The correct use of barrier cream


The correct use of barrier cream

The current barrier cream has not been specifically used to combat computer radiation.

Computer radiation is mostly expected radiation, and its wavelength is about 6.

5cm, while the barrier is targeted at wavelength 0.


40 micron UV, so the barrier cream will not be more effective in isolating computer radiation.

However, most of the barrier creams are rich in antioxidant factors and high-concentration nutrition and moisturizing ingredients. They have the function of inhibiting the generation of free radicals, and have a certain protective effect on the skin caused by computer radiation.

  Outside light, dust, radiation . will cause damage to our skin. Even if the daily maintenance is done, the skin will still become dark yellow and dull.

Therefore, it is necessary to add a protective film-barrier cream to the skin.

How much do you know about the use of barrier creams?

Today, Xiaobian will explain the 5 major misunderstandings of the use of barrier creams, to keep the skin away from harm!

  Misunderstanding 1: Isolation cream can be directly absorbed on the skin and face the computer for a long time. Electronic radiation will cause damage to skin cells and make free radicals more active.

The fresh oxygen content in the closed environment is much lower than the surface, causing skin defects.

Before using the cream, be sure to fully moisturize.

If your lotion only has moisturizing effect, and it is not clear whether you can directly apply makeup, apply a barrier cream. If it is a day cream with protective function and spf value, you can skip the step of barrier cream and directly apply foundationLiquid, but if you want to modify the nano, to further prevent computer radiation, dirty air, you still need to use a barrier cream.

  Misunderstanding 2: You can use makeup remover without removing makeup. This is blind and wrong.

After using the cream, you must pay attention to makeup removal. Because it contains at least sunscreen and toner, it must use a full set of makeup removal steps, and you must not be lazy.

Makeup remover, make-up remover, make-up remover, choose according to skin needs; then use the facial cleansing product again to restore the skin’s ability to breathe freely.

  Misunderstanding 3: Isolation cream can prevent radiation The current isolation cream has not been specifically used to counter computer radiation.

Computer radiation is mostly expected radiation, and its wavelength is about 6.

5cm, while the barrier is targeted at wavelength 0.


40 micron UV, so the barrier cream will not be more effective in isolating computer radiation.
However, most of the barrier creams are rich in antioxidant factors and high-concentration nutrition and moisturizing ingredients. They have the function of inhibiting the generation of free radicals, and have a certain protective effect on the skin caused by computer radiation.
  Misunderstanding # 4: Use sunscreen instead of sunscreen. If you are everywhere, especially in the wild, a special sunscreen is more suitable.

If you work indoors for long periods of time, you can use a cream, and it is more suitable for use with makeup.

  Misunderstanding 5: It is absolutely impossible to use a cream when you are allergic.

When skin is allergic, first you should stop all cosmetics, reduce the burden on the skin, and wash your face with water or saline.

Put the soothing mask into the refrigerator for a while and then apply it, which can relieve the fever.

Then apply skin care products with soothing and sedative effects to gradually alleviate skin redness and inflammation.

After the symptoms of skin irritation disappear, it will be more fragile in the short term. You need to re-establish the natural protective barrier of the skin. You can use soothing spray to help further repair the natural protective barrier of the skin.To achieve the purpose of sedation and skin care.

  Cream is an important step to protect makeup and skin.

Isolation creams do have an isolation effect on ultraviolet rays. The sunscreens used in them are the same as those used in sunscreens. They are usually divided into organic sunscreens and physical sunscreens.

Organic sunscreens neutralize the effects of ultraviolet rays and change the wavelength of ultraviolet rays, so that the ultraviolet rays that are originally harmful to the skin are converted into harmless; physical sunscreens mainly rely on the principle of refraction to block ultraviolet rays.

So it is necessary to use a cream.

Embody a fairy tale with music

Embody a fairy tale with music

The mystery of music lies in both notes and rhythm, as well as participation.

  Children love to listen to stories. As long as the mother says “I tell a story”, in all likelihood he will be quiet and look at you with anticipation.

If this story is accompanied by decent music and he and his dear fathers and mothers perform together, then he will be even more happy. This feeling of happiness and success is like discovering the “Sesame Door”Mantra, and the cave door opened the same!

  Every time I see the babies exaggerate and vividly express their “characters” in their imagination, they always feel as if they have crossed time and space, become fairy tale characters in the composer’s pen, and communicate with the master of art in their own way.

This artistic experience cannot be expressed in words, but it will fill the child with hope and happiness.

