“Kidney deficiency” do not make up for yourself

However, as more and more “aphrodisiac, kidney-reinforcing” products are found to have exposure to large doses of active ingredients of western medicine, health products and proprietary Chinese medicines to nourish kidney and impotence, there are many factors causing sexual dysfunction, such as prostatitis and diabetes.High blood pressure, high blood fat, etc. Sexual dysfunction is often the first manifestation of these diseases. It is not difficult to cure sexual dysfunction, and it will delay the treatment of the primary disease, causing serious consequences.
  ”Kidney deficiency” is only a factor of sexual dysfunction in Chinese medicine. Even if it is “kidney deficiency”, it is divided into “kidney yin deficiency” and “kidney yang deficiency”. Of course, the medication used in treatment is also different, and in the course of treatment.The doctor also needs to adjust the treatment according to the patient’s disease.
These people of knowledge are difficult to master, and they can easily treat kidneys and impotence to treat impotence, which not only wastes money but also delays the treatment of diseases.
  Relevant experts stressed that whether it is to choose Chinese medicine treatment or Western medical treatment, we must choose a regular medical institution for treatment and treatment under the guidance of a qualified doctor.