Mo Xiaosheng smiled and nodded,Then turned and walked down,I met Ye Bing’s eyes,Walk out quickly。

But what they don’t know is,After the two of them just walked out the door of the living room,Zhang Yousi on the stairs suddenly staggered,The right half of the body jerked against the wall on the side,Only then barely supported,A painful grin on his face,Sweat on the forehead。
“dad,Are you OK?”
Zhang Yiting’s expression suddenly changed,Hurriedly supported his father。
“Nothing……fast,Help me upstairs……”Zhang Yousi said in pain,Weak voice,The left half of the body is trembling slightly。
Zhang Yiting quickly helped him go upstairs。
After Mo Xiaosheng and Ye Bing walked out of Zhang Yihong’s house,And walked in the direction of parking,All the way to the car,Ye Bingcai asked in a low voice:“how about it,Did you find any clues??Is it him?”
Mo Xiaosheng shook his head,I remembered the scene where I was shooting Zhang Yousi,I can’t help but feel suspicious,I guessed it wrong,Although his shot is not strong,But if Zhang Yousi’s arm is really broken,It will definitely be painful。
“uncertain,What do you mean?”Ye Bing doubted,“Didn’t you say you interrupted his left arm,Stabbed his left leg??I don’t think his legs and arms are unusual!”
“The wound on the leg is easy to say,As Zhang You,It’s easy to get the hemostatic and muscle-promoting ointment from our pharmaceutical factory,So the stab wound on Zhang Yousi’s leg may have been cured,But the injury of his left arm is definitely not healed!”Mo Xiaosheng frowned and said。
To know,On that day, he smashed the left arm of the man with the mask,An absolute comminuted fracture,This is only a few days away,Even the best bone strengthening medicine,It won’t heal where,So this mask man,It may not be Zhang Yousi。

do you know,Mr. Lu Xiaofeng’s current reputation,It’s absolutely perfect!

Not to mention the great achievements and prestige of Lu Xiaofeng in music,Just talk about him and Teacher Chu Liuxiang who broke out recently,Put almost all the money together in obscurity,All donated to education in the mountainous area,Donated to children,He is already invincible!
No one dares to accuse him,To discredit him,To mock him!
You are so bold,Is this going against the sky??
Or maybe your Phoenix Records has expanded so much that you feel that you are invincible,Have you been lonely for too long!?
Wait there will be^_^
First471chapter Boiling!(Four shifts)
When almost everyone thinks like this,The agent Lin Zhicheng who brought Li Bi to the awards ceremony was almost scared.。
If it’s not really weak,,No strength,He will be desperate,Drag Li Bi directly,Scolded her。

“Ok!Then I’m going to work on mine first。”

Cha Zhifu finished,hang up the phone,Jump up and croak,Because of my own calculations,Finally succeeded。
“Do i know this person?”
See people sitting not far away,Always look to myself。
Lin Yu who is eating,Squinted my eyes to remember,Do you know this person?。
But I remember for a long time,Still unexpected,Memories of me and this person。
far away,The detective staring at Lin Yu。
Never expected,This person,I found myself staring at him。
Seeing the other person looking towards me,The detective lowered his head instantly,Take out the phone,Dududu,Quickly edit information to Miran,Let him come quickly,I was discovered。
In the car,Miran who rushed with Master,Never expected,Lin Yu unexpectedly discovered the existence of a detective。
See this one,Miran looked at the driver as the driver opened his mouth:“driver,Boost,I give you double the money。”
As soon as I heard that there was double money,The car that was still slow,Double the speed instantly。
at the same time!Jiangnan Province!Jinjia!“Dad,Why do you arrange so many male bodyguards for me?”

Jiang Yuan couldn’t help coughing。

——It’s so undecent。
Fang Hao and Luo Xiaohu should have looked at them like this,Instead of reverse input。
For a star,It’s really shameful。
Chi Jiao and Qu Wan’er wake up from their nympho state,His face is all red。
That’s really undecent。
——But this little brother is really handsome!
Twisted,Qu Waner speaks first:“Are you the first guest??”
This one“you”Of course it refers to Fang Hao。
Luo Xiaohu?
Who is he?Is there this person?
“Yes Yes Yes,Xiaohu and I came first,We just went fishing for fish and shrimp。”
Fang Hao said,Reached out to them:

And he has already figured out Mo Xiaosheng’s bottom line.,Ordinary family,Experience ordinary,The trajectory of life is roughly the same as that of most otaku,The difference is that he was lucky,Married a beautiful wife,Nothing else。

