One is sitting curled up on the sofa and reading the news.Nine year old blonde chick,A piece of news happened at this time。

“Los Angeles Lakers return with a full load,Waiting for the Rockets to challenge。”
Look at the picture of the plane taking off on the news,The blonde chick’s eyes suddenly lit up。
Yes indeed!
Why didn’t i think of it?
This stinky guy is definitely not a native of Houston,Not even a Texan!
He is going to another place by plane or ship,That’s why I had to leave the things to me for safekeeping。
And it’s still very urgent,Need to leave immediately。
Otherwise, he can wait a week or two,Leave slowly。
If I look up the various flights in and out of Houston in the last few days、Steamship,There must be a record of this person。
Why not talk about cars?
Car as a means of transportation,Generally speaking500Activity radius of about kilometers。
If this guy can’t drive the car home,It proves that he must be far away。
Plus this filter condition,The scope will shrink again。
But the hateful thing is,I don’t even know what he looks like,From which country,Except for his belly and approximate height,There is no more news。
Use these conditions to search,It’s really too difficult。

Li Chen stretched out his hand and waved:“baby,sit down,do not get excited,Don’t get too excited,You see super put me in the last position,What’s wrong with me?”</p>

babyReluctantly sit back to his place,Looking at the big screen,Quiet again in the room,Everyone is looking forward to the next move of Brother Chao。</p>
Chen Hedao:“Zheng Kai,You’re next。”</p>
“is it?”Zheng Kaizhu,Sit down,Staring at the big screen。</p>
Brother Chao holding Zheng Kai’s headshot,Tao:“Dear audience friends,I have to complain to you,Kai Kai,This person is extremely narcissistic,He always thought he was a talent,Think he is handsome。”</p>
Next room,Zheng Kai looked stunned,Paralyzed his hands:“Isn’t i very handsome?Am I not a talent??”</p>
Li Chendao:“Chen He,He snatched your name。”</p>
Chen Chichi stand up,Dragged Zheng Kai back,Tao:“Sorry,I didn’t take him seriously,Bother everyone。”</p>
Group Lan laughed aside,Then Chao Ge took the portrait of Kaikai,Put andbabyJuxtaposed position,Belongs to third gear。</p>
Zheng Kai collapsed suddenly,Sliding off the sofa and half kneeling on the ground,Hold your head in both hands and shout:“what,Why is that?”</p>
Su Luo smiled:“Kaige,Brother Chao thinks you are not threatening,Your fluctuating speed is exchanged for your IQ。”</p>
Zheng Kai was speechless,This sentence sounds familiar,It seems that he was taunting others last second,correct,Yesbaby。</p>
Unexpectedly so fast,Fell on myself,Really causal cycle,Retribution。</p>

Only Dalkhan is unhappy about it,In his eyes,The glory of the high elves has completely dimmed,The powerful are parasites who ignore the suffering of the people。

Trying everything he can think of“peace”After the means,Darkan found that there was no way to end this bloody political struggle。
Suffering and anxiety destroyed the last trace of him“reason”。
Dalkhan the Magister succumbed to the voice in his heart。
So far,Lich King Ner’zhul overjoyed。
The last piece is gathered。
Plan pass!
First717chapter Gentleman is very poisonous
Even if my Ner’zhul is dead,Frustrated,Soul nailed to the Ice Throne,Also shout out in Alsace’s voice“Dreadlords are all waste”!
Tripartite game,Have advantages and disadvantages,However, the Lich King miscalculated。
On computing power,The sleepless Ner’zhul is comparable to the ancient gods,Kil’jaeden, who is far away in the Twisting Void, did not devote much attention to Azeroth,Dreadlord is inferior。
On combat effectiveness,The ancient gods in the prison and the Lich King under surveillance belong to the situation of relying on the big army to fight.,The Burning Legion Azeroth’s lurking troops have an absolute advantage,Both the Dreadlord and the Abyss Lord are first-class players。

Too critical!Block this time!

