Food that cannot be eaten with skin

Food that cannot be eaten with skin

You must have heard that the skins of fruits and vegetables are rich in nutrients and active ingredients. Therefore, it is necessary for the human body to fully absorb the fruits and vegetables.

Such eating seems to have ingested the “all nutrients” of the food, but some “uneasy molecules” may be mixed in and eaten together.


hzh{display:none;}  土豆炖牛肉、地三鲜等经典名菜,是百姓餐桌上的常客。Many people cook potatoes with their skins together, thinking that all problems will be solved after the heat.

actually not.

Potatoes contain a substance called “solanine” to resist pests and diseases.

The content of solanine in potato skin is high, and it will cause poisoning when it accumulates to a certain amount in the body.

  Especially the epidermis turns green and the germinated potatoes contain a higher amount of solanine. Excessive consumption will cause nausea and vomiting.

Therefore, when eating potatoes, be sure to peel and cook.

Sweet potatoes are rich in nutrients, but they are alkaline foods. If you eat more sweet potatoes, they will “burn your heart”. Sweet potato skins contain more alkali.

  The brown and dark brown spots of sweet potato skins may have been infected by “black spot disease bacteria” and may cause poisoning after eating.

荸荠 Sweet, crisp and refreshing, is a favorite of many people.

However, the pupa skin may contain parasites such as ginger worms, which can cause disease if you eat uncleaned pupa skin.

  Although there are many benefits of ginkgo, but it has a small poison, it is not appropriate to eat more.

In particular, the peel contains toxic substances such as “glycolic acid”. Excessive consumption will damage the central nervous system and cause poisoning.

When you eat, don’t just strip the colon, don’t overeat even cooked ginkgo meat.

  In addition, due to the large amount of chemical fertilizers currently used, nitrate pollution of fruits and vegetables will be serious.

Therefore, everyone is recommended to try peeling vegetables and fruits.

In particular, the longer the cultivation time of apples, pears, grapes, etc., the better the taste of vegetables and fruits, and many skin microorganisms and pesticides often remain on the skin.

Therefore, there is no need to risk health damage for a little nutrition.

Gynecological amenorrhea diet selection

Gynecological amenorrhea diet selection

Amenorrhea full chest, abdominal pain, or dizziness, soft limbs, poor appetite, palpitations, insomnia, red tongue, white fur, thin pulses.

  中医辨证治疗  肝肾不足型  [临床表现]月经超龄未至、或初潮较迟、量少色淡红,伴头晕耳鸣、腰酸膝软、潮热汗出、五心烦热,舌质红,苔少, Pulse thin strings.

  [食疗药膳]  1.Black Bean Red Flower Sugar Recipe: 50 grams of black beans, 6 grams of safflower, 30 grams of brown sugar, fry the first 2 flavors first, add brown sugar after frying, and heat.


Yam potato soup: 30 grams of yam, 30 grams of potatoes, 30 grams of black beans, 50 grams of hellebore vine, 10 grams of achyranthes bidentata, first stir-fry chicken blood vine and achyranthes bidentatae for 1 hour, remove residue, add yam, potatoes and black beansCook until cooked, add brown sugar and ingest.


Jujube and white pigeon soup: 50 grams of jujube (decored), 1 white pigeon (hair removal and internal organs) washed, 鳖 鳖,  30 grams each of turtle plate, 20 grams of Chinese wolfberry, fry the turtle and turtle plate for 30 minutesThen, add wolfberry and fry for another 20 minutes. After frying, remove the medicine residue, cook the jujube and white pigeon until cooked, and eat meat and soup.

  气血虚弱型  [临床表现] 月经由后期量少而渐至停闭,面色苍白、头晕目眩、心悸怔忡、气短懒言、纳少,舌质淡红,苔白,脉细弱。  [食疗药膳]  1.Angelica north quantum pork soup: 20 grams of angelica, 20 grams of beidi, 15 grams of day lily root, 200 grams of lean pork, cooked with frying, seasoned with salt, eat meat and soup.


Black Chicken Loofah Soup: 150 grams of black chicken, 100 grams of loofah, 15 grams of golden chicken, cook until rotten, and add fish sauce itself when serving, once a day.


