How many degrees have you burned for love?

How many degrees have you burned for love?


I don’t think there will be any good endings for a relationship between a girl and a boy who are more than 30 years old.

  YES-to Question 4; NO-to Question 2; 2.

If you are selected as a cadre in a group, you are not afraid of trouble and will gladly accept it?

  ES-to Question 5; NO-to Question 3; 3.

Are you a person who cares about the color and style of underwear?

  ES-to Question 5; NO-to Question 6; 4.

If you have the money to buy a villa, would you rather buy a villa by the lake rather than a hot spring villa?

  ES-to Question 7; NO-to Question 5; 5.

Do you often go to the beauty salon to wash and cut your hair?

  ES-to Question 8; NO-to Question 6; 6.

Would you be upset if you accidentally appeared in the same beautiful clothes as your friends?

  ES-to Question 8; NO-to Question 9; 7.

Do you think divorce is a shame?

  ES-to Question 10; NO-to Question 8; 8.

I feel that the world is not suitable for children at all, so is it best to have no children after marriage?

  ES-to Question 11; NO-to Question 9; 9.

When someone sends you a bouquet, do you prefer the elegant pink flowers instead of the bright flowers?

  YES-to Question 11; NO-to Question 12; 10.

Want to tell a friend right away when you have a lover?

  YES-to Question 13; NO-to Question 11; 11.

If someone asks, will you tell your horoscope and your actual age without concealment?

  YES-to Question 14; NO-to Question 12; 12.

You often work or study while listening to music, even preparing for the exam?

  YES-to Question 14; NO-to Question 15; 13.

Do you care about your lover, husband (wife) ‘s past relationship?

  YES-A; NO- to Question 14; 14.

In terms of shape alone, do you like the shape of pineapple more than cantaloupe?

  YES-B type; NO-to Question 15; 15.

Compared to Japanese food, do you prefer Western food?

  YES-C type; NO-D type: Analysis of type A: Your heart is 40 degrees C or higher for love and fever, it is as enthusiastic and fierce as the[furnace], burning fiercely, once you realize that[this person]If you do n’t get the other person’s hands, you will never give up; therefore, as long as you start to fall in love, do n’t look at other things at all, and if you do n’t feel warm, you ca n’t be considered a love at all, but whenWhen the relationship between them starts to cool down, you often ask to break up with each other without telling any emotion at all.

  Type B: 38 degrees for love fever. In the love you often surround[love at first sight], you like to experience the kind of fireworks that bloom in the summer night, do n’t care about the days and long, just care about the love sparks you once had; and you least knowHow to deal with intense and entangled love, for you, love must be this thing!

Happy and easy, too nerve-racking, too many problems, you don’t want to!

  Type C: For a fever of 37 degrees C, you will spend a lot of income and time almost every time you have a love relationship, so the number of love in your life will not be too much. For you,[the process of love]is the most beautiful, andIt ‘s not a question of the number and the ending; therefore you do n’t ask much for your lover, even if the other party is a great person, you will not unilaterally heat yourself up, but at the same time determine the other party ‘s ideas and cultivate each other ‘slove.

  Type D: For love and fever below 36 degrees C, your love is completely[passive]. Although you bring great hope for love, but you think that you can not see the unknown lover with hard work,It is better to be safely loved by others; therefore, it is often impossible to take control of the love situation and become a vulnerable group in love. You must know that you cannot actively grasp and pursue your own happiness in life, but it is the greatest waste.