Without James this time,Xu Xuan must score this goal!
“so close,Just a little bit!LeBron is too strong!Oh, God,LeBron is too strong!”
“It’s a pity Xu Xuan,A steady ball,Hey,What a pity!”Barkley is heartbroken。Love Book House
He just called out the ball。
Because Xu Xuan used his back to punch in。
That posture is like his heroic posture,I feel even more emotional in my heart。
“Hit James on the back,Although it is capped,But it basically got in,This kind of ball,Maybe James won’t be able to prevent it next time.。”
Kenny·Smith shook his head。
They are all knowledgeable。
This ball actually fell indefinitely at the beginning.,Just don’t know what,In the end, I changed my fate against the sky.。
“It’s LeBron,This ball is replaced by Tony·Alan may not be able to prevent it。”
Tony·Allen’s defense is strong,But he can never do James。
“This game is really desperate。”
On the field。
Xu Xuan silently retreated。
He didn’t expect the ball to be capped,But I hate it,it’s not a big deal。

This developer called Muhua Group has done it in Shanghai10Many years,developed7Large commercial complex。——The name is simple,Muhua City。

Five of them are in the old town of Pousi,2A new Putong here。
Now they are planning to build the eighth,The place is close to the Oriental Pearl Tower8On a straight line of kilometers。
And the location of this area itself is very good。
True North2Kilometer is the Century Park,One kilometer to the east is the New Expo Center。
Go out200Rice is2Number line,Fangyuan1Total within kilometers5Subway platform。
So there are very mature residential communities around here,And they are all high-end income groups。
Such an area,It is definitely the most suitable for commercial real estate,The wealth effect in the future will be very good。
Of course,Want to take this land,The competition is also very big。
They spent a lot of effort,To win this feng shui treasure。
Then they contacted Zhang Duocai,I hope he can visit Putong,If possible,Let’s see if we can cooperate。
The way of cooperation is naturally that Yongxing Supermarket is opened in their commercial body。
Real estate developers like this come to Zhang Duocai,Not one or two,But there are hundreds of them。
But there are 20 or 30 in Lin’an,Every day I want to let Yongxing Supermarket settle in。
Yongxing Supermarket was originally5The store’s business is so good that it explodes,The sixth branch on the first day of the Chinese New Year——After the opening of Shui’an Qingqing Store,Also maintained a huge appeal,The daily turnover quickly caught up with the first five big brothers。
So far,Top six national single-day sales,It’s all owned by them again。
Shui’an Qingqing Store also relies on its own strong passenger flow,Bulky shops with green waterfronts、Upstairs shops etc.,It’s all on fire。
It has become a sub-center of the city again,Shop rental price、Transfer price,Has been climbing。

Yang Shiyun endured the pain,Quickly took out the gun,Then she saw the man sitting in the front driving position,Turned around and held a gun at me。

“do not move,Little girl,Kill you!”
The man threatened viciously。
This is the only chance!Even if you die, it’s better than falling into their hands!
This is a thought that flashed in Yang Shiyun’s mind,So she raised her gun without hesitation,While trying to avoid to the side of the seat,Pulled the trigger!
Two people’s guns rang at the same time,Yang Shiyun was shot again in the chest near the shoulder,And the man was hit by her in the heart,Died immediately!
Across the car window,Yang Shiyun saw two cars not far away got down seven,Eight men,Leaping towards his car!She raised the gun,Shot outside,Then gritted his teeth and opened the door on the other side,Grab the gun that fell under her feet by the man he killed,I got out of the car。
I was probably scared by the terrible scene and gunfire in front of me,There were no more people on the street just now!Yang Shiyun cat waist,Pounced into an alley。
Just when her figure disappeared in the alley,Two bullets hit the wall at the entrance of the alley,Splashed a large piece of rubble。
Leaning on the wall,Yang Shiyun quickly made a judgment:The other party must be in the same group as the few people arrested by the gangster yesterday,They are here specifically to deal with themselves!If you can’t catch yourself,They will kill themselves!
A man’s command came from outside the alley。
Yang Shiyun waited a moment,Suddenly leaned out again,Two shots in a row,Knock down the two men who chased to the alley,Then he turned and ran into the alley……
“Oh shit,Kill this woman for me!”
The man who gave the order just now scolded angrily,He and his men thought that Yang Shiyun must have fled immediately after getting into the alley.,Unexpectedly, not only did she not run,Instead, he knocked down two of his men by surprise。
Yang Shiyun thought that there were only seven to deal with her today,Eight people,She was wrong,There are more than 20 people on the other side,And just as she judged,They didn’t plan to let her go,If she falls into their hands,Before he died, he would be subjected to all kinds of terrible abuse!
Ran along the alley for a while,Yang Shiyun can’t hold on anymore,The injury on the shoulder is okay,But the injury on my chest is getting more and more painful,And the blood is flowing more and more!
“That does not work,Then I will fall into their hands!”

