summary of experience derived from ancient people in long-term practice.

Sun Simiao himself often used this method. He was still alive and well in his old age, and he was very energetic and lived to be a hundred years old.

Many medical practitioners of current generations also regard health care moxibustion as a major event in their lives and regularly perform moxibustion.

  The Zusanli acupoint is an important acupoint of the “Fuyangming Stomach Meridian”, which is located three inches below the outer knee eye, and a horizontal finger on the outer side of the upper anterior condyle.

A large number of acupuncture clinical practices in ancient and modern times have confirmed that Zusanli is an important acupuncture point that can cause various diseases and strengthen the body.

It has the functions of conditioning the spleen and stomach, replenishing qi and invigorating qi, activating collaterals, relieving wind and dampness, and relieving evil.

Modern medical research has confirmed that stimulating Zusanli can regulate intestinal peristalsis and gastric acid secretion, increase the number of white blood cells and enhance its phagocytosis, and improve the body’s immune resistance.

Long-term moxibustion of Zusanli can also reduce blood lipids and blood viscosity, and prevent vascular sclerosis and stroke.

  The specific treatment method of Zusanli is: knead moxa (the moxa is removed from its outer wrapping paper) into a cone of moxa or soybeans, put it on the acupoint, and gently touch the point with the incenseWhen Ai is about to burn out and the skin feels hot, press it quickly, while using the left thumb, index finger, and middle finger to massage around the acupuncture points to reduce pain.

Every time 3-5 strong (炷).

As long as the moxibustion is performed once, it will not feel too painful.

After the initial treatment, the skin will become darker, harder, and scabby, and the next time moxibustion will be performed on the hard palate.

If there are blisters, you can block the discharged liquid and moxibustion; if the scalp skin is replaced, you can cover it with a dressing and wait for moxibustion after scabbing.

This method is called “wound scar therapy”, and it is an alternative method of testing.

When applying, pay attention to disinfection and keep the local dry and clean to prevent infection.

In addition, you can also use the “Miao Article Moxibustion” method to ignite Miao Article (sold in a pharmacy), and aim your head at Zusanli Point. The distance is 10-15 minutes each time the skin feels warm.

There is also the most perfect stimulation method, which is to insert the thumb into the acupuncture point and rub it until there is a local feeling of soreness and fever.

  Moxibustion Zusanli is insisting.

If regular moxibustion can be achieved, and long-term unremitting, you will definitely receive physical fitness and longevity.

Office exercise can fight sub-health


Office exercise can fight sub-health

Various materials and phenomena show that there are more and more people living in Asia.

One of the important reasons for sub-health is the lack of exercise.

In fact, fitness can be carried out in the gym, as long as there is a sense of exercise in mind, no matter where you can exercise, such offices.

銆€銆€Experts suggest that there are a variety of simple fitness exercises on the side. You can try to relieve stress, relax muscles and restore physical strength after a few minutes. If you can do a few yoga exercises, the attention will be more concentrated, the emotions will be moderated and toomany.

In addition, skipping the rope can make the muscles more balanced.

銆€銆€In the office, pay special attention to overcoming bad sitting postures, because poor sitting posture is the primary cause of muscle soreness.

In addition, people who often need to reach out or bend over to take things, can not sit in the chair to take things, because sitting on a rotating chair will hurt the back, it is better to stand away from the seat to take.

銆€銆€The right chair allows you to sit at the soles of your feet and touch the ground exactly 90 degrees. The calves should extend forward five or six centimeters. If the legs are continuously inward, the blood circulation will not be smooth.

Experts believe that do not sit straight, the body leans back slightly, so that the spine naturally bends, and the back of the lumbar spine can reduce soreness.

How to make children lose weight without reducing strength?


How to make children lose weight without reducing strength?

How can young people not only lose weight but also reduce their strength?

Nutritional weight loss is the best way: it can promote the degradation of adults in the body without affecting the growth and development of adolescents.

銆€銆€Scientific research has confirmed that vitamin BT is a nutrient that can effectively promote the slight burning and degradation of the body. The lack of vitamin BT in the human body is one of the important causes of mild metabolic dysfunction and obesity. Vitamin B supplementation does not affect the body’s other nutrients.The absorption is the safest weight loss nutrient.

銆€銆€Adolescents are in the stage of growth and development. Losing weight while losing weight is a basic principle for young people to lose weight.

Force refers to the combined level of muscle burst, muscle endurance and rest.

In fact, power is power.

More popular, it is the “Jinger” that people often say.

銆€銆€Some teenagers experience dizziness and fatigue during weight loss. These are due to some incorrect weight loss methods.

Most of the general weight loss products on the market achieve the purpose of weight loss through diarrhea and appetite suppression. They are easy to rebound, and the lack of nutrition in the brain and the body can easily lead to the above-mentioned dizziness and fatigue.

銆€銆€Adolescents who lose weight without losing weight must ensure that the protein, inorganic salts and vitamins are over-substituted.

Protein heat energy is not high, but also the basic constituents of bones, muscles, skin, etc. It is also the main component of enzymes, hormones and antibodies.

Many vitamins are involved in metabolism, especially thermal energy metabolism, and the lack of inorganic salts can cause disorders in the body’s environment.

銆€銆€The diarrhea and appetite-reducing methods mentioned above lead to a serious shortage of protein, inorganic salts and vitamins in the diet, which is why adolescents feel dizzy and weak during weight loss.