  What type of music is suitable for performance?

  Lively, lively, witty and interesting, with a fairy tale musical story.

For example, St. Sang’s “Animal Carnival”, Grieg’s “Norwegian Dance”, Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons”, etc., are all very suitable for young children to enjoy and perform.

  These works are performed by symphony orchestras, and it is easy to bring children into a rich and cheerful mood.

In addition, short musical pieces adapted from national music, musical works incorporating modern music elements, and simple and lively nursery rhymes can also be used for performances.

However, at this time we have a “sweet” task with our children: to act as “screenwriters”, to imagine together and create fairy tales.

  How to perform a parent-child musical?

 ★ Choose a favorite piece of music with your child, listen to it several times, and become familiar with the structural characteristics of the music.

  ★ Familiar with the content of music fairy tales, or create stories with children.

  ★ The whole family prepares props, creates scenes, and assigns characters.

  ★ Play music and perform corresponding action performances according to different sections of music.

Encourage your baby to be bold in creating new moves.

  What kind of performance are there?

  You can use musical techniques to perform with children.

As the music advances, the dramatic changes of the story are expressed in a tone that matches the storyline, singing, body rhythms, dance, and musical instruments.

  The parent-child music theater is good. Let us personally experience the joy of creating a family-child musical fairy tale through the two classic repertoires.

  Repertoire A: Introduction to the Music of the Wizard of Oz “The Wizard of Oz” is an interesting piece of fairy tale music with a very clear rhythm. The themes of the four sections are Scarecrow-Medium Speed, Iron Man-Slow Speed, Lion-Medium Speed, and Lianhuan-Happy.You can hear four starting points.

  Tell a fairy tale. The baby sits next to Mom and Dad, and listens to the adapted “The Wizard of Oz” by Mom and Dad: The beautiful little girl Dorothy left home because of a tornado. She wanted to find a great magician to help her go home, so she leftJust go and meet funny scarecrows, hardworking iron men, and timid lions.

Together, they went on the road together. After unremitting efforts, they finally found a great magician and realized their beautiful wishes.

  Rehearsal Tip 1.

Mom and dad and baby play scarecrow, iron man, lion and magician respectively.

You can prepare the appropriate headdress with your baby.


Play the music several times, tell the baby several pieces of music, and encourage the baby to imagine the content of each piece of music.


Create an action.

Encourage your babies to use their imagination and express their expressions and movements according to music: the fun and liveliness of the scarecrow, the heavy and hardworking of the iron man, the timidity of the lion, and the happy gala after finding the magician.


Mom and dad need to give language prompts before the music changes, such as we meet scarecrows, enter the jungle and meet lions.

  Tip: More music suitable for baby performances is recommended “Ice Skating Rondo” Wald Tiffel (French) “Forest Blacksmith” Michaelis (German) “Doll” Fowler (French) “Nutcracker” TchaikovsKi (Russian) “Ode to Joy”, Beethoven (Germany), “Sleigh”, Anderson (US), Repertoire B, Elf Wanderer, the music introduces “Norwegian Dance” by Norwegian composer Grieg.

The music is divided into 3 parts, and we use 3 audio fairy tales to explain it.

  Tell a fairy tale A: In the beautiful forest, there are a group of cute little elves.

One day, the small trees in the forest were slowly growing up. Look, they looked like tender green branches and buds, and danced gently after the wind.  Section B: The elf is so happy!

Two happily shuttle dance in the small tree.

  Section C: It was getting dark, the little tree fell asleep, and the elf went home quietly.

  Rehearsal Tip 1.

Listening to the music melody together, mom and dad tell the story of the elf to the child and experience the rhythm of the music.


Discuss with the baby, what did the elf see in the forest?

What did you do?


Based on the discussion, encourage the baby to express the scene of the music with action.

You can prepare small tree tiaras and scarves.


Mom and dad and the baby gradually adjusted, playing as an elf (wearing a shawl) and a small tree (wearing a headdress) for performances, encouraging the baby to boldly imagine and create new movements.


Action manifestation: Section A: Mom and Dad hold the baby with their backs on their legs and swing left and right, then raise it up, indicating that the small tree grows up.

  Section B: Mom and Dad hold the baby on their laps with their backs on their backs, lift the baby’s right hand with their right hands, and lower them, and suddenly call the baby from the right;Do games.

  Section C: Put a scarf on yourself and your baby’s head to make it look like sleeping.

