Uncomfortable sleeping posture can easily lead to some diseases

Uncomfortable sleeping posture can easily lead to some diseases

Many people know that incorrect sitting posture can cause diseases such as cervical spondylosis and lumbar muscle strain.

  The wrong sleeping position can easily lead to a certain disease-for the human body, too much sleep and good sleep quality is one of the necessary conditions for longevity.

But how many people know that the damage to health caused by incorrect sleeping posture?

Usually, sleep usually has 3 postures, supine, lateral and prone.

For women, the best sleeping position is lying to the right.

  At present, there are not many women sleeping prone because this posture easily puts pressure on the chest and affects breathing.

For developing adolescent women, this position will affect breast contour and breast development, so try to avoid it.

  Sleeping on the back does not seem to affect all organs of the body. In fact, in the normal anatomy of the female reproductive system, the position of the uterus should be forward and forward flexion, but studies have found that most of the posterior uterus is related to the sleeping position in the supine position.

  The uterus can be located in the forward and forward flexion position, which depends on the ligaments of the uterus, and the posterior uterus is inverted toward the sacral cavity, especially the posteriorly flexed uterus, so that the entire uterine body lies in the sacral cavity, and the sacral cavity is blocked tightly,Compression of the anterior phrenic nerve tissue is prone to discomfort such as backache and lower abdomen.

Before menstruation, the soft tissues of the uterus and sacrum are congested and edema, which is more likely to increase the compression of the nervous tissue by the posterior uterus and aggravate the symptoms.

  In addition, the posterior uterus has the following potential problems:-Infertility, the posterior uterus can pull the cervix upward and point to the anterior wall of the vagina, so that the outer mouth of the cervix is significantly higher than the semen pool, like a cliff on the river, so the sperm cannot enter smoothly.Judicial control, of course, is difficult to achieve.

  -Dysmenorrhea, the posterior uterus is like a teapot, the cervical canal is like a teapot mouth, and the uterine body is like a teapot body.

The cervix, which is a spout, is located higher than the uterine cavity of the pot, and menstrual blood is difficult to drain from the “bottom”.

  -Many menstrual periods, the uterus dumping backwards, can often cause the ovarian fallopian tube to sag backward and downward, so that the position of the ovarian fallopian tube changes, causing distortion of the pelvic vein, poor blood flow, resulting in pelvic vein congestion, leading to menstruation.

It also easily leads to sexual intercourse pain, which makes women full of fear of sexual life.

  The supine and prone positions are excluded, leaving the sleeping position on the side.

Among them, lying on the top is not ideal because it can compress the heart and cause discomfort.

The right side is not the problem caused by the sleeping position mentioned above, which naturally becomes the most recommended sleeping position for women.

Men’s health when eating ginger tonic

Men’s health when eating ginger tonic

Since ancient times, there has been a statement that “men can’t be without ginger for 100 days, and women can’t be without sugar for 100 days.”

Generally speaking, ginger is “qualitative” as a product of helping the sun, which can delay men’s aging and enhance prostate function; while women may have to fight against problems such as lack of blood gas in the body for most of their lives, but also in combination with physical science, age, time and other scientific eatingGinger and sugar can make food fully effective.

  Ginger supplements yang-but those with yin deficiency and fire are not suitable for traditional Chinese medicine theory. Ginger is considered as a product of helping the yang, so it is favored by many men.

Taking fresh ginger as an example, it can increase appetite and delay the aging of the male body.

Some investigations have found that many men who enter the middle-aged and elderly stages often suffer from coldness of the gastrointestinal tract, lack of appetite, and other factors, leading to weakness. Traditional Chinese medicine experts recommend that patients often take fresh ginger tablets to stimulate gastric secretion and promote digestion.

Freshly marketed ginger does not have “old ginger” spicy, so the taste is easier to accept, and it is more moisturizing after entering the inflow tract, and does not hurt the yin. Therefore, if men of this age group encounter symptoms such as poor appetite, consider daily appropriateOral ginger.