Brown sugar Beiqi ginger jujube soup: brown sugar 100 grams, red dates 100 grams pitted, ginger 20 grams slices, Beiqi 50 grams, decoction for tea, continuous taking.

  气滞血瘀型  [临床表现] 月经数月不行,精神抑郁、烦躁易怒,胸胁胀满、少腹胀痛或拒按,舌边紫黯或有瘀点,脉沉弦。  [食疗药膳]  1.Wang Buluoxing stewed trotters: Wang Buluoxing 30 grams, madder root 15 grams, Achyranthes bidentata 15 grams, and trotters 250 grams.

First decoction the top three medicines for 50 minutes, then slag, stew with pork trotters until cooked, drink soup and eat meat, 2 times a day.


Salvia egg soup: 30 grams of salvia, 2 eggs, boil for 1 hour, eat egg soup, take continuously.


Mulberry safflower soup: 25 grams of mulberry seeds, 5 grams of safflower, 20 grams of chicken blood vine, moderate amount of rice wine, fry 2 bowls of water to 1 bowl, warm twice daily, half a bowl each time.


Motherwort pig blood decoction: 200 grams of fresh motherwort, 200 grams of pig blood, cook until cooked on an empty stomach.

Dad, please say sorry to the child

Dad, please say “sorry” to the child

Watching the TV series “Soldier Assault”, the first few episodes are about how Xu Sanduo’s father “squeezed” his three sons.
Regardless of Xu Sanduo’s willingness to be a soldier, as soon as he reached his age, his father forced him to go for a medical examination, apply for a job, and run long distances in front of the squad leader . and Xu Sanduo always seemed to have an “adversity” expression, even if he did not agree with his father’s decision.Courage to express his thoughts directly to his father, always endured silently in his heart, and even after staying in the army for a long time, Xu Sanduo still can not change this self-denial mental state.
Although this is only the beginning of a TV series, it describes a typical Chinese father-son relationship, in which fathers are used to making decisions for their children. Whether the decision is right or wrong, the father will never apologize to the child for his decision.
In fact, it is not so difficult to say “sorry” to your child. As long as you find your own psychological reason, the problem may be solved.
  老爸不道歉的五大因素  一、怕丢面子  与母亲和孩子之间的爱不同,父子之间的爱从一开始就带着深深的社会烙印:从心理层面来说,母亲和孩子的关系,Beginning in an exclusive one-to-one state during pregnancy, the father-son relationship has been established from the beginning in a group background of at least three people.
With the “group”, there is the “personality mask”-a psychological prop used to adapt to relationships and gain recognition.
In the father-son relationship, the most common prop is called “correct face”, because “correct” means not to be denied and rejected, meaning that even with the mother’s milk, the child still needs the father’s guidance.
Asking a father to apologize for his mistake is tantamount to having a samurai unload his armor. Unless he is strong enough, inexplicable anxiety in the relationship will deeply disturb his heart.
  Second, fear of threatening his authority in the family. Father’s authority in the family is not his father’s need.
In fact, human beings have always had unfair expectations for fatherly love and motherly love. As long as motherly love is caring and warm, children will be satisfied; while fatherly love, in addition to caring and warming, is also expected to give children “powerful” and “”Power” comfort, because in the family, the mother bears the “emotional function”, and the father bears the “social function” to help the child gain a sense of security in social interaction, and social interaction is often related to “power.”
Children want their father to be strong and triumphant. Therefore, the fathers do their best to maintain their “authority” to meet the needs of children, wives and themselves, after all, to meet the needs of “social role expectations”.
  Third, think that making decisions for children is the performance of loving children. Psychologists have performed an experiment: two babies and their mother were separated by a glass curtain wall, and then observed the baby’s response.
As a result, one of the babies cried while watching the mother behind the curtain wall, and the other started to crawl towards the mother behind the curtain wall.
Guess, which baby is male?
  That’s right, it’s the latter.
Although he is just a baby, he is already telling you with actions: I am a man and I am good at solving problems, so I use actions to express love!
The baby boy’s “crawling” will continue into the role of “father”.
Therefore, it is not easy for him to say love, and it is even harder for him to apologize, because what he is good at is not to say, but to do.
He would rather “walk a thousand miles alone,” rather than say something earlier: child, forgive dad.
He may not regret it until he has no chance to say it: It turns out that in relationships, speaking and doing are just as important.
  4. Dad’s father does not apologize. Family relationships also have “genetic characteristics.” If the father’s father refuses to admit his mistake, then the father will have a prototype of “do not confess.”
