Even now Yang Feng has Abao Entertainment,People are choosing between Shen Huan and him,I will definitely choose Shen Huan。

Because Shen Huan’s film and television resources are very strong。
Behind him is Chu Liuxiang, a mysterious super famous writer,Every book written should be turned into a movie,There is also a TV drama script written specifically,It’s even more popular。
Shen Huan himself is the same,Every song he writes is a classic,Every variety show plan you do can bring huge benefits。
You say such a person,Stars and actors don’t lick their feet,What are they waiting for?
Including has not officially entered the entertainment circle,Students who just went to school and played guest roles,I hope to meet Shen Huan,In the future, there will be opportunities for Shen Huan to remember herself when choosing a role。
But their courage,But it was inadvertently blocked by Yang Kaixin and Yang Feng。
A group of people are so anxious。
If I missed this opportunity,God knows when there will be a suitable opportunity to talk to Shen Huan。
Yang Feng didn’t know,I became a villain who blocked stars and students。
He chatted with Shen Huan very happily。
“Zhang Huawei told me,Let me prepare funds and various equipment for him as soon as possible。”Yang Fengdao,“As soon as you get your script,He will form a team soon,While studying the script,While choosing actors,Strive to get in early,Start early。”

So although Li Bi thought about it before,But didn’t take it to heart。

But now Shen Huan said it’s different,Shen Huan said useful,She feels trustworthy。
“This year,If there is no inventory,How to survive in the arena?”Shen Huan laughed,“I still have a few bottles in my hand,Just to spare,Didn’t you just use it now??”
Li Bi sees what he is talking about,Feel more at ease,“but……Have you used?Confirmed valid?”
Talking,She exposed her whole head。
Then Li Bi carefully untied a smaller piece of gauze,Reveals a cut about5Mm semicircular blood red scar,“See,This directly destroys the skin and the muscle tissue inside,The doctor said unless it is re-grafting and microdermabrasion,But even so,Can’t be exactly the same as before。”
Speaking of here,Li Bi suddenly became depressed,“This is the smallest scar on the face,The biggest is3Cm long!I won’t talk about it……I’m furious!”
Shen Huan didn’t let her cover up the wound,But gently pulled the gauze away for her,The way of harmony:“This is an upgraded version of my latest configuration,The effect is ten times better than before。Can you let me try,Otherwise, this face will go directly to Tai Chi Country for surgery,After coming back, fans call you artificial beauty.What do women do?”
“Just call。”Li Bi muttered,Didn’t stop Shen Huan’s actions,“Anyway, I don’t rely on appearance to eat。”
“That’s right,Can post your family,And your kids saw it,A bit awkward?”Shen Huan smiled。
Li Bibai gave him a look,But suddenly his face flushed。
Shen Huan didn’t notice her performance,But took out a round small bottle from the bag。
Open it,Li Bi’s nose took two deep breaths,Smile on his face:“Good smell~~”
When the bottle is opened,A pure fragrance that reveals the breath of nature hits the face,It makes people feel as if they are in a time of communication in spring and summer,It feels the same in a sea of forest flowers。
“This ointment,Even the top cosmetics I use can’t match。”Li Bi’s eyes are full of stars,“Shen Huan,I kind of believe you。”
The teenager smiled,I took out another bag of cotton swabs and opened it,Take out one and wipe a little,Wiped it on Li Bi’s face wound。
Although this wound is a new wound made yesterday,But because the explosive force is not big,So the wound is not deep,The bleeding has already stopped and coagulated。
When Shen Huan applied it on,Used a little bit of strength,Li Bi feels a little pain,But she still bravely held back。

Thought of here,She added:

“do not worry,The salary will never be lower than your current salary,I can give you six thousand a month。”
Seeing Fang Hao frowned deeply,Thought he was not satisfied,So again:
“Eight thousand is fine,Board and lodging,Well behaved,There will be a year-end bonus。”
“Stop talking,”Fang Hao said with a bitter smile,“I can’t drive,No way to do this job。”
“Can’t drive,You can learn。”Guo Miaomiao said,“I can pay the tuition for you,When learning to drive,You can live with me,I have covered board and lodging。”
Fang Hao has some excitement,But after thinking,Still shaking his head:
“Forget it,Sister Miao Miao,I won’t learn to drive in my life。Now when I think of myself going to drive,Just think of that car accident,Left me too deep a psychological shadow,I don’t think I can get through that hurdle in my life。”
This is the truth。
Although it seems that this car accident made him a blessing in disguise,From ugly to handsome,But the scene where I was hit by a car,Keep showing in his mind,Appeared in his dreams many times。
The psychological shadow is too big。
If not for this reason,He will definitely agree to Guo Miaomiao’s arrangement。
To be a driver,Eat by hand,Not for selling,Nothing shameful。
It’s just that he mentioned the car accident,The driver Guo Miaomiao was ashamed,Lower your head and say:“Sorry,Xiaohao,I really didn’t mean it。”
Fang Hao quickly said:“You don’t have to say that,I’m not accusing you,I just explain to you,Why am I afraid to learn to drive。You have done well,Sister Miao Miao。”
“Xiaohao, don’t worry,I will find you a good job。”Guo Miaomiao clenched his fists,Seriously。
Paused,Said again:
“If you don’t find a good job in a day,I’ll support you for one day!”


Chapter Sixty Three:Li Xuan(Starting point collection1000Dora,Brothers are awesome)
Back Mountain of the Academy,The popularity continues to increase with the increase of disciples。
Although Li Xuan is an auditor,,But when the master taught the disciples,And will not deliberately avoid Li Xuan,After all, being able to enter the back mountain is also a kind of fate。
It is estimated that the old emperor will live well in a few years,Wuming moved his mind,Want to bring Li Xuan under。
Accept Li Xuan,It’s not a whim。Although not officially implemented,But it is still very necessary in Wuming’s eyes。
“I want to accept Li Xuan as a disciple”Wuming said to the master。
“Accept it”The master said indifferently。
“Don’t you want to take it?”Wuming said。
“I don’t want to accept,So i won’t accept,But you can accept it if you want,There is just one more person left and right,Not much”The master said nothing。
“Not afraid of backlash in the future?”Wuming asked。
“I have killed more than one Tang king,I don’t think you care if you kill another one”Said the master。
The nameless collection of Li Xuan is naturally for the position of King Tang,Not coveting the rights of King Tang,I just want Datang to unify the world,If Haotian’s power comes from faith,If Datang unifies the world,Can we better control the world’s beliefs。
At this time, Li Xuan was following Jun Mo to chop wood in the back mountain,To say that cutting wood means practicing sword。
no way,He can’t understand other people’s cultivation at all。
Big Brother Li Slowly,Holding a book all day,Keep reading。Did it make a hey laugh,I don’t know if there is really something funny in the book。Except reading,The rest of the big brother is like a retired old man,Follow the master,fishing、Drink tea,Look at the realm of cultivation, just not confused。Li Xuan said that he is already Dong Xuan,This big brother has such a good master for nothing,Don’t know to seize the opportunity,Wasting great time。
Third Sister Yu Lian,Copy books all day,Copy a copy every day,The copy is still in small letters,I don’t know if I have a preference for this delicate font。Except copy books,I just squatted and watched Li read slowly every day,Or fuqin、Paint,It’s not like practicing,This should belong to everyone。
Only the second brother can barely be regarded as a normal practice routine,Practice sword。
Holding a sword every day,Chopping bamboo in the bamboo forest in Houshan,Not only cutting bamboo,Sometimes thorn bamboo。The sword hole is pierced by a thick bamboo bowl,Another one,Prick again。A sting is a whole day,Then in a strange posture,Keep writhing,That posture is extremely difficult,Barely tried a few times,Li Xuan’s desperate discovery,Concubine can’t do it。