  In addition, ginger not only has fast human metabolism, anti-inflammatory and analgesic, but also excites the functions of multiple systems of the human body, it can also regulate the function of male prostate and treat male prostate diseases and sexual dysfunction.

If it is said that eating ginger is mainly good for men, it is actually a very narrow understanding of its multiple effects. Ginger is widely used in folks because it contains zingerone and zingerol which can dissolve blood, remove colds, and dehumidify., Sweating and other functions, and overall there are stomach and vomiting, deodorization, edema effect.

Therefore, there is a saying saying, “We have a little ginger at home, don’t panic if you are sick.”

  Sore throat and dry stool-ginger should not be used. For people with a hot and humid body, ginger is warm and can only be used in cold conditions, and the amount of it is likely to break the blood and hurt the yin.

Especially if you are accompanied by sore throat, dry throat, dry stool and other symptoms of yin deficiency and fire, you should suspend ginger at this time.

In addition, some of them are that rotten ginger contains safrole, which is toxic to the liver, so it must not be eaten.

  Ginger is used in daily life. Ginger, dried ginger and artichoke are used in medicine.

Compared with dried ginger, ginger has a strong sexual cross-talk, strong gas, dampness, and sweating. It focuses on gas and stomach, dampness and vomiting, deodorization, and edema. It is generally used in spring and summer as a drug.To adapt to the vitality of spring and summer.

Dried ginger is calm, warm in the sun, and has a strong ability to dispel cold. It focuses on warming the stomach and invigorating the kidneys, warming the kidneys and aphrodisiac, dispersing the cold and relieving pain. It is generally used as a medicine in autumn and winter to adapt to the convergence of autumn harvest and winter hiding.

Tea tree mushroom pork neck fried dumplings

Tea tree mushroom pork neck fried dumplings

The scientific name of zongzi is 缢 蛏, which is a kind of cheap and delicious seafood. According to nutritionists’ analysis, protein is contained in every 100 grams of fresh meat.

2 grams, its meat tastes sweet and salty, cold nature, before processing, you need to use ginger juice, wine out of water, stir fry with lime and pepper.

This time, stir-fried dumplings with tea tree mushrooms and pork neck meat are used to make a home-cooked dish.

  Materials: 300 grams of gardenia, 150 grams of tea tree mushrooms, 100 grams of pork neck slices, 15 grams of garlic (undressed and crushed), 20 grams of shallots, seasoned with white peppercorns, salt, sugar, ginger, rice wine, soy sauce, peanut oilEach amount.

  Method: Pork neck meat slices are prepared by salting, sugaring, and pickling the head. Wash the dumplings, soak them in fresh salt water to remove impurities, then remove the shells and remove the meat. Use ginger juice and flying water to reserve.Stand in pieces; open the pan, fry it with butter and head to fry until colored, set aside; sauté garlic, scallion, and white pepper, stir-fry pork neck for a while, then add meat and teaMushrooms are seasoned with salt and sugar.

Test: Your popularity index in the workplace

Test: Your popularity index in the workplace

When you and your lover are arguing, the other side suddenly slaps you, what will be your next move?

A, yelled at B, stayed, and asked him why C, hysterically scolded him D, slapped him E, and cried and ran away. Analysis: A, “Crosswalking rat shouting”, your hate index99%.

Only one person in this world likes you, and that person is you.

Don’t blame me for speaking directly, your temper is too violent, let’s converge.

B, “Lovely sweetie”, your hate index is 20%.

Many people like your cute and well-behaved character. After all, you are not annoying at all.

C, “gift type falling from the sky”, your hate index is 80%.

When others receive your “gift”, colleagues around you should be careful to get hit.

D, “Big Hedge Hate Type”, your Hate Index is 40%.

In fact, this really can’t blame you. If you conflict with others, it should be a non-war crime, but the other party will hate you because of the hesitation of the eight characters.

E, “People complained on the fifteenth day”, your hate index is 55%.