Chinese fathers are not used to expressing love directly, but also have a long history of inward culture and pragmatic philosophy.
Jia Baoyu was brutally beaten by his father, and the college entrance examination candidates were forced to revise their wishes by the father only because the father’s love for his son was introverted and practical. Since it is practical, of course, it is most straightforward to make decisions for him.
In addition, the teaching of the relationship between father and son has made many fathers firmly believe that my child belongs to me, and I have the right to be his master!
But the truth is: the child does not belong to anyone except himself.
  5. Masks in husband and wife relationship: The disagreement between husband and wife often affects the establishment of father-child relationship.
Therefore, sometimes it is not “father” but the role of “husband” that refuses to admit it. The toughness of the child is only shown to the wife.
  It ‘s not hard to apologize for the apology. Dads who are afraid of losing face: Fathers who are accustomed to face and armor may try to develop their ability to “apology” step by step.
An apologetic smile at the corner of the mouth, an apology symbol on the paper, an apologetic self-mockery at dinner . will make the child feel that you are respecting his feelings.
Respecting your child’s feelings is far more “correct” than sacrificing his feelings to protect your face.
  Dads who are afraid of losing family authority: Establishing the authority between father and son relationship sometimes requires “speaking eastward and striking west” and “Tai Chi strategy”.
Cultivate one’s flexibility and elasticity in the relationship, and cultivate an easy-to-use interactive space, which can be started by pulling up the child’s small hand.
Give it a try and let your eyes convey the affection and firmness, not the “fierce light” of false authority.
  Dads who think that making decisions is to love children: happiness is not between right and wrong, not authority and possession, but when you have the opportunity to embrace the child, use your solid arms to give him the warmest embrace;It’s about giving him the same trust and respect when you long for respect; it’s about opening up your heart and letting the love between you and your children flow, and you will find that the establishment of a father-son relationship is not difficult, and you are like thisIn a happy relationship, you will gradually learn to let go of your armor and body, become your child’s best friend, become a true and brave father in the eyes of your child, and become a truly perfect man.
  Dads affected by their own dads: Reorganize the relationship of the original family, understand that what the “father’s father” does is not the truth, and learn a new relationship model.
  Dads affected by husband and wife relationship: First resolve the conflict between husband and wife, separate roles, and do not use children as weapons.
  In addition to the above-mentioned “medical remedy” method, if you want to improve the relationship with your children, you may try “father-son relationship three one”: 1, a common hobby; develop at least one common hobby with your child, you will find: gamesThere is infinite creativity in love; 2, a drop of real tears; release your true emotions in front of the child, don’t be afraid to let him see your tears, whether this tear comes from guilt or happiness.
Because there are 10,000 expressions of “I love you”, which is not as good as a tear of my father; 一个 3. A spiritual space: Give your child a free and free spiritual space and let him fly and fly happily in your heart.

How many degrees have you burned for love?

How many degrees have you burned for love?


I don’t think there will be any good endings for a relationship between a girl and a boy who are more than 30 years old.

  YES-to Question 4; NO-to Question 2; 2.

If you are selected as a cadre in a group, you are not afraid of trouble and will gladly accept it?

  ES-to Question 5; NO-to Question 3; 3.

Are you a person who cares about the color and style of underwear?

  ES-to Question 5; NO-to Question 6; 4.

If you have the money to buy a villa, would you rather buy a villa by the lake rather than a hot spring villa?

  ES-to Question 7; NO-to Question 5; 5.

Do you often go to the beauty salon to wash and cut your hair?

  ES-to Question 8; NO-to Question 6; 6.

Would you be upset if you accidentally appeared in the same beautiful clothes as your friends?

  ES-to Question 8; NO-to Question 9; 7.

Do you think divorce is a shame?

  ES-to Question 10; NO-to Question 8; 8.

I feel that the world is not suitable for children at all, so is it best to have no children after marriage?

  ES-to Question 11; NO-to Question 9; 9.

When someone sends you a bouquet, do you prefer the elegant pink flowers instead of the bright flowers?

