There is no express delivery in the village,I can only ask in town。

During the Chinese New Year, no one will pick up such business,How can it be a few days after the end of the year?。
Ye Wenwen has no objection,Just frowned,Said:“I’m going to work on the eighth day,Will it delay your business??”
“Let’s first ask if there is any profit,If there is a profit,Your job is gone,I don’t have much money anyway。”Fang Hao said indifferently。
If there is something to do,Able to sell a lot of fruit,The money made by this business may not be earned by Ye Wenwen after several years of class,Then there is no need to miss this opportunity for that job。
As long as this path works,In the autumn and winter season,You can sell for another。
He now has traffic,This business cannot be taken away in the village。
Ye Wenwen nodded:“That works,We can try。”
She is ready to resign,As long as Fang Hao’s career can stabilize,Her job is gone。
Even if I don’t resign now,Wait until Fang Hao’s next book goes on sale,She needs to resign too。
Fang’s mother can’t speak Mandarin,But understand Mandarin。
Although some aspects are not very clear,But I can also understand in a trance,Fang Hao seems to have some abilities,The girl Fang Hao brought here is based on him,It doesn’t even matter if you quit your job。
Feel more settled。
Thinking of the things Fang Hao brought back,I think my son is probably not bragging,Really had a good time。
No wonder you can find such a beautiful girl。
But hesitated:“Isn’t it good to quit your job for this?Or try to take a few more days off。”
“She only works more than 3,000 a month,It doesn’t matter if there is,I wanted her to quit。”Fang Hao said。
“More than three thousand,That’s a lot……”
Mother whispered。

Looking at each other,Made him very happy。

Isn’t it normal to laugh?
“Don’t understand what you are so proud of,A bunch of high school students,There is not even a junior high school girl with good math grades!”Zhao Yuming gave Xiaopang a cold look,Said coolly。
Don’t worry too much,Just smiling smugly。
Anyway, he has accepted the reality that he is not as good as Zhao Yuming,But obviously the other party hasn’t accepted this,Who feels worse?Besides, isn’t this just a hit point??
“Yes,Yes,I don’t have a junior high school girl with good math grades,But at least I didn’t pretend to be so bullish that I have no friends!Some people look at the sky every day,It’s not as good as her grades?”Chubby’s taunting skills are fully activated instantly,A dead pig is not afraid of boiling water,Enter crazy output mode。
“Cough,Chubby,How do you talk?Are still classmates,Let him know that the sky is high and the earth is thick。Have you forgotten the school motto of Xiangnan Provincial City No. 1 Middle School??Inspirational,Do not ask。Nothing to compare with others?What’s the comparison?Just learn from your own?”Li Zesheng spoke slowly,It’s as if it wasn’t him who complained before Wang Yufei。
In short,A group of children in the Provincial No. 1 Middle School。
However, Zhao Yuming does not seem to be too angry,I didn’t even care about the cynicism of these guys.,It’s just that Guo Xiaoyi’s eyes are obviously a little hot。
“I admit i lost,Can i add you to wechat?”
Guo Xiaoyi looked warily at the handsome boy opposite,Muffled:“Add WeChat?What do you want?”
“Everyone is a classmate of winter training camp,Can communicate with each other later。correct,I formally introduce myself,My name is Zhao Yuming,He is a member of the study committee of the second and third class of the High School Affiliated to the National University of China,How about you?”
All half-year-old children,Even if I was angry just now,But seeing the place looks frank,Guo Xiaoyi decided to forgive this reckless guy,The high probability is still because of the appearance,After all, this cool little brother,Still very attractive,So he opened his mouth cheerfully:“My name is Guo Xiaoyi,The English class representative of the third grade of junior high school in Xiangnan Province!”
“English class representative?”Zhao Yuming is a little confused。

After whispering one after another,Cheers broke out from the crowd,Carlos walked forward slowly step by step,I feel that my shoulders are weighed down with heavy responsibilities,But my heart is filled with unspeakable happiness。