Your nasty atrocities occur about twice a month, and it’s within the range that everyone can tolerate you.

Humanistic psychology

Humanistic psychology

Humanistic psychology emerged in the United States in the 1950s and 1960s, and is one of the main schools of contemporary American psychology.

The humanistic psychology school represented by Maslow, Rogers and others, parted ways with the psychoanalysis school and behaviorism school, forming the third trend of psychology.

  Influenced by phenomenology and existential philosophy is obvious.

     The spirit of the times: Anti-mainstream cultural movement.

Dissatisfaction with society.

  By American Psychologist A.

Founded by H. Maslow, and currently represented by C.

R Rogers.

Humanism opposes the vulgarization of human psychology and the height of animalization, so it is called the 33th trend in psychology.

  1. Maslow’s theory of self-actualization Maslow believes that the psychological driving force of human behavior is not sexual instinct, but human needs. He divided it into two categories, seven levels, like a pyramid, from the bottom up.In order, they are physiological needs, safety needs, belonging and love needs, respect needs, awareness needs, aesthetic needs, and self-actualization needs.

Before a person can meet the needs of the higher level, he must at least partially meet the needs of the lower level.

The first type of need belongs to the need of lack. It can be redundant and boring at the beginning. It is shared by people and animals. Once it is satisfied, the tension is eliminated, the excitement is reduced, and the motivation is lost.

The second type of need belongs to the need for growth, which can generate growth motivation and is unique to human beings. It is a need that transcends the existence and satisfaction, and craves development and realizes its own potential from the heart.

Satisfying this need for individuals to enter the state of psychological freedom, embodying the nature and value of people, and produce a deep sense of happiness, which Maslow calls “the peak experience.”

Maslow believes that human beings share the inner nature of truth, goodness, beauty, justice, joy, and have common values and moral standards. The key to achieving human self-realization is to improve people’s “knowledge” or self-awareness, so that people can recognize themselves.The inherent potential or value of humanism is to promote human self-realization.

  2. Rogers’s theory of self The newborn baby does not have the concept of the self. Transforming his (her) interaction with others and the environment, he (she) begins to slowly distinguish himself from non-self.

After the initial self-concept was formed, people’s self-actualization tended to be activated. Driven by the power of self-actualization, children carried out various trial activities in the environment and produced a lot of experience.

Through the automatic estimation process of the body, some experienced he feels satisfied and happy, and some are opposite. The contented and happy experience leads the child to seek to maintain, reappear, dissatisfied, and unhappy experience makes the child try to avoid it.

  Among children seeking positive experiences, there is an experience generated by the care of others, and an experience generated by the respect of others. Unfortunately, this kind of caring and observance of children requires the satisfaction of others, including others (includingParents) decide whether to give care and respect based on whether the child ‘s behavior meets its value standards and behavior standards. Therefore, the care and respect of others are conditional, and these conditions reflect the values of parents and society. Rogers called this condition asValue conditions. Children continue to experience these value conditions through their own behaviors. They will unconsciously internalize these values that belong to parents or others and become part of their self-structure. Gradually, children are forced to give up the process of estimating according to their own organism.To evaluate experience, it becomes to use the internalized social value norms to evaluate experience, so that the child’s self and experience are alienated. When there is a conflict between experience and self, the individual will feel selfThreatened, causing concern.

  When anticipating experience and self-independence, individuals will use defensive mechanisms (distortion, denial, and selective perception) to process experience to bring it in line with self at the level of consciousness.

If the defense is successful, the individual will not have an adaptation disorder. If the defense fails, the psychological adaptation disorder will occur. Rogers’ human-centered treatment goal is to remove the part of the self that was not internalized and formed, and retrieve it.His own thoughts, emotions, and behavioral patterns, in Rogers’ words, “turned back to himself” and “walked out from behind the mask”. Only such people can fully exert their personal functions.