  YES-to Question 11; NO-to Question 12; 10.

Want to tell a friend right away when you have a lover?

  YES-to Question 13; NO-to Question 11; 11.

If someone asks, will you tell your horoscope and your actual age without concealment?

  YES-to Question 14; NO-to Question 12; 12.

You often work or study while listening to music, even preparing for the exam?

  YES-to Question 14; NO-to Question 15; 13.

Do you care about your lover, husband (wife) ‘s past relationship?

  YES-A; NO- to Question 14; 14.

In terms of shape alone, do you like the shape of pineapple more than cantaloupe?

  YES-B type; NO-to Question 15; 15.

Compared to Japanese food, do you prefer Western food?

  YES-C type; NO-D type: Analysis of type A: Your heart is 40 degrees C or higher for love and fever, it is as enthusiastic and fierce as the[furnace], burning fiercely, once you realize that[this person]If you do n’t get the other person’s hands, you will never give up; therefore, as long as you start to fall in love, do n’t look at other things at all, and if you do n’t feel warm, you ca n’t be considered a love at all, but whenWhen the relationship between them starts to cool down, you often ask to break up with each other without telling any emotion at all.

  Type B: 38 degrees for love fever. In the love you often surround[love at first sight], you like to experience the kind of fireworks that bloom in the summer night, do n’t care about the days and long, just care about the love sparks you once had; and you least knowHow to deal with intense and entangled love, for you, love must be this thing!

Happy and easy, too nerve-racking, too many problems, you don’t want to!

  Type C: For a fever of 37 degrees C, you will spend a lot of income and time almost every time you have a love relationship, so the number of love in your life will not be too much. For you,[the process of love]is the most beautiful, andIt ‘s not a question of the number and the ending; therefore you do n’t ask much for your lover, even if the other party is a great person, you will not unilaterally heat yourself up, but at the same time determine the other party ‘s ideas and cultivate each other ‘slove.

  Type D: For love and fever below 36 degrees C, your love is completely[passive]. Although you bring great hope for love, but you think that you can not see the unknown lover with hard work,It is better to be safely loved by others; therefore, it is often impossible to take control of the love situation and become a vulnerable group in love. You must know that you cannot actively grasp and pursue your own happiness in life, but it is the greatest waste.

The effect of olive oil is recommended by some of the seven beauty effects of olive oil.

The effect of olive oil is recommended by some of the seven beauty effects of olive oil.

First, the makeup remover * practices: first wash your face with warm water, then evenly apply olive oil, massage a little, then wipe the skin with olive oil.

*Efficacy: It can completely remove the cosmetics, dust and dirt hidden in the pores. If used with the mask, the effect is better.

Second, moisturizing * Usage: Autumn and winter seasons, hand joints, foot joints and tips and other parts are easy to dry and wrinkles, can be rubbed three times a week in normal dry, can be rubbed daily on particularly dry days.

*Efficacy: Olive oil has a moisturizing and maintenance effect. Olive oil is often used to restore the skin’s natural elasticity.

Third, whitening * practice: mix the right amount of milk with a small amount of olive oil, flour, honey and apply it on the board. After about 15 minutes, it can be washed with water.

 *Efficacy: If you use olive oil mixed with honey milk regularly, it can brighten and brighten the skin.

Fourth, hair care * practices: the usual hair care is very simple, in the comb before the head drops three or four drops of olive oil, and will not make the hair greasy.

In addition, after shampooing, dry your hair, apply olive oil evenly on wet hair, and then wrap your hair in a hot towel for 10 minutes.

*Efficacy: It can effectively block the damage of hair caused by wind and sun, and it can make hair become shiny and supple.

Fifth, fade the stains * Practice: first wash the oil stains of the shell with warm water, gently wipe off the water with a dry towel, and then apply the full face with a cotton pad and olive oil, 10?
After 15 minutes, apply a hot towel and gently wipe with a dry towel.

* Efficacy: often used in steps, can fade or even eliminate stains.

Sixth, wrinkle removal * Practice: After cleansing the skin, evenly apply olive oil, according to the beauty of the manual requirements, gently massage from bottom to top.

*Effect: Persistence, small wrinkles will slowly disappear, this method is suitable for the whole body to promote microcirculation, making the skin radiant and elastic.