To always be happier than to take。
A hundred meters,Carlos took eighty-two steps。
When stepping into the palace square,Familiar faces are still so dazzling in the dark night,Carlos felt his eye sockets were a little moist。
Until this moment,Carlos finally came out of combat。
Everyone,I am back!
Carlos raised his head,Open hands,Stand still,After feeling the majestic light released by Carlos, the armor made of light cast iron,Glowing white,Illuminates the entire square in an instant。
All people who were illuminated by the Holy Light felt the joy of Carlos’s heart。
Even if Carlos has reduced the light,The reverberation can still last for a while,The small palace square is mapped like daylight。
“Everyone,Fortunately,I am back!”
Carlos yelled these words out loud,He was greeted by cheers and applause。
this moment,Heroes of the Alliance,Carlos deserves his name。
First471chapter An excellentNPCSelf-cultivation
Get out,Always have something to pursue。
According to incomplete statistics,99.3%Of warriors either seek fame or profit,83.4%Adventurer seeking fame and fortune。
what?You ask and0.7%What do you want?

It was still sunny just now,Now it’s sunset,Yang Di walked out of the pavilion,Tao:“How about let’s play a game?”</p>

Yandi wants to be active,Save the face I lost in the morning,Su Luorao looked at him with interest,Tao:“what game?”</p>
Jan Didao:“truth or Dare,One person asks one question,The person asking the question can choose the person to be asked at will,If you don’t want to answer,There will be cruel punishment。”</p>
Yangdi turned and looked at everyone,But I saw all the guests in the pavilion looked sad,Doesn’t seem to be very interested in his game。</p>
Jan Didao:“Come,Let’s play,It’s boring to sit here anyway。”</p>
He Jiao sits up straight and says:“Wait,Let me ask,What is this cruel punishment?Need to be clear in advance。”</p>
Yandi pondered for a while,Tao:“Who would not answer,Just drink a glass of lemon juice。”</p>
He Jia Yi startled,Tao:“Mushroom house has no lemon juice。”</p>
Yangdi said proudly:“You don’t have,I have got,I brought it from home specially,Freshly squeezed lemon juice,Especially sour,You wait,I’ll take it。”</p>
With,Others have left,Few minutes,Yangdi folded back again,Holding a big bottle of lemon juice in his arms,Look at the color, I feel the teeth are pantothenic。</p>
Reba deserves to be a foodie,Seeing lemon juice makes your eyes bright,Joy Road:“Can i try it first?”</p>
Yandi nodded:“of course can。”With,He unscrew the cap,Pour some into the cup in front of Reba。</p>
Open road:“You taste,I promise it’s absolutely sour,The kind of sour teeth。”</p>
Listen to him so well,Have a hot taste,Feel nothing,Finally raised his head,Drink dry。</p>
Yandi asked nervously:“how about it?”</p>

Lin Yu picked up a piece of meat and put it in his mouth,Smiled。

“I just want to know,Why is he so afraid of you。
To know,His dad,But very powerful overseas,Home business,It’s also a Fortune 500,Not much different from your Lin Group。”
Mu Yuqing asked with confusion。
“Do you want to know?
I won’t tell you。”
“Don’t talk,Who is rare!Humph!”
Say so,But still can’t help but stare at Lin Yu,I want Lin Yu to tell the truth。
How,Lin Yu continues to pick up vegetables,Just don’t say。
Seeing myself staring at Lin Yu,The other side refused to say。
Mu Yuqing picks up vegetables with air,Don’t even say a word。
Finished,Just let Lin Yu remember to find herself at the company tomorrow,And left with anger。
“Hey!This woman!Say that you change your face!”
Seeing Mu Yuqing leaving with anger,Lin Yu smiled helplessly。
Go get the car back,Also left。
But halfway back,I remembered that I always drove Zhao Long’s car,not convenient,Drive the car to4sShop over。
Because it’s night,4sThe store has a lot of traffic。