  The author’s notes turned you into an angel in a fairy tale. I often see my daughter listening to music, playing dolls with both hands, and acting out to herself. Of course those stories are improvised, and the entire process is self-written and directed.It looks so cute, like an angel in a fairy tale.

  I also do such activities with the children in the parent-child class. The children have a lot of ideas. Often, everyone laughs at the end and applauds spontaneously.

  Music can never be learned only in certain parts of the room or in a specific renewal.

Everyone has the potential to create, but not everyone has the opportunity to be released.

Five diseases most likely to be inherited

Five diseases most likely to be inherited

Every parent wants his child to be smart and healthy, but some genetic diseases often make parents take it very seriously.

According to a recent report from the US “Parents” website, Atlanta Medical Doctor Jenny Frysch pointed out that the five common health problems are closely related to genetics, and timely prevention can keep children away from these diseases.


hzh{display:none;}  视力问题  近视、色盲和弱视常具有遗传性。Baltimore Children’s Ophthalmologist Stuart Dankner, MD, said that parents are nearsighted, and the chance of myopia is 25% -50%.

The color blindness gene is only carried by the mother, and only the boy will get the disease, the probability is 50%.

If your child has a headache, reads a book, watches TV or comes back from school, squints his eyes, and shed tears, he should take the child to the hospital for examination.

  Eczema, like allergies, is a type of allergic reaction with a genetic probability of 50%.

Parents often say, “None of us have eczema!

“Howard Saar, MD, director of clinical genetics at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center in the United States, said:” Parents inherited allergic genes to their children, not specific allergic diseases, so eczema may also be genetically caused.

“Of all allergic diseases, only eczema develops during infancy.

If your child’s cheeks, elbow and knee joints are dry and itchy and erythematous, it is necessary to seek medical treatment in time.

In addition, a study by the Technical University of Munich in Germany found that parents who separated or divorced increased their child’s chance of developing eczema by a factor of three.

  Migraine If the parent has migraine, the child is 50% more likely to be sick. If both parents are sick, the genetic chance is higher.

Migraine symptoms include tingling on the front or both sides of the head, nausea, rejection and vomiting, and fear of light and sound. Migraines often occur around the age of eight.

  Irritable Bowel Syndrome A study by the University of Sydney in Sydney suggests that a study by the University of Sydney in people with irritable bowel syndrome suggests that their immediate family members also have the symptoms.

Dan Levy, clinical assistant professor of pediatrics at the University of Maryland Medical School, points out that the typical symptoms are contractile abdominal pain or alternating constipation and diarrhea.

If your doctor diagnoses a disease, you need to urge your child to change their lifestyle and eat more foods that contain probiotics.

  Depression Some psychological problems and emotional conditions are related to family inheritance.

If the family has a history of depression, mania, and obsessive-compulsive disorder, it is important to pay attention to whether the child has irritability, worry, inattention, and anorexia, and seek early help from a doctor.

Good health in stubborn chronic pharyngitis

Good health in stubborn chronic pharyngitis

Chronic pharyngitis refers to diffuse respiratory diseases caused by chronic infections, mostly in adults, often accompanied by other upper respiratory diseases, often due to recurrent episodes of acute respiratory inflammation, rhinitis, sinusitis pus to stimulate the throat, or nasal congestionBreathing mouth will inevitably lead to the occurrence of chronic pharyngitis.

  Chronic pharyngitis is chronic inflammation of the pharyngeal mucosa

With pharyngeal discomfort, dryness, foreign body sensation or mild pain, dry cough, nausea, pharyngeal congestion is dark red, lymphatic follicles on the posterior pharyngeal wall are the main clinical manifestations.

Chronic pharyngitis patients, due to increased pharyngeal secretions, it is often clear action, spit white sputum.

  TCM treatment one, dialectical selection 1, lung and kidney yin deficiency treatment: nourishing yin and reducing fire, moistening and digesting.

  Recipe: 1 partial lung yin deficiency, can be used to nourish Yin Qingfei Decoction.

Raw ground 30g, Ophiopogon 15g, Scrophulariaceae 15g, White peony 15g, Danpi 12g, Chuanbei 10g, Peppermint 6g, Licorice 6g.

  2 partial kidney yin deficiency, can be added or subtracted from Zhibai Dihuang Decoction.

10g of Zhimu, 10g of Cork, 30g of rehmannia, 15g of yam, 15g of hawthorn, 12g of alfalfa, 12g of paeonol, 10g of Alisma.

  2, spleen and kidney yang deficiency treatment: warming the spleen and kidney, ignite the fire.