Seven, lip * When the weather suddenly turns cold, when the cold or stomach is not good, some people often chapped lips, very uncomfortable.

At this time, in addition to paying attention to drinking water, just rub the olive oil to solve the problem.

* Tip: Stick to olive oil for two or three days, generally your lips can reproduce luster and be healthy.

Extreme consequences of wrinkle removal


Extreme consequences of wrinkle removal

Forty-year-old female teacher, after repeated and careful consideration, went to the hospital for wrinkle removal of the frontal lines and crow’s feet, and the operation was in the hairline.

Ten days later, it was time to remove the stitches. Not only did the incision heal, but also the infection was festering. After more than a month of dressing change, the wound finally grew, but in the hair area on both sides, a business card size was formed.”Bright scar”, no hair grows on it, which is medically called “scarring baldness”.

The teacher was very distressed at times, and sometimes caused the “bright scar” on his head to be dissatisfied by asking others if he could shine through the scar to others.

On weekdays, she had to reverse the wig and waited for half a year in pain.


hzh {display: none; }  靳先生是位“老三届”,在建设兵团的十余年里。After sun and rain, his face was much older than his actual age. After returning to the city, in order to devote himself to work and life with a new look, he underwent a comprehensive wrinkle removal procedure, but the result disappointed him.

The upper eyebrow is slightly higher on the other side, and one earlobe is much lower than the other. The severe upper part is obviously asymmetric. Only after a few months, it is adjusted again.

From the above examples, it is possible to abrasions. Wrinkle removal does not necessarily bring good physical and psychological effects, and may cause different degrees of injury.

So here it is.

It is necessary to explain the complications and unsatisfactory results of wrinkle removal, so that the majority of lovers have a certain understanding.

  The site of scar removal for bald hair removal is usually selected in the hair area to hide the tip.

However, during the surgery, the skin was excessively tightened, the scalp was removed too much, and the tension of the tip was replaced during the replacement of the backstage, which would cause excessively wide spots after healing and form bald areas.

In addition, excessive tension will cause local blood circulation disturbances and easily form local infections, which will aggravate residual traces and widen bald areas.

This is the case of the previous female teacher. Once a small amount of trace baldness is formed, it is only necessary to wait for 3-6 months before the residual traces soften and remove them.

  Face asymmetry is entirely caused by the inexperience of doctors and the lack of professional training in cosmetic surgery.

Due to the imprecise positioning, the suspension height of the tissue during surgery and the amount of skin cut are different, resulting in different positions of body surface organs and different skin tightness, such as eyebrows one high and one low; eye corners up and down; ear lobes not in oneWait on the plane, this is the situation of the potential Mr. Jin.

This situation had to be corrected by surgery again.

  Facial nerve injury This is the most serious complication of wrinkle removal.

Caused by upheaval.

Facial nerve injury is difficult to repair. It can be treated through nerve anastomosis, but the effect is not very satisfactory.

Of course, incomplete nerve damage can be repaired by itself and may return to normal.

  If the facial wrinkle reduction of the sensory disorder is to be extensively extended under the skin, the superficial sensory nerves will be destroyed, and paralysis and abnormal sensations will follow.

This is normal, and it takes weeks to months to recover from interruptions, similar to normal.

However, experienced physicians can avoid large sensory nerve damage.

This can greatly reduce the time of sensory disturbance.

  Unnatural expression wrinkle removal due to extensive subcutaneous peeling, causing separation of skin and expression muscles.

During the process of gradually re-healing with the expression muscles, some people will cause unnatural expressions, often dull expressions. Among them, the “glass” face is called “difficult”, especially the lower part of the face.
This is an affirmative process and usually returns to normal in about a month.

  There are also the possibility of multiple complications such as hematoma, infection, and the formation of marks on the top of the skin in the wrinkle removal site. However, with the cooperation of the experienced specialist and the subject, the occurrence of various complications may be greatly reduced.

Hula hoop can thin waist? How to turn hula hoop to lose weight


Hula hoop can thin waist? How to turn hula hoop to lose weight

Can hula hoops thin waist?

When the hula hoop reaches the aerobic exercise condition, it is beneficial to the burning of the whole body, naturally thin waist, and the hula hoop can also promote the gastrointestinal motility, help detoxification, and thin waist.