So he wondered,Since this Mo Xiaosheng has no military experience,No experience in martial arts,How did he hurt his men。
“I advise you to come from wherever you go,Otherwise i hurt you,Will not be responsible。”Mo Xiaosheng has already packed up now,Look towards Zeng Lin,The voice gradually cooled down。
“Mr. Mo,I know you can call,Zeng wanted to ask for advice。”
Zeng Lin said taking off his suit,Throw aside,Only a white shirt left,Cold voice:“Don’t say we bully you too much,We two one on one,I won,You follow me,I lost,Leave it to you。”
Mo Xiaosheng hesitated,I don’t seem to be doing anything today,I can’t send them,So he nodded,“alright,but。”
Unexpectedly, Li Zhen on the side suddenly shouted in a deep voice:“Just you thief,What’s the use of our husband,I deal with you,More than enough!”
After talking, he was naked,Carrying scars,Stand upright towards the door,Extraordinary momentum。
First0077Chapter shot
“You were a soldier?”
Zeng Lin looked at the scar on Li Zhen’s body,Can’t help being cautious,Glancing his eyes on Li Zhen’s steel body,Quite afraid。
“Be it。”Li Zhenlang said。
“Brother Li,I just told you,You are not suitable for strenuous exercise。”Mo Xiaosheng stepped forward,Stop him behind,

Jiang Yiyun looked at Fang Yu,Probably guessed something。

Fang Yu called Jiang Wan’er quickly,No one answered!
That means。
That’s too late!
This time,Jiang Wan’er is dying Huangquan!
“but it does not matter……Because of the last time,I put a tracker on Wan’er’s clothes!You can see where Wan’er is going!”
Jiang Yiyun took out his phone,Look at the location。
I found that I was walking straight out of the suburbs。
“Phone me,I’ll chase!”
Fang Yu won the phone,Drove straight after。
Waner,Don’t worry!
otherwise,Fang Yu feels uneasy!
First261chapter I stand in front of you!
Fang Yu drove to the stop position。
Get off quickly,Rushed over!
Fang Yu walked over and took a look,The tracker is down!
That means,Wan’er’s clue,Completely broken!
Fang Yu is depressed!

Murong Shan said of course。

Yang Shiyun regrets instantly!What is bad,Have to talk about this topic,Didn’t this hit yourself at the gunpoint?!
Chen Hao didn’t answer this question,Because this topic is also the topic she doesn’t want to involve。
“what’s the situation?Why don’t you two talk anymore?Shy??”
Murong Shan asked again on purpose。
“I won’t be shy,I have a thick skin。”
Yang Shiyun immediately pretended to say,A nonchalant look,But if you compare it with Chen,She really needs to be relatively thick,This is true。
Chen Hao smiled awkwardly and said nothing,Yang Shiyun can’t just finish saying that she has a thick skin,She immediately said that she has a thin skin……
“Oh?I haven’t found this,I have seen you blushing and shy several times。”
Murong Shan immediately opened up what Yang Shiyun said。
“Then you must be wrong,How could i be shy?I’m a policeman,And also a detective。”
Yang Shiyun sophistry。
“I say sister……Are you a policeman,Does it matter whether you are shy or blush??Are you too good to contact me?。”
Murong Shan looked at Yang Shiyun depressed and said。
“Big sister,You just let me talk nonsense once?Why have to expose me??Really is。”Yang Shiyun said spoiledly,She must have not noticed this problem herself;She’s getting used to acting like a baby when she talks……But this is a good thing,That she finally got the hang of it,I know how to be a real girl,At her current age,It’s okay to say she is a woman,
It’s also appropriate to say she is a girl,So if she acted like a baby,No one feels disgusted and awkward。

Heard Peng Changyi’s scolding,Ding Yi doesn’t run anymore,Yes,What’s up?She traveled all the way to the northernmost part of the grassland of the motherland,What’s up?Didn’t you just come to him??I just want to give love a chance?but,but……