  Recipe: Kidney pill addition and subtraction.

30 g of rehmannia, 30 g of yam, 15 g of hawthorn meat, 12 g of medlar, 10 g of paeonol, 10 g of diarrhea, 6 g of cooked garnish, and 6 g of cinnamon.

  3, smoldering stagnation treatment: nourishing yin and pharynx, dissipating phlegm.

  Recipe: Fritillaria is added and subtracted.

Chuanbei 15g, melon skin 15g, pollen 15g, wolfberry 15g, orange red 10g, platycodon 10g.

Second, other therapies (1), Chinese medicine ultrasonic atomization 1, silver flower 9g, astragalus 10g, wild chrysanthemum 9g, Tibetan green fruit 4, like shell 10g, platycodon 6g, anterior Hu 9g, ginger Pinellia 15g, Scrophulariaceae 15, pollen 15g,Mint 9g.

Decoction juice 100ml, take 20ml each time to inhale for 10 minutes, 2 times a day, 10 days for a course of treatment.

  2, Pinelli 10g?
12g, Magnolia 10g?
12g, 茯苓15g?
30g, Bupleurum 6g?
12g, dried tangerine peel 10g?
15g, silver flower 20g?
30g, forsythia 10g?
12g, Chuanbei 10g?
15g, clam shell 10g?

Decoction concentrated juice 40ml, atomized absorption, once a day, 10 days for a course of treatment.

  3, Pinellia, Magnolia, Scrophulariaceae, Ophiopogon japonicus, raw land, silver flower, Astragalus, fragrant, turmeric, mint, Zhebei, white peony, male, acacia, salvia, licorice, decoction filtered juice,Each time with 15ml ultrasonic atomization, once a day, 10 days for a course of treatment.

  (B), subcutaneous injection of Chinese medicine in the posterior pharyngeal wall, compound Danshen: Take compound Danshen injection 2ml, use 5?
The No. 6 injection needle was injected into the submucosal space of the posterior pharyngeal wall, and the depth was able to be injected. Each side was injected with 1 ml, 3 times a week, 2 weeks for a course of treatment, and rest for 5 days.

  2, Banlangen: take 4ml of Banlangen injection, use a long needle 5 to inject into the submucosal space of the posterior pharynx, inject 1ml on each side of the upper and lower points, 3 times a week, 2 weeks for a course of treatment.

  3, Xiao Ling: Can cancel 1ml of 1ml plus 1% procaine 1ml, submucosal injection of the posterior wall of the throat 2?
4 points, once a week, 4?
5 times for a course of treatment.

Particularly suitable for follicular hyperplasia of the posterior pharyngeal wall.

  (3) Take 2ml of 50% Phellodendron chinense supernatant from the back wall of the Chinese medicine throat and pump it into a 5ml syringe. The temperature of the liquid is kept at 28 °C?
At 32 ° C, spray the entire throat and the posterior pharyngeal wall with a long needle of 5, 1 per day?2 times, 5?
6 days is a course of treatment.

  (D), the wall of the posterior wall follicular hyperplasia barrier, the diameter of 0 can be used.

A small soldering iron of about 5cm burns red on an alcohol lamp. After the musk oil is quickly burned on the filter, each filter is burned 1?
3, separated by 3?

Sold it once on the 4th until it is calm.

  Diet 1, radish juice with scallions, fresh radish 500 grams each.

Wash and peel the scallions, wash the fresh radish and cut into pieces, and stir the juice into the juicer.

Drink a few cups of juice a day, even 3?

It can clear the throat and open the sound.

Applicable to sore throat, hoarseness, red eye syndrome.

  2, candied licorice soup instead of candied dates 8, 6 grams of raw licorice, willow dates, raw licorice and clear water two bowls, fry until a bowl, to the residue.

You can take a drink twice a day.

It has the effect of replenishing vital energy, moistening the lungs and relieving cough.

Suitable for chronic bronchitis, cough, throat and sore throat.

  3, sesame brown sugar porridge extract 50 grams of sesame, 100 grams of previous rice, brown sugar right amount.