But one general rule is: long-term insistence on turning around the thin waist.

銆€銆€Can hula hoops thin waist?
銆€銆€The hula hoop can thin waist.

Because when the hula hoop reaches the stage of aerobic exercise, it can burn the whole body, and the waist and abdomen will naturally burn.

In addition, the hula hoop can help the body to wriggle, promote the digestion of the stomach, help to smooth the bowel movement, and also help to treat constipation.

銆€銆€How long does it take to hula hoop?

銆€銆€The hula hoop is not oxygen, aerobic exercise, aerobic exercise can consume a small amount, but the calorie consumption is relatively small, requiring a relatively long duration.

Therefore, in order to achieve the effect of hula hoop thin waist, it is necessary to adhere to it for a long time, so that the aunt of the waist and abdomen can be slowly dispelled under the action of exercise and massage.

銆€銆€First, you need to turn 4-6 times a week, 2-3 groups each time, each group turn 20-30 minutes.

You can rest for 20-30 minutes in the middle.

The intensity of the hula hoop is not strong, but there must be enough exercise time.

銆€銆€Note: 1.

Hula hoop weight hula hoops can not be greedy.

First of all, if your weight is lighter and your body is poorer, it is better to choose a lighter hula hoop.

Don’t be too heavy, the hula hoop needs to be very energetic, and it becomes a vertical movement, so that not only can you lose weight, but it will also be sore.


The part of the hula hoop is about the person who just touched the hula hoop. Maybe you don’t know which part of the body should be used to shake the hoop.

When the hula hoop is swinging, it should be at the junction of the thoracolumbar spine.

This is most helpful for reducing excess meat in the abdomen.


It is not suitable for people with lumbar muscle strain or calcium deficiency. Because the hula hoop is mainly relied on the waist, the waist muscle, abdominal muscles, side lumbar muscles and other parts are fully exercised, and the exercise can achieve the effect of tightening the waist and abdomen.

However, it is necessary to remind that those with lumbar muscle strain, spinal cord injuries, osteoporosis patients and the elderly are not suitable for exercise.

In addition, before shaking the hula hoop, do some expansion exercises first, reduce the ligaments, and avoid sprains.

銆€銆€General: Exercise to lose weight is not a day or two, too much is not caused by two days a day, no matter how you force the exercise, remember to grasp a principle: both sustained, a little breathing and not too much asthma.

銆€銆€Other thin waist method 1.

Take a deep breath every day, every day, expand, relax your body, and your hands will naturally sag.

Open your feet and shoulder width, take a deep breath: When inhaling, the abdomen will bulge, that is, use the abdominal breathing instead of the girl’s own chest to breathe for three seconds, then breathe the stomach.

Try to make the contraction of the stomach bigger, from slow to fast, and you can stop if you feel tired.


Do housework and abdomen. Start today as a hardworking good boy.

For example, do not use a vacuum cleaner when sweeping the floor. Use a rag and a broom to consciously increase your amount of exercise. When you choose to wash clothes and iron at a high temperature, you will sweat a lot. If you are hungry, you will make yourself a fine.Slimming lunch, and can control your food intake.


Before using the salt to cover the stomach, take a cup of coarse salt and add hot water to stir it into a paste, then apply it to the abdomen.

After 10 minutes, rinse the coarse salt with hot water, or massage it and then wash it off, then you can start taking a bath.

Or, after the shower, sprinkle a spoonful of coarse salt on the palm of your hand and massage the abdomen directly. Don’t use too much force to avoid roughening your skin.

銆€銆€4.Water and beverages should try to drink a cup of warm water before breakfast. You can clear the initial, put in the blood viscosity, lower blood pressure and control the amount of food.

It is recommended not to drink beer and other beverages containing carbon dioxide. Do not eat too much for each meal. Do not drink water immediately after dinner.

Health basketball spokesperson Wiggins hit the preseason so badly?


Fans: Let’s let Ross come.

Health basketball spokesperson Wiggins hit the preseason so badly?
Fans: Let’s let Ross come.

The preseason is not a regular season and will not count as a team’s new season record, so the outcome is not important, mainly in training and looking for the game, most of the head coach will not let the main players play more than 20 minutes.Time to prevent injury!

Because the intensity is not too big, players can generally play well, even if it is not good, it will not be too bad.

