“Everybody,How is my villa?”

Humph!Used to show off the house your son bought,It’s too big,It takes several hours to clean every day。
Why not in front of me now,Talk about your children’s house?
Chapter 102 Du Yu Treats
in fact,It’s not that these people don’t want to talk。
But my son’s house,Although big。
But how big is this,Not as big as Lin Yu’s villa。
and,The house still only paid the down payment,The rest is loan,Repay the bank principal and interest every month。
“Ok!Not bad,Especially in terms of decoration,It is the exquisiteness in the exquisiteness。”
Although I don’t want to talk anymore,Afraid of shame。
but,Everyone has never played in a villa。
This time is a good opportunity,Everyone will not miss it。
Nothing else,Just say that when chatting with others in the future,Talk to the villa,Can I tell the style of this villa?,It’s a face-saving thing。
“Yes!I also think this decoration,Is exquisite in exquisiteness。”
Hey!It’s good to have a son-in-law who owns a villa。

“But now?”

“Did not return a dime,Still find someone to fuck me?”
When Lin Yu said this,The person behind pointed。
The accused,Originally it was only blue and swollen。
Seeing Lin Yu pointing to himself like this,Instant foaming at the mouth,Rolled a few times,Passed out。
As for why this,Very simple。
This person is afraid that after Lin Yu points to himself,Come up and give yourself a few punches,How did you fuck him,And then hit a few more punches。
“I,I will refund now。”
Heard what Lin Yu said,People who see themselves again,Spit white foam directly。
This big brother,Panic。
This time,Really panicked。
Not panic before,that is because,I haven’t seen Lin Yu’s terrible。
But this time,Is a real experience。
“Sorry,It’s not as simple as refunding money now。”
“But from today,I want to serve my friend as a waiter for three months。”
“If within three months,Dare you be arrogant,I kill you。”
Lin Yu finished,Raised fist。

Just when you open the door,Li Tianfei looks like a ghost,Back suddenly。

“you,You are a man or a ghost?”
Li Hong’s message to himself,There is Lin Yu’s avatar。
But I have asked Ah Xing to solve Lin Yu,Why does this person appear in front of him unscathed。
Do you wish i was a ghost so much?”
I heard Li Tianfei’s words,Lin Yu took a look around,See no one in the room,Walked in。
“Comer,Come soon。”
Panic,Li Tianfei at the moment panicked。
Because A Xing is out,But I haven’t come back yet。
so,Only two possibilities,Either A Xing can’t find this person,Either Ah Xing has been resolved by the other party。
At this moment, the other party is looking for himself to avenge,Precisely because of this,Li Tianfei is so scared。
unfortunately,Yelled several times,But no one appeared outside the door。
Chapter 78: Frightened
“Stop calling,No one will come if you break your throat。”
Hear this,Lin Yu opened the mouth。

Their method is only this one,And there will never be any changes!

“Caught up!”
“The Pacers’ score is starting to catch up!”
“4th quarter left8minute,Points left5Minute!”
Looking at the scoreboard on the sidelines。
Kenny in the commentary·Smith looked shocked。
8minute,5Point difference.
The Cavaliers are in danger in this game?
But my god,He really doesn’t know where the danger comes from?
Where did it come from?
Where else can you come from?
It must be Xu Xuan!
Barkley is so excited!
This is the data Xu Xuan has submitted so far!
Barkley is excited,Really excited!

“Congratulations to Weihua!”

“Haha,Tongxi,Tongxi,okay,I hang up first。PCIn fact, the end design has never stopped,It should be online in two weeks。”
“Wait for Mr. Yu’s good news。”
Wang Yufei hung up the phone,Not two minutes,I called again yesterday。
Calculate time,It’s already around 8pm East Coast time,Obviously the Intel chief technology officer is still working overtime。
“king,I don’t know if you confiscated the received message,Weihua has been licensed to design motherboards compatible with brain-computer chips。”
Not too polite,The other party went straight to the subject。
“Give me an email,I will post the vulnerability to the mailbox in about ten minutes。”Wang Yufei paused at this point,Then speak:“Mr. Mebori,Now we can talk about the next question again,Are you interested in making another deal?”
“my mail address isxxxx@,But what does it mean to make another deal?”Maybury gets nervous,Is the other party trying to blackmail?
Blackmail this kind of thing,Intel usually starts with others,Mebori feels he really has no experience in dealing with blackmail,How to do?
“Actually nothing,How about this,I will send you the details of the related vulnerabilities first,Let’s if you are interested in the next transaction,You can call me again。”
What Wang Yufei said,Let Me Boli feel a little relieved。

“It’s like a dying fish……”