Stir the sesame first and grind it into fine.
Glutinous rice porridge, when the porridge is cooked until it is thick, mix it with sesame brown sugar and cook for a while.
This porridge is beautiful and suitable for liver and kidney deficiency, dizziness, lung dry cough, and throat dryness.
  4, porridge selection of high quality medlar 15 grams, 150 grams of glutinous rice.
Wash the glutinous rice and medlar separately, add water for 30 minutes, and cook the porridge with simmer.
Take 1 bowl a day.
It has the effect of nourishing yin and throat, and is suitable for patients with chronic laryngitis and dry throat.
  5, sugar cane radish drinking juicer squeezed fresh sugar cane juice, radish juice, half a cup, fresh lily 100 grams or 50 grams of dried lily, the lily is boiled and mixed into sugar cane juice, radish juice, refrigerator refrigeration.
Take 1 cup before going to bed every day.
It has the effect of nourishing yin and reducing fire. It is suitable for snoring fatigue and chronic pharyngitis, virtual fire, pharyngeal dryness, redness, and heart and hands.
  6, Tremella sand ginseng egg drink white fungus 10 grams, 10 grams of northern sand ginseng, add water to cook the juice, and then into the egg 1 or 2, after the egg is cooked, add the right amount of rock sugar to take.
It has the effects of nourishing yin and clearing heat and moistening the lungs.
It is suitable for treating sore throat and sore throat caused by yin deficiency and lung dryness.
  针灸治疗  1、温针:主穴取三阴交,肺胃阴虚者配鱼际、孔最、足三里,肺肾阴虚者配太溪、照海;气滞血瘀者配内关、血海.
After the main point is inserted into the needle, the flattening and diarrhea are applied. After the gas is obtained, the 3cm long moxa stick is inserted into the needle tail. Each time the moxibustion is 2~3 strong, the rest of the points are applied to fill the flat and diarrhea. After the gas is obtained, the needle is left for 30 minutes., once every 10 minutes.
Once every other day, 10 times for a course of treatment.
  2, acupoint injection: first acupuncture bilateral collateral, acupuncture effect, each time take a single side of the Yongquan point, injection compound Danshen 1ml, alternating on both sides, once every 5 days, 3 times for a course of treatment.
  3, acupoint application: spotted, white mustard according to 1:2, research into fine and spare, choose acupuncture points: Lianquan: people Ying, water suddenly, Taixi, Zhaohai, more than a sudden increase, spleen and kidney yang plusZusanli, Sanyinjiao, Yinxu Huowang and Yongquan, both sides can be used alternately on one side.
Take appropriate amount of medicine powder and mix it with vinegar, knead it into a large bean pill, place it on the acupuncture point, paste it on the adhesive tape, remove it after 3 to 4 hours, gradually puff the medicated part, and puncture the blisters with disinfection needle after about 12 hours, 3After 4 days, crusting, once a week, 3 times for a course of treatment.
  4, auricular acupuncture therapy: acupuncture points: throat, lung, heart, kidney, with the probe or detector to measure the sensitivity of the selected ear, conventional disinfection of the ear canal, cut off the balm into 0.
6cm size, 1 stick of Liushen Pills, attached to the ear acupuncture points, and properly pressed to produce fever, bloating, sour sensation, and press 4 to 5 times a day.
Press once every other day, alternating on both sides, 10 to 15 days for a course of treatment.  5.
Acupoint laser irradiation: acupoints: main points: Lianquan, Tiantu, people welcome.
Matching points: real heat plus ruler Ze, Hegu; Yin deficiency plus fish, Taixi.
At the time of treatment, the main points were taken, and the points were added with 1 to 2 points.
Irradiation with acupoint laser, a wavelength of 6328 angstroms, output power 1.
7 to 3 milliwatts with a power density of 9600 mW/cm2.
The light beam is transmitted by the optical fiber, the core diameter of the fiber is <200 micrometers, and the acupoint is directly aligned, and the spot diameter is 1. 5 mm, 3 minutes per hole. Once a day or every other day, 10 times for a course of treatment, the treatment interval is 3 to 5 days.   6, body acupuncture plus acupoint injection: acupoints: the main points: divided into 2 groups. 1, Tai Chong, Taixi, inter-line, 2 people Ying, Hegu, Fudui, Tianding, Zhaohai.   Acupoints: The foreign body sensation is obviously increased, the tongue root is stiff and the Lianquan, and the disgusting nausea is added. Liquid: Injectable water or compound Danshen injection, any one. In the treatment, the first group of the main points was used for acupoint injection, and the second group and the matching points were used for acupuncture. First acupuncture, Hegu, Zhaohai take both sides, and the rest is unilateral. Regular routine method, flattening the diarrhea, leaving the needle for 20 minutes, during which the needle is 2 to 3 times. In addition to Hegu continue to retain the needle, the remaining points are taken at the time. Then select 1 to 2 points in the main group, and take only one side. Insert a 1 with a syringe with a 5th long needle. 2 ml of liquid medicine, rapid infusion and slowly inserted into the gas (Tai Chong points can lead to a slight thermal sensation of the limbs), then pump back no blood, then slowly inject the liquid, 1 ml per hole, so thatSignificantly swelled. The patient can rest for a few minutes before the needle of Hegu. 3?Once on the 5th, 5 times for a course of treatment.