She couldn’t cry,Wrongly threw into Peng Changyi’s arms,Crying:“Sorry,not coming,I want to leave here,I want to go home……”
Her cry,Was heard by Jiang Fan who came closer,Jiang Fan just about to speak,Peng Changyi reached out and stopped him。
Peng Changyi holds Ding Yi,Keep patting her back,Said:“Ok,Ok,We go home,We will go home,but,Why are we here so far?,Didn’t you come to see the mayor??Don’t you have something to tell the mayor??Do you have any questions for him on the road??”
“Woo——”Ding Yizha burst into tears in Peng Changyi’s arms:“Do not……No more,I will not say anymore……Don’t ask anymore……”
Peng Changyi looked at Jiang Fan and Secretary Ulihan and the woman not far away,Said deliberately:“you love him,He loves you too,right?”
Ding Yi raised his head,Looking at Jiang Fan two steps away,Jiang Fan nodded,Subconsciously reach out to him。
Ding Yi’s tears flowed more happily,She said desperately:“Do not,No more love,I will never love……”
Jiang Fan is standing two steps away,Heartache,But he dare not speak,Don’t dare to stimulate Ding Yi forward,I can only look at her bitterly。
Peng Changyi held Ding Yi tightly,Said excitedly:“it is good,it is good,No more love,We don’t love anymore,but,We came all the way,Why should I talk to him before leaving??”
Ding Yi raised his head,Looked at Jiang Fan,Looked at Peng Changyi again,Said:“it is good,You say it,I go to the car。”Talking,Leaving Peng Changyi,Ran into the car quickly。
Xiao Xu next to him doesn’t know what to do,He saw Ding Yi running towards the car over there,I had to follow her behind。
When Xiao Xu was approaching the car, Ding Yi,Pressed the remote control,Ding Yi opened the car door and went in。
Xiao Xu look at Ding Yi’s side,Look at Peng Changyi and Jiang Fan over there,He walked over。
Through the car window,Ding Yi saw Peng Changyi talking to Jiang Fan,I saw Jiang Fan wanted to talk a few times,Seems to be interrupted by Peng Changyi’s gestures。Finally Jiang Fan beat his head,Akimbo,Turned his head to the side,After a while,What are you talking to Peng Changyi……

Chapter three hundred and nineteen Didn’t you wet the bed when you were young

“The third type is dyskinesia,Mainly dyskinesia,Simultaneously smart down,Watch heart is unstable walking,OK,Stiff limbs。”
“And the clinical symptoms of this patient,There is a great possibility that all three!Because he was poisoned too deeply,In that high concentration of gas environment,He only needs to stay longer than one minute,Basically all his brain cells will die,And there is no way to save it。”
The doctor finally gave a brief summary of the medical common sense that he wanted to introduce to everyone。
Qin Liang,Yang Shiyun and Liu Xiaoyun looked at each other,I don’t know what to say……
“Do you have any questions you want to ask me??”
The doctor saw no one to speak,So I asked actively。
“Can we still interrogate him??”
Liu Xiaoyun also asked a very idiot,But it’s a very critical issue,This is the only reason the three of them are eager to find a doctor,So she has to ask。
“basically……There won’t be any possibility,According to my clinical experience,The most serious gas poisoning patient like him,Even if the rescue comes back,He also and a……He can only be one who can breathe,Someone who can still feel his heartbeat。”
The doctor obviously changed his wording in the middle of speaking,But Yang Shiyun,Qin Liang and Liu Xiaoyun both understand,What the doctor wanted to say was:He is no different from a dead person!
“Could something unexpected happen?For example, he is still conscious,Can communicate with people normally,speak。”
Yang Shiyun hasn’t given up yet,Still tentatively asking……
“Impossible!The probability that this possibility exists is zero。”
The doctor answered blankly。
“Oh,Trouble you,Thank you。”
Qin Liang hurriedly thanked the doctor,Then pulled Yang Shiyun and Liu Xiaoyun out of the doctor’s office。
“It seems that my foresight is correct。”
Qin Liang dragged the two girls to a corner with no one,Immediately smiled bitterly and said to them both。

Liu Xiaoyun screamed loudly!

“Do not……Do not……Not intentional!really not……Deliberate!”
Marin’s face is green!I quickly retracted my hand as if I touched the switch!He never dreamed;This Liu Xiaoyun dare to play so big!
“You touched my hand,What to do?You are responsible for me?Should I go back and tell sister Xin’er?Let her settle the account with you?”
。Nine Heavens God Emperor
Chapter two thousand eighty and ninety Are you a blessing in disguise
Chapter two thousand eighty and ninety Are you a blessing in disguise
Liu Xiaoyun looked at Ma Lin with aggrieved expression。
“Xiaoyun……Are you trying to kill your brother Marin??”
Qin Liang almost died laughing,He now admires Liu Xiaoyun so much!This girl is too strong!too frightening!It seems that when she teased herself before,Is already quite merciful。
“Granny Yuner,Yuner Little Ancestor!I didn’t offend you!”
Marlin is almost crying!This game really scared him to play!
“It’s over!You touched my pure little hand,Ugh……”
Liu Xiaoyun sighed sadly with a melancholy expression。
“Did not touch……Just accidentally bumped into it……”
Malin helplessly excuses himself“Guilt”,Although he knew Liu Xiaoyun was teasing herself on purpose,But this girl is too courageous,Too many ghost ideas,Who knows how she will continue to play next?!
So if you continue,I really want to be killed by her just once!
“Still sophistry?Touch it,Don’t admit it after touching it, right??”