There is no express delivery in the village,I can only ask in town。

During the Chinese New Year, no one will pick up such business,How can it be a few days after the end of the year?。
Ye Wenwen has no objection,Just frowned,Said:“I’m going to work on the eighth day,Will it delay your business??”
“Let’s first ask if there is any profit,If there is a profit,Your job is gone,I don’t have much money anyway。”Fang Hao said indifferently。
If there is something to do,Able to sell a lot of fruit,The money made by this business may not be earned by Ye Wenwen after several years of class,Then there is no need to miss this opportunity for that job。
As long as this path works,In the autumn and winter season,You can sell for another。
He now has traffic,This business cannot be taken away in the village。
Ye Wenwen nodded:“That works,We can try。”
She is ready to resign,As long as Fang Hao’s career can stabilize,Her job is gone。
Even if I don’t resign now,Wait until Fang Hao’s next book goes on sale,She needs to resign too。
Fang’s mother can’t speak Mandarin,But understand Mandarin。
Although some aspects are not very clear,But I can also understand in a trance,Fang Hao seems to have some abilities,The girl Fang Hao brought here is based on him,It doesn’t even matter if you quit your job。
Feel more settled。
Thinking of the things Fang Hao brought back,I think my son is probably not bragging,Really had a good time。
No wonder you can find such a beautiful girl。
But hesitated:“Isn’t it good to quit your job for this?Or try to take a few more days off。”
“She only works more than 3,000 a month,It doesn’t matter if there is,I wanted her to quit。”Fang Hao said。
“More than three thousand,That’s a lot……”
Mother whispered。

One is sitting curled up on the sofa and reading the news.Nine year old blonde chick,A piece of news happened at this time。

“Los Angeles Lakers return with a full load,Waiting for the Rockets to challenge。”
Look at the picture of the plane taking off on the news,The blonde chick’s eyes suddenly lit up。
Yes indeed!
Why didn’t i think of it?
This stinky guy is definitely not a native of Houston,Not even a Texan!
He is going to another place by plane or ship,That’s why I had to leave the things to me for safekeeping。
And it’s still very urgent,Need to leave immediately。
Otherwise, he can wait a week or two,Leave slowly。
If I look up the various flights in and out of Houston in the last few days、Steamship,There must be a record of this person。
Why not talk about cars?
Car as a means of transportation,Generally speaking500Activity radius of about kilometers。
If this guy can’t drive the car home,It proves that he must be far away。
Plus this filter condition,The scope will shrink again。
But the hateful thing is,I don’t even know what he looks like,From which country,Except for his belly and approximate height,There is no more news。
Use these conditions to search,It’s really too difficult。

When we rest next week,Thinking about going home,It’s been a long time since I saw my parents,Miss them a bit。

Have time to go home next week。
I woke up at 6 o’clock this morning,Then just thinking,The sun is already high outside,Why haven’t you thought about the alarm clock?。
Afraid of missing time,Because I walked back with my sister last night a bit late,So I didn’t get it,Thinking about getting up this morning。
And then waited for the alarm to ring,Never sounded,Can’t hold back,Ran out of bed and went to the table to have a look,Ok,It’s not seven。
Then I continued to sleep peacefully for a while,When the alarm clock wakes up,I feel like I slept again。
Want to sleep in bed,Waited for the alarm clock to ring several times and finally made up my mind to get up。Boil water,Wash,turn on computer。
I kept making the forms in the morning until after nine o’clock,Send it to the boss after finishing,Then drink water and eat。Then I found a problem I haven’t found,That is,There are so many things you can do well when you wake up early。
And wake up in the morning with a clear consciousness,It should be the reason why。I really never sleep in the early morning or after early morning recently,I only sleep at one or two at night at home,Now I’m back to righteousness,Always go to bed early。
Because I’m afraid that I will be bald the night I go to bed。My hair is falling badly,Already saw the scalp。
I miss the thick black hair before high school。recent,Eat well,Sleep well。Occasionally troubles at work,But things will be solved slowly。
From last night to today all day,Are all worried。The reason is that I posted a circle of friends last night,Then the boss of the whole shop,My boss was blown up。
phone,WeChat video round turn。I posted it and copied it,Did not notice,I thought about anything and sent it out,After sending it out, I took a bath。
Then I was grinding in the bathroom for a while,I got a call from my boss when I got back to the room,Then I read WeChat,Just know what。

After the male students stand firm,Zhang Lexuan just reminded me,“Remind everyone,After the male and female students fell into the water,Will be eliminated!”