How long does it take to sleep in the nap?


Can youth always be

How long does it take to sleep in the nap?
Can youth always be

Sleeping for 1 to 2 hours at noon in the summer can relax and rest the brain and body systems, improve the body’s immune function and enhance the body’s disease resistance.

銆€銆€Pay attention to the following five aspects when you take a nap: 1.

The nap time is best controlled within half an hour, otherwise it will be very uncomfortable to wake up.

銆€銆€Too long nap time will become a chaotic biological clock, affecting the law of sleeping at night.


Although nap is a nap, but you should not be too casual, do not sit or kneel on the table to sleep, which will reduce the blood supply to the head, people feel dizzy, vertigo, fatigue, and other symptoms of local hypoxia after waking up.If the eyeball is pressed on the pillow, it will easily cause eye disease over a long period of time. It will be oppressed on the table, affecting blood circulation and neurological diseases, causing both hands and hands to numb and sting.

銆€銆€The ideal nap position should be to lie down comfortably, lying down or lying on the side, preferably with the head high and low, lying to the right.


The weather is hot again, and a little towel or quilt should be placed on the abdomen during the nap to prevent the cold from entering.


Don’t take a nap at the wind or the wind.

Because people in the body temperature regulation during sleep, the central function is reduced, the light person wakes up after physical discomfort, and the severe person will suffer from cold illness.


Don’t eat too greasy things before going to bed, and don’t eat too much.

Because greasy will increase the viscosity of the blood, aggravating coronary artery disease; over-saturation will increase the burden of gastric digestion.

Many people are used to sleeping after lunch. At this time, the stomach has just been filled with food. A lot of blood flows to the stomach, blood pressure drops, the brain’s oxygen supply and nutrition drop significantly, and immediately fall asleep will cause insufficient blood supply to the brain.

Twelve simple health techniques


Twelve simple health techniques

Combs: All kinds of combs or fingers above, combing dozens to 100 times a day, with the effect of massaging the scalp, refreshing the brain, it is also very helpful for vision and hearing.

Taming the drum: Press the palms against the ears for a few seconds, then quickly disengage. This method can vibrate the eardrum and slow down the degeneration of the ear sockets. When you are free, you can often massage your ears without squatting, picking, and exposing various techniques.Headache, motion sickness and many other discomforts, people with weak constitution often massage their ears and even prevent colds.

Blinking: Looking for the soft part of the hand, rubbing the eyes, around the eyes, promoting blood circulation around the eyes, can be eye-catching, refreshing, and also have a cosmetic effect.

Pinching the nose: often rubbing the Yingxiang points on both sides of the nose with two index fingers, or kneading on the nose, can promote the sense of smell, reduce the chance of nasal allergies or respiratory infections.

Dental caries: tooth-to-tooth squeaking, or empty teeth biting, can prevent dental caries and periodontal disease and other oral problems; this method can promote facial muscle activity, make the cheeks rich, prevent the sag of the eyes.

Swallowing: Close the mouth and make a few mouthfuls, then swallow the saliva.

When human saliva is not exposed to air oxidation, it does not produce odor, but has a sweet taste.

Saliva contains many digestive enzymes and nutrients, and it often helps digestion.

Turn neck, shrug: The shoulder and neck have important blood vessels of the spine and many complications. They often turn around, shrug their shoulders, help the muscles to work, and the chance of cerebrovascular disease in old age will be greatly reduced.

Dry rub: use a palm or a dry towel to rub a few times on the face. Excessively exposed parts can also be rubbed with this method, which helps the skin to circulate and moisturize the skin.

Pat the shoulder: the left hand naturally shoots the right shoulder, the right hand shoots the left shoulder alternately, and the palm can be used to alternately beat the legs.

Turning the waist: The right hand bends down to the left toe, and gets up. The left hand is reduced to the right toe, and the rotation is repeated.

Fist: The hands are relaxed after the grip, repeated several times, similarly when standing upright or sitting.

Step on the toes: press the left toe on the right heel and the right toe on the left heel, alternating several times.