The essence of humanism is that people understand their own nature, no longer rely on external values, make people trust again, rely on the evaluation process of the body to deal with experience, and eliminate the value imposed on them by internalization through the external environment, so that people canExpress your thoughts and feelings freely, decide your own behavior by your own will, master your own destiny, restore the destroyed potential of self-realization, and promote the healthy development of personality.

  The contributions and limitations of the humanistic psychology school in the development of psychology are opposed to the psychoanalytic school that regards sick people as the research object and regards humans as instinctual victims, and also opposes the behaviorism that puts people as physical and chemical objectsschool.

Declares that research is meaningful to human progress and cares about human values and dignity.

  Perspective the conditions and social environment of the direction and influence of human innate potential.

Summer heat season: heatstroke prevention sunscreen, not too much salty, sweet, not tonic


Summer heat season: heatstroke prevention sunscreen, not too much salty, sweet, not tonic

Today is the great heat in the 24 solar terms, the hot summer is the hottest solar terms in the year, and the 鈥渨et hot steaming鈥?reaches the end point at this time.

In many parts of the developing world, high temperatures of 40 degrees Celsius often occur.

As the saying goes, “Small summer is even hot, there is nowhere to hide.” In the face of the “baked” test of hot and hot weather, how can people cool off during the summer?

銆€銆€Heat and heat-reducing food is preferred because of the hot summer weather, the diet should be light and nutritious, suitable for eating mixed with assorted, clear eggplant, bitter gourd chrysanthemum porridge, mung bean pumpkin soup.

You can also drink green bean soup, warm water, watermelon juice, sour plum soup, etc.; fruit is better with watermelon, heat and heat, diuretic swelling effect.

Eat less spicy and greasy peppers, beef, lamb, dog meat and other foods.

銆€銆€At the same time, you should let the spirit relax, life should be regular, ensure adequate sleep, do not fatigue, avoid mental stress and irritability.


More salty and less sweet should not be tonic Chinese medicine said that the heat of summer heat, steaming, diet should be more salty and sweet, when cooking, put some ginger, onions, garlic, vinegar.

Try to eat warm, soft foods, avoid excessive excessive cold, frozen fruits or sweet food.

In the absence of appetite, do not force yourself to eat.

銆€銆€In addition, during the hot summer season, it is easy to consume gas and yin, and some people are often “three-point deficiency without disease”. It should be based on qi and nourishing yin. It should not be too tonic, especially for tonic, hot and dry.Such as ginseng, antler, angelica and so on.

In addition, there is a saying in the folks that the children in the growing season should feed the children in the growing season.

Experts remind that tonic needs to vary from person to person, otherwise it will be counterproductive.


The heatstroke season needs to prevent heatstroke. The heat is the hottest time of the year. The climate is sultry, people are prone to dizziness, nausea, sweating and other symptoms, which may be heat stroke.

銆€銆€To prevent heat stroke in the diet, it is advisable to use light, eat more mung bean soup, bitter gourd, winter melon soup and other foods that clear the lungs; try not to go out during high temperatures during the day, if you go out during the day, it is best to wear umbrellas and hats; indoorsTo be appropriate, don’t be greedy and cool, long-term hiding in the air-conditioned room to blow cold wind; to avoid overwork and ensure adequate sleep; cotton, hemp, silk is the first choice in the choice of clothing; you can prepare Rendan, ten drops of water, muskPositive gas, cool oil, etc. in case of emergency.

銆€銆€If there is a heat stroke, leave the high temperature environment causing heatstroke as soon as possible, move to a cool, ventilated place to rest, and put a salty beverage into the right amount.

If you have blood pressure lowering, symptoms such as collapse, you need to seek medical advice.


Great summer skin care, sun protection, heat, ultraviolet rays are everywhere, and you will be hurt if you are not careful.

If you want to sunscreen, you should minimize outdoor activities around noon.

Even if you go out, you should do double protection, both sunscreen and parasol.

The use of sunscreen is also very particular. Choose a good sunscreen index according to your needs. Sunscreen should be applied within 10-30 minutes before going out. Do not apply too thickly.