“Because Xiaoxue won’t let me hit her。”

Qin said with a smile。
“This is fine?She won’t let you hit her,Just hit us?”
Li Qiao’er is so troubled,This is too eccentric!Li Yaxin rarely speaks,So she didn’t speak at this time,Just pursing her lips and hiding behind Shen Ruoxue……
“Yes!Otherwise, no one will hit me!”
Qin Liang also pretended to be helpless and said。
“Hit me if no one hits?”
Li Qiao’er can’t argue,So I’m talking about these two sentences,This is because she is the apprentice brought out by Qin Liang himself,otherwise,She can’t even say these words。
For this kind of naturally introverted girl,Bravery on the battlefield,It is completely different from the real interpersonal communication。
“I didn’t just hit you,Didn’t I say,You and Xiner,Plus Xiaoyun,Three fight together。”
Qin Liang felt that it was fun to argue with this innocent girl,So he teased Li Qiao’er sentence by sentence with interest。
Shen Ruoxue looked at Liu Xiaoyun curiously……Liu Xiaoyun, who always fights against injustices,This time I didn’t even help my sisters to worship!It seems that she was really hurt,I don’t even bother to speak。
“OK then……Since you are going to beat Sister Xiaoyun,Then we can fight together,I’m fine。”
Li Qiaoer surrendered directly!

Liu Rushi is still thinking about getting out。

“stop!Stop talking,Not going anywhere tonight,I put my arms around you to sleep。”
Liu Xiaoyun directly blocked all Liu Rushi’s retreat。
Liu Rushi looked at Liu Xiaoyun pitifully,Speechless。
“Don’t be cute!Whether it’s acting like a baby or being cute,Doesn’t work。”
Liu Xiaoyun is so happy in her heart,Bullying Liu Rushi is so enjoyable,She really likes this feeling。
“I call the police,Said a female gangster bullied me……”
Liu Rushi started talking nonsense。
Knowingly,At least I have to find some face on my lips。
“Call the police?Haha,Do you want me to tell you the phone number of Director Yang Shiyun of the Interpol Team??She’s my old sister。”
Liu Xiaoyun continues to be sad。
“How are you doing……”
Liu Rushi can’t think of any way。
“OK,well。Damn,What are you afraid of,You are a girl,I am also a girl,What can I do if I sleep with you,It’s a big deal, I let you hold me too。”
Liu Xiaoyun talked more and more……

Can be explained like this,Zhou Jin can’t even tell,Shameless。

Ignore the comfort of the little empress,The only blood of the bully hero Anton,True sin and traitorous.
Zhou Jin apologized softly,Then continue to drive forward。
Then the car is very quiet,Baby Ou said nothing。Know that the car has stopped,Baby Ou just said,“Finally stopped。Scared me,Dare not speak,I was afraid of saying something unpleasant,What if the driver crashed and died with us?.”
Zhou Jin makes fists with both hands,Did not speak。
Wei Zi pulls baby Ou down,“Stop irritating them,Is not a good thing,If it really gave them an excuse to go crazy,Then they are not more proud?”
Ou Zhaozhao and Yuze also got out of the car,“Exactly,Renjie’s site,Be honest。otherwise,Renjie takes photos and sets fire to light.”
Zhou Jin finally couldn’t help it,My eyes are red,Speak dumbly,“No one wants to hurt you.”
Bao Bao interrupted Zhou Jin,“Let’s go,Didn’t waste my time。”
Zhou Jin bit his lip abruptly,Turn around embarrassed and lead the way。
This way,Met a lot of familiar faces,Are all the people from that gem relic gem incident。I probably came to see Baby Ou,When Ou Baobao walked by,I watched Baby Ou carefully,Sure she is okay。
Baby Ou doesn’t care at all,these people,Most of it was Zhou Jin’s gang who got the relationship。Does she look at their face,Do not care?
Want too beautiful。
The room is quite luxurious this time,The table is full of food。A few old people behind the camera last time,Are now sitting on the sofa across the room。There are ten other people,Old, middle and young。In addition,It is Zhang Yulin and Feng Yang,They sat with Zhang Xiaojiang。
Chapter Seven Hundred and Thirty Eight stone
Saw baby Ou coming in,These three have stood up,But didn’t say hello。It doesn’t seem to be the same as Zhou Jin’s group,Trying to distinguish。