“right now,You can use any method,What we have to do is to lift the veil of the sea gods,Start with the male student on the far left”
The male student’s mouth crooked when he heard this,Secretly“Turned out to be the first,It must show its glory!”
next moment,He looked at the thirty figures ahead,Shout“Ladies,Let me lift your veil!”
Stop talking,The sixth spirit ring under my feet lit up……
Sixth Spirit Ability,Fiend Fireball!
I saw this male student raised his hands,Above him,A terrifying fireball that reached more than ten meters in length burned……
Immediately thrown at the female students in front……
I saw an extremely large fireball with the extreme heat enveloped the female students……
Zhang Lexuan’s mouth twitched,Is this male student here to kill???
The male student laughed loudly,“Hehe!Immerse yourself in Brother’s might!”
He hasn’t finished speaking yet,I saw that the fifth spirit ability at the feet of a female student opposite was also lit up……
In an instant,A terrifying phoenix that inflamed its flame wings burst out,After the two touch together,The fireball was swallowed instantly……
Huo Yuhao and the three people on the other side all said in shock“Miss Tao!!”
Chapter four hundred and thirteen Roll down(Subscribe)
The most shocking is the male student who uses spirit skills,Astonished“What……what,phoenix………It’s Phoenix!It’s Little Tao!”
The other male students in the inner courtyard who stepped on the water lily were all shocked

“You see,There is an exit。”

“go,Look over。”
A younger brother,See an exit in the distance,Yelling。
then,The fastest。
The disciples behind,See this guy is the fastest,Also catch up quickly。
I just discovered the best sword,This is the fastest junior。
And appeared in a cave。
The Fourth Junior Brother who keeps walking,Seeing that I have been away for so long,Not end yet。
Start to doubt,Are you walking the maze?。
“not,This is not the place to be passed down at all?”
Brother Si,Frowned,Muttered。
“Whether or not,Let me attack first。”
Brother Si finished,Attack hard at the stone beside me。
Cave stone,Cracked。
“bad,The cave is about to collapse。”
See where I was attacked,A few stones fell,I was very excited at first。
Can be followed,So dumbfounded。
Because after the stone fell,The cave lost its support,One stone after another cracked,Subsequently,The cave has no support from the stone,There was a booming collapse。

At this moment, Ming Cheng frowned suddenly and said lightly,There is still no expression on his face。

First0390Zhang embarrassed
“Little things?”
Li Qianhui frowned,Turned around and glanced at Ming Cheng,See him tight,I couldn’t help but wonder,When did Mr. Ming come out with such a bragging person??
“Niche,This brother is?”Li Qianhui turned around and asked Chongmo Xiaosheng who was puzzled。
“Oh,Brother Li,This is a good brother I accidentally met!”Mo Xiaosheng said with a hurried smile,“Ming Cheng,Brother Ming!Learning martial arts since childhood,Kung fu!”
Li Qianhui frowned,Took a look at Mingcheng,It turned out to be a martial artist,No wonder,Courageous!
“Ming brothers,You just said this is a trivial matter?Say so,You have a way to settle this young Master Sun?”Li Qianhui frowned and said。
“Didn’t you just say that he is in charge of the land??”Mingcheng asked。
“Not bad,Offend him,Don’t say we can’t grant the land in the capital,Land across the country,I am afraid it will be difficult to approve,Company development must be limited……”
Li Qianhui couldn’t help shaking his head and smiling,Any company,If there is no construction land to expand the scale and project,Then I’ll be imprisoned to death。
“Then easy,I make a call,So that he can honestly approve the land!”Ming Cheng has a little thought,Shen Sheng。
“Make a call?”Li Qianhui looked him up and down,Puzzled:“Who can you call?Did you know that Sun Dong is the number one in the land??”