銆€銆€The so-called sunglasses for “influx” is a must-have item in summer. The skin around the eyes is very fragile. A pair of good glasses is not only fashionable and beautiful, but also protects the eyes from the fine spots.

銆€銆€In addition, some fruits and vegetables, fruit selection can also help us resist the sun’s radiation, such as tomatoes, potatoes, carrots and so on.


“Winter disease in summer” is the highest temperature at the time of the highest temperature, the most prosperous season, in the health care often have “winter disease and summer treatment”, the major hospitals “winter disease summer treatment” is particularly hot, some chronic bronchitis, diarrhea, emphysema, chronic double lung disease, allergic rhinitis, etc., can be used for treatment.

銆€銆€It should be noted that those with poor glycemic control in diabetic patients, those with diabetic traces, those with skin allergies should be careful with the application of winter disease and acupuncture points; bronchiectasis, active tuberculosis, hemoptysis, pregnant women, supplementation, winter disease, summer treatmentDrug acupoint application.

銆€銆€During the treatment period, it should be comprehensively nursed from the diet, medicine and daily life according to the characteristics of the summer.

Use cautious products such as pepper, cinnamon, anise, cumin, dog meat, mutton lychee, etc.; avoid taking a lot of cold and cool products, be careful to eat fat and greasy things; avoid excessive exercise to avoid excessive sweating.Lead to qi and yin.

What food to eat to maintain the stomach?


10 kinds of foods are the most gastrointestinal

What food to eat to maintain the stomach?
10 kinds of foods are the most gastrointestinal

Generally speaking, we all know that the disease of the stomach is a relatively common disease that has accumulated for a long time, and many middle-aged or some young people, if they do not pay attention to their own health, or are often violent.Drinking gluttony will definitely make you have this gastrointestinal disease. If you want to treat it well, it is also a long-term process. The scene will introduce you to what food to eat, in order to better protect your stomach.

銆€銆€1, egg yolk contains a large amount of lecithin and cephalin has a strong protective effect on the gastrointestinal mucosa.

銆€銆€2, honey It contains glucose, fructose, organic acids, yeast multivitamins and trace elements and other nutrients, can protect the ulcer surface of the gastrointestinal mucosa.

銆€銆€3, the gum in the fungus can absorb the dust, impurities and radiation substances in the digestive system of the human body, and it is excreted from the body. It has the functions of clearing the stomach, polyester and anti-radiation. It is the best for the elderly to maintain the stomach and stomach.

銆€銆€4, cabbage has a lot of vegetables for raising stomach, some cabbages that people often eat are definitely a good choice for raising the stomach.

Cabbage contains a lot of vitamin C, which has the effect of relieving pain and promoting ulcer healing.

銆€銆€5, Tremella Tremella, also known as white fungus, sweet and light, flat, non-toxic, into the lungs, gastrointestinal, kidney three classics, with Shengjin Runfei, Yiqihuoxue, nourishing yin and stomach, tonic brain, apply toLung heat cough, dry lung cough, stomach heat, constipation embolism.

銆€銆€6, pumpkin pumpkin can even blood, but also can raise stomach and detoxification.

Pumpkin is rich in pectin, which can “adsorb” bacteria and toxic substances, including heavy metals, lead and other detoxification.

At the same time, pectin can protect the gastrointestinal tract from the expected stimulation and reduce ulcers.

銆€銆€7, carrots and carrots rich in carotene can be converted into vitamin A, vitamin A can even protect the eye can also enhance the body’s resistance.

Carrots can be used to make up the qi, spleen, spleen, stomach and intestines, and the five internal organs, there is a health effect. Good quality and low price is a good choice for raising stomach and stomach.

銆€銆€8, spinach some a little anemia mm like to choose spinach as a “nurturing” prescription, indeed spinach is rich in “iron”.

It can even raise the liver, benefit the intestines and stomach, and pass the constipation. At the same time, it also has the effect of moistening and drying the stomach.

Therefore, friends who want to raise their stomachs in daily life can eat more spinach.