Yang Shiyun said disdainfully。

“It’s okay,For fifty million,Don’t say it’s hot,It doesn’t matter if your feet are hot together。”
Qin Liang said nonchalantly。
“Don’t interrupt,Listen to the end wind continue。”
Yang Shiyun decisively prevented Qin Liang from continuing。
“Ok……Master Ling, please continue。”
Qin Liang is honest,Now Yang Shiyun has taken care of him regularly,Maybe it’s because the relationship between two people has made substantial progress.。
“This passbook was brought by the two people who came just now,They said this was left to me by my father。”
Ling Mofeng said seriously。
“Oh,No wonder……It seems that I expected it,I knew your father would arrange your future in advance。how about it?I said let you wait patiently,Now it’s really waiting。”
Speaking of Ling Xiaoyun,Qin Liang immediately stopped smiling……
“I won’t have any problems with this money, right??Two lawyers sent this passbook,It is said that my father arranged it before his death。”
Ling Mofeng said frankly to Yang Shiyun。
“no problem。”
Yang Shiyun smiled awkwardly and answered。

Qin Liang noticed the abnormal atmosphere,Wondering,But found that everyone in the room has a solemn expression。

“we……Go downstairs first,Don’t disturb the master to rest。”
at last,Murong Shan spoke,Everyone was silent and walked out together。
“strange,Swallow,Koyuki,Where did Xiaoyun and the others go??Wouldn’t it be Xiaoxue who was dragging her to eat snacks to fill her stomach??Ha ha。”
Qin Liang who doesn’t know what happened,Still asking jokingly。
“talk less。”
Yang Shiyun passing in front of him,I reminded him in a low voice……
Come downstairs,Everyone sees that the dining table in the living room is full of food,In a short time,Qin Liang has made enough supper for everyone。
“Where are those girls??”
Got downstairs,Qin Liang asked Yang Shiyun quietly again。
“Open the door!Open the door soon!”
I didn’t wait for Yang Shiyun to answer,The door was suddenly knocked,The knocking force is great,And there was a girl’s eager call from outside the door!
The sisters of the Shen family have a key to the house,But Li Yaxin, panicked,I have forgotten that I have the door key……She knocked hard on the door,Tears all over his face,She was terrified!

“Ok……Let’s not talk about this yet,You can’t help Ruoxi wash clothes anymore。Did you hear?”

Qin Liang’s Theory of Returning to Home。
Murong Shan asked in surprise。
“Are you so used to those girls??You have to wash your clothes?Do you have to feed me afterwards??”
Qin Liang said frankly。
“No,I didn’t want us to wash it,Your wife stole it back,Haha。”
Murong Shan smiled happily。
“Stealing underwear……Ugh,My wife is gone。”
Qin Liang couldn’t laugh at all,He should be allowed to do this stealing underwear,It’s useless if Shen Ruoxi stole it……
“Why?You want to steal underwear?”
Saw key running away,Only Murongshan dared to joke with Qin Liang in a low voice。
“I will steal your underwear if I want to steal。”
Qin Liang immediately whispered back。
“Screw you……”
Murong Shan blushed。
“Don’t lock the door to sleep tonight,I’ll go in at night and steal your underwear。”
Qin Liang said with a smirk。
“Do you really dare to come in and steal?”
Murong Shan is not afraid of fighting,Asked immediately。

It’s okay,Let’s just sigh with emotion,You don’t have to take it seriously,This ghost place,It’s great to find something to eat as a meal,What snacks do you wish for??We are playing。

Shen Ruoxue comforted Yang Zhi a few words,Of course she knows:Yang Zhi must really want to help him find something to eat,But compared to losing myself,Snacks are nothing……
I didn’t expect it beforehand,When did the grass on this island grow so lush,This is too lush。
Yang Zhi tangled。
Should light the fire,Burn all these grasses,Haha。
Shen Ruoxue made another joke。
That will never work!That would seriously damage the ecological balance on this island!
Yang Zhi replied firmly without hesitation this time。
I’m just kidding……Why do you take it seriously if I order anything?
This time it’s Shen Ruoxue who couldn’t laugh or cry。
of course,Whatever you do,Brother Yang Zhi will treat it as a decree。
Liu Yun took the conversation without thinking……
That is,I will take your words seriously。
Yang Zhi hurriedly answered this question,He was afraid of Shen Ruoxue’s embarrassment,Have to bite the bullet。