There was a huge roar of laughter in the carriage。
Chen Xingyi looked at the phone screen in his hand,Shen Yulin, who was scoring at the beginning, ran to the court and stood,And then made an arm swing,He really doesn’t understand what the other party is going to do,Confused。
Until the scene suddenly appeared in the picture when Hu Lai was rolling and fluttering on the ground,He laughed suddenly。
Although I still don’t understand what this celebration means,But Hu Lai really amused him like this。
At that time his attention was all on Shen Yulin,As a result, Hu Lai suddenly rolled in from the right side of the screen……
Later he could see clearly,It turned out to be as the barrage said,Is fishing。
Shen Yulin’s first move was to cast a pole,And Hu Lai is the fish he caught……
The last group of people holding this“Big fish”,Group photo。
This is the meaning of the whole celebration。
After understanding,Chen Xingyi was a little bit dumbfounded——The video highlights of my own hat trick and the game highlights of Dawn High School were squeezed to the top of the list by such a thing.……
Yes,If there is no such celebration video of Dongchuan Middle School,So now the number one in the popularity list should be the video collection of his hat trick,And the second place is Shuguang High School4:1Beat the Haihe No. 3 Middle School。
As for Dongchuan Middle School3:0Winning the competition highlights of Renmin Middle School……Currently ranked eighth on this list,Just squeezed out of the first screen。
Although it is a collective celebration of Dongchuan Middle School,But Chen Xingyi can think of it with his knees,This set of celebration must be made by Hu Lai——He has no evidence,But he thinks so,And very sure。
Except for Hu Lai Na boy,Who can think of such a funny celebration?

He seemed to feel that an elf who had been sleeping for years was gently awakened,Then hold up the wine glass by hand,Put your nose close to you,Slowly smell the faint scent of ripe fruit。

Take a sip,Suck alcohol into your tongue,Whirl in your mouth,Just swallowed deeply,The ripe blackcurrant fruit flavor and coffee remaining on the tongue、Toasted wood aroma,And the strength of tannins,Fully manifested。
Guan Yao looked at his brother intoxicated,Feel a lot more relaxed。Also imitating brother,Shaking the glass gently,Kissing the complex taste of aged wine carefully。
however,The bottle of wine has not finished,Guan Hao seemed to hear Xia Jihan’s shout again,So desperate and miserable。Loose his hand,The wine glass fell on the table,Red liquid spilled on the desktop。
Guan Yao says:“brother,what happened,not comfortable?”
It took Guan Hao a long time to recover,Said:“Xiaoyao,Tonight is really weird,I have heard her calling me twice。”
Guan Yao drank all the wine in the glass,Said:“brother,You think too much,It’s bad for your health。”
Guan Hao raised the glass,Immediately a waiter came to clean the table。He smiled bitterly,Say:“Maybe it’s auditory hallucinations。But I heard her calling me just now at home,It seemed to be calling me just now。”
“brother,You haven’t been home for a long time,Dad is so guilty,Take time to go back。”Guan Yao said。
Guan Hao didn’t answer,But to say:“Xiaoyao,You marry,Just have a baby。”
“brother,Me and Zhou Yue,You never get married,I won’t get married for a while,She just wait,Please。”Guan Yao said angrily。
“How does that work,You don’t compare me,I am a special case。Besides, you will make me uneasy。”Guan Hao frowned and said。
Guan Yao doesn’t want to discuss this issue with Brother,Just said:“brother,Let’s stop drinking,go home。”
“Come back home,Which home to go back to?”A confused expression appeared in Guan Hao’s eyes。
Guan Yao’s eyes are wet again,He said:“brother,You have to pay attention to your body,one way or another,You still have a job,You are the mayor of a place,Cheer up。You will break down if you consume it like this。”
Guan Hao knew he was worried,Just said:“I am not upset,I have been working hard for the people of Jinan,Strive to bring Jin’an into the top five in the province。I am in good health,Can eat and drink,And now the stomach disease is healed。do not worry,I know what to do。go,Come back home。”Talking,Stand up and go。
Guan Yao greeted the waiter,Store the remaining half bottle of wine in the bar,After swiping the card, he chased it out。
Guan Hao already sat in Audi,After he comes out,Said:“Xiaoyao,You go back by subway,I want to go back to work。”
Guan Yao just wanted to ask if he could drive after drinking,When I saw my brother driving a car, he jumped out,Soon disappeared into the night。

and,“You now find a way to adopt Qiao Yue,Can she get rid of her adoptive parents’ family and her biological parents’ family??Not necessarily,In the future, they will definitely ask Qiao Yue to provide for the elderly。Something to get back,Just get it back,Whose is it,Whose is it。”