銆€銆€9, sweet potato sweet potato is known as the natural “longevity food”, it has neither pesticides and rich nutritional value.

Sweet potato is flat, sweet, spleen and qi.

Sweet potato contains a lot of mucin, which can enhance the body’s immunity.

At the same time, it also has the function of eliminating active oxygen and is the best food for cancer prevention.

There is also a saying that “the cold is edible, and the stomach is good.”

10, rice wine made from glutinous rice, is no stranger to women.

They are always the first choice for women to “keep their body” when they have children, and they are also the favorite of “friends”.

If it is made of glutinous rice, it can warm the spleen and heat the stomach, but also help the gas.

銆€銆€In order to make yourself, the stomach becomes very healthy, then you should use the diet to regulate, then you should remember, you should eat a little lighter, usually also drink some millet porridge orSomething like noodles, because these things are really very good, you can also make your stomach very healthy.

Weight management PK weight loss


Weight management PK weight loss

Today, I am losing weight, tomorrow, I am going to overeating.

We are always losing weight over and over again, indulging ourselves repeatedly.

What is the weight loss to lose?

Is it just for weight loss?

銆€銆€A truly effective way to lose weight should be to 鈥渄etract鈥?causing excessive diet, exercise, and lifestyle.

No matter which kind of weight loss method, if you do not really change from diet, exercise, and lifestyle, it will only cure the symptoms.

Even if it is successful in a short time, it will only be temporary.

Losing weight will only be a temporary one, and weight management is a lifelong matter.

銆€銆€Weight management is a comprehensive lifestyle through 鈥渢hinking, eating, moving, and complaining鈥?to help us achieve the ideal weight.

銆€銆€Thinking – Transforming our behavior to achieve weight loss and long-term goals, you must have a strong motivation.

Establish positive attitudes toward weight problems through behavioral change and cognitive reconstruction skills.

Skills such as 鈥渟elf-feedback鈥?get the motivation to live a healthy life, increase the motivation of action, help you successfully eliminate the obstacles encountered in the weight loss process, and change bad habits.

銆€銆€Food – Reduced micro intake According to recommendations from several major health organizations in the United States and the China Nutrition Association, these diet plans include a large number of complex, some proteins and a small amount of small amounts.

銆€銆€This design suggests that the diet should be reasonable and appropriate to ensure a healthy and safe weight loss.

We believe that foods with low energy per unit volume, foods with low effects on blood sugar and insulin, and foods containing nutrients (food fiber, vitamins and trace elements) are the first choice to help slim down.

It is also the first choice for healthy living and disease prevention.

銆€銆€Dynamic-enhanced calorie expenditure studies have found that increasing exercise volume can increase the success rate of weight loss through diet control.

Moreover, increasing exercise also brings physical, psychological and social benefits.

Spending time on exercise, to a large extent, is improving your image, managing your weight and life, and being responsible for your own health.

銆€銆€If you know that you take a 30-minute walk every day four times a week, you can consume 4 a year.

54 kilograms of aunt, you will be surprised that the exercise in daily life actually has a great impact on your weight.

But that’s the truth!

The exercise program for show body weight management includes teaching you how to stabilize your life opportunities, how to perform aerobic exercise, shaping exercises, balance and flexibility exercises.

Improve physical fitness, prevent disease, and lose weight through these exercises.

銆€銆€Claims 鈥?People Support In general, people care more about how to lose weight through diet and exercise, but stress in life, stress at work and family, and lack of time often affect this positive behavior.

The encouragement and support of others can make you feel the power of the team, see the hope of success, and get continuous feedback and learning opportunities.

銆€銆€Through the one-on-one guidance of the weight management consultant, you will easily learn the skills and strategies to help yourself.

You will learn how to avoid eating fast or using food to relieve stress, worry and boredom, and how to squeeze time to exercise.

Learn how others have changed bad eating habits, keep records during the holidays, and have fun at party time.

At the same time, it can also improve the ability to cope with meals and treat leftovers.