But the Timberwolves are very embarrassed because their main small forward Wiggins played 26 minutes, but only 11 of 11 shots, 11 points, 4 rebounds and 3 turnovers. This performance is not bad.!
In fact, Wiggins failed in the regular season and the playoffs last season. As the No. 1 pick, he is not like the report of the portrait ball and the prediction of the experts. He has excellent physical fitness during college and is very aggressive.And the ball is high, the field is full of creativity, is considered to be LeBron, but played for four years in the NBA, although his average is close to 20 points, but in fact it is not efficient.

In addition to the outstanding physical quality of the dry pull and the breakthrough in the conversion attack, he does not have much to play.

The body is not strong enough to fight back, break through the rhythm, poor fouling ability, shooting speed, three-pointer only more than 35% in one season, in addition to being a forward, he does not have the overall situation like James, rebounding ability in the sameThe position is also the middle and lower level.

But the team still chose to believe in his talent, and gave him 5 years 1 last summer.

The maximum salary of 4.8 billion, but his performance last season is completely sorry for the team’s trust in him. After Jimmy Butler’s arrival, he did not have some ball rights, but the offensive efficiency increased again, and the game was careless, playing without blood.The number of mistakes increased.

Take this preseason as an example and even relax and not be like this, even worse than the team’s edge player Okoji and veteran Toliver!

Jimmy Butler’s dissatisfaction with him is not unreasonable, because Wiggins’ performance is really bad now.

On the contrary, Rose, who made up the bench, played well. He scored 16 points and 2 steals in 6 of 10 shots in 21 minutes.

Downs praised Rose: he played very aggressive and very good. He has already recovered the feeling of getting the MVP. In fact, he has always been good, just because of injuries, if he is healthy, we willStronger.

Because of this, it is inevitable that the fans will have doubts. If Wiggins has been playing this way, should it be abandoned?

Should I give Rose more performance opportunities?

How to identify children with autism, these symptoms should be noted


How to identify children with autism, these symptoms should be noted

Children with autism are significantly different from normal babies.

The following scenario describes the most obvious difference between a normal baby and a baby with autism, which can lead to a baby’s autism tendency.

Once you find that your baby is performing abnormally, be sure to seek medical attention as soon as possible and implement early intervention as soon as possible.

For children with autism, the sooner the earlier the intervention is, the better the effect is. Therefore, early identification of autism is very important.

As soon as I discovered autism, my baby would have more hope for normal life.

Social and Interpersonal Relationship Disorders Description 1 Normal baby: A baby who is less than half a year will look at the face of others, showing an expectation and a happy mood for the teasing and intimacy of others.

About half a year old, the baby begins to recognize, showing that he is unwilling to be separated from Mommy or a close guardian. If a stranger is close, he will cry or show obvious dissatisfaction.

Autistic baby: The baby will not look at the mother’s face, and no one will smile; when the mother feeds the baby, the body will not be close to the mother; when the mother reaches for the baby, she will not pose in a welcoming position, and the eyes will not face the hug.His people, who do not respond to the teasing and intimacy of others, do not care about the attachment behavior of parents who do not have normal babies, and when parents come or go.

Rarely crying, never sticking to people, usually more than a normal baby accidentally “squatting”.

Description 2 Normal baby: After the age of one, the baby always follows the parents or other close guardians like a small shadow, imitating their movements, and actively communicates with people with eyes, movements and simple words.

Adults will be comforted if they encounter difficulties or feel uncomfortable and have a bad mood.

Autistic baby: The baby has no attachment to his parents. He does not feel cringe when he gets along with strangers. He does not know how to communicate with others. If you encounter difficulties or feel uncomfortable, you may not be indifferent or know how to ask for help.

Description 3 Normal Baby: Two-year-old babies are full of energy around them. They are passionate about all kinds of fun games and activities. They are rich in content when playing toys and games, and they have learned to follow the rules of the game when playing with other children.
Autistic baby: The baby is indifferent to everything that happens around, likes to be alone, does not play with children; does not know how to play with toys, does not follow the rules of the game, just plays in his own unique way, for some objects that are not toysVery obsessed, especially like monotonous, repetitive movements, very sensitive to the position of the items, do not like any form of change.