Shen Ruoxi knew what Bai Qingsong said,There is a lot of moisture that I told myself on purpose,But everyone loves to listen,Especially for girls,So she instantly feels better than before。

“With your bosses,Ouya has a bright future,We all have complete confidence in this。”Bai Qingsong said these two sentences even more falsely,But wears everything,Flattering,Throughout the ages,always like this……Actually in any company,There will always be people like Bai Qingsong,It’s just that most people like him,They just slapped their feet,Tune in,rare
What’s really good,So Bai Qingsong looks different,Because he is not only a flatterer,And he’s still a real person!“Old white,There are backbone forces like you in the company,Several of us are also full of confidence in the company’s future development,So you have to continue to help us!But don’t worry,Don’t forget to dig a well,We will certainly not forget every effort made for Ouya
Strength and contribution of people。”
at this time,Qin Liang will deal with Bai Qingsong,After all, this kind of half-truth,False and real polite remarks,Whether it’s Shen Ruoxi or Murongshan,That’s all bitter and can’t tell……Shen Ruoxi and Murongshan looked at each other,Neither of them thought of;Qin Liang would actually say polite remarks on this scene,And I’m familiar with it,Look like an old fox!This is a little unexpected for them,They always thought he would just play,Only talk about nonsense!
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Chapter two hundred and thirty-six Almost fight
? As a result, the next scene is a bit funny,Bai Qingsong was here to please Shen Ruoxi,In a blink of an eye, Qin Liang chatted with him in full swing.,Shen Ruoxi and Murongshan became“Passerby”with“Passerby”……
Bai Qingsong was also crying inwardly,Shen Ruoxi can hardly tell that he is in the company,Originally, he wanted to use the opportunity to eat in the cafeteria at noon,Please please Shen Ruoxi,But Qin Liang stopped and talked forever,And he dare not talk to Qin Liang,This is embarrassing!
Suddenly it was Shen Ruoxi’s turn to cook dinner,The chef who distributes food to everyone,Inadvertently raised his head,I found that it was Shen Ruoxi standing in front of me!Smiles all over my face immediately,Very enthusiastic recommend dishes for Shen Ruoxi……
Shen Ruoxi, with a thin face,The most fearful thing is to face the extremely enthusiastic flattery of her,As a result, the chef recommended her for this and that,She is embarrassed to refuse,So in a blink of an eye there were two food plates full of various dishes in front of her!

But the funny thing is:He was obviously talking to Yang Shiyun,But one after another, Murong Shan and Shen Ruoxi were stunned,This“dead”It’s a bit unclear,But there is nowhere to redress,Can only“Leave the sadness to yourself”Up。

Fortunately, Yang Shiyun didn’t take advantage of the victory,It can be regarded as showing no mercy to Qin,Otherwise Qin Lianghui“dead”More thorough。
have to say:This is Qin Liang’s worst death in the history of the Shen family!
“Sister Shiyun!”
Fortunately, Shen Ruoxue appeared in time,Avoiding Qin Liang’s continued passive embarrassment。
“Yeah,Our first little princess finally saw me come over to say hello?Not easy,I thought you might not see me all night today。”
Yang Shiyun knows that Shen Ruoxue’s treatment process went smoothly today,I feel better,In a good mood,Naturally, I am interested in joking with Shen Ruoxue to play with her。
Chapter three thousand six hundred and eleven Reaching the limit of beauty
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Chapter three thousand six hundred and eleven Reaching the limit of beauty
“No……I’ve been talking to Meizi just now。”
Shen Ruoxue replied embarrassedly。