“The child of the Xie family invaded Alice’s identity for so many years,property,Should let her spend her money,Make it up。after all,That’s not her thing。”
Alvin frowns,“but,She is the child of the Xie family.”Although it has nothing to do with Ms. Tang,“Ms. Tang can claim it,Xie’s side,How to recover?”
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Chapter 271 ability
Baby Ou smiled,“Xie family and Tang family married,To expand the industrial chain,So the Xie family is looking at the face of Ms. Tang and the Tang family,To pay dividends to that child’s property,If she is not Ms. Tang’s child,Then you will be treated as the other illegitimate children of the Xie family。Inheritance rights of illegitimate children,Not fully inherited,It does not mean that after following the law,The family will give them the same treatment as children born in marriage.”
Law is law,If you don’t break the law, you won’t get it。Something outside of this,Much more operable。
“In so many big families now,Who has no children born out of wedlock?。You are not ordinary people with only a few suites or only one company,Bigger than every family,There are more things that can be allocated and inherited,In accordance with the law,Let you inherit,How much can be inherited,This is hard to say.”
Bao Bao Ou hates Xie Nina’s family,It’s almost comparable to Si Shoujing and his family。So to speak,Is not merciful at all。
Aiwen’s family business is not that big,But I also know the meaning of the son,As long as the Xie family makes it clear that they will be good to Alice,He can also feel at ease。
Qiao Yue is beckoning to them,Ou Baobao and Xie Yunchu nodded with Aiwen,Just came in。
Tang Liang is crying again。
Alice looks bad,Looking at Tang Liang’s back with some dreamy eyes,Don’t know what’s thinking。Hear movement,Eyeball move,Just recovered,I saw Bao Bao and Xie Yun came in,Look better。
“I said at the time why I saw you so familiar,later,I know,Look in the mirror,Just discovered,It turns out I am familiar with my own face.”Alice is because of her son,Xie Yunchu’s senses are not bad,This is also the reason why she can readily agree to Xie Yunchu’s request to meet。Born on Xie Yun,For the first time, she really felt the word blood relationship。
just,Her true blood relative,One is not something,One that made her helpless。
Xie Yunli took out a bag directly,turn on,Show Alice one by one,“This is a meeting gift prepared for you at home。My grandpa and your grandma,Are cousins。Your grandma didn’t get married,Recruit at home,Gave birth to your grandma,Also recruited son-in-law,and so,Although we are cousins,But always one family。”Pushed,“Hope you can help,This is the heart of the family.”

Murong Shan blushed,I also reached out and took out my wallet。

“boss,Not allowed to take her money,I give you。”
Qin Liang squeezed over immediately,Between the boss and Murong Shan。
Shen Ruoxi and Qin Liang are a couple,At this time, I definitely want to help Qin Liang,She immediately stopped Murong Shan。
Murong Shan earned a few,Didn’t break free,In her capacity,Naturally, it’s not easy to get involved with Shen Ruoxi in the public,I won’t rush to checkout anymore。
“Dear,They both belong to you。”
I received Qin Liang’s money,The boss took off the bird cage,Hand it over to Qin Liang respectfully。
“Let me hug me come hug!”
Shen Ruoxue immediately reached out and grabbed the bird cage into her own hand……
Bid farewell to the boss,A group of people continue to stroll inside,Shen Ruoxue just lowered her head to make the parrot talk,Leave all the sisters around you behind。
“Ugh,Still a kid。”
Qin Liang exclaimed。
“Hey,You can buy something for those girls too,Don’t leave them in the cold。”
Shen Ruoxi pulled Qin Liang over and whispered to him quietly,Yanzi and Li Qiaoer,Li Yaxin has been silently following everyone behind,Never said anything from beginning to end,But the careful Shen Ruoxi did not ignore them。
“Yep,you are right,but……I don’t know what they like?”

This is mocking,If Xia Chenglong doesn’t even have the capital to come over,How to be qualified to be with them,Attracted the attention of thousands。

No one spoke,I want to see how the Zhao family, who suddenly rises up, makes a fool of,Very sorry,They have no chance to see this situation。
Compared to stepping on the battlefield with countless bloody corpses,This kind of coercion poses no threat to Xia Chenglong。
So his pace is steady,Hands in pockets,Eyes on each other,Coming to the channel。
“Zhaojia,You should be Xia Chenglong,It’s really a hero!”Canaan Luo was the first to say hello。
Even if the other party has some landlord friendship,But this kind of thing is too ridiculous。
Chapter Four Hundred and Eleven Strange opening ceremony
Can let the top five strengths take the initiative to say hello on this occasion,This is already a rare thing,If there is a possibility,Finally attached to each other,Maybe it can save a lot of unnecessary trouble。
Look again,I want to know how Xia Chenglong chooses?
Unyielding and sincere?
Xia Chenglong expressionless,Looking at the old man in front of me,Obviously it is the year of the dead wood,A pair of eyes is extremely thorough,Can’t see any fatigue。
“Jia Pai,Hello,Hello,Honored to see you,Even in a small place like ours,Jiajia’s name is also respected。”
“Oh?is it,Hahaha,Xiaoyou Xia is really sweet,I don’t know how much reputation I have?”Canaan Luoyi listen,Suddenly laughed a few times,Humbly pushing away。