If someone tries to change him, it will be very annoying.

Sometimes I want to communicate with children, but I don’t know how to communicate.

For example, you may suddenly run to shoot someone, hit someone or swear, and then leave if you have nothing to do.

His behavior seems meaningless.

Speech and communication barrier description 1 Normal baby: Before the baby understands the words, he already knows how to communicate with people by sound, movement, expression, etc. It is like being hungry, sleepy, uncomfortable, and will cry through differentSound to express your wishes.

The baby is happy and will be giggling.

Mothers who have been with the baby for a long time can judge the baby’s needs based on these differences.

When the baby is older, he can understand a lot of words and start to learn English.

Autistic Baby: Your baby’s understanding of language is difficult and there is no desire to communicate with others.

By the age of the school, there is still no one to learn to speak.

Description 2 Normal baby: Two or three years old baby has already said a lot, and knows how to use the language to communicate and communicate effectively with the surrounding people.

For some sentences that I have never heard before, I will be very interested and like to imitate.

Autistic baby: The baby’s language development is obviously slow, and there is often no response to other people’s questions.

Even talking, and not actively talking to people, but often say that some do not know where to learn, similar to reciting TV commercials and so on.

But presumably speaking, I don’t understand the true meaning of the language he speaks, and I don’t know how to use them in certain situations.

They often use inappropriate words, can’t distinguish between you and me, or repeat the same sentence repeatedly, the language is boring, and there is very little communication and communication, which makes people feel unintelligible.

Cognitive and Perceptual Disorder Description 1 Normal baby: The baby is full of curiosity about all new things, likes to keep asking questions, exploring, like to watch it, and loves toys more, can play a lot of tricks with toys, size, shape,Colors, seasons, etc. have a preliminary understanding, and have a certain understanding of the relationship between many concepts and concepts.

Autistic baby: The baby is not interested in games, toys, etc., but shows other special substitutions for other things, such as wheels, pots and pans, etc. The living habits are the same, some insist on sitting in a fixed position.Stick to the same chair, take a fixed route, play a fixed toy, and once his level is disrupted, he will be very annoyed.

The various concepts that are difficult to understand do not know how to combine freely and flexibly apply various concepts.

Most of them are mentally retarded, but some babies have extraordinary memories of numbers, dates, place names, routes, etc. They are very sensitive to music. They can quickly master the playing skills of pianos, keyboards and other musical instruments, and become so-called “idiot scholars” in the future.

Description 2 Normal baby: When the baby is very small, it will respond normally to sound, light, taste, pain and so on.

For example, if you hear your mother’s voice, you will turn your head and look for it; if you see a brightly colored item, you will follow your eyes.

Autistic Baby: Your baby’s perception of sound, light, taste, pain, etc. is easy to go to two extremes: either too sensitive or too dull, showing a special substitution for a certain feeling or a strong reaction to a certain feeling.

For example, some babies often walk back and forth, turn circles, repeatedly jump, swing their heads, and repeat the same movement without bothering; some babies are particularly sensitive to sound, and when they hear a certain sound, they will be very scared; some babies feel painful.Slow, often self-injury and so on.

“Kidney deficiency” do not make up for yourself

However, as more and more “aphrodisiac, kidney-reinforcing” products are found to have exposure to large doses of active ingredients of western medicine, health products and proprietary Chinese medicines to nourish kidney and impotence, there are many factors causing sexual dysfunction, such as prostatitis and diabetes.High blood pressure, high blood fat, etc. Sexual dysfunction is often the first manifestation of these diseases. It is not difficult to cure sexual dysfunction, and it will delay the treatment of the primary disease, causing serious consequences.
  ”Kidney deficiency” is only a factor of sexual dysfunction in Chinese medicine. Even if it is “kidney deficiency”, it is divided into “kidney yin deficiency” and “kidney yang deficiency”. Of course, the medication used in treatment is also different, and in the course of treatment.The doctor also needs to adjust the treatment according to the patient’s disease.
These people of knowledge are difficult to master, and they can easily treat kidneys and impotence to treat impotence, which not only wastes money but also delays the treatment of diseases.
  Relevant experts stressed that whether it is to choose Chinese medicine treatment or Western medical treatment, we must choose a regular medical institution for treatment and treatment under the guidance of a qualified doctor.